Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 344: Vancouver, BC – A New Coffee Spot

Relaxed Morning

We had a relaxed morning, waking up late and then had a pain au chocolat for breakfast each with some strawberries and banana.

We finished our breakfast and slowly got ready for the day.

We didn’t have much planned, but did have a few things to get done.

Shopping, Cleaning & Coffee

We went out and did the shop, which was pretty quick, and then we came home and did some cleaning and other chores around the apartment.

We then went out for a coffee, just across the street. We had been to this place before for food and it wasn’t too great, but this coffee was good!

Kim had an affogato and Curtis had a cappuccino.

Games & Breakfast For Dinner

We played a lot of games together, some of which were new, and w head a lot of fun!

We then realised we should probably eat, so we made dinner.

We had breakfast for dinner, which was apparently just what we wanted, and Curtis had bacon with his, which was very tasty!

We watched some TV and played more games for the rest of the evening and in general we just had a relaxed day.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 245: Vancouver, BC – Cinnamon Buns!

We woke up and we made some cinnamon buns!

They weren’t homemade, but from a tube. They were actually pretty good, and didn’t take very long either. We had that with some banana and strawberries on the side.

After breakfast, we both got ready for the day, slowly, and then went out for a drive!

We drove up north to Horseshoe Bay, but didn’t get out of the car, of course, and just drove right back home.

It was only a 1 hour trip, but it was nice to get out and the weather was stunning.

We got back home and made dinner.

We had breakfast for dinner, eggs, toast, an English nuffin, beans, hash browns and mushrooms. Delicious!

Once we finished dinner, we watched the film I Am Mother which was actually pretty good.

I Am Mother

Our Rating: 8/10

After the film, we watched the last two episodes of Safe which were very good!

We played some games and VR and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale