Place 48 – Day 3: Brisbane – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuaryย 

We had some other plans for this morning but then realised that it may not be as straight forward as we planned, but we had already woken up early so we had to make the most of the day!

Kim found a sanctuary to visit, so we grabbed an UBER to the place.

We got there and it turns out to be the first ever Koala Sanctuary in Australia!

We went in and there turns out to be a lot of different animals within the park! There are different birds as well as koalas. The koalas are just chilling on trees but you can get pretty close to them! 

We looked at koalas for a bit and then found some other animals. There were dingos, crocodiles, a platapus and wombats. 

A rather large lizard

Tasmanian Devil

We then were going to hold a koala but there was a huge queue and an extortionate price, so we went into the kangaroo area!

There was a lot of kangaroos of all sizes and they were there to feed and stroke!

There were also some emus there, which are super ugly. 

We left the kangaroo area after spending a while there and went to the sheepdog show. This just showed how a sheepdog does its job and was actually quite interesting. Plus, we got to meet the animals after of course!

We caught a bus to get to the city centre and once we arrived there we went to a Churro place where we had a fondu with chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, brownie and cinnamon churros. 

We caught the train home and were surprisingly tired!

We had a relaxed evening and Kim made pesto and cheese pasta for dinner. 

We are sleeping early today as we are up early tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 48 – Day 2: Brisbane – The Centre & Botanic Gardens

We woke up later than we planned but it was very nice!

Curtis watched hockey again and then we got ready and headed out. 

We first had to buy a ‘go’ card which is the travel card here in Brisbane. When we got our card, the guy at the station that we got it from was kind enough to explain the train lines and how things work, which was great! 

We got on the train to the city and we’re there in about 20 minutes. We got off the train an went for a bit of a wander in the city. There is a walking and bike track which is directly next to the Brisbane River so we walked on the for a little bit. This gave amazing views of the cityscape!

Shortly after, we found a coffee shop and grabbed a coffee and a cake!

We went from here to a few shops just to browse around.

We went to the Botanic garden after this. It seems to be a theme in Australia that all cities have Botanic gardens, but it was good! There were a lot of fountains and wildlife. We saw what we think was an eel in one of the lakes and there were a lot of lizards. There was also a random turtle!

To get back, we walked through ANZAC Park which had some cool elements.

We stopped at the shop for dinner items and then headed back on the train.

We got back and watched some TV then Kim made chicken and mushroom pasta with a creamy sauce. It was delicious!

We sat and watched a film, The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ which was fairly good but not amazing. 

We have awesome plans for tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 1: Brisbane ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – How A Sunday Should Be


After the stressful day we had the other day and then the 2 full on busy days, we decided to have a proper Sunday!

We woke up around 10:00 and then Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim relaxed and slept a little more. 

Once Curtis finished watching hockey, we got ready and then we got some breakfast and watched some TV. 

We watched some TV for most of the day just being lazy and then we walked to the supermarket and bought some things for dinner. 

Kim made chicken pesto pasta and we got a bottle of prosecco to celebrate Curtis getting a job!

We sat and watched a film and then watched a film. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 47 – Day 2: Byron Bay – Lighthouse Walk & Swimming

We got up early to go and do the lighthouse walk. The weather forecast said it was going to thunderstorm from 11:00 so we were expecting rain so we left whilst it was still nice.

Low and behold, the weather stayed lovely for most of the day! It was hot and that didn’t help with the 2.2km walk up to the lighthouse.

We had to go up a lot if steps and through some forest areas but the views were incredible!

We got to a stopping point which was the most easterly point of Australian mainland, which was a cool thing!

We went to the lighthouse just up from that point and it was beautiful! Amazing views and the lighthouse looked awesome.

We got back down to the bottom and went to the house to get changed to swimming gear as we didn’t think the weather would be as good as it was!

We got to the beach and headed right for the water. We got battered by the crazy big waves but it was great fun.

We then got our and dried off then we proceeded back to the house where we got our things to head out. Our host was kind enough to drive us to the bus stop. 

We got to the stop and were able to leave our bags with the bus company who were across the road. 

We left there and went for a coffee to kill the time. Kim had a mocha and Curtis had a cappuccino. They were delightful!

We got to the bus stop and boarded the bus for what we thought was a 2 hour journey. Because of time difference, it was actually 3 hours but this made no difference for us really.

We got to Brisbane and the coach stopped at the transit centre and we ordered an uber. The first driver parked across the road and we have a lot of large bags… He refused to come to us so he canceled and we had to get another.

The second guy turned up and was nice so we got a lift to our apartment. 

The guy had left the key outside and we were hoping it wasn’t stolen! Luckily, the key was there and we eventually figured out how to get in.

We dropped out stuff off and headed nextdoor to the supermarket to get some dinner items. We had some pasta, meat and mushrooms… Something quick and easy as we were so hungry!

We have no plans tomorrow so we will wake up whenever and just chill out. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 47 – Day 1: Byron Bay ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – Byron Beach & Meeting Up With Hayley


So, we got a bit of sleep… We were up again at 10:30 but felt pretty good and were ready to start the day!

We had a spot of breakfast and watched a TV show then we got ready and went to the beach. We walked a bit of a wonky way to find it (and saw a man having a poo against a tree) but got to Byron Beach eventually. The weather today (and tomorrow!) wasn’t great, but it didn’t stop us or anyone else!

We went to the beach and just walked along… The sea was freezing!

We walked for a bit and then went to the Central Street in Byron Bay for a bit of window shopping and just some general wandering.

We stopped at the Bottle Shop for a much needed bottle if wine (and a small bottle of Victoria Bitter) for this evening.

We got back and got some admin done then we went to meet our friend Haley who is doing an east coast tour and happened to be in Byron bay at the same time!

We bought a Domino’s and then met with Hayley to go to the beach. 

We found a quite area and ate our dinner with the sun setting around us. What a sunset it was!

The sun was reflecting of everything and even on the sand. It was a great view!

We left the beach and headed back to our apartment with Hayley and shared our wine and beer with her whilst just chatting and having a laugh!

Around 22:30 we walked Hayley to her hostel and then came back to get some more sleep!

We have more fun planned tomorrow and we also are leaving on a bus tomorrow, so more public transportation… Which makes sense given our car situation…


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 46 – Day 1: Gosford ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – Caused A Fire & Blew Up Our Car


What an interesting day!

We set off in the car around 05:40 after waking at 05:00. The plan was to take a 10 hour drive to Byron Bay…It certainly didn’t plan out that way!

We grabbed a Mcdonalds breakfast and made sure we hit the road again! 

We were driving perfectly, all being good, admiring the awesome hills around us and next thing we know, a couple of hours in, a large bang happens, a puff of smoke appears from the engine and we see something in our mirrors bouncing down the M1 smoking!

That certainly didn’t seem good!

We were hoping (though knowing full well that it wasn’t) it was a tyre, but low and behold, we got out and saw oil everywhere and then Kim decided to run down the motorway (on the shoulder) to look at what fell off and noticed that the part that had come out was the oil tank…The whole oil tank!

After phoning around to about 6 different companies, we managed to get a company to come and tow us. Whilst all of this was happening, we also had to call the fire department as one of our burning fragments from the car had made its way into the central reservation, which in the case of the M1 was all very dry bush, so had promptly started to set on fire! We were later told that it made the news… So that’s good, right?

The highway maintenance guys arrived and put the fire out, followed by the fire department who put copious amounts of dry soil on our large oil spill.

We waited for around an hour or so and then the town truck arrived. We had been informed that the engine was completely destroyed and was irreparable, but we could hope!

We got the tow with the lovely guy to a place called Gosford, which isn’t very far from Sydney so we basically got driven all the way back from where we came from!

When we got there, the very lovely mechanic took a look and confirmed the worst… A part in or near the oil tank had seized and basically exploded and made a hole pushing the oil tank out of the car and smashing up the engine whilst doing so… It was also apparently a small fire, too! We were actually lucky that the car had a firewall, otherwise this story would have been way more serious!

Anyway, we took all of our things out of the car and the mechanic said he would phone the wreckers as it was only repairable by a new engine which was obviously too expensive!

Interestingly, the wreckers didn’t even want it so he called a mate to crush it!

We were then given a small tour of Gosford (it’s a lovely place!) and dropped at the train station by the mechanic. He also then gave us $100 for the car, which helped offset the $275 fee for towing!

We then found out we had to buy tickets for the train online, so we had to do that! The train wasn’t leaving until 16:01 so we left our bags at the station and grabbed a Subway for lunch and some snacks for the journey. 

We eventually got on the train and, 10 hours or so later at about 02:30 we got off at a place called ‘Casino’ and took a bus from there to Byron Bay. Luckily the bus was included in our train ticket and was a coach so it was easy. 

We then had to walk about 15 minutes to where we are staying and we are now in bed at 05:21 looking forward to getting a few hours sleep, though we did get some in the train! 

All fun and games, eh? 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 45 – Day 14: Sydney – Room (mostly) Complete & Darling Harbour

We got the room pretty much finished today! Due to rain we couldn’t paint it all, but it is probably 85/90% complete which is a great achievement and feels great!

We finished this then went out (after the rain stopped!) to the centre where we met some friends and went for a walk.

We got some Mexican food which was incredible AND cheap! 

We walked to Darling Harbour and it was beautiful! The sun started to go down and created some amazing views! We saw a lot of former military boats including a submarine and 2 pirate style boats.

We walked the train station and got back, then we had to pack. We leave at 6am tomorrow, so we had to get everything sorted.

We had some carrot cake and a hot chocolate and then we’re off to sleep!

Oh! Curtis got a job! ๐Ÿ‘Š Woo! 


Mr & Mrs Hale