Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 955: Vancouver, BC – Fancy HR Work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went right to the office once he was ready as he needed to setup and send out some IT equipment for a new starter.

Curtis got that all setup and ready to go pretty quickly, so he headed home and stopped off to get us both coffee!

Once he got home, Curtis found out about a new project to get done, which is nice, and then he did some admin and tickets up until lunch.

After lunch, Curtis got started with the project, but it was mostly research. He also had some tickets to get done so he did those as well as some other admin.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim placed an order for some items that are needed and then she joined a meeting to discuss the structure of interviews. Everyone took a small break before the interview to find out it had been rescheduled! Instead of the interview Kim and her teammate had a meeting with another hiring manager to update and finalise a couple of job descriptions before they went live.

Kim then took some time to fix an IT issue, which was a huge win, before having a check in with a new employee to see how things are going. She then joined the finance meeting to give a quick update and iron a few things out.

In the early afternoon Kim cancelled a recruitment meeting as there was no new information to bring to everyone. Instead, Kim had a call with her teammate to check in and see how they are doing and make sure they have everything set up that they need for the next couple of months. She then had a quick call with her manager to sort out a few things.

In the middle of the afternoon Kim had a donut date with a wonderful colleague where they just caught up and hung out, it was so lovely! She finished the afternoon by sorting out some admin and then joining a meeting to discuss a vendor.

In the evening Kim joined a meeting to discuss some questions about contracts and HR paperwork in general. It was a super interesting and productive way to end the day.

Kim went to pole in the evening and stayed for an extra session after as she was really enjoying it! She didn’t feel that she was doing that well, but she was having fun, which is the main thing!


Kim got back from pole and we had some mushroom pasta and chilled out for the evening. We went to bed earlylier than normal yesterday, so we made up for it by staying up a little bit later tonight.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 864: Vancouver, BC – Sofa Is Built & Registered For Vaccine!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went to the office in the morning and had to setup 2 laptops, as well as find equipment to send out to the new hires.

The office is running low on equipment before they get an order, so finding some items was a bit of a challenge.

Curtis finished that up at about 12:00 and then did some tickets whilst he waited for someone to arrive to collect a monitor.

Once that person was gone, Curtis had a meeting with a colleague to discuss a process and then once he was done with that meeting, he walked home and had some lunch.

After lunch, he had to generate some reports for someone and had some tickets to deal with which took him nicely to the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a day full of back to back meetings and interviews! In the morning Kim had her team meeting to go over the plan for the week. She went from this into an interview, then straight into the weekly meeting and then into a second interview. She then had a meeting with the hiring managers to discuss the interviews. It was a really productive and interesting morning!

To start the afternoon Kim had a meeting about planning and next steps for a project. It was so interesting and it turns out Kim was approaching it all the wrong way, she learnt so much!

For a good chunk of the afternoon Kim worked with her teammate on setting up interviews and sending out paperwork. She then had a chat with another teammate before heading out to the new apartment to continue building the sofa. She also had a great chat with a friend while she did the final bits to the sofa.

Sofa Is Built & Registered For Vaccine!

Before work this morning, we registered for our notification to get a vaccine! We don’t get a vaccine for a while, but a new registration site went live so you can get instructions and a code for when you can get a vaccine.

This makes it feel just that little bit closer!

After work, Kim went over to the apartment to complete the sofa as the items we were missing arrived in the mail and we now have a constructed sofa, which is great.

Kim chatted with a friend after that and then headed back to our current apartment so we could have some dinner.

We ate delicious lemon chicken!

We got notice that there will be a viewing tomorrow, which is the first one with the new owners. We’ve been enjoying not having any, and our final week is the worst possible time, but what can we do. That’ll be happening tomorrow evening but maybe we get out for an evening walk.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 858: Vancouver, BC – Busy Wednesday Workday

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went to the office once ready in the morning and had to setup a laptop, as well as get some other equipment boxed up for the new hire.

It took a couple of hours to get that done, but he also had a 1 on 1 with his manager during that time.

At 13:30, the new hire collected their equipment and Curtis headed home.

Curtis was very hungry, so he and Kim had lunch once he got home.

After lunch, it was a pretty busy afternoon, mostly with tickets, but it was good to keep busy.

Curtis then watched hockey after work.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day, lots of little meetings! To start she got some admin done by sending out another survey for people. She then had an impromptu meeting to help a colleague send paperwork. Kim then attended the first of two interviews for the day and then joined a meeting about recruitment.

At midday Kim joined a weekly team meeting and then went into the second interview. Straight after the interview everyone jumped on a call to discuss the candidates and next steps.

In the middle of the afternoon Kim had a little time to get things done so she went through some of her emails and was able to complete a few action items. She then had a weekly catch up with a teammate, which was lovely as per usual. Then they both joined a weekly marketing meeting which was so interesting and fun!

For the rest of the day Kim managed to go through more of her emails and send off some HR paperwork too! Then Kim had a great call with her friend from her old job. It’s been so nice keeping in more regular contact!


We had chilli for dinner and watched some TV. It was a busy day for both of us, so nice to relax.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 580: Vancouver, BC – Fixing A Toilet

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went right to the office when he was ready so he could get a laptop setup and equipment sent out.

It took very little time to get the equipment together as the person didn’t want too much, but it did take time to get the laptop setup, but was able to do that and get home for around 12:15.

Once he was home, he was being asked some questions about how to do something so he had to take a look at how to do that and then it was lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis had some more tickets to do as well as an offboard which ended up taking a while.

During this time, we had a plumber come and replace a seal on the toilet. The new owner of the apartment found out that others in the building are having an issue with the toilet seals, so they thought it would be best to get it replaced.

Once that was done, Curtis finished up the offboard and was done for the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today! She started with a HR heavy morning with an interview, meeting about recruitment and onboarding a new starter. She then presented at the weekly meeting too.

The busy morning continued with a project meeting and then a surprise meeting with another colleague after where they went over a few things they have been working on.

In the afternoon Kim had many more meeting from a catch up with a teammate, a call with IT and a call with a couple of the executive team to discuss some projects. To finish the day Kim worked on contracts, job descriptions and reviewing candidates.


We sat and ate some chicken pasta fairly late into the evening and we watched ourselves some more Drive To Survive. We’re close to finishing the most recent season which is a shame!

We watched some other TV and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 555: Vancouver, BC – Recruitment

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:30 with his team and then had quite a few small tasks to do up until his one on one with his manager.

After having his 1:1, he had another long team meeting followed by lunch.

Post lunch, Curtis walked down to the office to get someone’s items from them as they were leaving the company. He had a nice chat with them.

Curtis left shortly after that and had to wait a while for the elevator as the building was done to just 1!

He got back home, did a little work and then wrapped up for the day.

Kim’s Day

Most of Kim’s day was related to recruitment! There were lots of interesting meetings, things to sort and figure out. It was a challenging, educational and interesting day, Kim really enjoyed it and enjoyed having the option to learn!

To start her day Kim had a chat with a friend to discuss a local vendor and see if they would be a good fit for Kim to use at her company. It was also really nice to have a little chat and say hello!

She then focused on doing the final set up of a laptop and arranging a pickup time. She then a few recruitment meetings towards the middle of the day and Kim went over some job descriptions with a couple of department leaders.

In the afternoon Kim had more recruitment meetings and she organised a few things for the event coming up. She also took some time to organise some training for a new starter joining on Monday.


Kim worked on making a spreadsheet for all the apartments we are looking at or interested in. This will help us keep track and note down the pros and cons of them.

We ordered some Korean chicken and ate that whilst relaxing for the evening.

We have some viewings to go to tomorrow and Curtis had a haircut, too.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 544: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery & New Ski Pants!

The snow had all but gone this morning, which was fast but we were pretty okay with that.

We got up and had some crepes for breakfast.

Once we finished breakfast, Curtis got ready and planned to deliver the equipment for the new hire that he collected from the office yesterday.

Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t available, so we got ready to go for a walk instead.

Kim got her work permit submitted this morning, which is an excellent step forward !

We walked to get a coffee anf then had a short walk around the seawall. The wind was very cold on our ears, for some reason we didn’t expect that!

We got back home and had to wait a while for the elevators. Curtis then walked to the person’s apartment building to drop off the equipment. Unfortunately, they were not home, so he took it home and they said they would pickup instead.

Curtis watched hockey while he waited for them to confirm they were arriving and then once they did, Kim was already going out so she met them downstairs to hand deliver them the equipment.

Once she did that, Kim then went to a thrift store and found a great pair of ski pants as she used hers the other day and they seemed a little too tight.

She got these for just $15 which seemed cheap, but they’re a really good brand!

She checked a few other stores for gloves but had no luck, so she came back home.

Kim then took some stuff down to the storage and brought up some stuff from there, too.

Once she got back, she got some housework done and then made dinner.

Curtis finished watching hockey and then also got some further housework done.

We ate our delicious veggie bolognese and watched some TV for the rest of the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 543: Vancouver, BC – Snowy Walk & Lugging Stuff Around

We woke up a little later than we planned, but it was really nice to sleep!

There was a little bit more snowfall overnight, but not much, but it was still snowing when we woke up!

We had a pain au chocolat each for breakfast and then got ourselves ready for the day.

We went out in the snow for a bit of a walk.

The snow was quite heavy when we left, so we were getting pretty soaked, but it was nice to get some air.

We grabbed a coffee and went for a short walk. We walked to Curtis’ work as he had to pickup a package that was meant to get shipped on Friday, but due to an error, it was not!

We grabbed that so Curtis could take it home and drop it off to the new hire, who luckily lives right opposite us.

It wasn’t the easiest box to lug home as it was fairly heavy and an awkward size, but we did it!

Once elevator is down in our building, so we had to wait a while to get back up the apartment.

Right when we got up, Kim made a terrific chicken and mushroom risotto.

We ate our dinner and watched the film Wine Country which was easy to watch and pretty funny.

We then chilled out for the rest of the evening and we even played some card games! We played Dobble and Exploding Kittens which Kim’s dad sent.

Kim got her work permit paperwork done this morning, but the website to upload it was down so she was unable to do so! Hopefully she can do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day off, so sleeping is on the cards!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 410: Vancouver, BC – Preparing For Hockey

We woke up a little later than yesterday with the plan of doing very little today, which we achieved.

We had some easy breakfast and watched a bit of TV, then we got ourselves showered and ready for the day.

We did a lot of laundry, took out the recycling and Curtis brought up his hockey stuff as his first game is on Wednesday!

We went out to take the recycling down and then we went out to the shop.

We did our shop and we were incredibly hungry after, so we chucked a baked potato on for each of us to have and that took an hour to cook.

Whilst that was cooking, Kim marinaded some chicken in homemade curry, so we can have that tomorrow as a nice curry!

Curtis retaped his hockey stick for the first time in a very long time and he also sorted out his hockey bag and got that all ready to go.

Kim made some cookies too, right before dinner was ready.

We ate our dinner and watched some TV for the evening as well as played some games together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 381: Vancouver, BC – Doing Network Stuff & Taco Tuesday!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting right at 09:00 and that lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes which was longer than anticipated.

Curtis got ready to leave the apartment after this as he had to do the thing he planned to do yesterday.

He and a colleague got to the office and began moving the equipment they needed to move.

Wearing masks, Curtis had his colleague had to move a large, heavy piece of equipment to another big container.

This had to be done carefully which was fairly easy but took some time. There were many screws that needed to be taken out as well as multiple things to be turned off in certain orders etc.

Curtis and his colleague were very happy to get it done and it went really well, which was the best part.

After that, Curtis went to meet Kim for lunch!

We went to Tacofino and got a couple of tacos each which were, as always, terrific!

We ate these and then Kim went back to work whilst Curtis headed home.

Curtis caught up with a lot from the rest of the day and did some tickets but the rest of the day went very fast!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with voicemails, and that kept getting interrupted by real time calls! To get up and about she then put all the kitchen stuff she has hoarded in the meeting room into some of the kitchen cupboards, so that frees up a lot of room.

For the last part of the morning Kim went over the list of people with access cards and updated the building with all the names of people who are no longer with the company.

After lunch Kim continued cleaning up the office. She removed a load of bankers boxes from the mass shredding and put them at a colleagues desk as she may need them. She moved a few of the empty drawers around and then put the group meeting space back together.

Kim then had a catchup with her colleague before she left to head home. At the end she went over her dream plan for the office set up and it went well, so Kim will pull some information together and see if it would work.


In the evening, Kim stopped on the way home so she could get some white wine to make dinner with.

Kim got home and made a terrific chicken and mushroom risotto which we ate whilst watching some YouTube videos.

We watched some more TV and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale