Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 957: Vancouver, BC – Surgery Booked

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some work to do in the morning, just some standard things, and then he had to do some project work, which took far longer than expected!

After that, he had a quick meeting with some colleagues to discuss am ongoing project and then he had to do a different project which became a huge project but he got a decent amount of stuff work done on it.

At the end of the day, Curtis went for a consultation for his wisdom teeth removal. He has to have his wisdom teeth removed as they’re not really working as they should (one is sideways, one doesn’t fit!). They actually said they’re gonna do all of his wisdom teeth, rather than just the 2 bottom ones. He has to have full surgery under general anesthesia, due to them being close to the nerve. He had his appointment and booked in the surgery for the 22nd July, so not long to go. He is not excited.

Curtis played games and ate Kim’s leftover Indian food from lunch the other day, and he really enjoyed it.

Kim’s Day

Kim woke up to find one of her earlier meetings had been cancelled so she then had a relaxed start to her day that was a little more restful. She then had a call with a manager to discuss their new employee. They both then joined the weekly department heads meeting.

Kim then worked on a little admin before joining a meeting while she walked to pick up some items for an event this weekend. She went from that pickup to another store to pick up the final, important, prices for the beach day tomorrow – a ball and a frisbee!

As she walked home Kim had a surprise meeting with her manager and she picked up some coffees before getting home and joining a training meeting. She then had a quick chat with a manager to discuss a couple of their new starters.

To finish the day Kim joined and interview and then the review chat after before having a 1-1 chat with her teammate to see how the week had been for them. She then headed over to a colleagues house to pick them up as they both had to drop stuff off to an exec team member.

On the drive over they made a quick stop to pick up some cakes as they were invited to stay for tea. It was so strange to walk into someone’s house without a mask and spend a few hours laughing and hanging out, like in the normal world!

Kim and her colleague then left and had dinner in the park and continued chatting and just having fun. It was such a great evening!


Kim got back home from her outing and we relaxed, watching some TV.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 888: Vancouver, BC – Manicure & Pedicure!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to deal with something frustrating for 2 hours in the morning, which eventually turned into a future meeting to discuss the situation.

After he did that, he had a team meeting for 30 minutes, followed by some tickets and some security work, which was for about an hour.

Curtis had a conversation with his manager about something, just to keep them in the loop, then he did some project work up until lunch.

After lunch, Curtis created a new project and then did some tickets and admin before wrapping up for the day and playing some games with colleagues, as Kim was out getting pampered.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim gave some equipment to someone who came to collect it. She then finished getting ready for the day and then joined a meeting that lasted the whole morning. It was a follow on from a meeting a couple of weeks ago, it was very interesting and Kim learnt a lot!

She had a quick break where she made some lunch and then she joined a meeting to kick off the book club for the company! Kim then joined a planning meeting followed by an interview.

To finish the day Kim joined a social meeting where everyone in the company was on the call. She left that meeting and went to a nail salon with a friend, which was masked and distanced. It was so much fun and a couple of hours of a bit if normalcy!


We ordered Indian food and had that for dinner. It was excellent, as ever.

We watched some TV and relaxed for the evening. We are glad it’s the weekend! Another busy week in the books.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 363: Vancouver, BC – Both Working At Home Again

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was ask a few questions around an onboard right in the morning.

After answering those, Curtis did some admin and then blocked some phishing email addresses that people had reported in the last week.

Curtis then had his daily team meeting followed by helping someone with a password issue, which took about 45 minutes.

Once Curtis was finished with that, he had to purchase something for the Vancouver office and then did some more small tickets before lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had a quick call to go over something with someone in his team and then had his bi-weekly team meeting to discuss project work over the last couple of weeks.

Kim’s Day

Kim was working from home today!

Kim started her day with the UK call and had a wonderful catch up with one of the people out there. She then spent most of the morning finishing the news UK quiz before testing it on her family. Unfortunately that call didnt go so well! Her parents connection kept dropping so Kim ran through the questions with her sister to check for timing and wording changes that need to be made.

Kim also did a little admin before and after the call. She reached out to someone who is leaving and made a payment for her colleague.

After the call with her sister Kim joined the east coast social call and had a great chat with those people. Then Kim had a quick lunch before making a few changes to the quiz she tested today. Once she had made the changes Kim started working on the our people quiz for the UK.

She ended her day with the west coat call and had a great time. We had a few new starters on the call and it was lovely!


We ordered an Indian from our favourite Indian place which we haven’t had in a while and it was delicious!

We watched some YouTube videos whilst we ate dinner and then we watched the film Desperados on Netflix which wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible.

We watched some more TV for the evening and played some games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 143: Vancouver, BC – Getting Stuff Done

Getting Stuff Done

We got up and had breakfast.

Once we ate, we spoke with Kim’s family to discuss our holiday with them and then Kim headed out to Richmond to go to a shop and return something.

Unfortunately, when she got there, they didn’t have what she was looking for (to swap the old item with), so she left.

Kim looked around this area for a bit but nothing really interested her, so she went to another place to look around.

Again, nothing was interesting, so after being out for a few hours, she went back home.

Curtis was watching hockey when Kim got back, but there wasn’t much left to watch, so we decided upon dinner!

We went with an Indian takeaway again, which was terrific as ever, which is very dangerous.

We watched a variety of TV shows and YouTube videos, as well as playing some more Crash Bandicoot.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 136: Vancouver, BC – First Time UberEats


We had crepes for breakfast, once we eventually got out of bed.

Kim made the same ones we had the other day, with Kinder Bueno minis in them.


We got a coffee, of course, as a reward for going shopping and getting a few things, mostly cleaning products we ran out of.


Curtis watched the Leafs game when we got back and Kim watched some Queer Eye.


We used UberEats for the first time (Curtis has before, in New Zealand, but this was the first time we have used it together).

We had no problems with it at all, compared to the other company we used before, and it’s a much better app, too!

We got an Indian takeaway, from where we usually do, and it was excellent.

We ate that and then watched the film Downsizing.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 195: Vancouver, BC – Perfect Day Of Chill

More Coffee, More Shopping

We did basically nothing today.

We relaxed for a few hours after waking up and then planned what we were going to do for dinners over the next week.

We then went up to the shop, but of course made a stop at Starbucks for more of a sit down, a chat and just a delicious coffee each!

We finished that and went into the supermarket, which was insanely busy.

We got the few things we needed and got out of there as fast as possible.


We had a few things remaining from our Indian yesterday, so we got a few more sides to go with it and ate those. That was a perfect dinner!

Another Film!

We watched another film tonight, called King Of Thieves – This is based on a true story about some old guys robbing a jewelry store in London. We had a great time watching this film!

King Of Thieves

We did some laundry and some other housekeeping things, but that was basically our day. Simple, quiet. relaxing and perfect.

Ready for a busy weekend next week!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 194: Vancouver, BC – Exciting News!

Coffee & Weekly Shop

We went out for our usual coffee and weekly shop this early afternoon.

We had a grilled cheese for breakfast and then got ready to head out.

We got christmassy coffees today. Curtis got a cinnamon dolce latte which is phenomenal and Kim got the equally phenomenal peppermint mocha.

Once we were done with coffee, we went up to Homesense so Kim could look for a new purse. We found one and just bought that.

We went from here to the supermarket where we did quite a quick, small shop for the week.

Hockey, Exciting News & Curry

We got back home and Curtis watched hockey. Kim got some meal prep done and put some things away into the freezer for future use.

We got a message from our friends Danielle & Josh in New Zealand who said they would like to chat with us! We spoke with them and they said they are planning to come out and see us next year!

We were so excited, we’ve already started planning what we want to do with them.

We chatted with them for quite a while, just catching up and talking about what we might do when they’re here.

We are very excited to see them again as we have missed them!

After hockey was done, we ordered a curry! We learned from the portion sizes last time and just ordered one curry, some popodoms, a samosa each and one naan.

This was exactly the food we wanted! We watched Stuber whilst we ate which was a silly film, but very funny and easy to watch.

After that, we watched a couple more TV shows and that was our night!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 121: Vancouver, BC – Back Into Work & Chores

Back To Work

We had to be up early again today and get ready for work.

We left a bit late, but we each got to work on time.

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did admin (clearing emails and messages etc) for about 30 minutes and then completed around 7 tickets in row!

He had a 1:1 for 30 minutes, which went well, and then he did some project work and managed to move on a bit with the project, which was great.

After lunch, Curtis had a couple of things to do. Some was security based and a couple of physical things around the office.

Curtis then had to setup a mac for someone and that brought him nicely the end of the day. Very productive.

Kim’s Day

Today kim spent most of her time organising travel and catering! When she got in Kim continued to finalise both travel issues from last week. She got one sorted early on in the morning and the other was sorted by mid afternoon.

Then Kim started organising the catering for a 3 day meeting that is happening next week. She found vendors she liked and made a spreadsheet listing the items she will purchase in in which quantities.

Kim was then invited to grab a coffee with a colleague, so Kim took the opportunity to go on a short walk and catch up about the weekend. When she got back, the weekly shop had arrived so she put that all away.

Kim then continued with more of the travel and catering work. For lunch Kim sat down with her team mates and had a good chat!

After lunch Kim saved all of the invoices she had not yet gotten around to.

After this, Kim had her 90 day check up! Its crazy how Kim has already been there 3 months! For the meeting, Kim and her HR team mate went to a local French cafe and Kim enjoyed a lovely custard slice.

When she got back to the office Kim went over a few things she needed guidance on with her colleague. She set up a few meetings, went over the catering Kim planned and organised the last tricky bit of the travel booking that needed to be done.

Just before Kim left she wrote up and sent enquiry emails to all of the catering companys to ensure that she was giving them enough of a heads up before next week!

Chores & Chicken Curry

We got home and Curtis got right onto doing the chores we put off all weekend.

Curtis got the washing up done from last night, cleaned down the kitchen countertops and vacuumed the whole apartment. It felt good to clean!

After this, Kim made a chicken curry a Curtis made the rice.

Curtis ate this but Kim did not as she was going to do some exercise so didn’t want anything too big.

Kim went to exercise and Curtis played some games.

Once Kim got home, we watched some more TV and tried to sleep at a decent time.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 371: Auckland – Goodbye Dinner & Gavin And Stacey

Waking up at 10:00, we had some cereal and got distracted by videos and streams until around 13:00.

We eventually left the house and did the shop for all of our christmas dinner food as well as grab a coffee.

We got home and did nothing, even having a nap!

We drove up to Brown’s Bay in the evening with Nicola. We were going for a goodbye meal at a highly rated Indian place up there.

We got the place and it looked really nice. We got our table and discussed the food options. We went with popadoms, dips, samosas & onion bhaji for starters…but that was a bit too much! Our mains came out and looked delicious but were huge! We also got naan breads with them, which didn’t help the amount of food!

We ate as much as we could and then decided we were defeated. The curries were tasty though. Curtis gives it a 7/10 and Kim gives it 8/10.

We went for a beach walk after, to burn off all the food and then walked back to the car to drive home.

We wanted to show Nicola Gavin& Stacey, so we watched 3 episodes of that which was still hilarious!

It was a successful, relaxing day, which was great.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale