Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 181: Vancouver, BC – Thai Oil Massage, ‘Luzia’ Cirque Du Soleil & Cheese & Wine!

More Pole

Kim left fairly early to catch the sea bus over to Granville Island so she could watch a couple more pole dancing performances from people she knows.

After she was done with that, she walked to meet Curtis near a massage parlour they were going to.

Coffee & Thai Oil Massage

We stopped at Starbucks as we still had time to use and we got a coffee. Curtis’ was free as he had enough ‘stars’ on his account and Kim got the limited edition Peppermint Mocha which was terrific.

We then walked the additional 5 minutes to the massage parlour.

Curtis booked a massage for us both as a birthday present to Kim and to help after her rigorous training for her performance.

We were having a couple massage, so it was in a couple room.

It was a really great massage and we both felt amazing after!

‘Luzia’ Cirque Du Soleil

We stopped at the shop to get some cheese and chutney for dinner and then headed back home.

Curtis started to watch hockey and planned to watch most of it as the cirque performance wasn’t until 19:00…That was where he was wrong!

He had bought these tickets for Kim’s birthday also, but had thought it was at 19:00..luckily, at 16:30, he got a reminder that it was starting at 17:00!

After checking the tickets, it was indeed starting then, so we had to rush out the door!

We got there with more than enough time left, which was lucky.

We were pretty squished in our seats, but the show was pretty good.

There were some great elements, but we felt it wasn’t as good as ‘O’ or Absynthe that we watched in Vegas.

We still had a very fun evening, though!

Cheese & Wine!

For dinner, we had some cheese and wine.

We had some of our cheddar, we got some camembert and some smoked gouda as well as Curtis’ favourite cheess, wensleydale with cranberries!

We had these with crackers, nice bread and some apples/grapes.

This was the perfect end to a great weekend, with some quality TV too!

We even have a day off tomorrow, which we plan to use as a sleep day.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 172: Vancouver, BC – Surprise Performance!

The Morning

We slept in a bit which was really nice.

We then had some breakfast, just simply a bagel/cereal nothing fancy.

We watched videos and then Kim went out to the shops to buy a few pieces of clothing she needed for her performance she is doing.

Once she did that, she got back home and then went out to Richmond to bartend/perform!

Kim’s Bartending & Performance

Kim spent her evening bar tending at the pole show this evening.

The studios where Kim practices have a quarterly show and this one was Halloween themed so kim chucked together a last minute pirate costume and was ready to help.

She also found out that there would be some space in the shows runnings so Kim out herself forward for a time slot to use as a dress rehearsal for her upcoming competition!

Her routine went down so well and she loved every second of it. She got a few tips and bits of constructive criticism after from a few friends which was great.

Just things like acknowledge the audience, which Kim hasn’t planned to do and point toes on a couple of moves. Other than that it went brilliantly!

The rest of the evening Kim watched all of the performances and served drinks, it was a great night!

After this, she drove to the rink to watch Curtis’ game.


Curtis really just played call of duty whilst Kim was out, he is still enjoying the game which is good!

Curtis also watched the leafs game.

As Kim had the car, Curtis got a lift up to the rink by a teammate, which was very kind and helpful.

Curtis’ hockey game was a close one, just a 2-1 loss. It was a chippy game, with Curtis getting a penalty after he returned a slash to someone that slashed him.

There was a bit of rough stuff at the end of the game too, but it’s all fun!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale