Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 871: Vancouver, BC – We’ve Moved!

Wake Up

We woke up at 07:45 and got ourselves and the boxes ready for the move!

We didn’t have any breakfast as we weren’t hungry, but we drank some water and a redbull and we were ready.

The Move

The movers actually arrived at 08:45 instead of 09:00, so that was good for us! They were able to get setup before the elevator could be locked.

Luckily, we had done a lot for them and it was nice and straight forward for them.

Whilst they were moving our stuff, we cleaned the old apartment and got that all at a good level.

They finished packing up into the truck and we headed over to the new apartment and got the movers a coffee just before the started unloading at the other end.

The unloading was even quicker and we were done by 11:10, leaving us more than enough time to finish cleaning the old place and then bringing over a few remaining items.

The only hiccup on the day was coffee we had in the fridge spilling all over Kim and a few of our cold items as it was in a bag with other items. Other than that, flawless.

Lunch & The ‘unpacking’

We got hungry, so we took a lunch break and got a sandwich from JJ Bean, where Curtis also bought some coffee beans to tide him over for a bit and due to buying beans, he got a free coffee!

We headed back to the new apartment and ate our lunch whilst relaxing, then got unpacking.

Curtis got some of the kitchenware unpacked and then setup his office! He is pretty excited to have an office, which is awesome. He was then able to watch hockey, though using phone data, whilst waiting for the internet technician to arrive and setup our new internet service.

Internet Setup & Pizza

The technician arrived early and we were able to get online at a good time!

Once we got online, we got everything setup and connected, then once hockey finished Curtis went to collect a pizza for us to eat and Kim got some beers to celebrate the move.

We ate pizza, relaxed on our large sofa and unpacked as much as we could be bothered to do.

Tonight we get to sleep in what Kim has coined ‘the dungeon bedroom’ as it has no windows and should be perfectly dark, just how Kim likes it.

Back to work tomorrow, but we’re both able to work for separate rooms!

We’ll have photos/videos soon of the apartment, once we get it all setup and ready.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 870: Vancouver, BC – Another Busy Packing Day

We woke up and had a simple quick breakfast and then got ourselves out for a walk and a coffee, before we got started with more packing.

We had done a lot of it yesterday, but still had some stuff to do and we wanted to take a few things over today in preparation for tomorrow, so it was less cluttered in here for the movers and well as easier for us after the move.

After we did our walk, we went to Canadian Tire and got a few things we needed to the new place, such as a microwave.

Once we got back, Kim went out to a shop to look at clothes and she also bought a drill and screwdriver. We’ve needed those for so long but never bothered buying them!

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out and then Kim dismantled the bed and we organised everything for a lot of the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We did get some Vietnamese food and then after that we continued on again.

We got a lot of the kitchenware packed up but we will likely take some of that ourselves tomorrow.

We did a few trips over to the new place to drop items off and that all in all took us a few hours.

We got back home and still had stuff to sort and pack, but we are pretty much there in regards to getting everything ready for the movers.

We had showers late evening and then watched a little bit of TV on our laptop on our floor-mattress bed!

We are nearly there and we are very excited to move!

Tomorrow is an early wake up and then we need to be up and ready, but hopefully the movers will be all done by around 12:00 then we can get the things we need to take over and do some cleaning, then we’re all moved.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 866: Vancouver, BC – Starting The Packing Process

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some tickets to get done in the morning and then he jumped into a team meeting which went really well.

He then spent some time sorting out some licenses that people shouldn’t have had, which actually took much longer than expected.

After that, he had another meeting in which we discussed how some software works and what needs to be done to get something working as it should. Curtis learned some new things which was great, and his colleague was also able to learn things.

The afternoon was a lot of tickets and admin. He had a discussion about a potential new tools and helped people out with some tickets.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her day in meetings and interviews. She had one interview in the morning followed by a recruitment meeting. Then for the rest of the morning she was able to complete a few admin tasks and plan some projects.

In the afternoon Kim joined another recruitment meeting and then had a 5 Min surprise meeting with a colleague to catch them up to date on the meeting. The wellness break for the week was at lunchtime and a few people say down and took some time to hang out and do colouring in online. It was so enjoyable and Kim cannot wait to do it again!

Kim then joined a meeting about an IT project that will be starting soon. She will be helping out with the logistics of it and it will be really interesting! From there Kim went in to host another interview and then had a quick review of the meeting with her colleague.

There was some paperwork that needed to be completed so Kim jumped on a call with a colleague to work through it. Then Kim had a call with another teammate to just have a check in and a chat.

Starting The Packing Process

We got done with work and then Kim went to take back some items she didn’t want from Homesense and then we went down to our storage locker and took out some things from there and took them over to the new apartment.

When we got there, we took the items in but Kim also got the sofa finished and we sat on that for a bit, just relaxing. It was super comfortable and a great purchase!

There were a lot of boxes from the sofa, so we took those down to the bin and then we drove back home and brought up some more items from the storage locker, ready to pack clothes and a few other things. We’re actually getting some things ready for the move, now!

We made sausages, peas and mash for dinner and watched some TV whilst relaxing for the remainder of the evening.

We’re glad we got some stuff done for the move, though most of it will get done at the weekend.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 577: Vancouver, BC – 3 Hour Chat!

We had a really great sleep and slowly woke up and had some breakfast.

We had breakfast wraps and then got ourselves ready for a walk.

We went for a nice walk and spoke about really exciting things happening at Kim’s work as well as the product in general.

We got back home after our walk and got a bunch of cleaning done, as well as laundry, which felt great.

Once we did that, it was time for Curtis to watch hockey and Kim to chat with a friend.

Kim’s chat went on for over 3 hours but it was so good! They got to cover a wide range of topics and just really enjoyed laughing together.

Once hockey was done and Kim’s chat was done, we ordered some food as we didn’t order any for dinner yesterday. We ordered some Asian Fusion food from a place called The Union which we ordered from a while ago and enjoyed.

After dinner, we played games and watch TV, and also planned out items we are going to start boxing up for the move in a few weeks.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 560: Vancouver, BC – Apartment Admin & Moving The Car

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had short team meeting at 09:30 but then after that it was full steam ahead!

There were a lot of tickets and questions in the morning, so Curtis had to deal with those and some were a little more work so took some more time.

He was meant to have a project meeting at 11:00 but that had to get rescheduled so he had some more time to get some tickets done.

After lunch, it was a little quieter but a good amount of time for Curtis to finish up some things.

He also had a call from an internet provider which he got installation booked in for the new apartment, as well as booking the elevators at each end of the move in/out.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning on catching up with some of the smaller tasks she needs to get done. At midday she joined a team meeting to go over all the projects and give updates.

She then hosted the social call before joining a teammate for training on a few of the processes. They both then went to another team meeting to go over how some processes will work with a new team members and redefine some of the points. It was a great meeting and some great decisions were made.


Kim went out to drop off the car at a colleagues apartment for the night as our parking garage is being cleaned tomorrow and everyone was told to move their car!

Once she did that, she walked back home and finished off some work whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After hockey was done, Kim made coconut, lime and ginger chicken with coconut rice.

We watched TV, played games and relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 381: Vancouver, BC – Doing Network Stuff & Taco Tuesday!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting right at 09:00 and that lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes which was longer than anticipated.

Curtis got ready to leave the apartment after this as he had to do the thing he planned to do yesterday.

He and a colleague got to the office and began moving the equipment they needed to move.

Wearing masks, Curtis had his colleague had to move a large, heavy piece of equipment to another big container.

This had to be done carefully which was fairly easy but took some time. There were many screws that needed to be taken out as well as multiple things to be turned off in certain orders etc.

Curtis and his colleague were very happy to get it done and it went really well, which was the best part.

After that, Curtis went to meet Kim for lunch!

We went to Tacofino and got a couple of tacos each which were, as always, terrific!

We ate these and then Kim went back to work whilst Curtis headed home.

Curtis caught up with a lot from the rest of the day and did some tickets but the rest of the day went very fast!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with voicemails, and that kept getting interrupted by real time calls! To get up and about she then put all the kitchen stuff she has hoarded in the meeting room into some of the kitchen cupboards, so that frees up a lot of room.

For the last part of the morning Kim went over the list of people with access cards and updated the building with all the names of people who are no longer with the company.

After lunch Kim continued cleaning up the office. She removed a load of bankers boxes from the mass shredding and put them at a colleagues desk as she may need them. She moved a few of the empty drawers around and then put the group meeting space back together.

Kim then had a catchup with her colleague before she left to head home. At the end she went over her dream plan for the office set up and it went well, so Kim will pull some information together and see if it would work.


In the evening, Kim stopped on the way home so she could get some white wine to make dinner with.

Kim got home and made a terrific chicken and mushroom risotto which we ate whilst watching some YouTube videos.

We watched some more TV and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 362: Vancouver, BC – Moving Things

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an incredibly busy day today!

Curtis had a meeting right away in the morning. This was a project meeting to determine the scope and requirements from the stakeholders.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had another meeting with some of his team members to create a full project from the meeting they just had.

After that, Curtis was able to start work on some tickets but was then asked to head to the office to move a few things around.

When he got to the office, Curtis moved a server cabinet from the boardroom to another area so it was not in the way.

Once he did that, Curtis had to move around some of the server cabinets in the server room as they weren’t placed quite right.

After this, Curtis did some more things around the office and then headed home, but detoured to get some Vietnamese coffee beans and normal coffee beans.

Curtis did some tickets and helped a bunch of people in the afternoon and overall had a busy day!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her morning by finishing cleaning the whiteboard for todays team meeting that were coming in. She wiped it all down and ensured that everything was sprayed by sanitizer.

Then the team members arrived for their meeting and it was so great to see them all! She explained a few of the things that are set up around the office and then left them to it!

Kims colleague came back from her mini break today so they had a catch-up and download of all the information of things that have happened over the week and it was great. They went over the few things left for the parties. For the rest of the day Kim worked on the quizzes and finally managed to word a few of the questions in a way that makes way more sense. So that was amazing.

To finish the day Kim spent an over an hour helping with writing up a communication. It was a lot of recording and lots of little tweaks here and there to make it perfect.


When Kim got home, we had some chicken chilli for dinner and watched some TV, along with playing some mini golf.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 73 – Day 250: Vancouver, BC – Back At The Office For A Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a quiet day overall.

Curtis had a 2 hour meeting with his team to discuss some projects and plan for future project work, too.

Curtis then did a few tickets that came in, and then a computer checkup.

The rest of his morning was pretty quiet and mostly just admin.

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting with his team again, but this was a training session to learn something from one of the people on the team. This was very interesting!

Curtis had 2 meetings after that followed by doing some tickets and training and then his day was done!

Curtis did some cleaning of the apartment once he finished working and then waited for Kim to come home.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined the last company wide meeting for that series of talking points. Some more big meetings will be arranged for the coming months that will cover different topics.

Kim then played a game of cribbage and her team won! She thinks that she understands the game a little now! After the game Kim updated the wiki page about working from home to add more useful links. The she headed into the big wide world to go into the office.

On the way to work, she saw some beautiful wall art!

Once Kim arrived it was full speed ahead! She emptied the marketing cupboards so she could take stock on what there is in order to buy new cupboards and stuff to keep it all in. Around aorting the marketing stuff Kim also rearranged the whole corner of the office ,she restacked chairs, koved a plant and collected up furniture that she needs to move.

She then moved one of the cupboards and put it round by the printer to be the new stationary cupboard. Kim then emptied the current stationary cupboards from within the kitchen so she can bin the old or broken stuff and reorganise everything into two new cupboards. She put all the daily use stuff next to the printer, along with all the stacks of paper.

While she was in the office, Kim’s teammate came in to the office. They then went out (very far apart from each other) to go and get some lunch. They went to Tim Hortons, picked up a sandwich and then say very that apart in the kitchen back at work to eat lunch. It was very strange, but also nice to have some company, some resemblance od normality and talk to someone face to face!
After lunch Kim had a doctors appointment that was a follow up from the one she had last month and then Kim went straight back into stationary organising!

Towards the end of the day Kim had a meeting with another teammate about all the social events that have been going on and plans for future events. It was great to have a catch up and get an idea of what is coming up.

Kim and her teammate in the office then worked on a few things around the office before Kim headed home!

Busy Evening!

When Kim got home, we took out the recycling and then did our workout!

After our workout, Curtis went to the car to get some of the shop from yesterday which we left in the car for ‘quarantine’.

We then got showered and made our dinner!

Curtis had a steak with mushrooms, potato, onion, carrot and peas.

Kim had a mushroom sandwich for dinner, which was terrific!

After dinner, we played some Need For Speed and watched some TV, but it was already pretty late in the day by this point!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 161: Vancouver, BC – Moving The Coat Rack

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got a lot of ticket work done but nothing much more beyond that.

At 14:00, he walked with a couple of people to the think-tank, which is a space for off-site meetings and working etc.

The company is getting rid of this, so Curtis had to scope out the area and see what needs to be taken down and moved back to the office, so he did that for around an hour.

He got back and did some more ticket work and then was able to leave at a good time.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her morning going through emails and setting up meeting room bookings. After this, Kim went through and reconciled some transactions.

In the early afternoon Kim went through and set up three different catering requests and also drew up a plan for the large pizza order she will place the following day to arrive on Friday.

Kim then swapped the bookshelves around from her desk and the kitchen. This will give Kim more space at front desk and make the book swap and games shelves look less empty.

Kim then reorganised and tidied up around front desk.

Moving The Coat Rack

We got home and Kim had decided it was a good idea to move the coatrack we have on the wall, for 2 reasons. The first being that it was too close to other things and then second being that we believed it wasn’t in studs, just in drywall, which isn’t as safe.

We moved that when we got back home, or at least started to, and then Kim went out to help at her pole studio.

Once she got back, we finished sorting it out and now it’s in the perfect location and safe!

We had some time in the evening so we watched some TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 68 – Day 3: Kerikeri – The New Place Is Awesome!

We were up again at 08:00 for our morning of work.

We had some breakfast and then started cleaning. We had just 4 rooms to clean. One of the rooms needed additional beds putting in, so we did that also.

We finished up the cleans around 12:00 and then had a coffee break. We had some coffee and cookies, as we did yesterday.

Once we finished our break, we cleaned the reception wetroom, which took a while but it looked much better once done!

We finished this, showered and packed up. We said goodbye and thank you and then left to our next place, with a stop at the bakery up the road! We saw it the other day and thought it looked terrific so we had to go. We shared a delicious beef and salad sandwich and then Curtis had a cinnamon and raisin roll whilst Kim had a chocolate doughnut.

We were sufficiently full, so we drove to our next place.

We arrived and got settled quickly. We did a bit of weeding, for around an hour, before we showered and relaxed a little.

We were then introduced to the husband and he was also delightful! He showed us a few things that needed to be done as well as how to do certain things and where things were.

We then had a long chat with them whilst they prepared dinner. We had burgers for dinner with egg, pineapple, beetroot, cheese, tomato, salad and sauce…a ‘kiwi burger’. We also had kumara wedges with it.

We chatted a bit more and then we washed up and headed to bed. Up early-ish tomorrow with some fun jobs to be done!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale