Place 45 – Day 6: Sydney – Back to School & Bondi Beach

We were up to get ready to go with our host to the local school where she volunteers as we were helping to stock check and organise a couple of cupboards.

We got to the school and we signed in, then went straight to the cupboard. We emptied the cupboard first and then explored what was in it. There was a lot of BBQ items as well as some weird items!

We were at the school for about 3 hours and then we left and headed back to the house. 

Kim made a wonderful lunch of toasted Turkish bread with cheese and tomato.

After a small relax, we went with our host to Bondi Beach! Her some had a surf lesson so we went with them to explore the beach. The sun came out just as we got there and it was lovely and warm! Kim had a little swim. She wasn’t going to, but then the water smacked her in the face so she thought ‘why not?’. It was a beautiful evening on the beach so we sat and chilled there for a bit.

We came back after a stop at Aldi where we got dinner supplies. Kim then made hunter’s chicken with wedges and a salad. 

Dinner was pretty late due to our busy day, but we had a nice end of day chat with our hosts about the change in school culture over the years… A very interesting conversation! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 45 – Day 5: Sydney – Big Work Day 

We woke up at a decent time to get some work done!

We started by doing some filling. The walls had previously been painted with a lot of holes in, so we worked our way around to fill the holes.

We filled the holes and then had to leave it for 3 hours to dry before sanding, so we left and took the dog for a walk and got some toothpaste and a coffee!

We got back and relaxed for a bit and then went back to the room to sand it. 

We sanded for a while and then applied a second coat of filler to the holes as well as finding new holes!

We cleaned up and then had some dinner. We had mushroom, leek and zucchini pasta with salad and it was tasty!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 45 – Day 4: Sydney – Touristy Stuff 

We decided to take a day off today to get into town!

We had made some plans to meet a friend in the afternoon, but before that, we spoke with Curtis’ family and then Curtis watched hockey again and Kim relaxed and watched some TV. 

We got breakfast and showered then we made our way to the city. The train journey was about 25 minutes and we were soon in tourist-central… The place was incredibly busy and very hot! At least the trains were awesome! You can move the seats to face different ways.. It’s hard to explain but awesome!

We saw the Opera House and the Bridge which both looked awesome especially in the great weather. 

We the  were informed that our friend could no longer meet us, so we went to get an Affogato (yes.. We’re a little addicted).

We got back onto the train and got back but stopped at the supermarket beforehand to pickup a nice cheap Lasagne for dinner.

We ate our Lasagne whilst watching Hancock and just chilled out. 

Tomorrow is a day we plan to work for a lot of the day and get some stuff done and we are looking forward to it as it will be fun!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 45 – Day 3: Sydney – Sanding, Filling, Hockey Kit Purchasing & Long Dog Walks

We were up early to get some work done before ice hockey was on.

We moved a lot of items out of the room we are renovating and we also did some washing up. 

When our host woke up, we figured out what we had to do and started filling the holes in the walls. There are large holes between the door frame and wall so we filled those as well as Sanding down the unpainted wall to get it nice and smooth. 

Curtis then sat and watched ice hockey whilst Kim watched a Jack Whitehall comedy on Netflix. 

We had a lovely lunch of a homemade pizza with tomato and feta cheese.

Once our TV had finished, we took a 45 minute drive to an ice hockey warehouse to buy some remaining ice hockey kit for Curtis as he needs some for future locations. We did that for about 45 minutes and got all that was needed before we got back and went right back out for a long dog walk. 

We took Alfie for a 20 minute walk as we wanted to get McDonald’s milkshakes so we took that as an opportunity to get some!

We got back and relaxed for a bit while doing some admin and booking for future places. 

We then had a wonderful dinner from our host which was grilled salmon (on the BBQ) as well as rice, runner beans and zucchini.

We had homemade apple and blueberry tart for dessert with some ice cream and had a nice long conversation. We had a great day and tomorrow we won’t be working so we have made some fun plans!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 45 – Day 2: Sydney – Dog Walk & Slight Cleanup

We woke up a little late without a day plan but we then found some cleaning around the house to do. We vacuumed the floor and washed the dishes and hung out laundry.

We were then shown the room we are going to be renovating and what we needed to do. We moved some books from the room into our room where we put them into a bookshelf. 

We then took Alfie, the Labradoodle, for a short walk at the park. He seemed to have a good time! 

We planned to go and meet a friend for some drinks, but Curtis suddenly fell ill so we had to cancel it!

Our host made some vegetarian Lasagne and Kim had that with some salad whilst Curtis just had some toast with butter.

Curtis is feeling better now, but still not 100%!

The plan is to get some work done early in the morning and then run an errand in the afternoon. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 45 – Day 1: Sydney 🇦🇺 – Assault Course & A Labradoodle 


This morning, Kim made wonderful pancakes with some fruit, maple glazed bacon & egg…delicious!

Curtis watched ice hockey and Kim went out with our host to an assault course! Kim had a wonderful time throwing herself around the place.

We finally got ready and packed everything up for our drive. We then left Canberra having not done much but certainly making a new friend!

We left for a 3 hour or so drive. 

The drive actually took a little bit longer as we had to go around a toll road but it was a pleasant drive! We went through a storm too, which was good fun! We saw some lightning and the temperature drop and rise again. Very Interesting!

We finally arrived in Sydney! Driving in Sydney is horrible and we would not recommend!

We parked up and were welcomed into our house for 2 weeks! We are staying with a family of the mum, dad, son and daughter, as well as a mini Labradoodle!

We were made to feel very welcome and we discussed our travels and where we are from in England and then we had dinner! We had a wonderful chicken breast with a very nice cream sauce along with green beans and a salad.

We chatted for a bit more and then off to bed it was… We’re exhausted!


Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 44 – Day 2: Canberra – Mt. Pleasant, Affogato & Korean Chicken! 

We woke up pretty late and had a lazy morning just chatting with our host about whatever!

We eventually plucked up the effort to go to the supermarket and get some things for breakfast. We made French toast with fruit, cinnamon sugar and chocolate.

We then went out for a dog walk where we went to Mt. Pleasant and checked out the view there which was great!

We went from here to get an Affogato in a coffee shop and it was delicious! It was a chocolate Cafe and was delicious.

We came back and had some Korean chicken with Kimchee rice and we had a lemon cider, too! We watched the new Baywatch film whilst we ate and drank… A brilliant evening!

We leave Canberra tomorrow, but it was just a chilled relax place and then we are off to an awesome place tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale