Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 856: Vancouver, BC – We Have The Keys!

Curtis’ Morning

Curtis had a 09:00 IT orientation with someone which went well, and then he got some work done before he had a team meeting for 1 hour.

New Apartment!

After the meeting, we both went to get the keys to the new apartment! We also did an inspection and asked a few questions etc to our new landlord.

We now have the keys and could start moving a few things there, if we like, which is exciting!

We got back home and had some lunch and then got back on with working.

Curtis’ Afternoon

Curtis had another team meeting about projects and then he got some accounts setup for a new user.

Once that was done, it was the end of the busy work day!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a lovely slower morning where she was able to prepare for the week. She then had her weekly team meeting where they planned their projects for the next few weeks.

Once she got back from picking up the keys to the new apartment and had lunch Kim did a little admin before joining an call about rolling out a project Kim had been working on for the past few months. The call was with a vendor and went over how it will be implemented. It was great!

She then worked on booking interviews and updating job descriptions.


Curtis watched hockey and Kim finished up some work and then we had sausages and mash for dinner!

We ate and watched some TV as well as discussed which things we might start taking over to the new apartment.

We went back to the new apartment after dinner to take over the desk we bought. It was so nice and quiet and the elevators were no issue at all, unlike our current place.

We then went to the liquor store and bought some prosecco and a few other bits as it’s our 10 year anniversary tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 584: Vancouver, BC – An Office Chair

We woke up and had some pancakes for breakfast after a really nice sleep.

We watched the first Formula 1 qualifying of the season and then got ourselves ready for the day.

We went out for a short walk and to grab a coffee. The weather wasn’t great but it was good to get out for a walk.

We got back and Curtis watched hockey, whilst Kim went out to buy an office chair for our new apartment!

She got back and tested it out and it seems perfect. She can use that for the next two weeks, too, which is great.

Curtis had leftovers for dinner and Kim had nothing left for yesterday so she just had some food we found in the freezer. Nice easy Saturday night dinner.

We played some games and watched TV for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 560: Vancouver, BC – Apartment Admin & Moving The Car

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had short team meeting at 09:30 but then after that it was full steam ahead!

There were a lot of tickets and questions in the morning, so Curtis had to deal with those and some were a little more work so took some more time.

He was meant to have a project meeting at 11:00 but that had to get rescheduled so he had some more time to get some tickets done.

After lunch, it was a little quieter but a good amount of time for Curtis to finish up some things.

He also had a call from an internet provider which he got installation booked in for the new apartment, as well as booking the elevators at each end of the move in/out.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning on catching up with some of the smaller tasks she needs to get done. At midday she joined a team meeting to go over all the projects and give updates.

She then hosted the social call before joining a teammate for training on a few of the processes. They both then went to another team meeting to go over how some processes will work with a new team members and redefine some of the points. It was a great meeting and some great decisions were made.


Kim went out to drop off the car at a colleagues apartment for the night as our parking garage is being cleaned tomorrow and everyone was told to move their car!

Once she did that, she walked back home and finished off some work whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After hockey was done, Kim made coconut, lime and ginger chicken with coconut rice.

We watched TV, played games and relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 558: Vancouver, BC – Offered An Apartment!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis didn’t have many meetings today, which was good as he had quite a bit to do!

He did have a team meeting at 10:30 but then the remainder of the day was mostly free to get tickets done.

At 15:00, Curtis had a meeting with an external company and some colleagues to discuss some integrations and that was very successful.

At the end of the day, as well as some tickets, Curtis had to review an invoice and see how some money can be saved.

Kim’s Day

Today there were two new starters and one is in Kim’s team, which is exciting! To start the day Kim had a quick catch up with her colleague to go over tasks for the week and chat about on going projects.

Kim then hosted the onboarding for the two new starters. It went well and they finished early, which was good! The team Kim is on then met for an informal chat to welcome the new starter. It was really lovely to make some time to hang out on the first day!

To end the morning Kim joined the HR meeting to go over the projects going on for that side of the team. So much happened towards the end of last week so there was a lot to update people on.

In the afternoon Kim was in various team meetings with the new starter to ensure that they have everything they need and give them some direction on things that need to be done. It was a busy and good day.


We found out today that we got offered the apartment we really like, who is exciting, and we think we’ll take it but we want to go and have another look tomorrow just to make sure.

We went out for a nice walk after work just to get out.

We got back and made the last Hello Fresh meal, which was chicken with lemon pesto and couscous. It was actually very delicious!

Curtis then watched hockey once we ate and we the chilled out together once that was finished.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 556: Vancouver, BC – A Great Apartment

We woke up, got showered and went right out to view an apartment. This apartment is just down the street from us and we had high hopes about it.

The apartment was almost perfect for us. We really liked it, so much so that we applied for it!

We left here and went to get ourselves some breakfast and then came back home. We got croissants and coffee which was the perfect pick me up.

We then had a chat with Kim’s family as it is her Dad’s birthday and she then played some games with her family whilst Curtis went to get his haircut.

Curtis finished his haircut and then walked right to meet Kim and go for another apartment viewing. This apartment was the one Kim went to view during the week so she went to have a second look and Curtis got his first look.

We actually didn’t like the apartment really at all on the second look, which was a shame.

We walked back home and Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim relaxed.

We then had leftovers from last night and watched some TV and a film.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale