Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 167: Vancouver, BC – A Day of Different Times

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got up much earlier today as Kim was up and out the door already, so he was pretty awake.

Curtis leasurely got ready for work and was still very early, getting to work 45 minutes early!

Curtis did get his admin done earlier in the day, though, which was very useful and then he was able to focus on some other stuff.

Curtis didn’t have that much planned for the day, but he managed to get a guide written that he needed to do, got some testing done with some users and then in the afternoon he went back through the new helpdesk software and reconfigured a lot of the things he had already configured so that they were easier for everyone.

Kim’s Day

Kim got in and spent a while going through the mini fridge to organise the best set up. So she emptied it and reorganised the shelves, condensed the drinks inside and put it all back together.

She then spent the next few hours looking into and contacting potential venues for the holiday party. After that she organised some catering that came in and prepared a few toners to be collected by the printing company.

Kim had lunch with a few people and it was really nice to just sit and catch up with people outside of her team.

After lunch Kim finished the main floor plan for the Vancouver office. She then used that new floor plan to draw up other floor maps of where first aiders, emergency exits and other important information is.

Wrong Time & Cancelled Class!

Kim was going to go off to pole training at 18:30, but then remembered that was the wrong time and the class was at 19:30 instead!

Kim only had one class tonight and it went relatively well. Kim was meant to do a second class but it was cancelled so Kim tried to work on her routine but didn’t manage to get too far so she went home.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 82 – Day 1: Miami,FL🇺🇸 – Cancelled Bus

Check Out

We got up at 08:30, packed the remaining items, showered, had breakfast and left the house around 11:00, after a game of Monopoly Deal.

Nice Houses

We had some time to kill, so we drove down through the really nice, huge, houses.

After we looked at all the houses, we drove to an ice cream place, got ice cream and then went to Starbucks for a coffee.

We had to leave shortly after, though, as our bus was due at the bus stop (which was a gas station).

Cancelled Bus

We got to the bus stop and then checked on the bus which said it was delayed by an hour, but the image on the app said it hadn’t left the first stop yet.

We called to ask, whilst we sat and had a doughnut in Dunkin’ and they weren’t much help.

We went back to the gas station and there was an attendant inside and she said she thinks it is cancelled but will check.

Eventually, she confirmed this and said we can board the 15:50 bus instead, for free. We looked into car rental but it was far too expensive so we booked onto that bus instead.

We said goodbye to Kim’s family as they had to catch a flight back to England. It was an emotional time for Kim, too.

We waited for an hour or so until the bus arrived and were happy to get on it.

Bus Ride To Miami

We had a 5 hour ride, which was less than our previous bus was going to be anyway, so that’s good.

We had an uneventful journey with only a few scheduled stops. We even skipped a few at the end so we got in a little early.

Nice Apartment

We got an Uber to downtown Miami, where our apartment is.

We are on the 42nd floor, with amazing views of Miami and the water!


We wanted some food and were recommended to go to the bayside marketplace which has a few well priced chains in there.

We decided on Five Guys as it was easy and we fancied a burger.

Curtis chose to have a cheeseburger with lettuce, mayo, steak sauce, grilled onions & pickles, but he got mushrooms instead of onions, for some reason.

Kim got a small cheeseburger with lettuce, steak sauce, grilled onions and mushrooms.

We got a side of small fries and shared a chocolate milkshake.

The food was pretty nice, though as said before they did get the order wrong. The milkshake was incredible though!

Five Guys | Miami,FL

Rating:- 7/10

We got back, ate our food and went to sleep…we were very tired after a long stressful day, so were looking forward to getting some sleep.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale