Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 900: Vancouver, BC – 2 Years In Vancouver!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis finally managed to get the project from yesterday sorted! It took most of the day, but he did eventually get it sorted, which he was pleased about. He learned a lot, too.

Curtis had a couple of team meetings throughout the day, too, which were not particularly interesting but needed.

After lunch, and after Curtis had finished the project, he did some training he needed to do to get ready for his two long days ahead! He has 7 hours of straight meetings tomorrow and Friday with Microsoft. These are workshops and should be good, but it’ll be a busy one!

Curtis watched hockey after work whilst Kim had a couple of work meetings.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a long but interesting day! She started off by having to pop out and do a pick up / drop off of something, it was lovely to go for a bit of a drive.

Once she got home Kim got a little admin done before hosting a team meeting and then having a quick chat with a teammate to catch up on meetings she missed.

After the social call and lunch Kim had a quick HR meeting with a couple of the executive team members before having a chat with a teammate about projects going on.

Kim then joined an interview and the post interview chat which turned into planning time and getting a few other things organised, it was great!

In the evening Kim has a mix of short quick meetings, longer impromptu meetings and a little mentoring session before she reviewed and updated a job description with the hiring manager.


We had leftover delicious risotto with some nice bread for dinner and wtshcrd a bit of TV.

Curtis needs to be up a little earlier tomorrow, so it was a fairly routine early night, just eating, watching TV and doing a bit of cleaning around the apartment.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 868: Vancouver, BC – Crepes & The Wind Is Back

We woke up pretty late, accidentally.

We were going to pack some stuff today, but instead we went for a walk.

We needed breakfast first, so we went to a Japanese store that has a crepe section. The store was pretty cool, actually, and took us back to when we were in Japan.

We got our crepes, Curtis got cinnamon sugar and Kim got strawberries, banana and chocolate.

We headed to the beach with these and sat on a bench to eat, but the weather was crazy and there was so much wind, making us very cold and it wasn’t too easy to sit there!

We left the beach and got a coffee then walked back home. We were very cold and we did want to walk, but the cold and wind were a bit too much.

We got back to the apartment building and only 1 elevator was working correctly, so it took us about 30 minutes to get back into our apartment.

We played some games and then Curtis watched hockey.

During this, Kim was able to get a potential thrift store we can get the sofa dropped off at, which would be great! She was also able to find some sustainable clothing stores around the city she can visit.

Once hockey was done we had some pizza and relaxed for the evening but we also managed to get a little bit of packing done.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 582: Vancouver, BC – Informative Meetings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a company-wide meeting to discuss what’s currently going in around the business and to get some updates on some things. These are always super interesting and informative.

Once that was done, Curtis had a few tickets to get done throughout the day and also he had quite a few discussions with his team and other teams about different processes, getting an order of laptops completed as well as getting some information about some onboards.

Curtis did some very interesting Norwegian homework to end the day and then watched hockey.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had a fair few meetings! A couple were HR based and one was about recruitment. She also had some training on the benefits platform and how everything for that works too. The training was so great and Kim was so relieved to understand things a little more.

Just after midday Kim joined the weekly recruitment meeting and then she hosted the weekly dance off. This week they danced to Gangnam Style. Then Kim co-hosted an interview

In the afternoon Kim joined another recruitment call and then had two catch ups with people after the meeting.

Later in the evening Kim joined a call to discuss a design project that she might be helping with. It was really interesting and she can’t wait to help out!


Once hockey was done and Kim finished work, we made baked potatoes and watched some TV for the evening, as well as playing some games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 571: Vancouver, BC – Virtual Wine Tasting

We woke up at a good time and Curtis went out to our favourite breakfast place to get us the same as what we had (twice!) last weekend.

We ate that and then got ourselves ready for having a chat with Kim’s family. We had planned to have it as a games ‘night’, but we didn’t end up playing games, just chatting, which was nice. We actually started this an hour later than we thought it would be as the time changed to daylight savings here.

Once that call was done, we walked to the liquor store so Kim could get a wine for a virtual wine tasting she was having with some friends.

We got back home and Kim joined the call for the virtual wine tasting. She had a really good time and some really nice wine.

We used that wine to have with cheese for dinner, once Curtis was finished watching dinner and Kim got back from buying some things she needed.

Kim had a relaxing bath in the evening and then we watched some TV together as well as getting some laundry done.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 547: Vancouver, BC – Really Great Conversation

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had no plans today, other than one, long, meeting to discuss kicking off a project in which they would setup and roll out a new software.

Whilst not much of the planning got done, a lot of information was found and after some playing around with the software, more capabilities became apparent and that was really promising!

Curtis spent a while playing around with the software after the meeting and got a lot of tickets done.

The day went incredibly fast and before Curtis knew it, it was time to watch hockey!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning amending documents and catching up on a few things. She was also invited to a meeting at midday so Kim started preparing for that.

At midday Kim joined the meeting. It was so interesting and she learnt so much. She then had a quick call with her colleague and to show her a process and have a quick catch up.

Kim also had a call with another colleague to go over some hiring and the plans around it. She then got to call a candidate to offer them a job, which was so great.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim sent out contracts and worked on documents.


Once Kim finished work and Curtis finished watching hockey, we made some orange chicken (it was just frozen) with rice and ate that for dinner.

Once we finished dinner, we played a new game that came out called Wreckfest and it was actually way more fun than we thought it would be!

We then watched some more TV for the evening and it is do crazy that it’s Thursday already!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 546: Vancouver, BC – Virtual Dance Party!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had just one meeting planned for the day, and that was right at 09:30 for a team catch up.

Once that was done, Curtis spent 1.5 hours getting a document together to provide some information to colleagues around the company. He felt the document was good and should help a lot of people in the future!

After that, he did some tickets and also reached out to Microsoft to see if they could assist with removing a feature from some software.

Post lunch, Curtis had to do some more tickets but also review a document that a colleague had made and see if there was anything to change or add.

Kim’s Day

After getting a few things done in the morning Kim joined a meeting to review some quotes that had been sent in. She then worked on a few documents before meeting her colleague to collect a laptop from them.

At midday Kim joined a meeting with her manager to go over a few of the projects, get up to speed on a few things and ask a few questions. She went straight from this meeting into a webinar about remote working. It was so interesting!

Kim then hosted a dance off which ended up being a mini lesson on the night fever dance followed by a few people watching the clip from the movie and dancing along. It was so much fun and a great little wellness break! They also discussed the other wellness activities that have been going on and people asked for another games night. Kim was shocked! So she sent out the invites for the next few wellness things and the Friday games night.

After lunch Kim had a chat with her teammate to go over a few things they are working on together and then she had a call with another colleague to catch up on a few things.

For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening Kim finished a few admin tasks and then worked on contracts and job descriptions.


Curtis watched hockey after work whilst Kim did some more work.

Once hockey was done, Kim made some sweet chilli potato wedges and we ate those and watched some TV.

We watched more TV and played some card games for the remainder of the day.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 544: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery & New Ski Pants!

The snow had all but gone this morning, which was fast but we were pretty okay with that.

We got up and had some crepes for breakfast.

Once we finished breakfast, Curtis got ready and planned to deliver the equipment for the new hire that he collected from the office yesterday.

Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t available, so we got ready to go for a walk instead.

Kim got her work permit submitted this morning, which is an excellent step forward !

We walked to get a coffee anf then had a short walk around the seawall. The wind was very cold on our ears, for some reason we didn’t expect that!

We got back home and had to wait a while for the elevators. Curtis then walked to the person’s apartment building to drop off the equipment. Unfortunately, they were not home, so he took it home and they said they would pickup instead.

Curtis watched hockey while he waited for them to confirm they were arriving and then once they did, Kim was already going out so she met them downstairs to hand deliver them the equipment.

Once she did that, Kim then went to a thrift store and found a great pair of ski pants as she used hers the other day and they seemed a little too tight.

She got these for just $15 which seemed cheap, but they’re a really good brand!

She checked a few other stores for gloves but had no luck, so she came back home.

Kim then took some stuff down to the storage and brought up some stuff from there, too.

Once she got back, she got some housework done and then made dinner.

Curtis finished watching hockey and then also got some further housework done.

We ate our delicious veggie bolognese and watched some TV for the rest of the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale