Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 910: Vancouver, BC – Great Britain Hockey & Renewed Driving Licenses

Curtis was up at 05:45 to watch Great Britain play the first game of the world championships against Russia.

The game went about as you would expect, with GB losing 7-1, but they actually played really well.

Curtis went back to bed after hockey and then got another hour or so of sleep in before we got up.

Curtis had a homemade breakfast sandwich for breakfast and Kim had French toast.

We got ourselves ready and walked down to the driving license office to renew our licenses and health cards.

We got there early and were able to get it done, and it was nice and fast! We do need to call about our health cards, apparently, but that’s not a big deal!

Once we got that done, we got doughnuts and coffee and went for a little walk.

When we got home, we watched the F1 qualifying and then Curtis watched the next Leafs playoff game whilst Kim did some work she needed to get done.

After both of us were done, we had some leftovers for dinner and then used the rest of the evening to just relax.

Curtis is staying awake to watch Great Britain’s second game tonight, which starts at 02:15! Late one for him!

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Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 901: Vancouver, BC – FINALLY Got The Permit

Curtis’ Day

Well, Curtis’ day isn’t very interesting in writing, but he actually had a good day and learned a lot!

Today was day 1 of Curtis’ workshop with Microsoft to learn about everything Microsoft Teams!

The full day of learning was intensive but actually very rewarding and it helped Curtis and his team figure out about how they will move forward with a project, so certainly worth it.

Curtis finished his day with a few catch ups with his team about this and then checked in on some tickets and other things, then he was done.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim had a one month check in for a new employee. They then all had a quick meeting with with another department to answer a couple of questions.

Kim then joined and interview and went straight from that into another new starter check in before joining a weekly recruitment meeting. After those meetings Kim joined a call to review a software to make sure it is sustainable for the company and will be able to support in all the ways that the team needs.

While she made and ate her lunch Kim joined another departments meeting to observe a system they are setting up so she can implement it in her team. It was really interesting and Kim learnt a lot and had a great time talking with the team. She then joined another meeting and had a bunch of quick check ins and chats with a few people during the time if a cancelled meeting. One was to get updates on projects that are ongoing and another two were just general check ins and updates from Kim .

To finish the day Kim had a chat with a hiring team to discuss all of the candidates that had recently been met with to review and make plans for the next steps.

Finally Got The Permit!

Kim’s work permit finally arrived in the mail today! She had a permit, technically, but wouldn’t be able to prove it as she didn’t have the physical permit. Kim now has this (after having to chase!) and is now good to go. We can also renew our driving licenses!

We had homemade fried lemon chicken with rice for dinner and then went out for a nice late evening walk.

We got back and watched some TV before heading to bed.

We found out we can book our first vaccine tomorrow, which is excellent!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 88: Vancouver, BC – Driving License & Lebanese Food

Driving License

We were up an hour early today to go and get our BC driving license.

We walked all the way down to the city, fairly close to Kim’s work, to get there for 08:00, when it opened.

This took a total of 45 minutes from first queuing to walking out the door, but was pretty painless.

We had to surrender our UK driving license to receive or BC ones. We also had to pay a $31 fee as well as answer a few questions and get a brief eye test.

We left and got to work perfectly on time to start at the normal time!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very slow day again, but did get a few things done as well as made a bit of progress on some projects.

Curtis spent some of the end of the day helping someone with Dropbox and figuring out the silly permissions on that.

Right at the end of the day, Curtis was getting some security things done which were actually quite interesting. He then helped someone put up some bunting and then it was 17:00!

Kim’s Day

After getting the license sorted Kim headed to work and started her day early, which is great because she thought she would be late.

She started her day going through emails and continuing playing catch up from last week.

Kim also took the binders and books for the first aid course for the next 2 people taking it. She then went through it and put sticky notes for the relevant information that is needed before the course starts.

The week before she went on the course Kim arranged a viewing and lunch at the aparthotel that the company sometimes uses. She went over there to meet the sales rep and saw one of each of the apartments and they were lovely!

After seeing them Kim and the sales rep went out for a nice lunch at a pub / steakhouse across the road called the keg and it was lovely!

Shortly after Kim got back the gentleman who fills up the vending machine and drinks fridge came in so they had a nice chat about what they had gotten up to over the week that Kim was training. Then they talked about some of the changes that might be good for the drinks machine!

Kim spent the afternoon updating the finances again, making sure everything was scanned on and saved in the right places.

During the afternoon Kim also sorted out a FedEx to go to one of our remote workers in the States. It was a process but Kim had it all set up and ready to go. Then 10 minutes before the window for the pickup was going to close and 5 minutes after Kim was planning on leaving the delivery was still there. Kim called FedEx to ask when the pickup was happening and it seemed that the pickup request hadn’t gone through. This meant that Kim then had to do the whole process again and that the next pickup wouldn’t be until in the morning. It was very frustrating but had to be done, so Kim stuck around and got it all sorted in time for a pickup in the morning.

As Kim was now 30 minutes late to meeting everyone for dinner Kim decided to take the bus as that was a 10 minute journey rather than a 20 minute walk! She eventually made it to the restaurant!

Lebanese Food

We wanted to go for dinner with a couple that work at Curtis’ work as they remind us of ourselves!

They had recommended a Labanese restaurant, which is a new cuisine for us, so we went there.

We had delicious food, but didn’t get any photos of it as it was too dark and we were hungry! Kim had lamb and Curtis had some nice spiced chicken.

Nuba | Vancouver, BC

Rating:- 7/10

Kim had a dessert which was coconut rice pudding, but it wasn’t too nice.

We had a long chat with the other couple, who are also English, about all kinds of things and it was a great long evening!

We walked back home and once we got back we just watched some TV and had an early night, as we were up earlier this morning.

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