Place 49 – Day 304: Auckland- Onehunga Shopping & Cornwall Park

We woke up way later than planned or expected, at 11:30!

We had a quick bite of breakfast, showered and left the house.

We met Josh and Danielle in Onehunga, at the mall.

The mall was very busy! We walked around the mall with Danielle and Josh, stopping in a lot of shops. The mall is an outlet mall, so lots of great deals! Kim got some sunglasses and Curtis got some swimming shorts.

We left here and Curtis wasn’t feeling great, so we grabbed a bottle of orange juice to drink. We then drove over to Cornwall Park and walked to see the sheep and lambs!

The lambs!

We left Cornwall park and headed to Glenfield mall. The day today had odd weather. we were warm and then absolutely freezing, especially once the wind came in.

When we got to Glenfield, we went to get just a couple of items from the shop (pasta, wine & strawberries…A normal shop!) And then went to get a coffee from Little Things, which as excellent as always.

We got home and did a bit of laundry, then watched the Great British Bake Off.

After that, Kim made hoisin duck and mushroom pasta and we watched some YouTube videos whilst we ate.

After that, we watched the apprentice.

Once we were done with that, we played some Call of Duty with Kim’s friend Ryan, then it was bedtime.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 253: Auckland – North Shore Marathon & Crazy Rich Asians

We were up at 08:30 for breakfast which was sausage in a bun!

Once done with breakfast, we all got ready and drove down to the North Shore Marathon!

Lisa was taking part in the 5k run, which started on the beach.

When we got there, they did a short warm up and then the run


Everyone Waiting To Start

Lisa Was Off!

started! The beach looked like a very tough terrain, especially to start on!

After around 40 minutes, Lisa finished the run! The rain held off for the most part, other than a tiny downpour.

She did it!

Once we were done here, we went back to the rental house and relaxed whilst Lisa got showered after the run.

We left home and went to our favourite coffee shop, Little Things. The staff were wonderful as always and we all got cake and coffee and the family loved it!

We then decided to go to the cinema and watch Crazy Rich Asians. We left to get there for the 15:30 showing.

When we got to the cinema, there were only front row seats available for 6 people, which was no good, so we went for the 16:50 showing.

We had a bit of time to kill, so we went for a walk around the local area where it was mostly furniture shops.

We found a part store which was more of an arts and crafts and homeware store, but it was still great fun!

We all had a laugh trying on the fancy dress items and looking around.


When did they develop?!

Once we left here, we went to the electronic shop for a play.

We then went back and watched the film! We wanted to take the family to the cinema as recliner chairs are standard so we had to show them!

We left the cinema and all really enjoyed the film! By this point though, it was 19:00!

We got back and Gareth made a wonderful homemade lasagne which was absolutely delicious. We ate that, had some tiramisu ice cream, packed our things and moved back to our apartment from the rental house. We still have a couple of days with the family, but Kim has to work from Monday, so we need to be home as it is much closer for her!

We got home and Kim showered then we went right to sleep.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale