Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 926: Vancouver, BC – Getting More Projects!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with some admin and then there were a lot of tickets, as there were throughout the whole day.

There was the weekly team meeting at 10:30 and after that it was right back to tickets!

In the afternoon, Curtis’ team had a meeting to allocate projects out. Curtis got himself some more projects which he was happy with! So more exciting work now.

Curtis did more tickets in the late afternoon and then he was done with work.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a long day that was balanced between meetings and lots of admin. She started the day be getting a few quick wins done and help support people. She then had a one week check in with a new starter before joining a new software demo shortly after.

In the afternoon Kim chaired the team meeting before heading into two interviews and their reviews. To finish the day Kim had a check in with a new teammate to see how their day went and answer any questions they may have. She then had another chat with a someone to discuss hiring and a few other things. She then finished her day by getting a fair amount of admin done.


Curtis made a balsamic salad for dinner and we ate that and then went out for a walk. It was a little colder than expected, so we headed home at a decent time.

We got back and Kim had a little more work to do, so she did that fairly quick and then we watched some TV together.

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