Place 72 – Day 187: Vancouver, BC – Company-Wide Meeting

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got a response from an external company that he was waiting for, which meant he had to do some things he didn’t really know how to do.

He did it anyway and it went as expected, but didn’t yeild the results he was really looking for, so the issue still exists.

Curtis started a project today, which involves a lot of messaging people, asking them if they still need something and deleting it if not.

This took up most of Curtis’ day, with a few other tickets sprinkled in.

Curtis got home and watched hockey, as well as did a few things around the apartment and got his keyfob (which was being replaced) back.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim joined a company wide call that is a Q&A for the meeting yesterday. After this meeting Kim spent some time putting the information she collecrd over the past few days on aocial events into a nice and easy to read table. She then took this into a meeting with her colleague about social events.

Kim then ordered the shopping for next week and spent the afternoon going through emails, sorting receipts and setting up for tomorrow. Kim is away on her first day of her course and made sure everything is set up for her colleague tomorrow, so she tidied up and picked up the drinks for weekend windup.


Kim had training this evening which she used to get more of her routine sorted and then when she got back, we had sweet chilli potato wedges for dinner!

We watched a bit of TV but it was fairly late again, so we went to bed shortly after.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 183: Vancouver, BC – Cupid

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a couple of meetings in the morning.

One meeting was about a project which is just getting going. This had to involve some people outside of Curtis’ team so that he could gather some information from them.

The other meeting was to meet a new person in one of the teams, who replaced someone that recently left the company. This was a good meeting and was good to get introduced to him. He isn’t new to the company but he is new to the role.

Curtis got a laptop setup for someone and also did a lot of tickets during the day, some of which were in person so he got a bit of a walk, too.

Curtis ended the day with some training which he was glad to get in.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by moving furniture in the kitchen to make room for the pizza party at lunch time!

After this Kim worked on the shopping for next week and sorted that order out. She then went back into the kitchen to set up the laptop and help with the pizzas being set out.

The pizza party today was in celebration of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as the company did a lot of work for that! Kim had the projector set up playing highlights of the Olympics and everyone ate pizza!
In the afternoon Kim made a few more games / things to do for valentine’s day tomorrow.

She also cleaned up all the cupboards in the kitchen, organised things behind her desk and attempted to fix the latch on the boardrooms door frame. Unfortunately she didnt have the right screws so will try again tomorrow.

Kim stayed a little later again today and then ran around and played cupid to give everyone little choccies on their desk to come in to tomorrow as ‘cupid has been overnight’! The only headache was that she ran out, so she had to run across the street to pick up a few more for the last desks.


Curtis got home and watched hockey.

Kim had to rush home from work after leaving late so she could make it to training!

Kim got to training but struggled with the first class. She bounced back in the 2nd class and had a really successful and good time.

We packed a little for our weekend trip, but we don’t need to take too much!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 177: Vancouver, BC – Helping At An Expo!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quiet day, though was busy enough throughout.

He got some new tickets and some responses on some of his ongoing tickets.

Curtis did some project work (which was really just drafting an email and figuring out some questions to ask) and then got back to tickets.

In the afternoon, Curtis spent pretty much the whole time fighting with something and didn’t really get anywhere good with it, so he’s left it until Monday.

Curtis walked home to watch hockey.


Kim went out to an expo after having dinner with some others that were going!

The expo was pole dancing related, and a few other things, but Kim was helping with setups and sorting out poles and things like that.

Kim was sure to take some time to look around and enjoy herself! It was a huge event, taking over the entire convention centre!

Kim’s still there right now, so this is as much information as we can give, so tune in tomorrow if you want to hear all about it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 166: Vancouver, BC – Plant Based Spaghetti Bolognese

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ Day was a very busy one!

Curtis had his normal brief team meeting in the morning, but was so busy before hand that he didn’t manage to even plan his day (which is what is discussed in the meeting).

Curtis didn’t stop being busy after the meeting, helping a couple of people around the office but also in other offices.

Curtis started to write up a policy, which he actually did for most of the afternoon, and then got some feedback from that which meant he had to do some further research.

Curtis left and walked home, hitting every light perfectly and was able to get home in about 25 minutes!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on emails from over the weekend and then she went into a meeting about the Wiki project.

They went over the full plan and most of the required bits have been done.

After the meeting Kim made up some business cards and did a little more administrative work on the project.

After lunch Kim ordered some flowers and then had a quick catch up with a colleague for what the plan is over the weekend and where they will need support.

Kim spent the rest of the afternoon working on her Vancouver office floorplan and made great improvements to it. It’s not quite finished but it is a lot more useful and makes far more sense!

Hockey’s Back

Hockey was on again tonight, starting at 17:00, and it hasn’t been on for over a week as there was a break for the all-star game.

Curtis was happy it was back and was able to watch the whole game when he got home. The Leafs won, too, which was a bonus!

Kim got back home from work and relaxed until hockey was finished and then we made dinner.

We had plant-based mince meat in a spaghetti bolognese as Kim wanted to give it a go.

We watched some TV and just chilled out.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 160: Vancouver, BC – One Thing All Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis just did the same thing for pretty much all of the day!

He had to do an onboard, so he had to create a couple of accounts, setup a lot of other things and then setup the laptop, which he had to do remotely again as it was in the USA.

He had a lot of trouble with the laptop as he couldn’t access it!

It took about 5.5 hours in total to get all of the accounts created and then just to get access to the laptop!

Once Curtis did that, it was home time, so he packed up and met Kim.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on emails and other small things before her weekly catch up with her colleague. They spoke about projects and other things that need to get sorted over the next week or so.

Kim then placed the snack order for the Toronto office and then cancelled a reserved food order for the Vancouver office. She also ordered the pizza for the social talks for this Friday.

Most of Kims afternoon was spent talking with vendors. She sent out a few internal emails too.

Kim spent the last while going through her receipts and saving those to reconcile them over the next couple of days.

All The Training Again

Kim had 3 hours of training, so she went out and did that around 18:00. She did 3 really different classes, so it was great for her to try different things and she nailed a move in one of the classes perfectly!

Curtis played some games, had leftovers for dinner and just relaxed.

Kim got back home, showered, had some food, we watched some TV and that was that!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 152: Vancouver, BC – Plenty More Snow


We woke up to even more snow this morning. This was cool, except for the fact the bridge we walk on was completely frozen so we had to walk carefully on the way to work.

Curtis has had quite a bad cold since yesterday, so the -8 temperature didn’t help on the way to work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis continued to feel rotten all day, but did get a lot done. He fixed a couple of other migrations that were causing him problems, so he got those completed.

He also got a lot of tickets done and had a team meeting.

At 16:00, Curtis left the office to head home and relax as he really wasn’t feeling great.

Kim’s Day

Kim caught up on emails from the weekend and saved a few invoices to start her day.

Just before 10 Kim headed out to look for mini wine glasses and a few bottles of bubbly for a celebration in the morning. When she got back she set it up and all the offices in the company celebrated! It was a really fun morning!

Kim then spent some of her morning trying to.fix an issue with someone’s profile on the travel booking site. After that she had to sort out the postage machine, which also required her calling for support for that!

After both of these Kim ran a raffle to win one of two broken full espresso coffee machines! To ensure fairness Kim had someone else draw out the names, which was lucky as one of her colleagues won!

Kim then spent some time remaking the floor plan as it didn’t save from last time.

She then had a chat with a colleague from a different team in regards to their desk set up, so Kim made a few adjustments and spent some time researching other things that may be able to help!

On the way home Kim stopped at a few shops, one was to pick up some essential oils to put into the humidifier to help Curtis with his cold!

Weekly Clean!

We did our weekly clean this evening, after Kim got home from doing a bit of shopping.

Kim then made a veggie bolognese which was excellent.

We watched some TV and Curtis relaxed and slept at a good time with hopes that he’ll be better tomorrow as he has a hockey game!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 148: Vancouver, BC – Eventful Evening!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had yet another busy day, but he was able to get something fixed that has not been working for a while now, with regards to the migration he’s working on at the moment, which was a big plus!

Curtis did a lot of that throughout the day, as well as an onboard for someone in Carolina.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her morning taking phone calls and getting a few smaller things done. She also started on making a new floorplan for the Vancouver office, as no one has the original of the one currently used.

After lunch, Kim had a meeting with 2 colleagues to go through what the social events in the company will look like going forward. After this meeting they all stayed for another meeting with a different department.

After those Kim spent some more time on the floorplan and then did some detective work to figure out a few charges on cards that we need receipts for.

Eventful Evening!

We went to Sportchek before walking home, to get ourselves some beanie hats to wear whilst skiing, as well as during the cold days, which are certainly coming!

We finished at Sportchek and began to walk home. As we began to do so, a man was shouting in general, but than began to get closer and closer to us. He actually ended up shouting directly at us and he kicked Curtis, lightly, for some reason. We called the police to let them know and they wanted us to wait for them and speak with them about it.

The policeman arrived as we spoke with spoke about the incident. We thought we should let them know about it, just in case.

If that wasn’t enough, when we got home we noticed that Kim had stepped in poop, so we had to deal with that too!

An eventful evening ended, we relaxed and then made a veggie chili con carne which turned out incredibly delicious.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale