Place 49 – Day 2: Auckland – Arriving at Our Current ‘Home’ 

At least for the first month, we will be staying with a family and be doing some help around the place as well as helping with the kids.

We left the hotel at 10:00 and got an uber to the house we are staying at. We left our bags and headed to small town nearby to get breakfast. We found a place called ‘Bunglo’ which was a small Cafe. We had a Mochaccino each which was very coffee-ee and Curtis had ‘The Bunglo’ which was a big breakfast with a lamb sausage, bacon, hash brown, egg, toast, mushrooms & tomato. Kim had French toast with bacon and it was massive! Both breakfasts were huge and tasty, but neither of us could eat it all!

We walked around and went down the Chelsea heritage park walk which was beautiful and was a forest walk. We went past a sugar refinery and got an awesome view of the city.

Our host got to the house and we had some pizza and then we played with the kids and talked about what we are doing here and the plans etc. It has been good fun so far!

The house has some amazing views of the city!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 49 – Day 1: Auckland 🇳🇿 – An Exciting Year Ahead! 

🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿Kia Ora!🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿

We woke up and Kim went out to get some breakfast. We had  a pain au chocolate with strawberries whilst watching some TV. 

We showered and did the last bit of packing then we left to grab an Uber to the airport. 

We were flying from Gold Coast Airport, rather than Brisbane, so we left around 13:00 and got there about 14:15. 

The airport is very swanky and new looking! 

We sorted out our bags and used the machine to check in, then we headed to the oversized baggage counter to check in the ice hockey kit. They were kind enough to do all of our bags at the same time, so that made it easier! We headed through security and grabbed some food at Red Rooster, which was pretty scrumptious! 

We sat and ate whilst playing some UNO. We then went to the international departure area, but it was closed! They eventually opened it and we went through a liquid security check and then we got to our gate and waited. 

We got on the plane (late!) and it was new and fancy! The seats are nice and comfy and, better still, we had a whole row to ourselves! 

The flight was just 2hrs 55mins, but we got to Auckland at around 23:15. 

We are staying at a hotel for tonight due to the late arrival, just by the airport, so we got a free shuttle bus to the hotel and plan to just sleep until checkout tomorrow! 

In case you didn’t know, we’ve decided to live in New Zealand for a year, Auckland specifically, so we will be here for a year. Curtis got an IT Support Job and Kim is looking to do some Au Pairing as well as getting a pub job or something similar. Curtis has signed for an ice hockey team in the BHL/FHL in Auckland also so he will be doing that whilst in Auckland! 

It’s an exciting time and a great opportunity for us… We’re very excited, why not keep reading our blog to see what we get up to? 

We can confirm that, just because we are living in NZ and not traveling, this doesn’t mean we won’t do awesome things and therefore the blog will still be uploaded daily!

Who says we finish traveling after a year in NZ? 😉


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 8: Brisbane – Final Day

Today is our final day in Brisbane!

We did very little to celebrate… We traded in our ‘go’ cards (for public transport) yesterday to get our deposit and remaining balance back, so we couldn’t really go into town without spending a lot of money.

We woke up late and watched some TV whilst eating breakfast, then we did a lot of admin for a few hours. 

We went to the supermarket to find some dinner, so we had a Lasagne and bought some beers. 

We then had hardcore packing session, where we had to completely re configure our bags because… We’re taking a flight! We haven’t had to do that for about 2 months… It feels weird!

We leave tomorrow in the evening but will be leaving the apartment around 12:00.

See you on the other side!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 7: Brisbane – South Bank Christmas Market & A Burger 

Curtis watched hockey this morning then we went out with Jake again to South Bank where we visited the Christmas market. There is a man made beach which was put there due to a vote from the public on what they want there. It is also an outdoor beach cinema, too!

We walked around the Christmas market and then we went into the city centre, just over the bridge, then we walked around some shops just having a browse.

We found a place to grab some food and we went for dinner! We got the pub called ‘The Guilty Rogue’ and it was rather loud, but looked like the food was good!

We each got a burger and it was well made and not bad quality! Curtis got a pulled pork burger and Kim got a chicken burger.

We went for a bit of a walk around again and saw some sights… We saw a napalese temple and the Christmas market at night which was beautiful. We also went to the botanical gardens at night. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 6: Brisbane – Buggy Breakfast & Cleveland Point 

We woke early to get on a train to the centre to meet with Hayley one last time before she heads up the coast!

We found a cafe and went for breakfast there. Curtis had a big breakfast which had onion rings with it for some reason and, we later noticed, a fried bug also, which looked delicious! (though we did get the meal free because of it!) Kim had french toast which also came with scrambled egg. There was a lot of food (and a cappuccino each, of course) and it was very nice!

We ssat had chatted for a while and then we took Hayley back to her hostel and got back home for about 10:45. Curtis watched hockey and Kim relaxed and went in the pool.

We then met with another friend who was over from England, Jake, and he had a car so he drove us to Cleveland Point, about. 30 minute drive from us and we sat and had a drink and just chatted about life and caught up with what he was doing. We were with him for a good few hours and had a great time!

We got back home and had leftover stir fry for dinner whilst watching the apprentice and then we watched the film ‘Why Him?’.

Not long left in Brisbane!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 5: Brisbane – Beer With Friends, Swimming & Star Wars! 

We actually slept for a decent amount of time today! That being said… We did wake up at 06:00 due to Curtis having a nosebleed, but we soon got back to sleep and slept until 11:00.

We got up and had a lazy morning and then Hayley came over for some lunch and some beers! We had chips and dips whilst having a chat on the balcony.

We finished lunch and then headed down to the pool and had a swim. There was a wonderful little girl in the pool who quickly became attached to Kim, so she was having a great time!

We left the pool and had another drink and then Hayley had to head out and we went to get some things from the shop for dinner. 

Kim made a chicken stir fry which was great and then we left to go to the cinema!

It turns out, we have a cinema just 5 minutes from us, so we went down and watched the new Star Wars film… Like a mini date night! The film was pretty good, thiugh a little confusing at times… As is Star Wars!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 48 – Day 4: Brisbane – Australia Zoo! 

We went to Australia Zoo!

We were up at 06:30 and then realised it was a bit too late so we had to run to the train station!

We took the train to the centre and got a greyhound bus to the zoo and got there about 15 minutes before it opened.

We waited around patiently for the zoo to open and then we were one of the first through the gates!

We met a really nice guy who worked at the zoo who told us the best route, so we walked all the way to the ‘Africa’ area, which took about 15 minutes.

We got to the area and were informed that part of the walkway was closed but we would get driven to the other part. 

We saw giraffes, zebra and rhino’s in the Africa part. These giraffes were especially huge!

We then were taken to the meerkats which were sponsored by CompareTheMarket! Incredibly hilarious! They were inquisitive as ever and were fun to watch!

Fairly close to the Africa area was ‘Bindi’s Island’. This had roaming lemurs & some other animals. We saw the lemurs as well as a rather large turtle!

We left this area and went and saw some koalas and kangaroos. We were able to stroke them too!

We stopped by to see the Tigers after this and they were incredibly fun to watch! They were playing a lot of the time and we got some great photos!

We saw the crocodiles and then went and got some lunch and sat waiting for the main show at the zoo!

The show is in a 5000 seat stadium and showcased birds, snakes and of course, the crocodile!

This crocodile was absolutely huge! This show is the very same the Steve Irwin used to perform. The crocodile was fed as well as the handler showing the crocodile’s reaction to getting in the water etc. It was a great show that lasted around 35-40 minutes!

We left the show and looked at some other animals whilst we waited.

We got to the tiger area for the tiger show nice and early, which was lucky as the place filled up fast! This was a similar show to the crocodile show, where the tiger was fed but they also got him to do some cool different things, one of which was him running up a tree!

We saw a few more animals and then went to the animal hospital. We paid for the $2 sneak peak which allows you to see through some windows into the hospital and see animals being treated as well see some of the sick animals. They have film playing too from TV shows that Steve Irwin did so we sat and watched those for a bit.

We got the free bus back to the train station and then took the train to central. That wasn’t before not having enough money on our cards, which we knew, so we had to top up. We got one done but the other wouldn’t accept $50 notes so we had to run to the service station to change the note up! We managed to get back and top up just in time, though the machine had changed to Vietnamese for some reason!

We got to central and planned to grab a train home, but we decided to go out for dinner instead! We went to Nando’s and it was tasty…And much cheaper than the UK too!

We finished up our food and came home, then watched a movie called ‘Girl’s Night’.. This was a typical girl comedy thing…It was adequate.

Looking forward to our lay in tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale