Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 995: Vancouver, BC – First Movie In 2 Years!

We woke up around 10:45 and had a fairly relaxed morning. We did some laundry and some stuff around the apartment and had some croissants for breakfast.

We went out and got a coffee and walked for a bit, towards the beach. It was very warm, so we sat on the grass in the shade for bit, then walked a bit more before heading to the cinema!

We went to see our first moving in what must be about 2 years (we believe it was December 2019 when we last went) and it was great! We watched the movie Fall Guy which was as good as were told it was!

We wore our masks and they also distanced everyone in the theatre, so that was good.

We left there and walked home, before heading to the supermarket.

We didn’t get too much as we go away on Friday! We got some essentials and enough to eat this week.

We got home and had the remaining Korean chicken for dinner…Turns out, we bought too much!

We got ourselves ready for the week, but most importantly, we relaxed!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 932: Vancouver, BC – French Patisserie

We woke up and had a nice breakfast at home and then got ourselves ready for the day.

The weather wasn’t good today, but we wanted to go out to a cafe or patisserie, so we found one and drove out there.

It turns out, we actually went to the wrong one! That being said, we did get to have a delicious chocolate coffee cake there!

Chocolate & Coffee…A delicious combo!

We did have a coffee each with this, too, but unfortunately they were no where near as nice as they looked. We plan to come back out and go to the other patisserie we were meant to go to, which was only a block over!

We were parked at a mall, so it made sense to go there to do our weekly shop but also a few other things. We picked up a frame and some other items from Homesense and then went to the supermarket.

We drove back home after a pretty successful day and then when we got home we did some relaxing then Kim made a veggie lasagna for dinner!

We watched a bit of TV and then Kim had a bath and watched a film.

We watched some more TV after Kim’s bath and then headed to bed. Another busy week is coming!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 931: Vancouver, BC – Wreck Beach

Breakfast & Wreck Beach

We had a good sleep and then woke up and had some breakfast. Kim went out to get croissants and we ate those and slowly got ourselves ready.

We went out to Wreck Beach, which is right by the university campus. This beach, it turns out, is actually clothing optional, though most people that go don’t go for that.

We drove out there and found ourselves some parking and then walked down the many steps through the trees to get to the beach.

The beach was nice and peaceful, with most people just lounging around. There are a lot of logs around, so we sat on one of those after having a walk around and just took in the air and the scenery. The weather wasn’t amazing, but not cold, so it gres to just sit and relax at the beach.

We walked a little more and then headed back up the many steps to get to the car. As we walked back to the car, another car drove very slowly beside us, trying to wait for us to leave our parking spot so they could take it. This was much to the dismay of other drivers who got very annoyed, so we intentionally just walked away and let the guy drive off so he didn’t hold up traffic.

A Surprise!

On the way home, Kim surprised Curtis by driving to the British shop, where we were able to buy a lot of British snacks, similar to what she did for his birthday!

We bought a lot of stuff there and then drove home.

Homemade Pizza

After relaxing at home a little, we went to the supermarket to buy everything we needed for a homemade pizza. We bought the dough this time, though, but it was fresh dough.

We made the pizza and it came out great, though quite soggy in the middle, so that’s something to work on, but it was very tasty!

After eating, we watched a film and had some of our snacks. After that, we watched some more TV but Kim also ordered herself a blanket she wanted to get.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 924: Vancouver, BC – Sleeping Is Great!

We woke up at around 12:00, which was far too late, but we slept through our alarms so we clearly needed to sleep. On the plus side, we love sleep, so we weren’t too annoyed.

The weather was meant to be bad today, but it was actually alright, so we decided that once we get ready, we’ll for a walk.

We had some breakfast sandwiches and then we got ourselves ready and went out to the beach, but we walked to Peaked Pies first to get ourselves a coffee! They do some of the best coffee we have had in Vancouver so far, so why not walk there and get some?

We then walked to the beach and even say at the beach and just watched the world go buy. It started to rain a little, so we took that as a sign to head back.

We walked back along the seawall and stopped off at a shop to get a few things for dinner.

We just had a simple dinner and once we finished eating, we watched a film! We watched Army of The Dead which was pretty silly but actually not bad, though a little long.

Kim then ordered some things she needed to order for work and then we watched a little more TV. The weather is not meant to be good tomorrow, so we plan to do very little.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 882: Vancouver, BC – Lazy Rainy Saturday

We woke up much later then planned, but it was very nice to get some sleep.

We had some scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and watched a bit of TV.

We then got ourselves showered and fresh for the day. As it was rainy and gross today, we planned to just sit inside and relax. We briefly went out to get a coffee and then came back home.

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim did some reading. Kim got very into the book she was reading and read it for hours!

Once that was done, we had leftovers for dinner and then watched some TV, followed by a movie called Miss Bala.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 569: Vancouver, BC – Rice Burger?

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a couple of meetings today.

The first was to discuss a process he had made and get feedback from the team on that and make the required changes.

After that, Curtis had some admin and tickets to do then he had another meeting with his whole team to discuss all the project work that they had done over the last 2 weeks.

Once that was done, Curtis had lunch and then after lunch was busy with tickets and some questions from people.

Right at the end of the day, he had to try and find out why a courier hadn’t delivered something he had sent out to a new hire but eventually it was delivered.

Kim’s Day

For the first time in a while Kim had a lazier Friday morning. After a little lie in Kim spent the day getting admin done. She had a impromptu meeting with a teammate at midday to go over sending a laptop to a new starter.

Listed new open roles and then had a surprise call with another teammate to go over a few HR things including social media posts about the new job openings.

For the rest of the day Kim got a lot of admin done and made some plans for next week!


After work, we led in bed for a bit and just relaxed before we ordered some dinner.

We got food from a place called Rice Burger which, as you would expect, make burgers with rice instead of buns.

Kim had a chicken katsu rice burger and Curtis knew it would be annoying to eat, so he just got a bowl which had lots of different meats in it as well as some sauces, vegetables and rice.

We got ourselves a side of curry potato croquettes and they were excellent! The rest of the food was pretty good, but nothing incredible.

We watched a film called Ladies in Black which didn’t really seem to have much of a point to it, but it was alright.

We walked out to Dairy Queen and got a dessert from there, then walked home and relaxed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 561: Vancouver, BC – New Processes, Staples & Date Change

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had the meeting that he postponed yesterday at 10:00 this morning and that lasted for 1.5 hours, but got that part of the project done.

When that was done, he had a lot of tickets and other things to get done up until lunch.

Curtis also had to change the date of our move in with all the relevant parties as one of the buildings couldn’t accomodate our original day.

After lunch, someone informed Curtis that they had purchased some software and wanted to get it connected to some other systems. There was no official process for requesting this, so Curtis decided to make the process and create all the documentation required for that. He quite enjoyed doing that and happy there is a process now.

Kim’s Day

Between meetings today Kim was able to get a lot of admin done, it was fantastic. She worked on plans for the next few weeks and worked on a free projects too.

Her first meeting was to discuss a process and how it will work with a few team members and it went really well. She then joined a planning meeting for a project she is helping with and that was really interesting. Kim learned a lot and is really enjoying being involved.

At around midday Kim joined the recruitment meeting and helped with updates. Then after lunch Kim hosted another dance party and it was fun!

Kim joined another meeting to discuss a potential project and how it might work. She then went to Staples before picking up the car from her friends apartment complex. On the way home Kim stopped by the old office to collect any mail.


We had some Nando’s sauce marinated chicken in the freezer, so we had that for dinner in a wrap, along side some waffle fries and a ceasar salad.

Curtis then watched hockey whilst Kim did some work and watched a movie.

We watched a bit of TV together after hockey.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 543: Vancouver, BC – Snowy Walk & Lugging Stuff Around

We woke up a little later than we planned, but it was really nice to sleep!

There was a little bit more snowfall overnight, but not much, but it was still snowing when we woke up!

We had a pain au chocolat each for breakfast and then got ourselves ready for the day.

We went out in the snow for a bit of a walk.

The snow was quite heavy when we left, so we were getting pretty soaked, but it was nice to get some air.

We grabbed a coffee and went for a short walk. We walked to Curtis’ work as he had to pickup a package that was meant to get shipped on Friday, but due to an error, it was not!

We grabbed that so Curtis could take it home and drop it off to the new hire, who luckily lives right opposite us.

It wasn’t the easiest box to lug home as it was fairly heavy and an awkward size, but we did it!

Once elevator is down in our building, so we had to wait a while to get back up the apartment.

Right when we got up, Kim made a terrific chicken and mushroom risotto.

We ate our dinner and watched the film Wine Country which was easy to watch and pretty funny.

We then chilled out for the rest of the evening and we even played some card games! We played Dobble and Exploding Kittens which Kim’s dad sent.

Kim got her work permit paperwork done this morning, but the website to upload it was down so she was unable to do so! Hopefully she can do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day off, so sleeping is on the cards!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 541: Vancouver, BC – Unconscious Bias Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a training session for unconscious bias which was very enlightening and very good for everyone at the company.

That lastest for 2 hours and Curtis felt very informed afterwards.

Right after, he had another meeting which was all about security and that was interesting.

Curtis then had 30 minutes to get some work done then had some lunch.

After lunch, he had a team meeting that lasted for about 1.5 hours and was all about planning future projects.

After that meeting, Curtis had some work to do from that meeting, so he had to create an plan out an entire large project.

Curtis then did some other work followed by a Norwegian test which he’s doing out of interest.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a much slower day today. She had a quick call in the morning and managed to check back through the week and see the things she had missed. Towards the middle of the day she had a meeting with a couple of people to discuss new hires and a few other projects or topics. It was extremely helpful, interesting and fun!

After that call she had a quick chat with her teammate to go over the week and catch up, which was so helpful again. Kim also managed to give her a heads up on things happening next week, which was fun!

For the rest of the afternoon Kim caught up on work that she hadn’t managed to achieve during the week. Then to finish the day she had a quick call with a colleague. Kim then accidentally worked on the invite, budget and survey for another event coming up. She was super happy with the invite she pulled together!


For dinner, we ordered from Peaked Pies. We each got a pie with mashed potato and peas. Kim got a chicken, mushroom and leak pie, whilst Curtis got a traditional Aussie pie (ground beef, onion & gravy).

We really enjoyed that and ate it whilst watching To All The Boys: Always & Forever. Nice easy film to watch, and the third in the trilogy.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 524: Vancouver, BC – Many Packages

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an onboard to complete in the morning, so he did just that, and then after that he had a meeting to kick off a project and get a bit more clarity around it.

Curtis the did more tickets and had some lunch.

Right after lunch it was time for another meeting, this time about an ongoing project and to get a document created. That went really well and the document is pretty much complete!

Curtis did a bunch of tickets in the afternoon and then he went to pickup a package for Kim.

Once he got the package, he checked the mail and there was another slip for a package. He went out to get that one too, but it wasn’t at the collection point yet, so he came home.

Curtis played some games and then hockey was on so he watched that.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim sent off more paperwork to new starters and then joined the weekly company meeting. She gave another update about all the things going in within the department.

Shortly after that meeting she had a call with a hiring manager to discuss and help with their job posting. Then in the early afternoon Kim had a catch up with her colleague to go over a few things.

Later in the afternoon Kim set up the laptop Curtis collected for her and she filled in some information for another project.


We ate some dinner whilst hockey was on. We had leftover pasta which Kim added a few things to.

Kim watched the new Cinderella film whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After that, we watched some TV and relaxed together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale