Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 892: Vancouver, BC – Ooo, New Hair!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty quiet day overall, mostly just dealing with tickets and a few messages from people.

He did have a meeting with his manager to go over a new setup and process for onboards, which was very productive.

Once that was done, it was basically lunch time and then after lunch it was more tickets and a little bit of admin.

Overall it was a pretty quiet day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a lazy morning and then popped out to get her hair cut! She also picked up some more hair care products while she was there and popped to homesense on the way home to pick up a few more things to help organise the kitchen.

Once she was home Kim relaxed for a bit before joining a quick meeting to catch her manager up on a few things. She then had lunch before joining a post interview chat.

Kim went from that meeting into an interview. After the review of the interview she joined couple of other hiring managers to review candidates in the pipeline.


We had some nice Mexican chicken salad for dinner and then we relaxed for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 877: Vancouver, BC – Only Salads Now

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to continue with some work from last week and that was very puzzling and took him and a colleague a lot of the day to figure out but they got there in the end.

Along with that, Curtis also had a team meeting and did some tickets, as well as setting up accounts for new hire.

All in all, a very busy day that actually ended a little late for Curtis, which hasn’t happened in a while!

After work, he played some games and got some things done around the apartment.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day with a little admin to prepare for the week before having a team meeting. Everyone gave updated and then Kim worked with a colleague to set a few benefits things up. She then had a little break where she added more information and options to the HR system.

Just after midday Kim joined a benefits info session and then went over a software with IT. Kim then joined an interview and had a quick chat after to discuss the candidate and next steps.

She ended the day with another mini team meeting to discuss a software and how we will implement it.


Kim had an appointment in the evening and after Kim had her appointment, she made a really nice chicken Santa Fe salad which was really liked. It’s back to salad time now, as it’s getting warmer outside. Delicious, healthy and easy!

We relaxed together and watched some TV, both of us had busy days and we enjoyed chilling together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 526: Vancouver, BC – Anxiety

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did some tickets in the morning and then in the late morning he had a training session about a new piece of software for everyone in the company to use to track career development.

Once that was done, Curtis had a bunch more tickets to do, it was a busy day in general!

After lunch, there was a security incident that happened which meant Curtis had to call someone and get some stuff sorted as well as having a chat with his team to discuss what had happened.

This took up most of the afternoon and it was interesting, too.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today! Her morning was filled with meetings. The first two were with her team and went over plans for the department and the second was about the facilities project. Both were so interesting and Kim is really enjoying learning and experiening new things. Kim also joined a meeting with a potential vendor after those meetings and that went really well too!

In the early afternoon Kim joined the weekly recruitment meeting and went over the current open roles for the company.

For the rest of the early afternoon Kim set up a pickup for a laptop and worked on research and getting ready for another meeting. The meeting ended up not happening so Kim continued her research and did a few smaller tasks.

Kim then went to the doctor where they did a couple of checks on her heart and lungs to see if the breathing is related to an infection or something else.

After a chat and the checks, the doctor discussed the possibility that the breathing issues might be due to anxiety, specifically around COVID.

Kim has had one panic attack before and the feeling is like a less strong version of that. They spoke about what might be happening and Kim believes that she was so worried about having COVID and possibly getting someone else sick that she had a small panic attack on Saturday night. Then due to the stress showing up as shortness of breath, which is also a COVID symptom, Kim worried she had COVID.

As a result of worrying about having COVID due to the fact that the breathing didn’t stop, but it was the worrying that caused the breathing to be strange. Part of the reason for this is that Kim is not actively stressed or worried about anything, so she was questioning how it could possibly be anxiety!

It’s good for Kim to know that it’s an internal thing to deal with rather than a deadly virus. Kim now has an idea of the specific thing that could have bought this on and will just be more mindful of her mental health going forward.

Maybe even soon start talking to someone properly for issues like that!

It’s been a strange day for Kim, but she is very pleased to know that she doesn’t have COVID and has a bit of a better knowledge of what anxiety does, how it can manifest and what might cause it, in this instance.

Kim has been really lucky with a lot of support from her team at work, her family and Curtis.

Kim is very lucky and very thankful to have such wonderful people around her.


We had nothing in the apartment for dinner, so we walked to our favourite Vietnamese place, now that we are able to go out!

We got ourselves some food and watched some TV whilst we ate.

After that, hockey was on, so Curtis watched that whilst Kim watched a movie.

We hung out together in the late evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 361: Vancouver, BC – New TV Show

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a morning filled with meetings!

First, he had a company wide meeting which was VERY positive and informative.

After this meeting, Curtis had his daily team meeting right after.

After that meeting, Curtis got some admin and tickets completed and then had another meeting, this time it was a 1 on 1 which was also a positive meeting.

After lunch, Curtis got a lot of reading done and then did an offboard in the late afternoon.

Kim’s Day

Kim got into the office for the midweek catch-up today and she had a couple of people join!

Today Kim had a new list if people to chase for their cocktail orders so she sent out a few messages and after a while everyone responded with all the information, it was great!

Around mid morning Kim had someone try the new coffee machine, but it didn’t work, so she emailed the company and they sent someone out to come and take a look at it. Kims favourite employee from the company happened to be the person to get the call, so it was great to see him and have a catch up. He fixed the machine and Kim did a test cup! It works and it is so cool!

In the afternoon Kim had a quick chat with her colleague in the office and then wrote up an email for her and their manager with a bunch of questions for an upcoming project. So that was really productive feeling!

Before Kim started on the quizzes for the day she popped out to test her new credit card by buying a couple more hand sanitiser bottles for the office. Unfortunately the card didn’t work, so Kim used her old work credit card. When she got back Kim did a lot of the work for the UK Our People quiz. She managed to sort a lot of the questions and just needs to build it out with the media and some of the answers. Kim also made a start on the History of the company quiz but she is not sure she is happy with how it looks and flows.


Kim had an appointment right after work and then when she got home we had chicken with homemade potato salad and sweetcorn.

We watched some YouTube videos and then after that we tried watching the first episode of The Umbrella Academy and then we watched the next episode of The Rain.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 282: Vancouver, BC – Water Shutoff

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did not need to get up early today, so that meant a little bit of a lay in!

Curtis had a pretty busy morning, with a few meetings. He had his standard daily team meeting, did some tickets and then had his weekly team meeting after a project meeting.

Curtis then was able to have some lunch, then he did a bit of admin, both for tickets and projects.

Our water Was off for most of the day, but luckily for Curtis he had pre-planned for that so he was able to have coffee! (There was a building wide shutdown of water for maintenance work).

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on some emails and making a plan for her week. Once she got into work she said hello to the few people who had come in and then joined a team meeting.

After the meeting Kim started to sort some things around the office the first being a box full of high vis jackets. She emptied it and kept a few before organising the rest to go back to the building. Kim was generous with the ines she kept and still had 18 spare jackets!!

She then spent most of the afternoon working on emails and doing some research for a few projects that she is working on. Kim also sent out an invite to a games session later in the week as part of the take a break activities for May.

Kim left work a little early to head to the doctors for a checkup and everything is great! When she then got home Kim reorganised a cribbage game and read a document from the building.


Kim got back from her appointment and did a little bit of work before making dinner.

Curtis took the recycling down to the recycling room, which was pretty much empty, so that made it easier!

We ate our dinner which was a take on phó and it was very delicious!

We watched some TV and that was that.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 213: Vancouver, BC – Double Fainting!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did his usual admin and then had a team meeting.

After the team meeting, Curtis did a few tickets and then had a project meeting again.

Kim’s Day

Kim did some more health and safety documentation throughout the day, answered some questions and then had a meeting for events.


Kim went to an appointment and Curtis went with her.

We had to wait for about an hour before Kim was seen and the aftermath want great!

Neither of us felt good after and both of us felt very faint!

We had to wait for a while for our dizziness to go away before we could leave, then we had a slow walk home.

Once we got back home, Kim went to bed to relax and recover and Curtis went up to the shop to get some ice cream for Kim as well as some other stuff (though the supermarket was pretty empty!).

When Curtis got back, he put on some frozen pizzas for us to have and we watched a bit of TV.

Kim had a fairly early night and Curtis did too, in comparison to his usual habits.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 212: Vancouver, BC – First Time Working From Home

Curtis’ Day

We were up at 08:15, which is about 45 minutes later than usual, as we both have to work from home.

We both had our breakfast and got ready for the day with showers and what not.

Curtis had some admin to do and then a general team meeting at 10:30. Around this time was when Trudeau gave his speech indicating that he was closing all of the borders into Canada!

Curtis did some of the abundance of tickets that were coming in and then had a meeting at 12:00 for one of his projects.

He then had a team meeting and then another meeting about a project.

Curtis then had lunch with Kim which was really lovely to be able to do!

Kim’s Day

This was Kim’s first time ever working from home! She now has to do this for a while, so she has to get used to it!

Kim had a team catch-up to see how everyone was doing which was nice to chat with everyone.

Kim then worked on health and safety documents, getting those ready to go.

Kim had another meeting about an events project which was positive.

Kim went up to the shops to get a few things we needed and then did some reading in the late afternoon, but that wasn’t too thrilling.

Risotto Again

Kim went to an appointment and when she got back, we had leftover risotto, but had a salad to start!

We watched some TV and ate some food…that will be our life for the foreseeable future now!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 173: Vancouver, BC – Winners Dinner!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a lot of meetings planned for the day, 5 in total, so that was basically what he did!

There were also a lot of tickets coming in, so that kept Curtis busy in between meetings.

A meeting Curtis was meant to have in the afternoon got cancelled and he was able to welcome someone that traveled in from the Regina office and give them a little tour.

After that, Curtis finished the day with some training.

Kim’s Day

Kim came into work and had an email back from a venue she reached out to. It turns out that the company had way more venues than Kim initially realised so she looked through all the options and responded back for more information.

Kim then took a bit of time to organise other areas of the social planning. This came at a great time as it appears that all of Kim’s saved information had been corrupted so she had to start again with all of her notes on upcoming events.
Kim also scheduled a delivery pickup and cancelled some catering that no one made any choices on.

Kim then went on a donut date with a wonderful lady. They went and picked up a coffee and then came back to the office to have lunch together. It was so much fun and they talked about a load of different things.
When she got back to her desk Kim spent some time looking at catering options for breakfast for a meeting next week.

After this Kim had a catch up with someone in regards to their desk set up and then Kim had a catch up with someone in marketing to talk about sending some swag out. She then spent the rest of her afternoon saving invoices.

Winners Dinner!

Curtis had a quick dinner with all of his team from the Hackathon as one of them was in from the Regina office!

They went to a place called Pourhouse which was actually pretty quiet when they arrived.

Curtis had a burger and fries and a cheap beer (it was Happy Hour) and everyone just chatted, got to know eachother a bit more and just had a laugh together.

Curtis walked home and got home to Kim cleaning.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 164: Vancouver, BC – Brunch & Planning With Friends

Last Night’s Hockey

Curtis’ hockey game went well, at least for him! He got 1 goal and 1 assist, with the game ending 5-5! There was a shootout, but neither team won so it ended a tie.


We went out for an appointment in Gastown which was at 11:00.

We finished pretty quickly with the appointment and then went out for brunch!


We found a place called Catch 122 Cafe Bistro which we had seen looks really great!

Curtis had a full breakfast which was actually really great and the coffee was good too!

Kim had mushroom toast which wasn’t that great, and we had to wait 40 minutes outside to get a table!

Planning With Friends

We got home and Kim went to the shop quickly and then when she got home we chatted with Danielle and Josh to plan some more of their trip over here!

We had a nice long chat with them and then the rest of the night we watched some TV, ate some sweet chilli potato wedges.

We had some whiskey and just chilled for the evening.

A great evening all around.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 205: Vancouver, BC – Getting Things Done

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and had a few things planned to do but didnt really get around to them until after his 15 minute team meeting, due to getting some admin completed.

Curtis’ plan for the day was mostly to get tickets completed which he didn’t get to do yesterday with how busy he was doing the onboards.

Curtis did a lot in a short period of time, which was great as he needed to catch up!

He did get an email from someone thinking they recieved a phishing email, so Curtis investigated that for a while, which he always finds interesting, and he was able to determine that it was not a phishing email.

Curtis got a lot done for a project he is working on, too! He had to contact a company and find out if they could make some changes for him, as well as look at a few parts of the software and determine if it can do what is needed.

The afternoon involved setting up a laptop as well as starting off a backup and changing the name of a website, as requested by someone.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by reaching out and replying to vendors for the holiday party.

Kim then did a quick test of some of the party declarations, she loves the ones from today, but hates the one she made a few weeks ago!

Kim then spent some time planning up two floor plan options, one is preferable, but the other is a backup plan for if the band can’t be placed where they want it to be.

Kim then hopped on a call with a charity that the company works closely with and her boss to talk about future involvement and plans.

It was great to meet them and it will be awesome to work closer with them in the up and coming months.

After this call Kim finalised some more of the floor plan and then sent that off to the caterers to ensure that the current plan has enough space for all the food ordered. She then went on to amend her current timeline for a nice and easy to read timeline for all of the vendors.

Kim then had a small meeting with a colleague to go over the social lunch happening on Friday and the party plans.

Kim then had to do some proper first aid, it was just wrapping up an old injury that has flared up. So.she sorted that, did the paperwork and sent across some recommendations


Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out and helping at pole!

Once Kim got back home, we watched just a little TV, ate some hoisin chicken and rice that we made and then headed to bed.

Not a particularly exciting day today, but we got a lot of things done that we needed to.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale