Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 23: Vancouver,BC – Free Doughnut & Long Central Park Walk

Central Park Walk

We walked all the way down to Central Park again today as it was nice weather so we had to use it somehow.

We stopped at Tim Hortons to get a doughnut for Kim and when Curtis scanned his loyalty card, it came up and said we had a free reward, so the doughnut was a free one!

We walked out of Tim’s and went down the road to Starbucks to get a nice cold iced coffee before heading into the park.

We walked a different way around, but with no real plan. We just walked and talked for a couple of hours, only really stopping to take a few photos of the beautiful environment.

We also saw a really big tree that had fallen, and the routes were insanely large!

Supermarket & Pizza

We left the park and walked back home via the supermarket. We picked up a pizza for dinner, some ice cream and something to drink.

We ate our pizza (which was OK) and watched some TV. We started a couple of new TV shows; Lucifer & a Norwegian show called Occupied (Okkupert).

It’s just 2 days until Curtis starts work, but Kim does have some things to do during the week to keep her busy, and get us ready for our move in on (hopefully) Saturday!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 22: Vancouver,BC – An Xbox & Fixing A Phone

Very Lazy Morning

We got up around 10:30 and just had a lazy morning.

We had breakfast and watched a bit of TV whilst the rain poured outside.

Getting A Bit Stir Crazy

We got a bit crazy sitting inside, so when it got to early afternoon we went out to the Metropolis mall, just to get out.

Along with going there, we decided we would walk there as it was a cool enough day and the rain had stopped. It estimated it was about an hour walk but we think we did it in about 40/45 minutes.

We stopped along the way to get a coffee from Starbucks, which Kim managed to pour over herself when her lid ‘malfunctioned’.

Fixing A Phone

We visited Samsung to get Kim’s phone looked at as it wasn’t receiving or sending calls or texts very well.

We got them to run diagnostics and our was determined that it was the fault of the provider, so we went to them and they swapped the SIM.

Buying An Xbox

As with everywhere, we need an Xbox for our new place, so we visited Microsoft to grab one, as well as a few accessories.


We got a couple of things from the supermarket and headed back home on the rain, rather than walking.

We did some admin and then watched TV for the evening.

We also ate what we had yesterday, which was still delicious.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale