Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 528: Vancouver, BC – More Apartment Viewings

We woke up at a decent time and got ourselves showered and breakfast.

We then cleaned up and tidied the apartment for a couple of hours whilst we waited for the agent to arrive.

Once they arrived, we left and went to get something Kim ordered from Sephora and then we found another place doing the fancy hot chocolates.

We got Kim a mint hot chocolate and Curtis for a coffee.

We walked for a while and were wearing good clothes this time so we didn’t get cold!

We got back and a few viewings had overran so we waited in the lobby for a bit.

We got back up to the apartment and got ourselves warmed up!

Curtis watched hockey and Kim had a call with a friend, followed by a call with some colleagues to play some games and chat a bit.

We then went to the supermarket as we have pretty much no food in the apartment.

We got back home, had some dinner and just relaxed for the remainder of the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 510: Vancouver, BC – 2 Hour Phone Call

Curtis’ Day

Up until 11:00, Curtis had a standard and fairly busy morning.

Things relaxed a little but then at 12:30 someone was unable to login to their laptop.

After trying to help them with some messages back and forth, Curtis jumped on a phone call with them to see if he could fix it.

After 2 hours, it was looking pretty bleak, so Curtis asked the person to meet Curtis’ colleague at the office as he was already there.

Once that call was done, Curtis finally had some lunch and then had some admin to do as well as some other work.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really busy day today! In the morning she prepared for the company meeting, ordered a laptop and joined the meeting. She left the company wide meeting a little early to join a meeting with potential vendors to discuss plans and options avaliable for the company.

She then has a quick call with her colleague to discuss the meeting and go over a few things that happened over the oast few days and catch up.

In the early afternoon Kim hosted the first interview for a position that is open and it went really well. She was really pleased with how it went. After the interview she had a chat with the other person in the interview to discuss next possible steps with the candidate and position as a whole.

Kim then had two meetings with the executive team, back to back. They were both great and went really well. For the last hour Kim was on a call with her colleague so they were able to collaborate easily on a few tasks and organise a few things.


We had some African stew that we had leftover in the freezer and watched some TV for the evening.

We both had a pretty busy day, so we were ready to relax!

We even had a little bit of a nap, which made us feel much better and more awake!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 488: Vancouver, BC – Morning Call

Morning Call

We woke up early as we were expecting a phone call from the UK.

A company we both worked for needed to call us to confirm it was us requesting some information, so we did that phone call, which didn’t take long, and got started with the day.

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team meeting and some tickets to get done in the morning.

He also helped someone with a few issues they had.

After lunch, Curtis had some more tickets as well as some admin for some people starting the company in the new year.

After work, Curtis played a few games with some colleagues and then played some until Kim got home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim was in the office as she waa expecting a delivedy today. She spent a lot of her morning researching and comparing options for phones ahead of a meeting later in the day. She also updated notes for meetings for the week and familiarised herself with the information for the facilities project.

Around midday Kim joined a meeting with a couple of the executive team and the person supporting the facilities project where they discussed next steps and set up another in person meeting for tomorrow. There was a short break after this meeting before the final team meeting for the year. Kim asked a few questions and got approval for the phone plan that she had.

In the afternoon Kim updated the HR system with the time off feature and arranged meetings for tomorrow. She also spent a lot of time chasing a parcel that someone has sent to the office. Some other parcels arrived during the day, so she updated people to let them know that they had arrived. She also spent a lot of the afternoon ticking off smaller projects that had been pushed to one side.


We haven’t been to the shop yet, so we got some excellent pizza (as always) from Pizza Garden just up the road.

Kim picked Curtis up on her way home and then we ate some pizza!

We were tired from waking up early this morning, so we watched a bit of TV, played some games and headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 274: Vancouver, BC – Checking Out The New Neighbourhood

We woke up and had some french toast for breakfast and then we got ready for the day.

After we were ready, we spoke with Kim’s family and gave them a little tour of our apartment, even though it is not ready yet!

We finished the call, had a quick snack and then went out to walk around and explore our new neighbourhood. There seemed to be some cool places around and we even found an open Starbucks, so we got our first Starbucks in months!

We then walked back home and relaxed for a while, as well as looking at beds and other things for the apartment.

We then got hungry, so decided to make pizza!

We had a pizza dough already, so it was a case of just getting the topping sorted. We went with mushrooms, cheese (cheddar & mozzarella), red onion and sweetcorn!

The pizza was pretty tasty, though we don’t think it was enough for 2 people.

We watched the film Prospect whilst we ate dinner.

We had some cookies and other snacks throughout the evening and just generally did very little.