Vancouver, BC

place 72 – Day 990: Vancouver, BC – Staying Away For Work!

Curtis’ Day/Night

Curtis had the croissant that Kim got him for breakfast and then he got himself ready and walked to the office.

He needed to get a couple of laptops setup and sent out, so he did that for the morning and then in the afternoon he did some office cleanup, which he is doing today and on Thursday.

He got a lot of things tidied but him and his colleague also added monitor arms and monitors to a lot of desks which took a few hours but a good chunk got completed!

More of that to do Thursday, as well as a few other things.

Curtis headed home and was alone all evening. It was a little weird!

Curtis mostly played games for the evening, but watched a few YouTube videos, too. He had some steak for dinner which was MASSIVE but really good.

Kim’s Day/Night

Kim went to get croissants for breakfast and then she left to drive down to drop off the car at the garage for a service.

Kim then got an Uber and was dropped off in town and she popped into a coffee shop and met her managers there! They got a few things sorted from there before heading to the hotel to get the day properly started.

They all then spent the day whiteboarding, making plans and talking a lot of things out. There were a couple of meetings that everyone joined. Kim gave the update in the weekly company meeting and then in the early afternoon Kim joined two recruitment calls.

In the evening they went out to a local restaurant for dinner. It was such a fun and interesting day, but there isn’t a whole much to share, we did a lot of talking, planning and whiteboarding!

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Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 576: Vancouver, BC – Important Cocktail Company Party!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some tickets to get some in the morning and then he had back to back meetings.

The first meeting was with his team, just a standard team meeting, followed by a requirements gathering meeting which was really great! The person that Curtis had to get requirements from was very forthcoming and understanding. It was a really good chat with them with some action points coming out of it for Curtis’ team.

Curtis then had more tickets and people messaging him before he walked down to Tacofino to grab us some lunch.

We ate lunch and then Curtis had a pretty quiet rest of the day, just getting some admin and other work done.

Curtis then watched hockey in the evening whilst Kim had her party.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had planned to get a few things done, but today she spent so much of the day responding to emails and other messages.

In the middle of the day Kim joined a few meetings. The first was a really interesting meeting in regards to next steps on a few projects. The second was a catch up with a new starter who joined at the beginning of the week to see how things are going and just generally chat! It was such a nice call! She then joined a call with her manager to go over a few things for the next few weeks.

While Curtis was getting lunch Kim was able to send out a communication and order all the gift cards for the party! She then had a quick call with someone in regards to recruitment and long term plans.

They both then left the call to join the party Kim had been planning! It went so well! Kim had no agenda, she just wanted to create a space where people could hang out, drink cocktails, chat and have fun. So they did just that! Everyone just talked for a while and hung out before making cocktails and then watching a few demos from one of the teams. After all that the people who were still on the call played some games and it was wonderful!


We actually had a bit of a lay down and we were tired.

Once we did that, we still weren’t that hungry and didn’t know what we wanted for dinner, so we didn’t bother with ordering takeout today, instead we just had some stuff we had in the freezer and some leftover pizza.

We started Season 3 of F1: Drive To Survive which we were very excited for and we watched some other TV.

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