Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 999: Vancouver, BC – Getting Ourselves Ready!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a meeting at 09:00. This was with his team but also with another team. This meeting was an update on how the offices are coming along and remaining items for returning to the office.

He had a lot of admin to get done today, so he did that, and then it was mostly tickets for the rest of the day.

There was an office-wide meeting in the afternoon, just to discuss a few important things and also just have a bit of fun.

Kim’s Day

Kim started with an interview and then had a catch up after to chat about how it went. She then joined a 1-1 with a teammate to check in on them. Then Kim joined the weekly department meeting.

Towards the middle of the day Kim joined two calls about recruitment planning and what that might look like. She also joined a recruitment call to update the exec team about a couple of live roles.

Towards the end of the day Kim had a 1-1 and then joined another interview. She finished the day with a connect about two roles, it was a great way to end the day.


We went out to Canadian Tire to get Kim a trolly for work. It was nice to get outside!

We got some take out for dinner and once we ate that, we did some cleaning and some other house work in preparation for going away for 10 days!

We also had to pack, so we did that, and then we hung out and watched some TV.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 994: Vancouver, BC – A Friend’s Tattoo & Leafs Tickets Booked!

We woke up and got ourselves some croissants and got showered after that.

We did a bit of tidying/cleaning and then Kim needed to head out.

Kim went to meet a friend who was getting a tattoo! Once she got the tattoo, Kim met with her and had a coffee and then walked her home. She had a good couple of hours of chatting with her and that was super nice. A beautiful tattoo, too!

Curtis vacuumed and then played some games and relaxed until Kim got back.

Once Kim got back, she did some more cleaning and had to take a video of the apartment for something and send that off.

Curtis booked tickets for the Leafs game here in Vancouver, depending on if everything is going ok in December! Exciting!

We had leftover Korean chicken for dinner and watched some TV together for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 885: Vancouver, BC – Even More Packages!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quiet start to the day, but then jumped into his first Norwegian lesson in 3 weeks or so! He really enjoyed getting to speak Norwegian again and he felt that he did pretty well!

After this, Curtis had more computer checkups to do, we well as tickets and also a meeting with some colleagues to discuss some important documents.

Curtis got another delivery today, this time it was some more things for his coffee setup! He was also meant to get another package, but he missed the delivery. Due to that, he walked to go and collect it as it said it was ready, but it was not there!

Curtis came back home and was pretty much done for the day, other than a little bit of admin for tomorrow.

Curtis took out some recycling and did some vaccuming and laundry whilst Kim was out at the supermarket.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning be ready in case she was needed in a meeting that was happening. She didn’t end up being needed, so Kim worked on some documents and prepared for an interview. She joined the interview, had a quick review and then joined the weekly company wide meeting and then she joined a mini webinar that her colleague held. She went straight from that webinar to a training session on a software that the company are considering to use.

Kim took a little break before giving an update in another teams weekly meeting and then joining a recruitment meeting to discuss the none development roles the company are hiring for.

She then joined an interview and the review after before joining a call on her phone and heading to Staples to pick something up. Kim was in the meeting the whole way there and back before joining the call properly when she got home.


Once Kim got back, we had some chicken wraps for dinner and chilled out for the evening. We both have busy days tomorrow!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 560: Vancouver, BC – Apartment Admin & Moving The Car

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had short team meeting at 09:30 but then after that it was full steam ahead!

There were a lot of tickets and questions in the morning, so Curtis had to deal with those and some were a little more work so took some more time.

He was meant to have a project meeting at 11:00 but that had to get rescheduled so he had some more time to get some tickets done.

After lunch, it was a little quieter but a good amount of time for Curtis to finish up some things.

He also had a call from an internet provider which he got installation booked in for the new apartment, as well as booking the elevators at each end of the move in/out.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning on catching up with some of the smaller tasks she needs to get done. At midday she joined a team meeting to go over all the projects and give updates.

She then hosted the social call before joining a teammate for training on a few of the processes. They both then went to another team meeting to go over how some processes will work with a new team members and redefine some of the points. It was a great meeting and some great decisions were made.


Kim went out to drop off the car at a colleagues apartment for the night as our parking garage is being cleaned tomorrow and everyone was told to move their car!

Once she did that, she walked back home and finished off some work whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After hockey was done, Kim made coconut, lime and ginger chicken with coconut rice.

We watched TV, played games and relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Day 72 – Day 535: Vancouver, BC – Another Nice Apartment

We woke up at 10:00 and got ourselves ready, then had some breakfast.

After that, we got the apartment all cleaned up and tidied for yet more viewings.

We went out to viewings of our own, to see 2 apartments. The first one wasn’t great, nor was the building manager showing us around, but the second apartment was nice, as was the realtor!

We then grabbed a coffee and made our way back home.

We got back and had a brief chat with the realtor here and then relaxed for a little whilst we drank our coffee.

Kim then had work to do, so she did that whilst Curtis watched hockey.

After hockey, we went out to the supermarket to get some food for the week.

Once we were back, Kim made some marinated chicken which we had with rice for dinner.

We watched TV and just relaxed for the remainder of the evening, with very little plans tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 527: Vancouver, BC – 2 Days, 2 Takeaways!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quiet day, especially compared to the rest of the week.

He did some tickets and some admin in the morning and then had a long team meeting in the afternoon.

Once the meeting was done, Curtis had some lunch and then in the afternoon he had to chase a few people to do some things which were security related and then he did some more tickets.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim was getting ready when she received a phone call saying that the delivery driver was there and ready to pick up the laptop. She had totally forgotten! So she quickly wrapped it up and then Curtis took it downstairs to the courier.

Once Kim was ready she joined a meeting to go over some plans with a colleague and talk them through a few processes that they might need. Then Kim joined a meeting about a facilities project that is going on. In the meeting they picked a vendor and Kim reached out to them after.

Kim then had a bit of time before her next meeting so she popped out to get a coffee! After staying home all week stressing it was lovely to take a little walk midday and feel more normal. Kim came back to join a meeting with a couple of the executive team to go over some paperwork. It was so interesting and Kim is really enjoying helping with this process.

For the afternoon Kim worked on writing up a couple of job postings. She is really enjoying this aspect of her job!


We had a takeaway yesterday, but we are still out of food as we’ve not made it to the supermarket yet, plus, Friday is takeaway day, so we went up to La Cantina and ordered a takeaway!

We had this first in Whistler so we got it again here! We had ordered from the one here before but Curtis tried something different and wasn’t that impressed, so he had the same thing he had in Whistler today and it was delicious.

We watched some TV, played some games and did some cleaning/tidying as the viewings are happening again tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 521: Vancouver, BC – First Apartment Viewings

We woke up at a really good time, got ourselves showered and had a bit of breakfast.

Right after that, we got right into doing the final clean and tidy, which took us a couple of hours.

We felt the apartment looked incredible once we were done, and the realtor felt the same, which was great!

Curtis welcomed the realtor and showed her to the storage and parking, and then we left and let her do her thing.

We went first to get a coffee/hot chocolate from a place down in Gastown.

The hot chocolate was part of the festival again and was a malt-style hot chocolate. It was nice, but not exactly what Kim was expecting. Curtis got an Americano from there too which was fantastic.

We left here and walked for a bit towards Curtis’ work.

We had a gift card from his work building for the food court next door, so we went there to get some lunch. Unfortunately, the card didn’t work, but we still got the food and went to find a place to eat it.

Whilst we were finding a place, we noticed that Jack Poole Plaza was slightly different with a lot of new random signs around etc.

It turns out, Ryan Reynolds is filming there and making it into another location!

We ate our lunch and then continued with our walk. It’s certainly got colder now and it’s rumoured that it will snow tonight, but we shall see!

We walked for a couple of hours what was really nice (but cold) and then we headed back home to meet the realtor and get our keys back.

We got back in and just relaxed for ages! We even had a nice nap.

For dinner, we had some frozen chili we had made before, so we made that into quesadillas!

We watched a comedy show whilst we ate that and watched a few other things for the evening.

Whilst all the walking was fun today, we do play to relax tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 520: Vancouver, BC – ANOTHER Application Submitted!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis and a team meeting at 09:30 and then was busy with some tickets followed by some admin and security work before it hit lunchtime.

Once lunch was done, Curtis had some questions and tickets to attend to, then he started a project. It was mostly figuring out what needs to be done for the project, but there was a little bit he got done, too.

He had a quick request from someone on his team for some information so he found that and provided it to them, then it was the end of the day and time to watch hockey!

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim sent a few emails and set up some meetings for next week. She then joined a meeting to set up a company wide brainstorm.

After the meeting Kim submitted her PNP profile. Then she created a template that she will use for some base questions in interviews. Kim also sent some paperwork to another new hire and ticked a few quick wins off of her to do list.

In the afternoon Kim went for a masked walk with her colleague. It was so fun and the weather was beautiful. Once she was home Kim worked on a few things for the facilities project.


We had some pizza from our favourite pizza place for dinner, once Kim got home and hockey finished.

We ate that terrific pizza, did some tidying and cleaning for the first set of viewings tomorrow and watched a bit of TV.

We topped of the evening with some wine and relaxing.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 519: Vancouver, BC – The Cleaning Begins

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was very pleased that he had a great sleep last night!

He was very ready to work, which was good, as he had quite a bit to do today.

He had some tickets to complete and then, mid morning, he setup a laptop remotely in the US, which always takes time due to connection issues/time it takes to do everything.

Once that was done, it was lunch time, followed by a bit of license auditing which Curtis did to ensure that licenses weren’t being used when not required.

Kim’s Day

Kims day started with a meeting about the HR system. They went through some of the processes and features to ensure that they had been set up correctly. Following this meeting Kim made some changes and updates to a few things. At midday she had a HR meeting where they updated about candidates and other things.

Then in the afternoon Kim sent some paperwork out, reviewed documents and continued with the updates from the morning.

The Cleaning Begins

Once he finished work, Curtis played some games and then he got some cleaning done for he showings this weekend.

He cleaned the bathroom and that looks so much better!

Whilst he was doing this, Kim made chicken burgers, leftover from the previous time we had them. We also had some Mac and cheese leftover so we had some of that, alongside the burger.

We watched TV and did a bit more cleaning/tidying for the evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 515: Vancouver, BC – Apartment Being Sold!

We woke up and had some cereal for breakfast and then went out for a walk.

We went and got another hot chocolate from the hot chocolate festival. This time it was from Peaked Pie which is an Australian pie shop.

The hot chocolate was a lamington flavour, which, if you’re unaware, is an Australian chocolate and coconut cake!

Curtis got a flat white too, which was excellent!

We had a walk for another hour or two and then headed back home.

We then met our landlord and her agent at our apartment. We were told yesterday that it was being sold, which shouldn’t affect us, but obviously there are things that need to be done, such as photos being taken and viewings, so we have a lot of cleaning to do and many of our evenings/days will be taken up with viewings and cleaning.

Once that meeting was done, we went to the shop to get ourselves some food for the week, though we didn’t need to get to much. We also stopped in at Canadian Tire to get a storage box that we can throw things in when the viewings happen.

Once we got home, Kim re-tried making the potato, mushroom & peas meal we had a couple of weeks ago.

It was delicious!

We ate that and watched some TV, then we played some games and watched a bit more TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale