Place 49 – Day 229: Auckland – Getting Mega Buff

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was at the office all day today and the day was incredibly busy! Curtis really didn’t stop at all.

Curtis was completing things he couldn’t get done at the client yesterday.

Our Evening;

Curtis left work and went to pick Kim up from her work. Straight from there, we went to the gym! We had an orientation at the gym to show us how to use different machines as well as get information about what we want to achieve and we got guidance also.

We were at the gym for an hour and learned a lot as well as had a workout whilst learning!

We left the gym and picked Kim’s car up from work and drove home.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim quickly got ready when they got back from the gym and then headed out to meet Tabitha. As it was her birthday yesterday Kim wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate!

When they arrived in Takapuna they went for a bit of a walk trying to find a restaurant. When they eventually found it there was a 30 minute wait so they walked all the way back to where they started and went to a Mediterranean restaurant.

They shared a platter and halloumi cheese and Tabitha had crispy squid.
The platter apparently fed 4 people so the they both took some home for lunches tomorrow!

They then headed over to the chocolate house and shared a s’mores dessert.

Both of us;

Kim got back home and we watched some videos before going to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 & 53 – Day 228 & 19: Auckland & Wellington – There & Back In A Day!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis didn’t have to get up early and go to the office. Instead, he woke up when Kim woke up, had breakfast and chilled out. Curtis didn’t have to get to the airport until 10:30, so he didn’t need to leave until around 09:45!

Once Curtis eventually left, it was an easy and quick drive to the airport. There wasn’t much traffic at all.

Curtis got to the airport and went to the first car park he saw, which was the wrong one! Curtis was meant to to go to M but went to R instead. There isn’t a huge difference, but R is just a little more expensive as it’s under cover. As Curtis had already entered the car park he was unable to leave so he had to park there!

Curtis already checked in online so he went right to the gate. Curtis got a cappuccino and waited whilst doing some work.

Curtis boarded the plane and fell asleep during the flight which made it go fast!

Once Curtis landed in Wellington, he got an Uber to the client. When he got to the client, Curtis was give a large list of things to do/look at, of which he got most of it done.

Curtis had to leave the client just 2.5 hours after arriving to catch a flight back. He got to the airport and grabbed a small Subway and ate it before proceeding through security and to the gate.

Curtis’ flight home was uneventful and once he landed he paid for his car parking and drove home.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim went to the gym directly from work. Kim was there for a while and even did a 20 minute ‘run’ on the cross-trainer!

Kim stopped off at the shop on the way back to get some supplies.

Both of us;

Curtis still got home before Kim!

Once Kim got home, she showered and Curtis setup the TV and heated up our last portions of our pasta bake…

We watched an episode of Modus and then we were incredibly tired so just made lunches and went to bed!

The below link will take you to one of our best blogs yet! A great read about our (VERY brief) wander into North Korea.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale