Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 354: Vancouver, BC – Sliced Finger!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis certainly had an eventful day!

The morning was filled with Curtis completing an onboard for the Denver office.

Curtis did this over an hour or two as he had some tickets to do, as well.

Then, Curtis went through the tickets that had come in today and got a few of those completed.

At 13:00, Curtis had a meeting with someone to help them test something.

After this, Curtis planned to have lunch, but whilst slicing some bread with a bread knife, he managed to slice his finger instead!

It was a pretty bad cut and he fainted, too, in typical Curtis fashion!

Kim came back home to check on him and make sure the wound was properly cleaned and dressed, then we got the apartment cleaned up, but Kim did most of the cleaning as Curtis was still a little woozy.

Curtis eventually got up and had just the beans he had heated up for lunch and then got back to doing some work and then Kim headed back to the office.

Curtis had a few things to do in the afternoon, so he did those and then just relaxed.

Kim’s Day

Kim hosted the midweek catch-up, but no one turned up! So she just went into the office. The first thing she did was send a few emails and catch up on some admin.

Then Kim packaged up some stuff to send to a new hire. She then called UPS in regards to a pickup that didnt happen yesterday and they were able to set it up for the afternoon, which was great!

After her lunch Kim called Curtis as he said he cut himself. Then she ran home to make sure everything was okay!

When she got back into the office Kim spent the rest of the afternoon and evening putting the quiz onto Kahoot, finding media and changing a few of the questions! She is really happy with how it is turning out.


As Kim worked late, she came back home fairly late, too.

Kim then cleaned the inside of the oven which meant we couldn’t use it, so we ordered McDonald’s to have for dinner.

After dinner, we did a bit more cleaning up and then sat down to watch some TV for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 334: Vancouver, BC – Marinaded Chilli & Ginger Chicken

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with admin as usual, and then purchased some licensed followed by helping someone with a strange issue regarding docusign.

Curtis created a form for someone to complete with regards to wanting some new software.

Curtis got that done and provided it to them, so he just has to wait for them to complete it.

A lot of Curtis’ work today’s was ticket based, so he got a lot of those done and then had some lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had a project meeting followed by finishing off the Google account work he was doing yesterday.

Curtis finished the day with some training.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day chasing about a shipment that still hasnt been picked up. Then after that Kim checked on a coffee order and it turns out that that hadnt gone through, so she placed it again.

She then attempted to finish opening the UPS account, but she was unable to, and will try again next week when she has an invoice for them.

In the early afternoon Kim hosted a rerun of the latest Who Are You game and that was super fun! It was a smaller group than is ideal, but all fun people, which was brilliant.

For the afternoon Kim and bee colleague worked on clearing up the storage locker. They removed boxed of documents for shredding and took them back to the office to organise and shred. Kim then got the cleaning bug and finished the day by cleaning up the meeting room where she dumped everything during the office clean up. So the whole front desk area looks much more smart!

Marinaded Chilli & Ginger Chicken

When Kim got home, she marinaded some chicken in chilli and ginger sauce and then we went out for a walk.

After the walk, we took the recycling out and made our dinner.

We ate our dinner which was delicious, as expected, watched some TV and played some games, as usual!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 282: Vancouver, BC – Water Shutoff

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did not need to get up early today, so that meant a little bit of a lay in!

Curtis had a pretty busy morning, with a few meetings. He had his standard daily team meeting, did some tickets and then had his weekly team meeting after a project meeting.

Curtis then was able to have some lunch, then he did a bit of admin, both for tickets and projects.

Our water Was off for most of the day, but luckily for Curtis he had pre-planned for that so he was able to have coffee! (There was a building wide shutdown of water for maintenance work).

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on some emails and making a plan for her week. Once she got into work she said hello to the few people who had come in and then joined a team meeting.

After the meeting Kim started to sort some things around the office the first being a box full of high vis jackets. She emptied it and kept a few before organising the rest to go back to the building. Kim was generous with the ines she kept and still had 18 spare jackets!!

She then spent most of the afternoon working on emails and doing some research for a few projects that she is working on. Kim also sent out an invite to a games session later in the week as part of the take a break activities for May.

Kim left work a little early to head to the doctors for a checkup and everything is great! When she then got home Kim reorganised a cribbage game and read a document from the building.


Kim got back from her appointment and did a little bit of work before making dinner.

Curtis took the recycling down to the recycling room, which was pretty much empty, so that made it easier!

We ate our dinner which was a take on phó and it was very delicious!

We watched some TV and that was that.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 264: Vancouver, BC – Positives & Negatives

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting right at 09:00 again. His meeting was successful, and was a discussion between his team with regards to onboarding and how it can be automated.

After this, Curtis reviewed a policy someone had written to see if it had all the required information.

Curtis had a lot of tickets to do in the afternoon, which took up all of his time.

Kim’s Day

The day started with a gratitude call and it was amazing. As part of mental health awareness month Kim decided to have a space where people can share things they ate grateful for. We also took the time to say the positive changes we hope will come around as a result of COVID-19. So many people had beautiful things to share and it was a wonderful event.

Kim then busied herself with a few smaller admin tasks before joining yoga. It was a difficult video to follow along to today, very handstand and handstand heavy, which Kim loved!

When she got back from the veiwing Kim had a call with her colleague about posting stuff and the plan around that. It was great to get a final direction and plan as to what is happening.

After lunch Kim worked on writing up some letters for a company wide meeting coming up. She also invited someone from marketing to a meeting next week to go over all the stock, so great progress there!

Kim then had another meeting. She joined a few colleagues to go over the plans for the upcoming company wide meeting series. They went over how it will work and who is doing what.

To end the day Kim worked on the mail / post project and drafted a bunch of different emails and sent them off for review.

Positives & Negatives

We went to view an apartment together at lunch time, which didn’t last too long, but we LOVED the apartment and the location.

Unfortunately, we found out not too long after that they chose someone else for the apartment, so we cannot have it, which is a shame.

That being said, our evening continued on, and we made some hoisin chicken with rice and vegetables and then sat down to watch TV.

Around 21:00, we got a very positive phone call, which we will see how it transpires tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 235: Vancouver, BC – Homemade Workout

Curtis’ Day

We didn’t go for a walk this morning, so Curtis got to sleep in!

Curtis had a meeting at 09:30 with his team and 1 other person, to get team specific feedback on a survey the team had answered.

After that, he had his general team meeting, followed by 2 project interview meetings.

That was already the morning done and we went for a lunchtime walk.

Curtis’ afternoon was all tickets, which took up his whole afternoon which was good.

Kim’s Day

Kim hosted the midweek catch up, it was great to talk to a few people, some who hadn’t joined before!

She then spent most of the day working on the presentation. She has made a cool theme and designed the slides around that. She took some time to get some information on there, make sure the slides work and tried to make it as interesting and captivating as she can.

Midway through the morning she had a department catch up, it was so nice to see people she hasn’t seen for weeks!

For the rest of the day Kim did the slideshow. She also did a little scheduling and towards the end of the day she started to read a document that her colleague sent over, but she has made that a future Kim problem, it wasn’t something to start at the end of the day!

Homemade Workout

We did our homemade workout, which was our favourite elements from the workout we had been doing, but all put together in the style we wanted.

This was great!

Kim did a few stretches and then we did the cleaning for the week.

After the cleaning, we had leftover vegetarian spaghetti bolognese, which was terrific.

After dinner, we played some mini sticks for a while, and then played some Need For Speed, followed by a bit of TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 228: Vancouver, BC – Plenty of Booze!

Curtis’ Day

We were going to go for a walk when we woke up, but right as we got outside, Kim realised she had a meeting at 08:00, so we went right back in!

Curtis did some admin and then some tickets before his team meeting.

After the meeting, another meeting he had got cancelled so he did some more ticket work and then finished off the morning with training.

After lunch, Curtis had a quick meeting with someone to show them how to do a couple of things and then did a bit of project work and research.

Curtis did some more training and then played some games with his team for team building!

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day with a week a midweek catch up that is open to all offices. There were a lot less people than last week, but it we still great to see people and have a chat!
After this, Kim joined the company wide meeting.

For some of the morning Kim worked on a few quizzes. She has a fair few ideas and it doesn’t look like this working from home situation will be changing anytime soon so she might as well add a few and use them as and when!

She also worked on her spreadsheet that logs the cribbage tournament. She made it easier to read and made the scoring sytem automated! She was very proud of this as she hasn’t used some of the formulas in years!

After lunch Kim joined on a catch up call with people in her team and who sit near by. It was great to see everyone and chat to them, she has missed them all!

Straight after this Kim watched the first game of the cribbage tournament and then updated the shiney new spreadsheet with the results.

Kim then spent the rest of the afternoon setting up games for in the future.

Plenty of Booze!

We did our workout which nearly killed us today!

After that, we walked up to the liquor store to get some wine, beer and pre mixed Moscow mules, just to stock up so we have plenty for any occasion.

We got back home and were hungry, so we had a big salad to start with and then leftovers from yesterday.

We watched TV and then played some mini sticks hockey at home, which was WAY more fun for us than it should have been, but was nice to get away from a screen for a bit.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 185: Vancouver, BC – Trying To Repair The Tyre

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had quite a bit of admin to do in the morning, but before that he was asked for some help by someone as they couldn’t get their laptop docking station working.

Curtis got that fixed and continued with his admin.

He had a few meetings today, some for projects and some for other things such as planning what he will do for training for the year and a few other things.

Curtis got a few tickets done, but the day was fairly quiet, but it did give him some time to do some project work and some training, which he appreciated.

At lunch, Curtis went out and got lemongrass chicken and noodles which was really tasty!

Kim’s Day

Kim got herself set up for the week, confirmed a catering order for the Toronto office and packed away the groceries.
Later in the afternoon Kim took the new hire on their office tour, which was strange as its her new boss! It was great to properly meet her and get to have a little chat with her. Then the whole team went our for a lovely lunch! Kim had a chicken salad and it was delicious!

She then spent her afternoon focusing on getting information together about events for the year and reconciling the credit card.

Kim headed out from work early to try to get the car fixed. She took the train home and must have dropped her train pass on the train as when she went to leave it was nowhere to be found!

She remembers seeing someone pick something up after hearing something close to her drop on the floor. So maybe they picked it up thinking it was theirs. Obviously this is on a day Kim was tight on time and the transit police were there. Luckily (and very unluckily) Kim had just topped the card up so only had to pay a $5 exit fee rather than the $170 no ticket fee. Kim was NOT happy!

Trying To Get The Tyre Repaired

Kim got home and got the car to try and get the tyre repaired.

She got there and they said they’ll need to repair it, which will take 30 minutes, which was perfect!

Unfortunately, they were unable to do this as it has a sensor in it that they don’t have.

We’ll need to take it somewhere tomorrow, but needed to drive on it tonight, but should be all fine!

We went off to Curtis’ hockey game which is a 22:00 start, so we’ll update about that tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 174: Vancouver, BC – Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was pretty busy with tickets all morning and each of them was a little different so time flew by! He setup a tablet at reception to be used as the sign in sheet instead of the paper being used before.

After lunch, Curtis tried to get some training done, and got about 30 minutes in before people asked for things to be done!

Curtis finished the day ordering some things which he got approved to buy and then went to meet Kim to walk home.

Kim’s Day

Kim collected up and organised some hoodies to send out and then went into two back t back meetings! The first meeting was a very productive 1-1 with a colleague and then a group meeting to go over the plans going forward for large scale meetings.

After the meetings Kim set up the package of hoodies to be sent out with another item to go. She worked out the price of shipping to include the hoodies in the shipment but it came to an additional $500 so Kim decided against sending the large shipment and just sent the one smaller item.

For lunch Kim popped over to the supermarket and had a nice little sit down.

For the afternoon Kim looked at a few different catering options and drew up a menu that she thinks she will order.

Kim also coordinated with a couple of youth centres in regards to a potential donation of things, and she found one that would like all the items.

As a result Kim has opened the floor to people in the company to bring in things for donation to go to the Youth Centre. She popped out an email and set up a table in the kitchen to make it easy for people to donate!

Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Kim loved her pole lesson today! It was a great recap session of some of the other lessons and Kim was able to get a move from a couple of weeks ago that she hadn’t managed back then. It was a great success.

Curtis had a hockey game and Kim had the car, so Curtis got a lift with 2 teammates. He met them at the train station car park just up the road.

Curtis had just 5-10 minutes to get changed but made it in time!

Curtis had a great game, getting 2 goals, being on for 3 of his team’s goals and winning 7-2! Big game and really enjoyable!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 171: Vancouver, BC – Ramen With A Friend

Chill Morning

We had a chill morning and had some cereal for breakfast.

Kim was going to go out for lunch with a friend, but they decided to have dinner together instead, so Kim didn’t have to rush!

Kim got ready to go out and got in the car to drive up to North Vancouver to pick up a board game.

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out.

Board Game Pickup, Shopping & Lunch!

The first thing Kim did was head out to get the game Taboo from someone selling it on Facebook.

After this she headed to Burnaby to meet a friend for dinner and do a little shopping.

They started by wondering around some shops, then went for a lovely Ramen.

Kim went for chicken ramen and her friend went for creamy vegan! They loved them.

After dinner they spent time walking around the shopping centre and having a great catch up.

We continued to watch the show Sex Education in the evening after Kim got back and we had some snacks and relaxed.

We booked a hotel somewhere for a couple of nights, too! Kim booked the wrong dates but luckily she was able to change it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 169: Vancouver, BC – Goodbye Lunch & No Traction!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a day full of meetings!

The first meeting was his usual daily catch up, followed by a meeting to discuss and learn about a new software the company is trialling. This helped him get some clarity on how it works and what to look out for.

Shortly after that meeting, Curtis had a 1:1 with his new manager. His colleague got promoted to be his manager now, so that’s great! Curtis got to chat about some things he’d like to see and other things.

Curtis then went out for lunch to say goodbye to someone leaving the company.

This person has been at the company for a while and tomorrow is their final day.

Curtis had a blackened chicken burger with fries. It was a lot but it was good!

Curtis got back to the office and had another 1:1, this time with someone else.

After that, Curtis had some ticket work to do and then he looked into ordering some new Macbooks for the office as some more are, or will be, needed.

Curtis left after what felt like a day of just meetings, and met Kim on the way home.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent her day doing two things, orgnaising catering and listening to voicemails.

When she got in she helped set up the breakfast catering and then went over some emails.

During the morning we moved things to the top floor so that the meeting could move up there towards midday. The meeting was meant to be in there for the while day but the elevator to get up there was broken. As they weren’t sure when it would be fixed they decided to keep the meeting on the companys floor so had to go back up to collect everything.

They then set up all of the lunch catering and while they waited for the group to come out and eat kim checked her voicemail. She had messages from back in mid December! So she would intermittently listen to it between people asking for things.
After their lunch Kim helped clear it up and then continuted listening to the messages. Towards the end of the day Kim sent out a FedEx.

No Traction

Kim popped out to the doctors to get a check up for the other recent doctors appointments.

Everything is fine and Kim is all healthy.

On the way home Kim saw cars going around a car with their 4 way lights on. Kim drove down the road and parked before running back up to the car.
It turns out that the lady driving wasn’t able to get traction up a hill. Kim stopped the people coming up the hill and directed the lady about 2 meters back to flatter road where she was able to get traction and head on up the hill.

People need their winter tyres here! Its rains a lot and the roads are steep!

Kim was going to go out to some shops and get stuff done after, but really couldn’t be bothered!

We did some cleaning, had some leftovers for dinner and just watched some TV, binging some shows.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale