Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 916: Vancouver, BC – Collaborative Working

Curtis’ Day

Curtis woke up early again to watch Great Britain play hockey. They lost 4-1 to Sweden but played pretty well again!

After that, he got ready for the day.

Curtis did some tickets and admin in the morning and then he had a team meeting, after running a laptop down to a courier for Kim.

There was a bit more work to do for Curtis and then he had 2 back to back meetings.

After having lunch, Curtis did the last few tickets of the day and some more admin and then had an offboard to complete, which took over an hour.

Curtis relaxed and played some games whilst Kim was in her games night.

Kim’s Day

Kim has a busy day today, she started with two interviews and then had a bunch of back to back small meetings across the middle of the day.

In the early afternoon Kim had a chat with marketing to go over a few things and make plans for the coming weeks.

She spent a lot of the afternoon working collaboratively with a colleague getting things sorted and organised. Then she had a 1-1 with her teammate before popping out to the shop to get drinks before joining the games night for the evening! It was a lovely way to end the week!


We picked up some Tacofino for dinner and sat down to relax.

We did very little in the evening, just recovering from a busy week, really.

Curtis is staying up late again to watch the next Great Britain game!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 413: Vancouver, BC – The Season Begins!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got things ready to head to the office this morning and then took the walk down.

Once he got there, he got a laptop from the storage room and started setting that up.

Curtis also had to do some project work which involved some testing, seeing if certain websites could be accessed in different ways.

Curtis did that and then continued setting up the laptop.

He had a meeting to discuss his personal learning plan and how he wishes to develop within the next 6 months to a year.

Curtis finished up the laptop setup and booked a courier to pick it up.

After that, Curtis had a call with someone to try and fix something for them, but after 1.5 hours of trying, they couldn’t get it working, which was frustrating!

Curtis did a few more things and eventually walked home around 16:00. Long, busy, tiring day!

Kim’s Day

Kim has got a phone interview for tomorrow! She received an email to set up a 20-30 minute chat with a recruiter for one of the positions that she is really excited about. Once she set up the time Kim took a deeper look into the company and is now more excited than she was previously. It will be a similar role that she is used to but with a few more responsibilities, but its always good to learn more!

In the afternoon Kim did a bit of housework and had a lazier day. She will probably apply to a few jobs while Curtis is at hockey tonight.

The Season Begins!

Curtis got back home and we watched a bit of TV, then Kim made some chicken pasta for dinner.

We ate that and then Curtis hopped in the car and drove up to the hockey rink for his first game of the season!

We will update you on the game tomorrow, as it’s a fairly late one.

Kim did some job searching whilst Curtis was at hockey and she did a few other things around the apartment.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 171: Vancouver, BC – Ramen With A Friend

Chill Morning

We had a chill morning and had some cereal for breakfast.

Kim was going to go out for lunch with a friend, but they decided to have dinner together instead, so Kim didn’t have to rush!

Kim got ready to go out and got in the car to drive up to North Vancouver to pick up a board game.

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out.

Board Game Pickup, Shopping & Lunch!

The first thing Kim did was head out to get the game Taboo from someone selling it on Facebook.

After this she headed to Burnaby to meet a friend for dinner and do a little shopping.

They started by wondering around some shops, then went for a lovely Ramen.

Kim went for chicken ramen and her friend went for creamy vegan! They loved them.

After dinner they spent time walking around the shopping centre and having a great catch up.

We continued to watch the show Sex Education in the evening after Kim got back and we had some snacks and relaxed.

We booked a hotel somewhere for a couple of nights, too! Kim booked the wrong dates but luckily she was able to change it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale