Place 49 – Day 249: Auckland – Family Meetup

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ day was pretty busy throughout.

Nothing very interesting happened today for Curtis. He got fuel at lunchtime but the day ended so fast for anything to happen!

At 16:30, Curtis got changed and left work, walking down to the apartment that his family are staying in at about 17:00.

Curtis chilled out with them and chatted about our future plans as well as our travel experiences.

Both of us;

Kim arrived at the apartment at about 17:50 and then we went out for dinner.

We didn’t know what we wanted but we walked around to find something for a while before deciding on a Japanese place. The food wasn’t bad but they did forget some of our meals and brought out incorrect meals so it didn’t go entirely well!

We left here and walked back to the apartment, said our goodbyes and walked back to Curtis’ work, got the car and drove home.

Got this great photo on the way back to the car!

We got back and had a chat with Nicola about our last couple of days and then tried to warm up as our room was freezing!

Kim tried on her clothes again that she had brought over from the UK and she was loving it.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 248: Auckland – Family!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had plans to go to two clients this morning, so he did just that.

Curtis had a few things to do before heading out and just before leaving a large influx of emails came in.

Curtis left and popped to the ice hockey shop to see of they could repair his hockey skates, but there was nothing they could do, which was unfortunate!

Curtis left after a quick visit to the shop and went to the first client. Not too much was needed here, but it was good for Curtis to touch base and check all was good. He then left and went to the other client which was a 30 minute drive.

Curtis spent about an hour on site and helped a couple of people and then got back to the office and had lunch. During lunch, Curtis looked online to see what the damage would be for a new pair of skates!

Luckily, someone that coaches Curtis’ team had a spare pair of used, high-end skates which were his size! Curtis organised to meet him in the evening to try them on to ensure they fit.

Curtis left work a bit early to contend with the traffic due to a major accident. Curtis got home around the time he normally would after leaving an hour early!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had some dinner. We had leftover sausage and mash, which was delicious.

Kim then went for dessert with Tabitha at the chocolate cafe.


Kim met with Tabitha as Tabitha is going away for a few weeks and she is sad to not see her for a bit.

Once Kim got back, we went to the ice rink in Avondale to test out the skates. The seemed to fit perfectly and Curtis was even able to test them on the ice briefly!

We left there and headed for the airport.

We got a couple of drinks from the supermarket and then waited at the airport for Curtis’ family to arrive!

We surprised them at the airport and drove Max & Evie (Curtis’ siblings) to the airport whilst Lisa & Gareth took the free bus.

We met them back at the hotel and helped them with their bags and had a quick chat before leaving them to sleep and driving home ourselves.

It will be so fun to spend time with them and then we are both of from Friday, too for some fun activities!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 240: Auckland – Back At The Quiz!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis hit every traffic light perfectly this morning which meant he got to work super early!

Curtis had a lot of emails from Friday to go over so he did that but also received a phone call. He was only on that call for 15 minutes, luckily!

Not long after that call, Curtis got another which was a little more urgent and meant that Curtis had to go onsite to the client. He’d never been there before, either, so it was good to see another client.

Curtis got there and they were having internet issues which turned out to be hardware issues (with a switch) so Curtis managed to plug everything into another switch and get them up and running again.

Curtis got back to the office and it was fairly busy for the rest of the day, helping someone else with some network issues before leaving at 16:15.

Both of us;

We decided we wanted to go to the quiz with Josh and Danielle this evening, so we left when Kim got home.

We arrived and it wasn’t that busy, but that soon changed!

We ordered some food and waited for the quiz to start. Kim got her usual pesto pizza and Curtis had braised lamb and chilli pasta.

During the quiz, we thought we were doing quite well until the last few rounds when we dropped off. Danielle got a lot of the bonus question right which boosted our points up! We still got second to last which is perfect as we win our usual prize.

We left and came home and it was then about 22:00, so the perfect time for bed.

This time last year, we arrived in Vietnam! Read about it in the link below!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 239: Auckland – Plenty Of Naps

Having been out last night, Kim wasn’t feeling excellent this morning!

Curtis didn’t feel too good either, considering he didn’t drink alcohol! Must have just been dehydrated.

Due to this, we had a slow start to the day. We had breakfast and then Kim chilled in bed whilst Curtis played games.

We then got ready and went to do the shopping. We mostly just got food for tonight and for lunches as we had quite a lot at home.

We got home and Kim had another nap. Curtis then joined Kim and we slept for 30 minutes or so! We actually felt much better after it though, which is good.

We then had some dinner! Kim made a mini roast dinner, with a chicken breast each, gravy, roasted vegetables, peas & creamy mushrooms. Turned out we were both very hungry!

We then watched an episode of Ackley Bridge and the Kim showered and Curtis played some more Call Of Duty.

It’s bedtime again! This day feels like it has been going on for a while, due to all the sleeping. Work again tomorrow.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 238: Auckland – A Stag Do & A Hen Do

We woke up at 09:00 and had some Weetbix for breakfast. Kim then got ready whilst Curtis played some of the new Call Of Duty Beta.

We then left at 12:15 ish to get Kim to Danielle’s hen do! On the way, we tried buying some drinks from the supermarket but they didn’t sell any for some reason so we had to stop on the way.

Curtis dropped Kim off and then he headed to Josh’s parents house.

Curtis’ Day;

The plan to start with was go Karting at Blastacars. These are drift go karts which was an awesome twist on go Karting. You’re encouraged to drift around all the corners and they tell you how to do it best, which is good.

Curtis got 3rd in the first heat and then 5th in the semifinal, meaning he didn’t get into the final, but it was still great fun!


Curtis then left here and went home to get changed and grab his ID before heading to Josh’s parents house for a BBQ.

The BBQ went on for a while with everyone just drinking and chatting. Curtis was the designated driver today, so wasn’t drinking and therefore drove people down to the city!

Curtis stayed with everyone and had a great time in the city, as well as bumping into Kim on the hen do as well!

Kim’s Day;

When Kim arrived she said hello to to everyone and had some nice chats. Throughout the afternoon everyone played games, organised by the bridesmaids.

The first game was a series of questions that would determine who knows Danielle the ‘best’ and Kim came second, just behind Danielle’s mum! The other games were a pop the balloon on the person in front of you, wedding dress out of toilet paper and another who knows Danielle best game. Then towards the evening the games got a bit more ‘hen do’ topic!



All the girls headed onto the train and into town. When they arrived they went to a bar / restaurant where Kim, Danielle and a friend shared a fish bowl. After this the girls headed to a pub and they bumped into the the stag do! It was nice for the girls to see all the men looking all smart. When the boys left the girls moved to the dance floor to sing and have a boogy!

Both of us;

We called it quits at 00:35 and walked to the car before driving home and going to bed! We got to bed around. 01:30 and were exhausted but had a great time.

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 237: Auckland – New Problems

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was working from home until 11:00 today.

Curtis had nothing planned, but soon had a lot to do! Curtis was only working for a few hours but it felt like a while with a lot crammed in. Curtis had two main things to look at, neither of which he really knew much about, but it was interesting to investigate and try and fix.

For the rest of the day, Curtis didn’t do much as he was off work, but he did do a bit of laundry.

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had a really healthy dinner which was basically breaded foods with peas, sweetcorn and creamy mushrooms.

We sat and watched a film with our housemate. We watched Happy Death Day, which was basically groundhog day. It was alright!

We then went to bed and watched the latest episode of suits.

We have some fun stuff happening tomorrow.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 236: Auckland – Long Phone Calls & Ninja Way Home

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and a change had been made overnight which didn’t work correctly! Curtis therefore spent about an hour helping to rectify the issue.

After that, Curtis answered the phone and ended up being on that call for about 2 or so hours!

Curtis finished the call and still bad something to do, before finally having lunch.

The afternoon wasn’t much more chill, but at least it went fast!

Curtis left the office and headed home.

On the way home, the normal slip road he uses was crazy busy, so he decided to find an alternate route. Curtis found a route he didn’t realise existed and it took about the same amount of time to get home! Ninja!

Both of us;

We had pizza for dinner because we were too lazy to get anything else.

We watched the last two episodes of modus and it was my 20:30!

We just chilled out for the rest of the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale