Place 70 – Day 32: Victoria, BC – Airport Pickup & Finally Seeing Linda!

We woke up at a good time, though Kim woke up early as a dog was barking constantly in the hotel and she heard that so she couldn’t get back to sleep.

We got up and ready around 10:00 and packed up the last few things, showered and then took our stuff down to the car.

After checking out, we went to grab some breakfast. We found a cafe and Curtis got a breakfast muffin and Kim got a pesto and brie toasted sandwich, along with a coffee each.

We ate our food whilst sat in the sun and then we got the car and drove to a car wash. We vacuumed the car and then tried to go to a car wash, but it was too busy so we had to head to the airport.

Somehow, Curtis managed to lose his mask during this time, so had to use a disposable one for the time being.

We met Linda in the airport as she was returning from Kelowna on a flight and we were very happy to see Linda again after what must be at least 2 years!

We had a great chat on the way home and once we got back to Linda’s place, we had more of a chat with her and then we went out to the mall to see if we could get Curtis a new mask.

We found a mask, but it wasn’t actually that great. Linda then remembered she had a perfect one lying around, so Curtis has that now instead!

We went out for dinner with Linda to a place down the road called the steamship grill, which is somewhere we had been a few times with Linda.

Curtis had a salmon burger and Kim had a Nashville chicken caesar salad. Unfortunately, Kim’s food tasted a little fishy, so she didn’t really eat much, but we did have a lot of bread and chips so she ate those!

We walked back to Linda’s and spent the remainder of the evening having a great conversation, as always with Linda!

We have some fun times planned, and lots of dinners, over the next few days.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 483: Vancouver, BC – Destroyed At Connect 4

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had meetings pretty much straight through the entire day!

Today, and for the next 2 days as well, it is his team virtual ‘retreat’.

This is where a lot of meetings happen, usually about work things but also random meetings about random fun things as well as people on the team presenting about something they enjoy doing.

Curtis was able to have lunch in the middle of all these meetings and finished his last meeting right at the end of the day.

He was tired from all those meetings but the work related ones were really good and the non work related ones were fun!

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim went through and sent e-gift vouchers for people to use for the winter party tomorrow. Everyone gets to order some food for the event and its much easier to order gift cards for people than it is have everyone expense it back! She also had a chat with her colleague about the meetings they have during the day.

Kim then played two very quick games of connect four where she didn’t stand a chance! Both games she had no idea what was going on and was very truly outplayed, but both games were so much fun!

From connect four Kim went into the weekly team meeting and it was great. They got a lot of direction and a fair few things sorted out. It overran a lot and even into the HR meeting, so once they had everything sorted the whole team went and joined the HR meeting. In this meeting they went over two new roles that will be going live soon and arranged a catch up for the afternoon to finalise a few of the details of the roles.

From that meeting Kim went straight into the social lunch where she hung out and chatted with a fair few people, it was so lovely!

For the afternoon Kim focused on the quiz which she split into two! So she divided the questions between the two rounds of the quiz and added a couple more questions.

After this Kim joined a meeting to discuss the new position she will be recruiting for. They went over the job posting Kim made and discussed the main focus points for the position. They also covered the final adjustments to another role that another team are hiring for.

Once that meeting ended Kim called the person she is working with to discuss some of the facilities project. They provided updates to one another and made a plan for the next few days. As a result of this meeting Kim did some research and updated information to present to people tomorrow. Then to finish the day Kim added a little more to the quiz.


Kim went out to get some things from the shop and also got us some A&W burgers.

We ate our food and watched The Queen’s Gambit and then we played some Connect4 as Kim needs to get her practice in!

We watched some more TV and played some games and then headed to bed. Curtis was tired as he had to be up earlier this morning.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale