Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 312: Vancouver, BC – Constant Issues & More Office Organisation

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very irritating day today.

He had the zoom webinar and then after that he spent most of the morning doing computer checkups. Most of this should be able to be done without even contacting the users, but for some reason Curtis’ laptop was being a pain, so it meant he had to contact each user and either get them to do some things or have a Zoom call with them and do it for them.

After lunch, Curtis had a couple of tickets to do and then had a long Zoom call with someone to try and get an issue fixed, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to get anywhere with it, other than ruling out possible fixes, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Kim’s Day

Kim took the mid week catch up call from home and today it was just her and one other person, but someone she had not met before! So it was great to meet them and say hello.

Once she was in the office Kim started on peeling the signs off the bin doors and removing all the loose tape too. She then organised the new bins and put the signs above them.

Kim had a call from a vendor who she is waiting on a response from to tell her that they haven’t done anything but are going to. Which seemed like a total waste of time, especially given that they had been calling multiple times a day just to give that message.

In the early afternoon Kim had a jackbox game planned, but only one person joined so they had a quick chat. For the afternoon Kim continued to reorganise the office. She emptied more drawers, removed some tables and tagged desks that IT need to look at tomorrow. It was a long but good and successful day.

Towards the end of the afternoon Kim wrote up a to do list for herself and IT for tomorrow.

A Relaxing Bath

Once Kim got home, Kim decided to head to the pharmacy down the road to get some drain unblocker for our bath as it has been getting more and more blocked.

Once she got that and came back, she had a nice long relaxing bath which was just what she needed.

We then made a veggie stir fry for dinner, but we ended up not having enough noodles for 2 people, so we had sweet & sour chicken with rice and vegetables and Curtis will have the stir fry for lunch tomorrow.

We watched some TV and then went to bed. Nice, simple & relaxing evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 160: Vancouver, BC – One Thing All Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis just did the same thing for pretty much all of the day!

He had to do an onboard, so he had to create a couple of accounts, setup a lot of other things and then setup the laptop, which he had to do remotely again as it was in the USA.

He had a lot of trouble with the laptop as he couldn’t access it!

It took about 5.5 hours in total to get all of the accounts created and then just to get access to the laptop!

Once Curtis did that, it was home time, so he packed up and met Kim.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on emails and other small things before her weekly catch up with her colleague. They spoke about projects and other things that need to get sorted over the next week or so.

Kim then placed the snack order for the Toronto office and then cancelled a reserved food order for the Vancouver office. She also ordered the pizza for the social talks for this Friday.

Most of Kims afternoon was spent talking with vendors. She sent out a few internal emails too.

Kim spent the last while going through her receipts and saving those to reconcile them over the next couple of days.

All The Training Again

Kim had 3 hours of training, so she went out and did that around 18:00. She did 3 really different classes, so it was great for her to try different things and she nailed a move in one of the classes perfectly!

Curtis played some games, had leftovers for dinner and just relaxed.

Kim got back home, showered, had some food, we watched some TV and that was that!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale