Place 49 – Day 113: Auckland – Split Shift

Kim’s Day;

Kim left for work at 06:00 and got to work on time.

She got to work and setup for breakfast and then moved furniture around outside.

Kim got all paper work ready for the checkouts and then completed all the checkouts!

After this, Kim then got ready for the two events she had today.

Kim had one ‘high tea’ for the afternoon, in which one person arrived on time and everyone else an hour later due to traffic!

Kim went on lunch and spoke with Curtis and saw a lot of dogs which she stroked, of course! For lunch, Kim had a flatbread from Subway.

After lunch, Kim setup the ballroom for the evening event and the client popped in to drop off some items.

The event was a 3 course meal for a birthday party and it went brilliantly! Everyone was very happy and had a good time and Kim was super organized.

Once the event was done, the rooms all had to be reset to how they were before.

Kim then had some dinner (potato salad?) and drove home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 09:45, showered and made a coffee and a hot crossed bun for breakfast and sat down ready to watch hockey at 11:00.

Curtis watched hockey and, at about 12:00, he had to do some work for next week in Wellington.

Curtis worked until 15:00 and then just played some games and chilled out as well as getting packed for net week.

Both of us;

When Kim got home she brought Curtis some chicken and rice from work so we sat with a beer and watched the Commonwealth Games with our flatmate before going to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 112: Auckland – Back To Playing Hockey!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started work at 10 but because she was late on a weekend day the other week she was really nervous about being late today so woke up way earlier. Kim then reset the alarm and snoozed for a bit.

Once Kim got into work she started on the admin she had to get done. She had a meeting in the afternoon about a wedding booking in December so she had to get ready for that.

Kim was also on call for the restaurant so if that got busy then she would help out.

Kim also had a few other admin related tasks to do so kept herself busy throughout the day with them. Mid afternoon Kim went into the ladies toilets and reattached a toilet seat.

Towards the end of her shift Kim spent a bit more time on floor running food.

On the way back from work Kim headed into the supermarket to grab a Katsu curry paste but couldn’t find any so Curtis made the brilliant suggestion of pizza so Kim went and picked up the pizza!!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had lay in today which was nice to have! He woke up and had some buttered toast for breakfast after he had a shower.

He played some games and watched some videos as well as getting two loads of laundry done!

Curtis got his hockey stuff sorted to go to his hockey game.

Curtis drove to the rink and started to get changed.

Curtis got his jersey with his name on today!

The team went out and started the game well, until the other team got a goal.

Curtis took two penalties, one because he was cross checked into the net so he reacted to that…The other was a slashing penalty.

The score was 3-0 to the other team, the Tigers, but Curtis’ team played very well, considering the score.

Curtis drove home and waited for Kim to come home.

Both of us;

Kim picked up a dominoes for us on her way home from work and when she got back we both had a chat with our flatmate’s parents who are visiting.

After this, we sat and ate our pizza, drank wine and caught up on some TV!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 111 & 8: Auckland & Wellington – Impromptu Dinner Date!

Kim’s Day;

Today was a day off for Kim! Woo!
She started her day as she meant to go on, doing nothing!

Kim didn’t manage to watch any TV last night so watched queer eye while eating breakfast and then spent a few hours just relaxing and doing nothing.

Mid afternoon Kim made a start on boring admin stuff. She had to do the banking and do tax stuff. This was time consuming and boring, but had to be done!

After this Kim treated herself to a game of fortnite.

Kim then headed out to help Nicola get another sofa for the living room. When she got there they tried fitting the sofa in her car but when that didn’t work they tried fitting it in Nicolas car, once through the boot and once through the door with the seats hidden away. No matter what they did they were not able to fit the sofa into either cars.

Nicola then called a friend for help and Kim set off to pick Curtis up from the airport. Halfway there she remembered that she was also giving Curtis work friend a lift too which meant she had to move the sofa cushions and back seats around in her car to fit everyone and their luggage in!

Kim then parked up in the pick up / drop off point and called Curtis because did not see her waving.
It’s nice to have him home again. Even if it is only for a few days!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis grabbed one of the incredible paninis again, along with a (XL) cappuccino! He then grabbed one coffee to go and got right to the client.

There were some issues to pickup but there were only a couple of things planned to do.

Curtis was given a room he could sit in and he worked through the items as well as sorting out the planned items.

Curtis had a Skype call with his new manager regarding his annual appraisal and then had to get to the airport.

Curtis got on his flight (with an upgrade to an exit row, again!) and got a free sandwich and coffee.

Both of us;

When Curtis landed, Kim came and picked him and Colten up.

We drove Colten home and had a chat with him and his girlfriend before heading to the city.

We stopped at Curtis’ work to get his car and for Curtis to get changed and then we walked to the city to find food.

We found a hotel restaurant which had incredible looking food for a decent price.

We both had the steak, which came with a jus, trio of carrot, baby kumara and a truffle butter. It was incredible.

We drove back home and moved a sofa upstairs to the living room before chilling out for the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 110 & 7: Auckland & Wellington – Curry Night!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had planned to head into work for 11, but woke up to a message that we had a person over to fix the fridge for 10:30-11. Kim then arranged to be in work a little later, at this point everyone just wants a working fridge!

The guy came by to fix the fridge and it took him 10 minutes to locate the issue, a snapped sire in between the wire holder, and fix it. After he had done this he ran a few tests to ensure that everything was running smoothly. The whole thing still cost less than it would for the official company call out fee!

Kim then headed into work about 30 minutes late. It was a good thing that Kim was in early for admin as her colleagues child wasn’t feeling well so needed to be picked up from school This just meant hat Kim manned reception for an extra few hours.

In the time between Kims proper reception shift at 2 Kim got a bit of admin done, this was mainly getting things ready for the power outage that is due to happen in the evening.

Come 2pm Kim was ready to go on reception and look over as restaurant manager too. Just before three she sat down for some lunch, it was a veggie and chorizo pasta.

Kim then spent the most of her afternoon balancing admin, check ins and restaurant. Luckily the restaurant wasn’t too busy so Kim was able to get a lot of admin done and just jump on bar when needed.

It was a nice and quiet shift where people either went home early or on time. Just before the end, Kim closed a little early and then was on shift all alone, waiting to hand over to the night porter. She then sat down and ate her dinner with her boss, which was nice.

Kim then got home and had a nice long chat with Curtis before watching an episode of queer eye.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went to the Cafe for breakfast again and then went right to client, getting there for around 09:00.

Curtis had some things to do from yesterday but got them sorted as well as speaking to a few people.

Once that was done, there were a few more areas left that needed to be migrated and the majority got completed today. It was a pretty productive day!

Curtis left at around 16:30 (having not had lunch!) and went back to the hotel and worked from 18:30-20:30 and then went out for dinner.

Colten and Curtis decided to get Subway again, but smelled an Indian place on the way so had a curry instead. Curtis thinks it was one of the best curries he’s had!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 109 & 6: Auckland & Wellington – Fridge Goes From Bad to Worse!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on the morning shift again!

She did the usual set up and got on with her day. Kim spent most of her day getting the regular admin done. During the mid morning Kim did an accidental and impromptu coffee lesson for one of the guys she works with. It was good fun to try to see how much in depth stuff Kim remembered from being taught many years ago when she started work at The Redbridge. It turns out it was quite a lot!

Kim took a phone call for a possible large booking which is very exciting!

At the end of her shift, Kim hung around for someone who got caught up in some traffic, those are the joys of one road in and out!

When Kim got home she relaxed and it was perfect! She was then texting a friend about a dessert that they had made and wanted Kim to try and then a few minutes later they had made dinner plans and she was on her way!

One she got there, Kim started dinner, just a simple pasta and meat sauce, nothing too exciting!

She bought over the wonderful dessert and a cider each! So the two of them just sat and talked for hours.

After a little while Nicola came home and joined in on the chatting! It was such a brilliant evening, nice and relaxing.

Nicola and Kim decided to try to give the fridge another go. It started up perfectly and was silent. Then 30 seconds later the beeping started again! Kim then started looking for parts for what they assume is broken where she came across a helpline. Kim called the helpline with the hope of being able to get them to listen and tell us which part needed to be replaced, unfortunately this was not the case and they have had to arrange for a technician to come out. The worst part is that won’t be until next Tuesday! This puts us all back in the same position of being fridge-less! At least we are making progress with getting it fixed!

Kim then relaxed a little more and had a chat with Curtis before heading to bed!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis started the day right with one of the bacon and egg paninis from the Cafe down the road and got right to work when he arrived at the client.

There was some things to finish up from last night and then a while large team to migrate, so that was the main focus.

Curtis sat with someone for 2 hours to answer done questions and then get on with the migrations.

For about an hour in the afternoon, Curtis got through some of the teething problems and then he and Colten went for ‘lunch’ at 17:00!

Curtis got a Subway again and then went back to the hotel and chilled out until 19:00 at which he started to work again, but not doing too much!

Tomorrow should be a less busy day but still busy none the less.

Also, there was a beautiful sky this evening in Wellington!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 108 & 5: Auckland & Wellington – A Busy Girls Night In

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went into work nice and early after waving Curtis goodbye.

She got all the usual reception and restaurant stuff ready and continued her day with the few check outs she had. Around mid morning Kim agreed to work a little later and stay on until 6 to cover in restaurant.

Kims morning went nice and smoothly, she had enough time to look into upcoming dates arrival times and things like that.

Kim then moved onto restaurant at 2, about an hour into her shift a couple had a look around the bar and asked to speak with someone in regards to a possible wedding booking! So Kim sat down with them and went through some of the things we could offer and gauged what sort of reception the couple were looking for. It was very interesting and exciting!

When Kim got home she noticed that the fridge had an alarm going off again, she managed to stop it constantly beeping but messaged her flatmate to let her know that the fix we tried of the night before didn’t work.

A few minutes after Kim got home Danielle was round as they had planned to get some of her wedding invites done. Before we could do that we needed sustenance so we got pizza!

When they got back from picking up the pizza their flatmate was home so she joined for pizza and then we made a start on the invites. We had a good little production line going until Danielle noticed that the folds provided for the invites didn’t align very well causing them not to fit together too well.

When Josh came to pick Danielle up he got us two bags of ice so we could try to keep our frozen food frozen while we defrosted the freezer. He also made a cable to connect the TV to the satellite, he is a wonderful magical person! The crazy thing to think is that f we hadn’t got to the we The Kings concert the other month that we never would have met them and that would be a terrible thing!

Danielle and Josh then headed home after some leftover pizza and dessert. Kim and their flatmate sat down and had a bit of a chat before Kim went to call Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 05:30 today and got ready, just in time to grab an UBER to the airport.

Curtis got to the airport and Colten was waiting for him there, so they checked in an dropped their bags.

They went right through security and up to near the gate where there was a cafe.

They both of a toasted ham and cheese croissant and a cappuccino.

The flight went to final call incredibly quick so Curtis had to down his coffee and get to the plane.

The flight was delayed so they got there a little later than expected but they did get a Mazda 3 upgrade!

Curtis and Colten went right to the client and got started.

Curtis worked flat out until about 15:00 when he and Colten went to get lunch and then got right back to work.

Curtis worked basically up until 22:00!

Tomorrow will be another big long day as the biggest department needs to be done so that may take all day by itself.

Curtis will be up around 07:30 tomorrow to get to the client in time, not before breakfast though, of course!

Oh! Curtis also found out that he will more than likely have to be down in Wellington for the next two weeks too…

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 107: Auckland – Basically a Plumber & Homemade Lasagne

We woke up and had the same breakfast as yesterday and then just relaxed for a few hours.

We then got ready and drove to Glenfield Mall to get some ingredients for our homemade lasagne! Whilst there, we grabbed a coffee from Coffix too and then went to the shops. We went to the Warehouse and bought some toothpaste among other items.

We made our way home and made a start on the Lasagne.

We made everything from scratch, other than the pasta sheets.

It took a while to cook and assemble, but we made it just in time for our friends to arrive.

Before they arrived, Kim noticed the sink was leaking and upon further inspection she noticed that the pipe was slightly undone so we rectified that quickly and continued with the evening!

They came bearing games but we ended up just playing UNO, along with trying to fix our fridge which kept beeping!

We put the Lasagne in the oven for 45 minutes and it was perfect! It was incredibly tasty and we would definitely have it again!


we were dishing up, our flatmate arrived so we all sat down and ate lasagne, followed by (an average) tiramisu.

We had bit of a chat and then Danielle and Josh left.

We got ready for bed and then played some fortnite.

Curtis is away in Wellington again for 4 days, so that will be long days again!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale