Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 419: Vancouver, BC – Finding New Clothes

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with an orientation. He chatted with a new hire and ensured they could do everything they needed to and answered any of their questions.

Not long after that, Curtis had his long weekly team meeting and then did some tickets before lunch.

After lunch, Curtis got his personal learning plan written up and sent off to the required people and then he did a few more tickets as well as some admin.

Kim’s Day

After a relaxing morning Kim went to apply to two jobs, but ended up sending applications in for about 7 roles. So thats exciting!

In preparation for interviews Kim thought it would be a good idea to have some interview clothes ready so she popped to a few places but didn’t find anything. She is also trying to buy less stuff in general so she went to a thrift shop, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything in her size that Kim could wear to an interview. When she got home Kim did find some shoes that would work, so she might get those!


We had leftovers from last night’s roast for dinner and it was as delicious as it was yesterday.

We watched a bit of TV and then Curtis drove off to hockey at around 21:30.

As the game is late, we will let you know the score tomorrow!

In the evening Kim decided on swapping out her summer to winter clothes. She collected the winter stuff from the storage locker in the car park and sorted through all of her clothes. She has now found a few more items to donate, so thats good!

Once Curtis gets back home it will be pretty late, so it will be right to bed after a shower.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 197: Vancouver, BC – First Goal in Canada!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a day full of tickets!

He began the day doing some admin and responding to some emails and getting tasks ready for the day.

Curtis had to put most of what he planned to the side as he got a lot of tickets requiring a bit of work, too, not just quick things, but that was great as it got him thinking.

He did do some project work in the afternoon and then setup a laptop right at the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a good portion of her morning chasing people, from restaurants, to hotels and DJs for receipts and other information!

She then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon drawing up a menu for the holiday party. She even managed to shave some money off the original quote, which is a win!

Kim then had the weekly 30 minute meeting to go over the plans for the holiday party, most of it was spent talking about the menu.

After this, Kim had another meeting with a different teammate where she also went over the menu and they crunched the numbers to make a few changes, still under budget but ordering more food! They also went over a few other questions or concerns that Kim had.

Kim fully updated the menu, added the linen on to the order to be sent across to the caterer once the meeting finished. With this email she lister about 7 questions and planning points to the caterer too!

She then spent some time making up a new photo strip, it was way better than the previous so she sent that out to the vendor to be made up.
Kim also emailed the other vendors with various questions.

After chasing in the morning Kim eventually got all the missing receipts and sent off the statement for approval!

Hockey Again!

Curtis got home and got his hockey stuff sorted as he had a hockey game tonight.

Kim was still at work at this point, so Curtis did a few things around the apartment and then played some games.

Once Kim got home, we watched some TV and had some spaghetti bolognese leftovers before leaving to head to the rink.

Curtis’ team won their hockey game, after going down 2-0! Curtis got one assist after falling and accidentally hitting the puck to a teammate and then scored an empty net goal, but they all count! It was a fun one, ending 5-2.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 130: Vancouver, BC – First Hockey Game in Canada!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and had a cold brew that Kim got him and it wasn’t great and actually made Curtis feel a little unwell.

Curtis got a few ticket in the morning and some were a bit more complicated which was excellent for him, making the time go fast.

After lunch, which Curtis ate even though he didn’t feel too good, he was kinda out of things to do, but started doing part of a project which was to write up policies.

The later and later it got in the day, the closer it got to hockey time, so Curtis was getting more and more nervous!

Curtis left and found and umbrella at work, so took that to walk home with!

Kim’s Day

This morning there was no catering, but Kim was in a 2 hour fire safety warden training so that ate up most of her morning. After the course Kim caught up on her emails, mainly with a supplier and the caterers for next week.

Then the weekly pizza came in so Kim sorted that out before jumping on a call with the regular catering company they use to discuss the trail that Kim had used. They talked about a few tweaks Kim wanted to make. It was a really successful call.

Then the fire drill started. Kim grabbed her high vis and ushered everyone out of the building and then spent the time hearding cats to try to get everyone in the same place!

After the fire drill kim and the other new fire wardens had a debrief.
When she got back to the office, Kim took 5 to have a sit down as it was almost 3! Then she rememebrred that she had a 3pm deadline to contact the hotel that she was speaking to yesterday to fully resolve the issue. She sorted all that and then put the remainder of the doughnuts from yesterday out!

Kim then spent most of the rest of her day listening to voicemail messages and picking through the backlog of emails she has.

First Hockey Game In Canada!

Can’t say it went well…

We got back home and had some pizza and then watched some TV. Around 19:15, we left and got into the car, heading to the Richmond Olympic Oval.

The traffic was abysmal and even when we got there, there was a queue to drive into the parking.

The parking is meant to be $2 per hour, but it didn’t give us a ticket so we parked for free!

We got a spot and then as Curtis was walking, he slipped on the wet floor and broke his flip flop, so he had to walk barefoot for the rest of the way.

The arena is huge, but we each finally found our spots.

The changing room was massive, and there is 8 of them, so Curtis had plenty of room!

After a brief changing room discussion, it was warm up time…And then game time!

It started well and Curtis’ team were actually able to get the first goal.

It was a very close game and Curtis had some good chances, but the game ended 6-1 the other way! Technically, it was 9-1, but after a 5 goal lead, the goals stop counting.

Of course, handshakes at the end

After the game, we drove home and were super tired. Now here we are, writing the blog!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale