Place 72 – Day 155: Vancouver, BC – What Is That In My Potato?!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent most of the morning doing an onboard for someone. Interestingly, they were a remote person that needs a laptop and a phone for their home.

Curtis was unsure on the process for setting up a phone for use at someone’s house, so he had to find that out.

As well as this, Curtis had to get the laptop sorted. The original plan was to get one from one of the US offices, but that plan didn’t work and Curtis didn’t have any at his office, so he had to get someone to set one up at there office and then he had to get a phone sent from yet another office.

After that, Curtis had his team meeting which was productive. Then it was lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis spent the afternoon doing a mini project which ended up taking the whole afternoon!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of her day doing one of 2 things, sending things via FedEx or organising travel.

Kim spent most of her morning trying to organise some group travel by reaching our to hotels and contacting the travel agent to get quotes on flights. She also arranged 2 FedEx parcels in the morning and sorted the weekly fruit.

The afternoon was much of the same, she reached out to other hotels, organised 2 more parcels. She then had to call FedEx, which is one of Kim’s least favourite things to do, as one delivery just simply never registered so she had to do it all again.
Kim also spent some time in the afternoon going through her voicemails.

She did end her day on a high and started drafting the final invites for the holiday parties.

What’s That?!

We got home and Curtis watched the remainder of the leafs game.

We made baked potatoes for dinner.

This was going well until we cut one open and there was something odd inside! It seemed like maybe a slug or something, so we didn’t eat that one and instead shared a potato.

We ate our food and watched a couple of videos and then headed to Curtis’ hockey game.

Curtis’ game went really well! They won 6-3 and Curtis finally got a point (1 assist). A very fun game!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 90: Vancouver, BC – Pride Pot Luck

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was completely non-stop and he was able to do something all the time, which was great for him.

At lunch time, there was an office pot luck to support pride!

There was a crazy amount of food and noone went hungry, that’s for sure!

It was a nice time for Curtis to mingle and chat with his colleagues but he had a lot to do so he had to go back to his deal and sort it out.

Curtis received a package of Apple Mac laptops which he started to configure, but then the CEO had issues with his laptop so he spent the last hour of his day fixing that.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim organised some invoices and sent some emails before heading down to one of the hotels to have a little coffee catch up.

The ‘little’ coffee catch up ended up a bit of a longer chat than little, but it was great to talk over some things and get a better understanding of the hotel.

When she got back to the office Kim helped set up the lunch and learn. This meant organising the kitchen to have a seating and presenting area. There was a little 45 minute break in the set up so Kim was at her desk catching up on a few smaller things that needed to be orgnaised. Then it was back to setting up chairs and then when the pizza arrived, laying that out in a way that made it easy to have it picked up and people sat down quickly.

The lunch and learn today was about inclusivity and diversity, specifically for the LBGTQ2S+ community. It means so much to Kim to live in a city that is so inclusive and does feel so accepting and safe for all. It is even more amazing to work for a company that promotes a safe environment and provides education in the workplace. About a year ago there was another talk that went over pronouns and the spectrums of gender identity and gender expression. The talk this year focused more on key moments in Canadian / North American history that have carved the community into what it is now. It was such a great talk that had such a wonderful turnout.

At the end, Kim flipped the kitchen back to its original state and cleared away all the empty pizza boxes.

In the afternoon Kim had orgnaised some time with her colleague in IT to discuss their project that had taken a back seat for the past few weeks. It was great to bring it back to the front and get the ball rolling again!

After the meeting Kim organised some notes for the following day, made a call to FedEx and then headed home!

Admin & Games

We didn’t do a huge amount in the evening, but Curtis played some games and Kim had to run up to the supermarket as well as got some admin done.

We watched the last two episodes (ever!) of Jane The Virgin and then went to sleep. Tomorrow is Friday!

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 88: Vancouver, BC – Driving License & Lebanese Food

Driving License

We were up an hour early today to go and get our BC driving license.

We walked all the way down to the city, fairly close to Kim’s work, to get there for 08:00, when it opened.

This took a total of 45 minutes from first queuing to walking out the door, but was pretty painless.

We had to surrender our UK driving license to receive or BC ones. We also had to pay a $31 fee as well as answer a few questions and get a brief eye test.

We left and got to work perfectly on time to start at the normal time!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very slow day again, but did get a few things done as well as made a bit of progress on some projects.

Curtis spent some of the end of the day helping someone with Dropbox and figuring out the silly permissions on that.

Right at the end of the day, Curtis was getting some security things done which were actually quite interesting. He then helped someone put up some bunting and then it was 17:00!

Kim’s Day

After getting the license sorted Kim headed to work and started her day early, which is great because she thought she would be late.

She started her day going through emails and continuing playing catch up from last week.

Kim also took the binders and books for the first aid course for the next 2 people taking it. She then went through it and put sticky notes for the relevant information that is needed before the course starts.

The week before she went on the course Kim arranged a viewing and lunch at the aparthotel that the company sometimes uses. She went over there to meet the sales rep and saw one of each of the apartments and they were lovely!

After seeing them Kim and the sales rep went out for a nice lunch at a pub / steakhouse across the road called the keg and it was lovely!

Shortly after Kim got back the gentleman who fills up the vending machine and drinks fridge came in so they had a nice chat about what they had gotten up to over the week that Kim was training. Then they talked about some of the changes that might be good for the drinks machine!

Kim spent the afternoon updating the finances again, making sure everything was scanned on and saved in the right places.

During the afternoon Kim also sorted out a FedEx to go to one of our remote workers in the States. It was a process but Kim had it all set up and ready to go. Then 10 minutes before the window for the pickup was going to close and 5 minutes after Kim was planning on leaving the delivery was still there. Kim called FedEx to ask when the pickup was happening and it seemed that the pickup request hadn’t gone through. This meant that Kim then had to do the whole process again and that the next pickup wouldn’t be until in the morning. It was very frustrating but had to be done, so Kim stuck around and got it all sorted in time for a pickup in the morning.

As Kim was now 30 minutes late to meeting everyone for dinner Kim decided to take the bus as that was a 10 minute journey rather than a 20 minute walk! She eventually made it to the restaurant!

Lebanese Food

We wanted to go for dinner with a couple that work at Curtis’ work as they remind us of ourselves!

They had recommended a Labanese restaurant, which is a new cuisine for us, so we went there.

We had delicious food, but didn’t get any photos of it as it was too dark and we were hungry! Kim had lamb and Curtis had some nice spiced chicken.

Nuba | Vancouver, BC

Rating:- 7/10

Kim had a dessert which was coconut rice pudding, but it wasn’t too nice.

We had a long chat with the other couple, who are also English, about all kinds of things and it was a great long evening!

We walked back home and once we got back we just watched some TV and had an early night, as we were up earlier this morning.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 45: Vancouver, BC – Successful Project & Exciting Week!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis arrived at work and had a message from a colleague saying the CEO was having some IT problems, so Curtis said he would deal with it when the CEO arrives at the office.

The morning was busy for Curtis and he didn’t stop until around 12:15!

He fixed the CEO’s issues as well as completed an offboard and he allowed install of the new version of Windows 10.

Curtis had lunch and then just after, a new espresso machine was installed so Curtis had to try it out! The coffee was alright but could have been better.

Curtis got invited to something very exclusive and incredible…He is very excited and that is on Thursday evening, so stay tuned for that!

Curtis wasn’t as busy in the afternoon but did write a guide. Once that was done, it was time to head home.

Kim’s Day

Kim got into work a little early and started right away. She was anticipating coming into a few emails in regards to the project that went ahead over the weekend, but there was nothing! It was a huge relief, the project was successful and now Kim can move on to the next phase, which is great news.

Kim started her day by catching up on emails and the normal Monday stuff. Kim then had a new hire building tour to go through. It was fresh in Kim’s mind as she only experienced it herself just 2 weeks ago! A colleague came along and pointed out things Kim missed, but it went very well overall.

Kim was then tasked with booking multiple lunches and a dinner for some meetings next month.

Then, Kim spent some time tinkering away with the project. Then the weekly fruit order came in so Kim packed it away and then went back to general reception duties.

At lunch Kim went up to the roof and caught some sun. It was so nice to get in the fresh air in the middle of the day.

When she got back to her desk, Kim spent more time between the project, answering calls and other small admin tasks.

Towards the end of the day, Kim was asked to FedEx something out. This came at a great time as she was able to have her colleague help her before she leaves at the end of the week. Kim did the online booking and then they went to drop off the package.

When she got back, Kim only had 15 minutes so continued with some admin tasks and making notes of things to pick up tomorrow.

Today was a slower day, so a bit of a gear change from the past weeks, but its the first full and relatively normal week, so its to be expected.

Evening Walk

We actually both left work and met each other on the way home.

We walked home together and when we got home we setup our new toaster and kettle!

Kim went for a short walk to get outside for a bit and then when she got back we had an amazing chicken ceasar salad for dinner.

After dinner we watched some YouTube videos and then an episode of Black Mirror and one of Lucifer.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale