Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 863: Vancouver, BC – New Sofa & Built All The Things

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a chat with a new starter in the morning and then after that it was tickets, tickets, tickets!

In among those, he did manage to setup accounts for 2 new hires, ready to go to the office and get equipment setup for them.

The afternoon was also full of tickets and people messaging Curtis to ask for things. Some people from his team were off today, so it was certainly a busy day but a good one, for sure!

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day by dropping off the laptop at FedEx and then she went off to get some lunch from Tacofino.

Once she got her lunch, IKEA called saying they would be early, so she headed over to the new apartment and received the delivery of our new sofa!

Kim then spent a lot of the day building things, but also went to Homesense and bought a replacement ottoman for the one she bought yesterday as it was nicer.

She built both desks and most of the sofa, but has to wait for the cover to arrive tomorrow.

Kim finished up fairly late in the day and then went over to be outside her friend’s house to help train the dog to react better to strangers outside the house.

Kim then returned the ottoman she got yesterday and also found a bunch of items she has been looking for so that was successful!

Kim then drove back home and was home around 21:00, which was right before the hockey game was finishing.


Curtis watched hockey fairly late in the evening and once that was done, we had some chicken wraps and potato salad for dinner.

We watched some TV and we were relishing in the fact that a lot of stuff is done for the move now. Just got to pack up our small things here and dismantle the bed and then the movers’ll do the rest. Nice and easy.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 577: Vancouver, BC – 3 Hour Chat!

We had a really great sleep and slowly woke up and had some breakfast.

We had breakfast wraps and then got ourselves ready for a walk.

We went for a nice walk and spoke about really exciting things happening at Kim’s work as well as the product in general.

We got back home after our walk and got a bunch of cleaning done, as well as laundry, which felt great.

Once we did that, it was time for Curtis to watch hockey and Kim to chat with a friend.

Kim’s chat went on for over 3 hours but it was so good! They got to cover a wide range of topics and just really enjoyed laughing together.

Once hockey was done and Kim’s chat was done, we ordered some food as we didn’t order any for dinner yesterday. We ordered some Asian Fusion food from a place called The Union which we ordered from a while ago and enjoyed.

After dinner, we played games and watch TV, and also planned out items we are going to start boxing up for the move in a few weeks.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 576: Vancouver, BC – Important Cocktail Company Party!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some tickets to get some in the morning and then he had back to back meetings.

The first meeting was with his team, just a standard team meeting, followed by a requirements gathering meeting which was really great! The person that Curtis had to get requirements from was very forthcoming and understanding. It was a really good chat with them with some action points coming out of it for Curtis’ team.

Curtis then had more tickets and people messaging him before he walked down to Tacofino to grab us some lunch.

We ate lunch and then Curtis had a pretty quiet rest of the day, just getting some admin and other work done.

Curtis then watched hockey in the evening whilst Kim had her party.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim had planned to get a few things done, but today she spent so much of the day responding to emails and other messages.

In the middle of the day Kim joined a few meetings. The first was a really interesting meeting in regards to next steps on a few projects. The second was a catch up with a new starter who joined at the beginning of the week to see how things are going and just generally chat! It was such a nice call! She then joined a call with her manager to go over a few things for the next few weeks.

While Curtis was getting lunch Kim was able to send out a communication and order all the gift cards for the party! She then had a quick call with someone in regards to recruitment and long term plans.

They both then left the call to join the party Kim had been planning! It went so well! Kim had no agenda, she just wanted to create a space where people could hang out, drink cocktails, chat and have fun. So they did just that! Everyone just talked for a while and hung out before making cocktails and then watching a few demos from one of the teams. After all that the people who were still on the call played some games and it was wonderful!


We actually had a bit of a lay down and we were tired.

Once we did that, we still weren’t that hungry and didn’t know what we wanted for dinner, so we didn’t bother with ordering takeout today, instead we just had some stuff we had in the freezer and some leftover pizza.

We started Season 3 of F1: Drive To Survive which we were very excited for and we watched some other TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 553: Vancouver, BC – Training, Training, Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a small team meeting at 09:30 and then at 10:30 he had a training session from someone on his team that was showing everyone how to do some something with a security software. This was very helpful and interesting!

After that was done, they’re was another team meeting that lasted for 2.5 hours!

Once Curtis had some lunch, he then had a training session in which he went over some software with someone so that they knew how to use it and had the chance to ask any questions. The person really appreciated that and Curtis felt good helping them!

He did a bit of admin after that and then the day was over and it was time to watch hockey.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim set up accounts for new starters and set up a few things for them. Kim then joined a meeting in regards to hiring with another department. She then joined a team meeting to discuss all things operations.

At midday Kim hosted the social lunch and they played a couple of games of among us. It was so fun and everyone had a good time!

In the afternoon Kim sent out a few emails and worked in some projects. She also had a meeting about HR things and then hosted a training session with her team mate. To finish the day Kim continued setting up a laptop for a new starter.


Kim went to go to a viewing of an apartment whilst Curtis was watching hockey, but the person was late, which actually meant that Curtis was able to go too as hockey finished in time.

Curtis met Kim there and we looked around the apartment. It was large and very nice, but there are a few things that we aren’t sure about.

We got back home and Kim chatted with a former colleague and then made Butter Chicken from our HelloFresh box which we got for free! It was pretty tasty and super easy to make.

We watched some TV and relaxed and chatted about the apartments we have seen to decide our current rankings.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 551: Vancouver, BC – Re-Viewing An Apartment

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to help someone that messages his last night and was able to fix their issues!

Curtis then had a meeting with his team, followed by a meeting to go over a process flow with some of the members of his team.

There were some changes needed to the flow, so Curtis spent some time doing that and then had some lunch.

Once that was done, Curtis had some tickets to do in the afternoon.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by sending a few emails and making plans. She then had two meetings with her colleagues to discuss the week coming and what happened last week.

Kim then had a meeting with someone from another team to discuss a project that they are working on together. The meeting overran but they managed to get so many things done, it was such a success!

Around midday Kim cohosted an interview that went really well. Then once she was back from lunch Kim managed to get some more paperwork done before meeting with the other person from the interview to discuss how it went.

In the afternoon Kim also managed to take some time to get a few things done for an event happening soon. Then she popped out to look at the apartment that they saw a few weeks ago. Now that Curtis and Kim are getting a bit more serious about looking for places Kim wanted to see the unit again to be sure it might be a good fit for them.

When she got home Kim continued working on paperwork and the event.


Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim viewed the apartment and whilst she did a bit more work once she was back.

Once that was done, Kim made a delicious egg fried rice and we relaxed for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 82: Vancouver, BC – First Whitecaps Game

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a meeting about security which lasted around 30 minutes.

Curtis then had a few tickets to do and there were a steady stream of them coming through throughout the day.

Curtis started wiping and setting up a mac, but it was saying it would take 7 hours, so he cancelled it and will start it again in the morning.

Curtis had another 30 minute meeting with his team to discuss everything related to the team and their projects.

Curtis ate his lunch and then kept busy until about 14:30 when the tickets ran out!

Curtis jumped onto some project work, writing some guides as well as making changes to and sortinf out the new wiki page.

Kim’s Day

Today on the course they covered exposure to heat and cold injuries, bleeding and minor injuries.

The the heat and cold they covered things like frostbite, hypothermia, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. It turns out that this sounds exactly like what happens to Curtis when he overheats, so it was great for Kim to get a better understanding of what’s happening and how to help.

In the bleeding section they covered the different kinds of bleeding, how to control bleeding and how to work the apparatus available to better control bleeding.

In the minor wounds they went over sprains, fractures and dislocations. What was funny to Kim was that the 2 examples used she has suffered from herself! The scenarios were rolled and sprained ankle and then a wrist fracture! Kim was a great injured person and had a wonderful fake limp for having a sprained ankle!

Again with each segment there was a demonstration and then a practical for people to try. It was a really good day!

Baked Potatoes

Curtis got home to Kim finishing off our baked potatoes! Curtis had baked beans on it and Kim had tuna, mayo & sweetcorn.

We watched a video or two whilst we ate and then we got ready to go out!

First Whitecaps Game!

Curtis got free tickets to watch a Whitecaps FC game from work!

The game was a cup game against a new team from another league, Cavalry FC (based in Calgary).

We walked down to the arena, entered and went and bought a drink. Kim got a Nude Vodka and Curtis got a beer. we just got the one, especially with the prices they were!

We went to our seats which were in an amazing location and then the crazy stuff started happening. A song was played which is clearly the Whitecaps’ song, but it was awful and steam started shooting out from everywhere, too.

After that fiasco, it was the national anthem followed by the start of the game.

We really enjoyed the game and it certainly got better towards the end ehen the Whitecaps were losing and trying to get back in the game!

Unfortunately, and to the dismay of the fans, the Whitecaps lost, 2-1.

We went home via a bubble waffle place so Kim could try one as we walk past it every day.

We walkes back home over the bridge and were reminded how beautiful the city is at night!

As we were approaching home, there was a man playing the community piano (which is close to our apartment building) with many people standing or sitting around and listening. He was pretty good!

We got home around 22:00, relaxed and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale