Place 49 – Day 127: Auckland – Indian Takeaway Night

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had an early start. She did the usual of setting up for breakfast and the outside furniture.

As it is a Sunday the breakfast starts at 7:30 rater than 7 meaning that Kim has a lot o time to get everything ready and set up for the day.

Today was a regular day, and everything went well, Kim took breakfast orders and did all of the check outs. One thing that did confuse Kim was when she saw the wedding couple walk through the front door who were meant to be staying the night at the hotel. They explained that they gave their room key to a groomsman who then took it away with him for the night and then took a flight the following morning!

By the end of her shift Kim had competed all the check ins for the afternoon as well! This meant the Kim had a very short handover to the evening receptionist and was on her way home!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 09:30 and made some breakfast and a coffee and chilled out.

At 11:45, Curtis started to watch the Leafs game. This was an elimination game if the leafs didn’t win, so it was all on the line!

Both of us;

The leafs won! The game came to a conclusion shortly after Kim arrived home so we had some time to spend together.

This time was spent doing a weekly shop. How fun! That being said, we did grab a coffee before we started shopping.

We got our shipping fairly quickly and drove home, followed by having an accidental 1+ hour nap!

Neither of us felt too great after, so we watched a TV show and then went and collected our Indian Takeaway.

Once we finished eating we sat and watched some more TV (including some with MAJOR plot twists!) and then made some lunch for Curtis for tomorrow as he is actually back in Auckland for a week at least so requires lunch.

Bed time. We’re both incredibly exhausted and Kim gets some extra sleep as she doesn’t start work until 14:00.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 126: Auckland – No Show

We both woke up at 08:45 and had some breakfast. We just had a toasted English muffin.

Kim’s Day;

Kim headed into work for 10 and got things ready for the two functions, one was of 12 and the other was of 19. Kim made sure that both of the tables were beautiful and everything was ready to go.

The smaller function was due to arrive before the larger but as time when by and the larger function got underway it became apparent that the smaller function were not coming. We held the table for 2 ours as they gave us a rough time. It was quite frustrating but this sort of thing happens!

The larger function was a successes! The birthday went well and everyone was fed and happy.

During the day someone from a previous function popped in for lunch and thanked everyone again for a wonderful time, which was really nice!

In the evening Kim spent her time keeping an eye on all of the sections.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis pretty much did nothing all day, which was nice though it was a little boring. Curtis is used to having a hockey game to play at the weekend but there isn’t one this week so it’s odd!

Curtis played a lot of Xbox and watched YouTube videos.

At some time after 16:00, Curtis went to get some dinner from the supermarket. Kim had said that there was a nice chicken katsu and rice meal there. Curtis looked crazy buying 3 of them, but they were only small and one was for Kim!

Curtis got these, went home and ate. He then waited for Kim to come home.

Both of us;

Kim got home at about 22:20 and she showered and then ate dinner. Whilst Kim ate, we watched the latest Suits episode and then went to sleep as Kim is up early again tomorrow to go to work.

Luckily, there is no airport run to do on Monday for the first time in a month!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 125 & 18: Auckland & Wellington – Last Flight Home from Wellington

Kim’s Day;

Kim had a doctors appointment in the morning. So she headed off, too early at 9:10, for that.

After she came home and had some breakfast and watched the final episode of queer eye! She then did a little research on flights and possible trips!

Kim then did all the boring housework, hoovering, dishes and all that fun stuff.

She then got ready and headed into work.

Once she arrived Kim started her day with a little back office stuff that took a few hours and then she prepared for a function that was on in the evening. She got herself well prepared!

The function went well, everyone was fed and happy, which is brilliant.
Kim then spent a bit of time setting up for the two functions that are on tomorrow!

She also then set up for breakfast service.

Kim then stopped at McDonald’s to grab some dinner to take home for Curtis and herself as the shops were closer so she couldn’t cook! What a shame!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis started the day with checking out. Curtis checked out and drove for his final breakfast at Carlton Cafe!

Curtis had pancakes with maple syrup, banana and bacon… There was far too much but it was delicious!

Curtis left here and drove to the client for the final time. He had to cover the helpdesk from 09:00-10:00 which was strange as he hasn’t had to do so for such a long time! Curtis got his teeth stuck into some problems from that and then went right back into finishing up for the client.

Curtis was sat in the ‘sunroom’ for the morning which gets all the sunlight and is very peaceful! That being said, Curtis got invaded by a lot of people so it ruined it a bit. Curtis then went and found another room.

Curtis didn’t have too much to do but had to write up a few emails to prepare the client for the future without him there and had to sort a few issues.

Just as Curtis was going to leave he got approached by a few people asking for help, which Curtis gave.

Curtis was able to get to the airport at almost a perfect time, having just enough time to grab a beer before the flight.

The flight was incredibly bumpy just after take off but much better after that and it even landed 15 minutes early!

Curtis got an uber home and then waited for Kim to come home from work.

Both of us;

Kim got home with our dinner, the finest McDonald’s, and we watched one TV show before heading to bed as Kim has work in the morning.

It’s nice for Curtis to be home… He’s home this whole week at least too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 124 & 17: Auckland & Wellington – Extra Work?!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was due to start at 11, so she woke u around 9:30 and saw a message asking if she could come in early. After getting a few things done around the house and getting ready, Kim only arrived to work 30 minutes early.

Kim then took over on reception, but still managed to get some back office stuff done. She also helped out in the restaurant because someone else called in sick.

For lunch Kim had a very delicious lamb wrap.

The day went pretty quick with Kim managing the restaurant and manning the reception desk. This went very well even through it was just Kim and a very new member of staff.

During happy hour Kim hopped on the bar to help out, and then went back on to reception to get some stuff done. At the end of her shift, Kim sat down with the new staff member and they ate their dinner of lamb wraps! Kim is all lamb wrapped out today!

Kim then drove home and had a nice chat with Curtis. He is finally coming home for more than two days this weekend and Kim s very happy about that as it has been a long 4 weeks with him away!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up and knocked the lamp off of the bedside table by accident, which certainly woke him up! Luckily, the lamp was fine so Curtis went about his day.

After showering and getting ready, Curtis drove to get breakfast.

Curtis had bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast along with a coffee. Curtis bought a Bundaberg at the end of breakfast too to take with him.

Curtis got right to work once he got to the client. He had been sent a lot overnight again so had to work on that.

Curtis was able to get the printer setup sorted today, too.

Due to getting the printer setup sorted, Curtis had to set these up on everyone’s laptop. Due to this, Curtis therefore had to remote in after 17:30 to do this. Whilst he was sorting the printers, Curtis installed some software for a telephone system. All in all it was about 2 or 3 hours extra work.

Curtis finished working around 21:30, just in time to write this and speak with Kim briefly before she drove home from work.

Once Kim got home, we both spoke to each other again and then went to sleep.

Tomorrow is Curtis’ last day in Wellington!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 123 & 16: Auckland & Wellington – Wine Evening

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a morning shift so went through the normal process of setting up for the day. It was a relatively normal shift, all of the check outs went well and left relatively early. This meant that Kim had a bit of a chance to get some more of the back office stuff she started yesterday done. She also spent part of the morning running around rooms fixing stuff.

Around mid to late morning Kim had some breakfast which was poached eggs on a muffin with hollandaise sauce. It was very tasty.

Kim then welcomed a party of 7 and spent an hour or so looking after them and then stayed on shift for an hour later because someone was running a little late. This was nice good because it meant that Kim was able to see the booking of 7 from sitting them down to their desserts.

Kim then headed home but made a stop at the supermarket to buy stuff for tonights dinner. Kim had a couple of colleagues around for dinner. She made them the lime chicken she made the other day, with wedges and a beetroot, feta, carrot and spinach salad.

We then sat and laughed for the whole evening, it was a much needed girly night and absolutely lovely!

Kim then obviously had a chat with Curtis and then headed to bed.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had eggs benedict for breakfast this morning and then got to the client for 09:00.

Curtis had a PC to configure so he did that and finished it at around 10:00.

Curtis had to speak with the US on the phone for something for a client and once that was done he configured 2 laptops.

Curtis then had some issues to sort and also looked into a changing the printer setups, which took a couple of hours by itself.

Curtis got back to the hotel and chilled out until 17:30 when he had some work to do. At about 18:45, he walked to KFC to get some food.

At 19:15, Curtis had some more work to do so did that and then chilled for the rest of the evening.

Curtis spoke with Kim about our days and then went to sleep!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 122 & 15: Auckland & Wellington – Early Finish

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start so she treated herself to poached eggs on an english muffin with hash browns, it was very tasty.

She then relaxed and even played a game of Fortnite.

Kim then got ready and headed into work. She spent the afternoon checking people in and getting a few back office things done. She managed to actually spend most of the evening getting things done and not being on the restaurant or bar.

During her shift Kim had a brilliant family come in for drinks and chips and the little dude who was 16 months kept everyone very entertained. He would follow every waitress around and had a great big smile on his face the whole time, we were all totally distracted by the cuteness!

She even managed to finish 20 minutes early! Then Kim sat about and had dinner, it was lamb shoulder and salad again and totally delicious.

Kim then went home and had a chat with Curtis before heading to sleep as she is on the morning shift tomorrow.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 07:30 and drove to his breakfast Cafe! For breakfast, Curtis had a bacon club sandwich.

After breakfast, Curtis drove to the client and got right to work. A few problems came in overnight/in the evening so Curtis had to work on these.

Before he knew it, the day was over and he was heading back to the hotel.

When he got back, Curtis couldn’t work again until 17:30 and he had just a little bit of work to do.

Curtis finished the work after about 1.5 hours and then just chilled out. He ordered some Greek food which was OK.

Curtis spoke with Kim briefly when she finished work and then ironed the remainder of his shirts.

Curtis spoke with Kim again before bed.

For some reason, Curtis is really tired this evening!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 53 – Day 121 & 14: Auckland & Wellington – One Last Week & Quizzin’ Again!

Kim’s Day;

Kim took Curtis to the airport, again and then headed home to go back to sleep. Hopefully this will be the last time she has to do this for a while, its been a long time since they spent a full week together.

She woke up later in the morning to have a FaceTime call with her family. It was so lovely to see and talk to them, Kim misses them a lot.

Kim then got ready for the day and headed out to pick up Tabitha who she was having some lunch / brunch with. It was nice to catch up and eat nice food. Kim had a bacon and egg sandwich, it was delicious! Kim then gave her a lift to the airport, its apparently a fun place to drive to twice in one day!

She then headed home again and settled in to watch some TV. As it is a Monday and Kim has a day off, it can only mean one thing – QUIZ NIGHT! Kim set off a few hours before to pick Danielle up and go window shopping. So the girls spent about an hour walking around the shops and looking at nice things. Towards the end Danielles mum joined us and then we headed to the quiz when Josh arrived.

We all sat down and ordered our food and waited for the quiz to begin. At 5 to it looked like there were some technical difficulties as the laptop was not connecting to the projector. I the end it took 40 minutes, a ladder on a table and lots of emotional support for the nice quiz man to get the quiz underway! We skipped the first round and didn’t dally around with the rest of the quiz. For dinner Kim ate a pesto chicken pasta and then a caramel chocolate tart, which came with no caramel!

All in all we had a lovely evening and then we all headed home!

Kim then had a nice chat with Curtis before heading to bed, its been a fun filled day with loads of lovely people!!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to the airport with Kim, said his goodbyes, and went into the airport.

Curtis checked his bag and grabbed a McDonald’s breakfast quick before going through security.

The airport was actually a little busy today, but Curtis got to the gate with about 10 minutes until boarding.

Once he got on the plane, he was pretty much asleep from the get go!

Curtis got to Wellington and got his car (a Yaris this time…) and drove to the client. He was incredibly tired and looking forward to getting a coffee there!

When Curtis arrived, it turned out that the barista was off sick, so no coffee! Luckily, someone there was going out so bought Curtis a cappuccino!

Curtis was there for about 5 hours and had some work to get done in the evening so he left then.

Curtis checked into the hotel and chilled before doing some more work until about 19:30. Luckily the main brunt of the work is almost done!

Curtis ordered Japanese food and it was delightful!

Doesn’t look great but was amazing!

Curtis ate this and just chilled for the evening.

Less than a week and Curtis is finally home! (at least for a week!).

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale