Los Angeles,CA

Place 76 – Day 7: Los Angeles,CA – Hollywood Museum, Trejo’s Coffee And Donuts & The Grove

Hollywood Museum

We just had to do something film related, so we made sure we did just that.

For $15 each, we got 4 floors housing 10,000 artifacts from TV and movies.

The first floor was about Max Factor, both the man himself, the make up and the movie stars that used it.

Hollywood Museum | Los Angeles,CA

Rating:- 7/10

We then moved to the next floor, which was in the basement, and was all things horror films and a whole section which were the prison cells from the Hannibal Lecter films.

The next floor was all about the animatronic and models used in films. This was the most interesting section in the museum.

The final floor was not overly interesting, though there was a section with the batmobile which spoke all about batman.

There was also a section here which had a lot of old cameras, which was awesome.

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts

We walked from here just down the road to Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, which was created by the actor Danny Trejo.

Curtis got a cappucino and we got a doughnut each.

Kim got one with cinnamon sugar filled with ice cream and Curtis’ was lime and sugar, like a margarita, which was great.

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts | Los Angeles,CA

Rating:- 10/10

The Grove

We walked from the museum for about 45 minutes and got to our first shopping mall of the day, which was the famous The Grove.

Kim was looking for a few things here, as well as just looking around as it was somewhere you are meant to visit in LA.

We walked around but we didn’t find anything of use, so we left the Grove and walked 20 minutes to the Beverly Center, which we bought Curtis’ shirts in the other day.

Beverly Center

We got to the Beverly Center and weren’t getting too much luck with the shops, until Kim got to Forever21 where she was able to replace her flip-flops and get some clothes she was looking for.


We got hungry, so we stopped off at Fatburger which was a burger place recommend to us.

We each got a medium sized burger and Kim added cheese whilst Curtis added cheese and bacon. Curtis got onion rings as his side and Kim got chilli cheese fries.

Overall, the meal was disappointing. There was too much lettuce, the tomato slice was too thick and caused everything to slice around, the meat wasn’t staying together so crumbled everywhere, so overall it wasn’t great. We just saw that they are apparently rebranding to be called Skinnyburger…Interesting.

Fatburger | Los Angeles,CA

Rating:- 6/10


We got home and watched a few videos before taking on the mammoth task of packing. We leave LA by bus tomorrow morning, so we need to be ready.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Los Angeles,CA

Place 76 – Day 5: Los Angeles,CA – Mt. Hollywood, Hollywood Sign & Griffith Observatory

Mt. Hollywood

Our goal today was to hike up to the Hollywood sign.

We first got a Lyft up to the Griffith Observatory, so we could walk from there up to the sign. Once we got there, we notched that the sign was far away, but we had committed to walking it, so that is what we did.

The temperature was about 22°C, so pretty warm, but we were prepared with snacks and drinks we bought earlier today in the supermarket.

We looked at the sign and saw Mt. Hollywood was before the Hollywood sign, so we thought we better go up there first, so we headed up that way.

We saw the view from Mt. Hollywood and then figured out how to get from here to the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood Sign

There were two paths to go and we seemed to choose a fun but difficult route.

We walked across very tiny paths, including across a path with a sheer cliff to one side!

Eventually, we got to Mt. Lee, which is the mountain that the Hollywood sign is on.

We got up there and there wasn’t too many people there, which is good. We got a few good photos there, and had a snack.

Griffith Observatory

We walked down from the Hollywood sign to the Griffith Observatory. Overall, the walk up and back down again took us a few hours and it was a perfect day!

We then spent a couple of hours at the Griffith Observatory, looking at the exhibits and we even watched the large Tesla Coil go off!

We walked around for a little bit and then went to the theatre they had there which shows how they extended the size of the area by going underground and building extra room under there. It was pretty interesting, actually!

As it was getting darker, we headed upstairs to the 12 inch telescope, which has been looked into by more people than any other telescope in the world.

We got here at the perfect time, as they started preparing to open it for people to take a look in it!

We waited around 30 minutes and then it was opened, after the dome itself spun to the correct location and the telescope was configured.

We got in and weren’t able to take photos, but all we saw was a small white spec, which was the star Sirius, which is larger than our sun!

We caught the end of the sunset and then walked away, having had successful day!

Los Feliz Blvd

We walked out of the park as it was easier to get a Lyft from there. We accidentally found Los Feliz Blvd, which is a very rich area, with many a celebrity living there! There were some stunning houses, so we walked down here for a while and just looked at the houses.

We eventually got a Lyft back home and we were so tired and hungry! We had leftovers from yesterday, showered, watched a bit of TV and then slept.

It’s been a busy week so far and we’ve loved it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Los Angeles,CA

Place 76 – Day 1: Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 – Hollywood Blvd, Tatsu Ramen & Lime Scooters

San Francisco > LA

We were up around 05:00 to get ready to get to the airport.

Our flight was at 09:05, so we had to be there for 07:00. Once we were ready, we left in an Uber to the airport.

We arrived at the airport at a good time to get our bag checked and head through security, which was our biggest line we’ve been through yet.

We got on the flight right at the end, with just 3 minutes left, as we didn’t hear them call our section to board!

We got onto the plane but the plane had to wait a while before it tok off, but then we were on our way.

We only got our free drinks with about 5 minutes to drink them, so Curtis only had 3 mouthfuls of insanely hot coffee before it had to be thrown away for landing.

Arriving In LA

Once landing, we had to wait for 30 minutes for a plane to move, but eventually we got off the plane.

Our bag was first off, so we grabbed that and waited for our Uber.

Our Uber ride was interesting… the driver stopped to use the toilet and then got a little lost, but we got there eventually.

We met our host, who doesn’t live at the apartment, so we have it all to ourselves. She was lovely and showed us where things are.

We headed to the supermarket to grab some things as well as get some breakfast as we hadn’t eaten all day! We grabbed a subway for breakfast as it was easier and then we came back, got a bit refreshed and then went out again.

Hollywood Blvd

We didn’t want to do anything too taxing as we were very tired, so we got an Uber down to Hollywood Blvd. Our driver was amazingly friendly and chatty and gave us some tips.

We just walked along the Hollywood hall of fame and saw all the stars. There were a lot of people, but it was a good, easy thing to do for a couple of hours and obviously it was something that has to be done in LA.

Tatsu Ramen

We walked for 30 minutes to a ramen place, which is a chain, call Tatsu Ramen.

We got a ramen each, Kim with chicken and Curtis with pork. We have heard this place is amazing, so we had to try it!

The food was pretty good, but there was a lot of it.

Tatsu Ramen | Los Angeles,CA

Rating:- 9/10

Lime Scooters

We didn’t want to Uber back, but a walk was too far, so we got a lime scooter each.

This costed us about $6 each, so was a little more than an Uber would have been, but we’d have been in traffic for a while, too.

We had amazing fun on the scooters…they go crazy fast! It took us about 30 minutes to get back.


We watched the last of the Madeleine McCann documentary and some other TV and then went to bed. We have a fun plan for tomorrow, too.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale