Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 974: Vancouver, BC – Tired Body

We woke up around 11:00 and Curtis’ body felt very tired. He assumes this is from the vaccine.

We had some breakfast, Curtis had scrambled eggs and Kim had french toast.

We relaxed for a bit at home and slowly got ready. Then, Curtis started to feel a little bit better, so we went out to get a coffee and had a bit of a walk.

It was apparently hot outside and neither of us felt 100%, so we stopped a few times and sat on the grass in the shade and just relaxed. In the second spot we sat at, we ended up being next to a cat-gathering, where people had their cats playing together. Weird, but Kim loved it!

We walked back home and when we got back we just sat and did nothing for a while, letting ourselves recoup.

Curtis didn’t feel too great again in the afternoon and his mouth was playing up a little, so Kim went out to the supermarket to get a few things. Curtis will likely be eating soup for the next few days anyway, whilst he still waits for his mouth to heal up.

Kim got home and Curtis had soup for dinner whilst Kim had a meat alternative chicken and rice meal which was…okay.

We relaxed together and got ourselves prepared for work tomorrow.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 944: Vancouver, BC – Cat Sitting!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a bit of work and admin to do in the morning and then he had a slew of meetings.

The first meeting was a brief team meeting followed by a meeting regarding offices and returning to them!

Right after that meeting, Curtis had a brief chat with someone to define a process and that was quick and easy.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had a bit of time to have lunch and get some other things done and then he had another workshop.

After the workshop, which finished a little earlier than planned, Curtis was able to get some tickets done for the first time today and then he did an onboard at the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim had another day out and about checking out some spaces that may be a good idea for an office in the future. Once she arrived she instantly joined a call and had a catch up with a manager to talk about their new hire and then she was able to get some admin done before a company wide meeting and update.

She then had to run to the Apple store to drop off a Mac that needed some keys replaced. Then she spent the rest of the morning on collaborative work with her teammate who also popped by the space for the day.

After a small lunch Kim joined an interview, but more as an observer so she could her her new teammate take over. They did a really good job and Kim was really pleased! For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on a few projects with her teammate and did some great planning too.

After work Kim went to her friend’s home to look after her kittens while she is away for the weekend. She fed them and played with them too.

Kim left in time to be able to attend a protest in regards to the unmarked graves that have recently been found in residential schools and the atrocities against the Indigenous People’s of Canada, which was organised by Black Lives Matter Vancouver.


We had Chinese food again! We got it from the place over the road as it was so amazing last time and we wanted to try a few other things from there. It was just as amazing this time which is excellent.

We ate that and watched some TV. The weather is starting to very seriously warm today, so even at night it is hot outside, which is not ideal for sleeping! Luckily, we got a new cooling duvet which hopefully will help.

We shall see!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


Place 79 – Day 3: Austin,TX – Horse Riding, Shooting & Barton Springs Pool

Ranch Experience!

Horse Riding

We got up with plenty of time to get ready, but someone else was in the bathroom, so this meant we really had to rush when it was available.We hopped in the car and drove to a ranch called Lone Star Ranch. We got there, were welcomed really nicely and signed some forms.We got led out by our wrangler to meet our horses and get helmets.Curtis got a white horse called West and Kim got a dark brown horse called Julian.We were shown what to do and how to control the horses and off we went!We walked though creeks, up steep hills, down steep hills, through jungle areas and beautiful fields. We even got to trot a little bit, which was exciting!

Ranch Animals

After our horse ride, we had some time to kill, so we had a snack and said hi to the other animals on the ranch. There are some sheep and goats, as well as some cats, so we said hi to those.


We played the game washers for a bit, which is similar to cornhole. Both of us got much better at this as time went on.


We were next taken by Robert to do some clay pigeon shooting. We were using military style pump action shotguns and it turned out Curtis was pretty good at shooting but we both had a great time, if not a bruised shoulder.

We shot for a while and it was great fun!After we finished shooting, we olayed some washers with Robert, and Kim beat everyone!We then went leave but bumped into the owner who was very lovely. We got talking and she was interested in our blog, too, which is great! We thanked everyone again and headed to the car.

Lone Star Ranch | Austin,TX

Rating:- 10/10

Barton Springs Pool

We got into some shorts as it had gotten warm and we drove to Barton Springs pool.Before we paid our $9 entry fee and entered, we sat outside and ate our chicken wraps we bought.This pool is a natural pool which has been created in the middle of a large river/creek.The water was incredibly cold, but it was beautiful and the sun was in the perfect spot.

There was a diving board there, too, which Kim took full advantage of!

We spent a couple of hours here and then drove back home, but it took a while due to rush hour traffic.

Accidental Nap & Dinner

We had been out non-stop for over 8 hours, so we were very tired.We showered and then watched one video and before we were having dinner, we had an accidental nap! It felt amazing to get some solid sleep for an hour.We then had dinner, which was the exact same as yesterday.We have another fun day planned tomorrow, but just a bit less hectic.

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