Place 72 – Day 280: Vancouver, BC – Old Apartment Deep Clean

We planned to get up at 10:00, but slept until 11:00 instead.

We had toasties for breakfast and then got showered and ready and head out for the day!

We first went to the old apartment to vacuum and tidy up a bit. We need to clean the old apartment before our official move out date

We then went up to Home Depot with the plan to get some cleaning supplies and a carpet cleaner.

We managed to get the supplies, but we had to go to another, bigger, store to get the carpet cleaner, so that’s where we went next.

We got back to the apartment and Curtis figured out the carpet cleaner and started with that. Whilst that was happening, Kim did a deep clean of the bathroom which turned out really good!

Kim then started on the kitchen as Curtis was still doing the carpet cleaning. It took a while but seemed to go well.

We got the last few things cleaned in the kitchen and then we were done! We did have a cheeky Starbucks break in the middle, though.

We took everything we had into the car (most of it is donations we will be taking places) and then we took the carpet cleaner back.

We got that sorted and then headed back home.

We got a few things sorted around the apartment, getting the new shelving unit sorted and things moved around to get them into the right place.

We got a bit hungry so we ordered a curry for dinner!

We ate our curry and then watched the film Freaks on Netflix, which turns out to be a very good film, and it was based in Vancouver which was very noticeable at points.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 279: Vancouver, BC – Indecision & Late Dinner

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very busy day!

He started with admin and some tickets and then had his daily team meeting.

After his team meeting, he had another meeting about the Hackathon project he is working on this time around. He is with the same team as before but they’re making a different product.

Shortly after that, he had a call with someone to try and figure out why their laptop kept running so slow, which he thinks he figured out!

Once that was done, it was nearly lunch time!

Curtis had some soup for lunch and then got onto a team meeting which the team has bi weekly.

This call lasted around 1.5 hours and then Curtis did a couple of other things before happy hour, where he sat and chatted with everyone.

Curtis played games for most of his evening, just relaxing.

Kim’s Day

Kim had to move the UKs social call 30 minutes earlier to make time for the follow up meeting to yesterday’s company wide meeting.

Once both of the calls were done Kim quickly made her way into the office to let someone in who had to collect some things. It was great to see them and they had a wonderful quick catch up. While they were collecting their stuff, Kim had a call with a teammate in regards to the new starter welcome packs she has put together.

Kim then had a little time before her next meeting so she found space and put away all of the stock for the welcome packs and responded to a few emails. She then tried to join the call for this months lightning talks to make sure everyone is set up properly, but she had no luck! It took several attempts and Kim broke the meeting for the other people at one point but she eventually managed to get the meeting up and running somewhat smoothly.

After the talks Kim ate some of her lunch quickly before joining the east coast weekend call it started off with a nice chat and then they played a few games on Jackbox and it was so fun! It was great to just switch off and laugh!

After the games ended Kim worked on some orders that she started yesterday that need to be amended. She then joined the west coast call and had a great time! Kim and her colleague then sat far apart in the kitchen and sat talking for hours and it was brilliant!

Late Dinner

We had a later dinner today as Kim didn’t get back until a little later from work.

We were going to order something, as per each Friday, but we couldn’t decide on anything and were hungry, so we decided to have frozen pizza instead.

We watched some TV and relaxed before we have to go and clean the old apartment tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 278: Vancouver, BC – Sandwiches & Midweek Admin

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a long company wide meeting and then a shorter team meeting, which meant most of the morning went pretty fast!

Curtis did some tickets and then it was already lunch time!

Curtis did a few more tickets and a bit of admin and then it was almost time to wrap up for the day, which was crazy!

Kim’s Day

Kim joined a call that she is helping with in the background. At the end of the call there was a quiz so Kim made note who got which questions right.

Kim went straight into the office after the call and organised everything from after the call. She uploaded the recording of the call and awarded points to those who got the quiz questions right.

Just before yoga Kim found a guided meditation video that they played before doing a shorter yoga video. She then spent some time reorganising the invites to recurring meetings, she reduced yoga down to once a week and to be on a Tuesday and she updated the invite for the lightning talks.

Kim then took some time to shop for things that they need around the office. She also set up an order on Staples.

She finished the day by following up on emails and finishing the toolbox clean up. She now has a lot of stuff to bin or recycle!


For dinner, we had sandwiches. Curtis had a steak and mushroom sandwich, in which he cooked the steak perfectly, and Kim had a mushroom and cheese sandwich.

We then tried to get Kim’s address updated on a few things.

We then watched some TV to wrap up the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 277: Vancouver, BC – More Stuff!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty quiet day in general. He watched the Zoom webinar and then did a few tickets.

After that, he had his weekly team meeting.

Curtis did a few things in the afternoon but it was pretty slow overall.

Kim’s Day

Kims day started by hosting the midweek catchup! There were just two people but it was such a nice time to hang out and talk. Straight after that Kim joined the health and safety committee meeting and that also went well. There were some great discussions and it was great to see everyone!

Kim then spent a bit of time working through some emails before joining her take a break activity for the week. She decided to try and host a crafting hour where people could use the time to make or work on something to relax. Kim decided to make some cereal bars and someone else worked on creating wrapping paper for a gift box. The crafting time ended up being just 30 minutes but it was good fun!

Kim then went into the office and collected some things to ship out. In order to do that she had to pick up a cardboard box, so she left to go grab that and picked up some cream for her colleague on the way back. Kim then packaged up the box and set up the FedEx drop off.

Kim the had a meeting with her colleague where they caught up from the last week and updated each other on their projects. She was able to get direction and help with her projects which was great!

For some of the afternoon Kim worked on a data management project for one of the teams in the business. It had been a week since the meeting where things were explained so it took Kim a while to really get going! After a while she was flying through it and making good progress.

Kim then had another catch up with her colleague before she headed home via FedEx to drop off the package.

More Stuff!

Kim went out to get another thing for our apartment! She picked up a bookshelf which we can use near the kitchen for a bit more storage.

Kim actually drove to the wrong place first, which was annoying! Typing it into Google Maps didn’t seem to work correctly.

Kim had leftovers for dinner and Curtis had some meatballs.

We watched some TV and relaxed for the rest of the evening, though we did take the recycling down.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 276: Vancouver, BC – A Bin, More Storage & A Lamp

Curtis’ Day

Curtis is starting early this week, 1 hour early, so that he can catch up with the time he missed Friday.

It was a slow start, but then Curtis got some tickets and some other things to do throughout the day.

He was able to start and finish one project work, which was a success!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with a donut catch up with a new starter from one of the UK offices. It was great to meet them and have a chat. After the call Kim caught up on some emails and set up a courier to pick something up and deliver it to the office. She then packed up and headed into the office, once her computer had finished an update.

Once she got into the office Kim had a meeting with HR and Marketing to divide up the current stock that we have and make a plan for swag going forward. It was a great meeting and gave Kim a lot of direction for the office clean up. She then went through the stock and starting figuring out where it will all be stored.

Kim then spent some time working on some smaller projects, she tried t order a gift card for someone in the UK again and it still didn’t work. She also started setting up some of the next round of cribbage games.

In the beginning of her afternoon Kim was working with IT finding laptops for people and trying to help set them up, one didn’t want to play ball and Kim couldn’t find the other style of laptop that they needed.

She then sent out more invite for cribbage and then finally started to tackle the tool box. It was full of stuff that Kim didn’t think they needed and there were so many loose screws. So Kim collected up losses screws and organised what was in the box.

A Bin, More Storage & A Lamp

Kim finished work and when she came home she changed her address for her driving license and a few other things.

She then went out to pickup and pay for a new bin, so we have a taller and bigger one.

Kim made some form of Asian style noodles with chicken for dinner which was very tasty!

We watched a bit of TV and then Kim went out again to pickup some more clothing storage for the apartment as well as a lamp!

Once she got back, we finally relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 275: Vancouver, BC – One Bed Gone, Another Acquired!

New Bed

We got up and had some toasties with some of the remaining mozzarella cheese and some cheddar and then we got ready.

We were speaking with a company about getting a bed from them, out in Richmond, so we agreed a pickup time and drove out to them.

It took us about 25 minutes to get there and we picked up the bed frame. It’s a simple metal frame, but it does the job!

We got that back home and started to build it.

Old Bed Gone!

As we were building the bed, someone said they can pickup our old bed and buy it from us, so we had to stop building and drove across to the other apartment to get the bed out for them.

They were also British and had been here about the same amount of time as we have!

We had a little (distanced) chat with them and then drove back home to finish the bed.

It didn’t take too long to finish building the bed, and now we have an actual bed instead of a mattress!

We were hungry after this, so we made a veggie spaghetti bolognese and relaxed for the rest of the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 274: Vancouver, BC – Checking Out The New Neighbourhood

We woke up and had some french toast for breakfast and then we got ready for the day.

After we were ready, we spoke with Kim’s family and gave them a little tour of our apartment, even though it is not ready yet!

We finished the call, had a quick snack and then went out to walk around and explore our new neighbourhood. There seemed to be some cool places around and we even found an open Starbucks, so we got our first Starbucks in months!

We then walked back home and relaxed for a while, as well as looking at beds and other things for the apartment.

We then got hungry, so decided to make pizza!

We had a pizza dough already, so it was a case of just getting the topping sorted. We went with mushrooms, cheese (cheddar & mozzarella), red onion and sweetcorn!

The pizza was pretty tasty, though we don’t think it was enough for 2 people.

We watched the film Prospect whilst we ate dinner.

We had some cookies and other snacks throughout the evening and just generally did very little.