Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 964: Vancouver, BC – Working Out Again

Curtis’ Day

Curtis continued the project he was working on yesterday at any spare moment today, but he did have some other things to do.

He had to do 2 contractor onboards, as well as some tickets. Curtis then had a couple of meetings throughout the day. One was a team meeting, the second a meeting with someone to discuss a potential project and some research Curtis had done and then the third was a one on one.

Curtis got more of the project done whilst he wasn’t in meetings and overall had a successful day.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with a three month check in to see how a new employee has been settling in. She then managed to have a quick call with her colleague before getting some admin done and then having a short surprise call with a manager. They both then joined the department updates meeting.

Kim went straight from the department updates meeting into the weekly recruitment meeting. Some great decisions were made and there are lots of great plans in process. That call overran but Kim had a spare fee minutes so jumped on the social call for a little while, guessed a charades round and left on a win!

After lunch Kim rushed back to get ready for an interview to realise that the interview was in 45 minutes rather than 15. So she used the time to chase the courier service for an update on the missing item.

Kim then joined the interview and it overran and she then joined a review call which took a while. There were some great conversations that spun off from the review and it was amazing!

In the evening Kim was able to get a fair few info pages up and running. She was so happy to get these things underway and set up for people to use!

Working Out!

Our gym in our building has opened now, and it must be booked by one household at a time. We could only book it for 10pm, but that was fine with us.

We had a small dinner before hand and then walked down to the gym to get some working out done, for the first time in a long, long time!

We felt pretty good after, but a little tired!

We relaxed for the remaining evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 863: Vancouver, BC – New Sofa & Built All The Things

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a chat with a new starter in the morning and then after that it was tickets, tickets, tickets!

In among those, he did manage to setup accounts for 2 new hires, ready to go to the office and get equipment setup for them.

The afternoon was also full of tickets and people messaging Curtis to ask for things. Some people from his team were off today, so it was certainly a busy day but a good one, for sure!

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day by dropping off the laptop at FedEx and then she went off to get some lunch from Tacofino.

Once she got her lunch, IKEA called saying they would be early, so she headed over to the new apartment and received the delivery of our new sofa!

Kim then spent a lot of the day building things, but also went to Homesense and bought a replacement ottoman for the one she bought yesterday as it was nicer.

She built both desks and most of the sofa, but has to wait for the cover to arrive tomorrow.

Kim finished up fairly late in the day and then went over to be outside her friend’s house to help train the dog to react better to strangers outside the house.

Kim then returned the ottoman she got yesterday and also found a bunch of items she has been looking for so that was successful!

Kim then drove back home and was home around 21:00, which was right before the hockey game was finishing.


Curtis watched hockey fairly late in the evening and once that was done, we had some chicken wraps and potato salad for dinner.

We watched some TV and we were relishing in the fact that a lot of stuff is done for the move now. Just got to pack up our small things here and dismantle the bed and then the movers’ll do the rest. Nice and easy.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 861: Vancouver, BC – No Sofa For Us


We woke up and had some cereal for breakfast and then got ourselves ready.

Kim went out to FedEx once she was ready to get a laptop shipped out, but it was closed so she was unable to do that.

Once she got back, we relaxed a little and then went out to the new apartment to wait for a delivery of a sofa we had spoken about with someone.


Once the sofa arrived, we noticed it was a different colour to the photos and there was some damage. We then decided we didn’t want it, so we gave it back and had to start the search again!

Games & Ordering A Sofa

We stopped at a shop on the way home and got some things for dinner and then played a bunch of games.

We then looked for more sofas online, but we couldn’t find anything we liked or anything for delivery, so we decided we would just buy one from IKEA. That should get delivered on Monday!

Chicken Burgers & Shopping

We had chicken burgers for dinner wit homemade potato salad and then we went to take out the recycling, as well as head to the shop for our weekly shop. This is our last one of those for this apartment!

We got back home and chilled out for the rest of our Saturday night. We have one thing to do tomorrow and then we think we are going to start packing things up.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 574: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery, We Can Stay & A Desk

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quite and slow day today.

He got some tickets done before his team meeting at 10:30 and then he got an uncommon request to move something to another location which took some research and was far more difficult than it should have been.

He got that done eventually and then post lunch was filled with tickets and some admin. He also setup the monitor he bought for Kim so she can use it whilst we’re at the old apartment.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of the day out and about! In the morning she worked on getting some HR stuff set up before she joined a meeting to help marketing.

When Kim arrived at the cocktail place she started labelling the cocktail boxes and sorting them out. That way when her teammate arrived they knew which cocktails were going in who’s car. Just before they left their other teammate came to pick up a couple of the kits too! Just before she left for the first delivery Kim received a notification in regards to her work permit, she has been given a work permit for the same amount of time as Curtis!

Kim then spent a lot of the day driving to a couple of colleagues homes to drop off cocktail kits. Everyone was masked and distanced so it was a really lovely and safe way to finally meet people!

While she was in the area Kim also grabbed a Popeyes for lunch!

Once she was done Kim got home and managed to get some actual work done.

First, she walked over one more kit to another teammate! For the rest of the afternoon Kim was able to get her head down and finish a few things, she first set up an interview, made a couple of calls and sent some more emails.


Kim found out today that she got her work permit and can also stay until 2023! So we both now can stay which is a huge relief.

We went to pickup a desk in the evening to use in our new place. Whilst we were on the way back, the person we bought it from said they forgot to give us a piece for the desk, so we had to go back again and get it!

We got that and came back home and then had some veggie chilli for dinner.

We ate our dinner and the did the usual TV watching for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 545: Vancouver, BC – Pancake Day!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was meant to have a call with someone at 09:30 but they had a conflict, so he just had a very brief chat with them instead.

At 10:30, Curtis had his Norwegian lesson which was great, and then he had back to back meetings.

The first was a project update meeting, with very little to do in that once, then the next meeting was a team catch-up meeting in which some good topics were discussed.

As it was the first day after a stat day, it was pretty busy on the support front, but it kept Curtis busy!

He was able to have a meeting with someone to get an issue sorted for them, and it seemed that he got it working, which was great as it was a long standing issue.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim sent a lot of emails to catch up from last week and get ready for the week coming. She then spent the rest of the morning in meetings! She gave an update in the weekly meeting, then she supported a project meeting and finally she joined a meeting to discuss new job openings.

In the afternoon Kim had a quick call with a vendor and then sent out a survey for a new event coming up in a month. Kim then popped out to drop off a laptop to someone and then popped by the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few things for dinners for the week.

Once she was home Kim worked on some contracts for new starters and got a few other things done too.


It’s Pancake Day today! Really, though, we just wanted to have pancakes, so why not use that as an excuse!

We had breakfast for dinner with pancakes, hash browns, sausage (for Curtis) beans and egg.

We ate that and had more pancakes for dessert with chocolate.

We watched some TV and relaxed from our busy days.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 544: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery & New Ski Pants!

The snow had all but gone this morning, which was fast but we were pretty okay with that.

We got up and had some crepes for breakfast.

Once we finished breakfast, Curtis got ready and planned to deliver the equipment for the new hire that he collected from the office yesterday.

Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t available, so we got ready to go for a walk instead.

Kim got her work permit submitted this morning, which is an excellent step forward !

We walked to get a coffee anf then had a short walk around the seawall. The wind was very cold on our ears, for some reason we didn’t expect that!

We got back home and had to wait a while for the elevators. Curtis then walked to the person’s apartment building to drop off the equipment. Unfortunately, they were not home, so he took it home and they said they would pickup instead.

Curtis watched hockey while he waited for them to confirm they were arriving and then once they did, Kim was already going out so she met them downstairs to hand deliver them the equipment.

Once she did that, Kim then went to a thrift store and found a great pair of ski pants as she used hers the other day and they seemed a little too tight.

She got these for just $15 which seemed cheap, but they’re a really good brand!

She checked a few other stores for gloves but had no luck, so she came back home.

Kim then took some stuff down to the storage and brought up some stuff from there, too.

Once she got back, she got some housework done and then made dinner.

Curtis finished watching hockey and then also got some further housework done.

We ate our delicious veggie bolognese and watched some TV for the rest of the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 525: Vancouver, BC – Kim’s New Phone!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team call in the morning, followed by some ticket work and then 2 calls back to back.

The first was a 1 on 1 with his manager, but he also used this to ask a few other questions as well.

After that, he had a follow up to the project meeting from yesterday and he managed to make a few changes to the document that was created.

After that, Curtis did some ticket work and then ate some lunch.

Once lunch was finished, Curtis had some project work to do, but before that, he went and picked up a package for Kim, which was her new phone! Exciting!

After he got back, he started on some project work and it turned out that what he wanted to do probably won’t work, though he needs to do some more testing.

When he stopped doing that, he had to create a lot of things for a request, which took the remainder of the day.

Kim’s Day

As Kim was getting ready for the day she received a message from her colleague to say they were dropping off the laptop, so she quickly went downstairs to take the laptop. Kim was also surprised with a coffee from her colleague, so that was really kind!

A little into the morning Kim joined a call with a potential new vendor which went well. Shortly after that call Kim had a chat with her doctors to discuss the shortness of breath and strange breathing that she has been experiencing. It was decided that Kim would go in for an in person check up tomorrow and maybe even have a folllow up COVID test. However, it’s likely that Kim doesn’t have COVID, but there is still a small chance that she could have received a false positive. There is also a chance that Kim could be experiencing the strange breathing due to anxiety. She feels totally fine in the day to day but it’s so important to check and make sure things are okay, be it COVID or mental health!

Shortly after the doctors call Kim had a team meeting. She gave an update on the strange breathing and it was a really nice conversation full of support. Kim really does enjoy working where she does, she is extremely lucky. They also had a chat about recruitment and some projects that are going on.

Kim and her colleague left that call to join the social call. It was so much fun!! Everyone just chatted and caught up. They also made plans to maybe play a few games online over the weekend, so that will be really nice!

In the afternoon Kim had a long call with her colleague so they could make plans for the upcoming projects and organise some of the team for the next few months. It was a great meeting and so much good stuff came from it.

To finish the day Kim set up a laptop and added a lot of information to a spreadsheet.


Once Kim was finished with work, we had some chili, as that’s all we had in the freezer, so we ate that!

We watched some TV and played some games, but mostly we setup Kim’s new phone and played around with that.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 523: Vancouver, BC – Negative!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a busy morning, with many people messaging him and asking for help.

Curtis had his usually weekly team meeting at 10:30 and after that he had some more tickets to attend to.

After lunch, Curtis had a call with someone to show them how to do something and then there were 35+ new tickets that arrived at once which Curtis dealt with these were user role change tickets, so it was just a bit of admin for the last 45 minutes of the day!

Kim’s Day

Just after her day started Kim had a call with her colleague to go over the projects that they both have going on. It was a really useful meeting where Kim was able to talk out a document she was writing and get a second viewing on it meant she was able to figure out the wording that she needed to make it better. She focused on the document after the call too.

At midday Kim joined a team meeting chat where they had a quick 15 minute catch up to go over some of the other ongoing projects over the next few weeks.

Shortly after the meeting Kim received a test to say that the test results came back negative, which was such a relief!

In the afternoon Kim worked on an info email to send out to everyone. Then she finished the day on a call working with her colleague on a few things. The call was mainly to collect the paperwork needed for the facilities project, but they also went over a few other things too.


Kim was meant to receive a package today but it had not arrived and the tracking was fairly useless, so she contacted support and that also wasn’t too much help!

During this, Kim made dumplings to go with our leftover stew and we then ate that whilst watching TV.

We had to reschedule the viewings planned for tonight and tomorrow as the testing centre for COVID suggested that Kim isolate still, if she has symptoms, even if she tests negative.

Therefore, it was just relax time!

On the plus side, Curtis got his final piece of paperwork he needs for PR and Kim just needs a couple!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 488: Vancouver, BC – Morning Call

Morning Call

We woke up early as we were expecting a phone call from the UK.

A company we both worked for needed to call us to confirm it was us requesting some information, so we did that phone call, which didn’t take long, and got started with the day.

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team meeting and some tickets to get done in the morning.

He also helped someone with a few issues they had.

After lunch, Curtis had some more tickets as well as some admin for some people starting the company in the new year.

After work, Curtis played a few games with some colleagues and then played some until Kim got home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim was in the office as she waa expecting a delivedy today. She spent a lot of her morning researching and comparing options for phones ahead of a meeting later in the day. She also updated notes for meetings for the week and familiarised herself with the information for the facilities project.

Around midday Kim joined a meeting with a couple of the executive team and the person supporting the facilities project where they discussed next steps and set up another in person meeting for tomorrow. There was a short break after this meeting before the final team meeting for the year. Kim asked a few questions and got approval for the phone plan that she had.

In the afternoon Kim updated the HR system with the time off feature and arranged meetings for tomorrow. She also spent a lot of time chasing a parcel that someone has sent to the office. Some other parcels arrived during the day, so she updated people to let them know that they had arrived. She also spent a lot of the afternoon ticking off smaller projects that had been pushed to one side.


We haven’t been to the shop yet, so we got some excellent pizza (as always) from Pizza Garden just up the road.

Kim picked Curtis up on her way home and then we ate some pizza!

We were tired from waking up early this morning, so we watched a bit of TV, played some games and headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 306: Vancouver, BC – New Laptop!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a quiet day, overall.

He was waiting for our new laptop to arrive and it was meant to arrive before 12:00, but he had no idea when it would arrive and if it was to arrive, they wouldn’t be able to buzz up as the intercom doesn’t work with our phones! This meant that Curtis had to keep looking outside and he eventually saw the FedEx truck at 11:30, so he ran downstairs to meet the delivery driver.

Curtis got the laptop, which is a Microsoft SurfaceBook 3 and had a play around with that and then did a bit more work, mostly tickets.

Just after that, Curtis had a meeting in which he gathered requirements as an IT Business Analyst around some pain points someone was having and what they wanted to achieve. Curtis took some notes here and setup another meeting with some people from his team to discuss next steps.

Curtis had some lunch and then a VERY quiet afternoon, just doing a handful of tickets and some admin.

At 16:00, there was an EA press conference which Curtis watched, and then he played some games.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had some company to help with stuff around the office. As the plan for the day was all about cleaning and getting IT equipment ready a couple of the people from the IT team came into help. They went about cleaning and collecting some of the equipment from around the office and just before midday Kim went and collected pizzas for everyone as a thank you for helping out.

Once the IT people left Kim started hosted a quick game. She set up some tome to play Drawful on Jackbox and it went quite well. It was just a small crowd of people but it was good fun!

After the game Kim continued working on the signage for the office. It involved remaking a few of the signs and drafting up a few more. She was also working on some potential changes to the phone system, so had a couple of calls with the support team for if and how the things Kim wanted to change would work.

Face Masks

We had a really tasty chicken breast each with lemon and mustard sauce, along with some potatoes, broccoli and corn on the cob.

After dinner, we watched some TV and then did some face masks! They actually burned our faces a little, which wasn’t great, so we got rid of them pretty quick. They did seem to make our faces smooth, though!

We had a homemade cookie each whilst watching a bit more TV and then we headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale