Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 504: Vancouver, BC – Craziness In America

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had 2 meetings back to back at the start of the day.

He had another orientation to start the day and then a brief team meeting after that.

Once that was done, Curtis spent most of the day doing tickets but also paid quite a bit of attention to what was happening in the Capitol in the US. Absolutely crazy!

Kim’s Day

Kim had another busy morning of odd tasks that she completed. One big win was to finish the job description and posting for a new role. She also managed to get information read and research done for a few meetings during the day.

Just after midday Kim had a team meeting where they went over some of the information Kim put together and made some good plans for guidelines and documentation. Straight after that meeting Kim hosted the social call. She planned nothing and everyone just had a great chat and catch up, it was really lovely.

Kim was meant to have another team meeting in rhe afternoon, but that got moved to the following day so Kim decided to head to the post office to post some letters.

When she got home Kim looked over applications and started some research on a HR project. She also had another call with her teammate and they both took a look at applications and had a chat about other work stuff. To finish the day Kim reached out to a few companies for the HR project.


Kim got some tips from someone at work about how to improve our dinner we made yesterday, and we had leftovers, so we managed to improve it and it was delightful! Lemon and some extra herbs did the trick.

We watched a bit of TV and played games for the evening but we were very tired today!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 79 – Day 1: Austin,TX 🇺🇸 – Stupid Heat & Downtown Austin

The Flight

You may remember, if you read yesterday’s blog, that we were flying from Vegas to Austin.

Well, that flight was odd.

Firstly, it was not assigned seating, but everyone was in boarding sections and were boarded that way.

We were in the last section, so we had to wait until the end, which meant we were left with middle seats.

The takeoff and start of the flight was incredibly bumpy but after that was ok. We got free drinks and snacks, which was good, but the flight way just around 2 hours.


We landed, got through and got our bags and got an Uber to our Airbnb.

We are in a very comfy room in a house. So much so we came in and went right to sleep.

Car Pickup

We picked the car up this morning, so had to be up at a relatively good time.

We got down to the airport via an Uber and went to pickup the car.

It turns out, we weren’t meant to get it until tomorrow! Luckily, a car was available and we paid the extra to get it today, so that was a win.

We were able to go to the lot and just pick our car and we chose a Ford Focus because why not.

We left the lot and headed to the supermarket to get some things.

Downtown Austin

We headed to downtown Austin and found some free parking just across the river where there was also a really nice park.

We walked around the park and then took the 30 minute walk across to the city. There was a great skyline, though! It reminded us of Brisbane.

Once we got into the centre, we just walked around in the unbearable 35°C heat.

We got to the State Capitol, which is actually taller than the US Capitol and a very cool building.

We left here and noticed our parking was almost up and it was too far to walk, so we got scooters and scooted to the car.

We got caught in traffic on the way back home, but got home at a good time.

We cooled off and then went to a shopping mall for Kim to find some clothes she was looking for.

Shopping & Panda Express

We went shopping and Kim got exactly what she needed which was great.

We then headed to Panda Express to eat. We got orange chicken as always with chow mein and Beijing beef which was terrific.


We got home and chilled. Tomorrow is more of a fun packed day, we hope, and have a few plans. It’s warm again tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale