Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 962: Vancouver, BC – People In The Office?!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some tickets and other things to get done in the morning and then he had his Norwegian lesson which went really well.

After that, Curtis walked to the office and once he got there, he had to setup a laptop for someone in Denver.

There were quite a few people in the office to pickup things from their desks. It was a little weird being around so many people!

He setup the laptop and then sent it out to Denver, which he and to figure out!

Curtis then had to check some stock and see what he had there and then he walked back home.

It was fairly late in the day, but Curtis had lunch and then had to catch up with tickets and a few other things.

Curtis then played games for the evening whilst Kim was at pole.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim had a call with a colleague so they could rearrange a couple of reccuring meetings so that everyone can attend and it doesn’t cause complications for people. She then was able to focus on some admin. The first task was to call a courier service to find out where a delivered package is as Kim never received it. She also had to make a purchase and sent out some packages via a different courier service.

In the weekly company meeting Kim have everyone the update and joined in in singing happy birthday to someone. It’s such a great call to be involved with every week.

Kim then hosted a mini team meeting to discuss all of the hiring for the company and the approach to take for the next few months. She then joined the finance meeting to give an update, then Kim had some lunch before joining a weekly update call about new roles.

In the early afternoon Kim had a couple of team meetings. The first was to look at a Notion page her teammate had put together and it was absolutely beautiful. They also took some time to work out a few other things and it was great. They all stayed on a call to do a recap of candidates who applied to join the team too! It was wonderful as there are a couple of candidates who look fantastic.

A few people from the team then joined a biweekly meeting with a department head to discuss their hiring and the career progression within the teams. To finish the day Kim joined a planning meeting with her managers. It was such a great call and it was wonderful to get aligned and a better understanding of a few things.


Once Kim got back home, we had some dinner and relaxed.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 365: Vancouver, BC – Sitting In The Sun

Usual Beach Walk

We got up and had some french toast for breakfast.

We watched a bit of YouTube and relaxed and then we got ready for the day.

We went out for a walk in the blistering heat! The weather was about 31°C today and felt like 33°C, so certainly warm!

We walked down to the beach, stopping for a coffee along the way, of course.

We got to near the beach and we sat on the grass in the shade, just drinking our coffee and people watching.

We walked on the beach for a bit and dipped our feet in the water, but eventually we got a bit too warm to walk around in the heat, so we walked back home.

Sitting In The Sun

Once we got home, we relaxed for a bit and then Kim went out to the park near our apartment to sit down in the sun, read a book and listen to some podcasts!

Kim got back, incredibly warm, and then we had some dinner. We had coconut and lime chicken with rice and it was really good!


We watched a few episodes of TV and then Kim did a facemask for the evening.

We watched some more TV and played some games for the rest of our Sunday evening.

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 59: Vancouver, BC – Canada🇨🇦 Day Festivities!

Music, Lemonade & Japanese Curry

We knew that there were festivities in the city today, so we walked down there, after Curtis had a morning nose bleed and then breakfast!

We got down to Granville Island which had some sort of party happening but it was rather busy and there wasn’t much going on, so we walked to the city instead. There was a giant flag, though!

The first stop was at Starbucks for a coffee and then we walked on to the Vancouver Conference Centre.

We got into the area where some things were happening and looked at the food trucks. There wasn’t much else going on in this area really, other than a couple of music stages and for some reason, the North American Irish Dancing Championships.

We walked out of here and into Canada Place, which had some more activities happening. There was a kids section with a few games and also an Armed Forces section.

We moved on from Canada Place and came across a lemonade stand, so we had to get one! It was just OK.

We walked around some more and then got hungry and fed up of the large crowds, so we walked towards our home and found an Asian supermarket which had a Japanese Curry place inside it!

Curtis got a ‘deluxe curry’ which was chicken katsu, katsu potato & shrimp katsu with rice and curry!

Kim got a chicken katsu curry.

The food was pretty great! We were going to stay in the city for another 6 hours, but we were very tired and there wasn’t much else to do, so we went home.

Firework Hunting

We sat and watched some TV until 22:20 when the fireworks were due to start and then we went outside to see if we could see them.

Unfortunately, they were just a little too far away, but we did some some fireworks in the end. And we did get a great photo or two of the city!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale