Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 872: Vancouver, BC – Our Own Offices

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was meant to start with an onboard orientation, but his Zoom wasn’t working right on his laptop for some reason, so he had to send the person some messages and convey all the required information that way.

Once he got that done, he got some admin done for a new hire he has to setup next week, and then he had a quick team meeting, which flowed into another meeting.

Curtis then had a demo to attend for a new piece of software that actually looked pretty cool.

After that, he did some more admin and some tickets before doing his Norwegian homework for a while and also some security admin work at the end of the day.

He then swapped over to the Xbox and played some games on his new 4K monitor, which looks beautiful!

He enjoyed his first day working in his own little office with a proper setup. Far easier now we both have a room to be in and we can’t hear each other during our meeting.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really busy day, but didn’t feel like her brain kicked in until about half way through! She started by trying to catch up on emails and send our a few in response. During this Kim was asked to jump on a call to provide an update from her team to theirs. The only issue was Kim couldn’t remember what the answers for the questions should be, so she wasn’t much use there.

Kim then joined a weekly team meeting and it was during this meeting that she started being able to keep up with what was going on and have useful answers for some questions, so that was good! She then set up a quick meeting with a couple of people to discuss a new hire before joining them in a different recruitment meeting.

In the afternoon Kim had an interview then a quick catch up with the hiring manager. Then she helped with an IT order and made a plan for the next steps of a project.

For the rest of the day Kim prepared for an event tomorrow, did some paperwork and some research.


We went out to the old apartment to meet the agent there and do a final check up of the apartment. Nothing was wrong at all, so we walked back home, dropped off some items we left there and then went to the supermarket and bought some essentials we needed.

We were very hungry, so we had chicken wraps and Mac and cheese for dinner, then Kim had some more work to do and Curtis unpacked some more of the kitchen items and tidied up the kitchen counters a bit so there was actually room to use it.

We did that and then we finally relaxed and watched TV together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 567: Vancouver, BC – Watch Your Face!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got ready and went right to the office to get a laptop setup for someone and their equipment setup.

All went well, except for when he tried to get a monitor from the monitor arm and it moved and hit him quite hard in the face…It was quite painful, actually, but no real damage done.

Curtis got everything setup and ready to send out and also called up the courier to make sure that the pickup was setup correctly as the last time he did it, he did it wrong and had to had deliver it.

Once he was done at the office, Curtis walked home with a stop off at Starbucks to get us both a coffee.

When he got home, Curtis was informed of an offboard so had to do some admin for that as well as a few tickets that came in.

The afternoon was much of the same and then at the end of it, Curtis did some more Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning scheduling and organising meetings. Someone once said that scheduling is like playing Tetris and Kim really agrees!

In the middle of the morning Kim had a catch up with a teammate and they discussed a guide that they had been working on together. They also went over a few other projects that have been going on and are coming up. She then placed an order for some things before calling her colleague and writing a LinkedIn post with their help and input.

In the afternoon Kim attended a few meetings. The first was a marketing meeting, the second was a catch up with a colleague. She then went into some training for the applicant tracking system and had a chat in regards to how some things work.

Kim then had a call with her colleague to go over the guide. She went to test it by following along and realised it didn’t match up with what she experienced. So they had to redo a lot of the guide to include both versions of what might happen. It was a lot of glaring at a screen and tweaking formatting to make it perfect, but they got there in the end!


Kim made a pasta bake for dinner which was a spur of the moment thing using leftovers but it was delicious!

We took the recycling down and grabbed the boxes for moving from the car so we could start putting stuff we aren’t using into them as we go.

We then went out for a walk after we did this as Kim fancied one.

We then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 564: Vancouver, BC – Boxes

We woke up at a good time and had a chat with Curtis’ family.

We did that for about an hour then made ourselves some breakfast.

We got ready and did some laundry as well as some other house work.

Once we did that, we went out for a nice walk and grabbed a coffee.

We walked back home and then played some games for a bit, before heading out to buy some second hand cardboard boxes to use for our move!

We got the boxes and then right to do the shop for the week, which was just a small one.

We got home and Kim made sticky chicken thighs with a nice fresh salad and leftover coconut rice from last night!

Kim then had a bath and relaxed whilst Curtis played games before we reconvened together and watched some TV for the remainder of our Sunday night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 102: Vancouver, BC – New Bathroom Stuff!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was very busy today. He also ended up spending a long time doing something he’d been doing over the last few days only to find out it wouldn’t actually work that way so it was essentially wasted time! All wasn’t actually wasted though as he learned a lot along the way, so that was good.

Curtis had a couple of meetings, one being his 1:1 and one being a meeting to discuss structure changes which was very positive. After lunch, Curtis did a few more tickets and started rebuilding a Macbook he needs for tomorrow.

He was able to get some things done, but as he was about to leave he saw a ticket about a possible security threat, so he had to deal with that and then someone wanted help with setting up their headset on their laptop, so he helped with that too and left 15/20 minutes late.

At least the day was busy and not boring.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day by catching up on emails before heading into a meeting with her teammates. Every 3 months a new hire meet and greet is held and Kim will be a new starter and help with the organising of it too.

After this meeting Kim got a few small things sorted before heading into another meeting! This time it was with finance to iron out a process and make sure it is working the best way it can be / see what we are missing.

After this meeting the locksmith came to fix a cabinet. But it turns out that a lot of the pieces are missing so it is unfixable. Kim then went straight from this into her 3rd meeting to run over the plans for tomorrow, as the summer party is finally here, and ensure that we have good shopping lists and a rough plan of how the day is going to turn out.

Somehow after this meeting it was lunchtime, the morning just flew past! Kim went up to the roof with a few colleagues and soaked up some sun and had a great catch up.

After lunch Kim spent most of the afternoon organising and collecting things for the party tomorrow. There was a small break at about 230 for a nice little first aid catch up to give the opportunity for the people going on the course to ask any questions and to familiarise ourselves with what we have in stock. It was a short and sweet meeting, but at the end Kim built up a first aid kit to take to the party tomorrow. Better to be prepared!

Kim and her colleague then went out to grab some massive containers for tomorrow so it was one less thing to pick up.

Kim spent the rest of the afternoon setting up for the party!

New Bathroom Stuff

We needed a new bathroom towel rail, so we walked to Home Depot (via the supermarket) to buy one. We looked around for a while, asking employees too, but couldn’t find the one we thought we saw online, so we made do with another, as well as a towel ring for a small hand towel.

we brought it back and were very hungry, so we began dinner.

We had paprika pork with sweet potato, asparagus, green beans and mushrooms with a nice creamy mustard sauce. Delicious.

We watched some YouTube and TV and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 87: Vancouver, BC – Playing Catch Up & 500lb Boxes!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a productive day today, especially in comparison to the end of last week!

After getting some new tickets completed, as well as some from last week, Curtis had a meeting planned with a colleague to discuss and create a guide/cheat sheet for how to use the polycom systems in the meeting rooms.

As the meeting was going on, Curtis was told a man had arrived to drop off so.e packages but needed help to bring it upstairs. Curtis went down to the truck with him to see what was there and it was some batteries he was expecting but they were so heavy…All the boxes together weighed 500lbs (227kg)!

Curtis helped the guy get them upstairs and then briefly continued his meeting, followed by lunch.

After lunch, Curtis finished off the document and printed it out to get it in the meeting rooms to see if people use it.

Curtis did a few admin tasks for the rest of the day and cleared some old tickets that were no longer required.

Kim’s Day

It was back to work for Kim today! It was nice to be back in the office again.

Kim started by going through her emails and responding to the smaller and easier emails as she went. It was then a case going back through the more important emails that required a little more thought.

As it is Vancouver Pride this Sunday Kim is putting on a Pride themed bake off so she sent out an email about that and created a sign up sheet.

Kim then spent some time going through other emails and saving things like invoices and what-not, the less fun things came last!

There is also a National relaxation day coming up in August so Kim spent some time going through some.options we have available to celebrate this!

In the morning Kim also made arrangements with another hotel to grab lunch later in the week and grab a coffee in the afternoon which was very exciting.

Kim spent most of the afternoon continuing with her end of month finances that need to be sorted.

At about 2.45 the gentleman from the hotel arrived with a big box of doughnuts! So Kim made some coffee and they sat down and had a nice chat. The funny thing is that both he and Kim both started their roles within a month of each other. This can be both good and bad, but they are both finding their feet and starting the new relationships togther which is exciting!

After he left Kim went through some more emails and end of month processes for the rest of the afternoon.

Returning A Fan & Shopping

We got back home, got changed into more comfortable clothing, packed up the fan we bought and walked up to the shop.

We returned the fan as it wasn’t really what we were looking for and planned to get something else, but we did the weekly shop first.

After, we went in and bought the right fan and then lugged it home.

Once we got home, we had dinner. We tried veggie ‘meat’balls, and they were just ok.

We sat and watched some TV, including a Norwegian TV show and an episode of Vikings.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 25: Vancouver,BC – First Day At Work & 2 Productive Days

Curtis’ First Day At Work

Curtis was up at 07:30 and got ready to head to work for his first day.

Curtis left the house and walked for 10 minutes or so to the train station.

The train station was busy and so were the trains. Curtis just missed a train bit the come quickly and he had plenty of time.

Curtis got to the station after being on a fairly crowded train and walked towards his office building.

Curtis got to the building and went up to his floor. He waited for a little and then his manager came and greeted him, followed by a tour.

Once the tour was complete, Curtis was walked through pretty much everything he needs to know!

Once the walkthrough was completed, he was able to go to lunch with his manager.

They went to a small pub just down the road on the waterfront. Curtis got a cranberry chicken & brie sandwich and he chatted about a lot of different things with his manager.

Curtis is the lone IT Support Analyst for the Vancouver office, so he has to support around 80 people and multiple conference rooms. This is exactly the role Curtis wanted so he is very happy to hear this!

The office is beautiful and the view is phenomenal…Curtis will try and grab a picture when he can.

Before Curtis knew it, the day was over and it was time to head home, so down to the train station he went.

This time, the train was ridiculously busy and he was unable to really move…When we move into our new place, Curtis thinks he will walk the 30 minutes to work!

Curtis was met at the train station by Kim, lovingly and then we walked home together.

Kim’s Day

Kim relaxed for some of the morning and then headed to the bank to sort out her Credit Card which was causing issues before…It was a success!

Kim then went to a supermarket to grab some more cereal, specifically froot loops for Curtis, and second hand cardboard boxes for some kitchen stuff she will collect in a few days.

Kim then headed home and took Trudy out for a walk to the park.

When Kim got back, it was time for laundry and admin. This kept kim busy until just before Curtis was due to arrive home.

It was a productive day!


Our evening consisted of Curtis telling Kim about his first day of work, as well as Kim saying all she had achieved for the day.

We were both successful today!

We had chicken, rice & vegetables again for dinner and then we sat and watched TV, both of us trying not to fall asleep.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale