Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 90: Vancouver, BC – Pride Pot Luck

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was completely non-stop and he was able to do something all the time, which was great for him.

At lunch time, there was an office pot luck to support pride!

There was a crazy amount of food and noone went hungry, that’s for sure!

It was a nice time for Curtis to mingle and chat with his colleagues but he had a lot to do so he had to go back to his deal and sort it out.

Curtis received a package of Apple Mac laptops which he started to configure, but then the CEO had issues with his laptop so he spent the last hour of his day fixing that.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim organised some invoices and sent some emails before heading down to one of the hotels to have a little coffee catch up.

The ‘little’ coffee catch up ended up a bit of a longer chat than little, but it was great to talk over some things and get a better understanding of the hotel.

When she got back to the office Kim helped set up the lunch and learn. This meant organising the kitchen to have a seating and presenting area. There was a little 45 minute break in the set up so Kim was at her desk catching up on a few smaller things that needed to be orgnaised. Then it was back to setting up chairs and then when the pizza arrived, laying that out in a way that made it easy to have it picked up and people sat down quickly.

The lunch and learn today was about inclusivity and diversity, specifically for the LBGTQ2S+ community. It means so much to Kim to live in a city that is so inclusive and does feel so accepting and safe for all. It is even more amazing to work for a company that promotes a safe environment and provides education in the workplace. About a year ago there was another talk that went over pronouns and the spectrums of gender identity and gender expression. The talk this year focused more on key moments in Canadian / North American history that have carved the community into what it is now. It was such a great talk that had such a wonderful turnout.

At the end, Kim flipped the kitchen back to its original state and cleared away all the empty pizza boxes.

In the afternoon Kim had orgnaised some time with her colleague in IT to discuss their project that had taken a back seat for the past few weeks. It was great to bring it back to the front and get the ball rolling again!

After the meeting Kim organised some notes for the following day, made a call to FedEx and then headed home!

Admin & Games

We didn’t do a huge amount in the evening, but Curtis played some games and Kim had to run up to the supermarket as well as got some admin done.

We watched the last two episodes (ever!) of Jane The Virgin and then went to sleep. Tomorrow is Friday!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 48: Vancouver, BC – Microsoft Talk & Pot Luck

Curtis’ Day

The start of Curtis’ day was filled with assisting executives.

Once Curtis was done with the execs, he could move onto his other tickets as well as new tickets.

Curtis spent most of the rest of the day dealing with getting some new laptops setup.

At 16:45, Curtis and a few colleagues walked up to Microsoft!

After going into Microsoft, Curtis got a name tag and then grabbed a glass of wine before sitting down.

The president of Microsoft was in attendance and one of the people who was on the panel. This was a cyber security talk which Curtis got invited to, which was amazing! He got to both go to Microsoft, see the President of the company and hear a very interesting discussion regarding cyber security and specifically defence against democracy within cyber security.

This was a 1.5 hour event and afterwards he walked to meet Kim in a shoe shop.

Kim’s Day

Today there was another dog in the office! This is a wonderful week!

Kim spent most of the morning on ad hoc admin tasks! Things just kept coming and coming. She was due to have a call with a vendor but they just missed each other so have rescheduled for tomorrow.

The team said they wanted to head out to the food trucks for lunch. Kim and the team were all ready when Kim realised that the weekly Thursday pizza hadn’t arrived and it was 10 minutes late. Kim called the pizza company who then terminated the call due to not being able to hear Kim, so she called back, and explained that the pizza was now 15 minutes late. The company apologised, checked with the store and ensured that it would only be another 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

The team stood and chatted patiently but when Kim found out that there was still a 10 minutes wait she suggested they go ahead and she meets them there.
Another 10 minutes went by so Kim called back and was told she would receive a call directly from the shop, she did a few minutes later when they explained that the driver was having trouble parking and would be there shortly.

30 minutes after it was meant to arrive the pizza made it! Kim sorted it all out and realised she would only have 20 minutes to get to everyone, order and eat so decided to skip on the food trucks and just eat at work!

The afternoon totally sped by, Kim worked on her project and sent out a company wide email outlining what had happened and plans for what is coming up next.

Everything else was general admin that was thrown throughout the day.
Kim ended the day by setting up tomorrows orders that need to go through, people need their coffee and fruit!

After work Kim spent some time plodding around shops looking for bits and bobs.
Just before Curtis caught up with her Kim found the perfect new shoes! Now she will have less holey feet!

Pot Luck

We met up and Kim bought some shoes.

Once she did, we walked back home and got our items we had bought and went to the pot luck! This pot luck was for our apartment building and we got to meet a few really nice people who we chatted with for a couple of hours.

We got to see a beautiful sunset and also spoke to some people for Bosnia, which was interesting!

We got back home and watched some TV before heading to bed. A busy day, but all of it was fun!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 39: Vancouver,BC – Banana Bread Competition & Pot Luck

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a coffee and apple juice after walking to work.

He looked into a possible setup for someone that wanted something a little specific and Curtis wasn’t even sure if it was possible!

Curtis helped with a few small issues and then he went to do some banana bread judging. Two colleagues had said they were each better at baking banana bread, so they went to war and each made one for everyone to test and vote on!

After lunch, Curtis did some more research for his project as well as had a phone call with a software company in relation to this project. They are also based in Vancouver and not far from Curtis’ office…And the guy was British.

Curtis installed some extra RAM in someone’s laptop and once that was done, he spent a bit of time seeing if he could develop a little something himself for the project, partially due to interest but also in case it would work for what he needs.

Kim’s Day

Kim got to work and got set up and spent the first bit of her day watching more training videos.

Then some information came in about some travel Kim was booking so she went back over to reception to get some help with that. That then spiraled into other mini training sessions.

It was then time to pack down guitar hero and put the kitchen back to normal.

Kim then went into a meeting to get a better understanding of what another string of her role would be. She also had a good chat with the lady she would be working closely with for it.

Then it was time to set up for the pot luck people set up to celebrate Eid. There was a wonderful spread and Kim provided some Brookies that went down well.

After stuffing her face with amazing food Kim went back to her desk to do a little more training. This then got a little tedious so kim decided to start setting up spreadsheets and other documents to get her started in her role. Things like template emails, lists of the more random items that get purchased on occasion and other stuff like that.

Then her computer was about to die so Kim and a colleague went about clearing the kitchen. All the food that was left had been polished off, so that made it much easier!

Seawall Walk

We both finished work and headed home. Once we got back, Kim headed back out briefly to pick something up whilst Curtis played some games.

When Kim returned, we went for a walk for about 20 minutes. We walked along the seawall, which is just outside our house, and along the private harbours and by the restaurants. This was a nice thing to do as the weather was very warm and the sun was going down, glistening off the water.

We had to fight through a horde of geese to get back home, but once we did we had dinner.

We ate the same as yesterday to finish it off.

We watched the Billions season finale and then an episode of Chernobyl.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale