Place 49 & 50 – Day 64 & 1: Auckland & Greymouth 🇳🇿 – Auckland to Christchurch to Hokitika to Greymouth

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up and out the house nice and early. Before she left she said goodbye to Curtis, who was still half asleep, as he is gone for the whole week!

Once Kim got to work, she did the usual of helping set up the restaurant and bar and getting the hotel ready for the day. This could be Kim’s last day of being assisted behind the reception and is going it alone from now on!

One of the first things Kim got done was to contact people checking in today to check for their time of arrival.

Kim had to learn another couple of processes throughout the day. She also put a couple of test spreadsheets together and responded to emails.

During the lunch rush Kim ran some food and took some orders. It wasn’t too bad as we had the cutest of guests outside today!

Kim then headed home at the end of her shift and then lounged around for the evening. She made herself dinner in the later evening but just mooched for the rest. Nice and relaxing, a little lonely, but relaxing!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up later than usual, around 06:50.

Curtis got some breakfast and then began to work. He worked from home as he had to go to the airport.

At about 10:30, Curtis got an Uber to the airport. Curtis arrived there at 11:20, which was much earlier then he planned for be at least it wasn’t late!

Curtis had a flight at 14:00 but was able to check his bag in when he arrived and went straight to the food court. It was the domestic terminal so it wasn’t very big but it was doable and not very busy. For lunch Curtis got a McDonald’s, ate that and then headed through security which didn’t take long.

Once Curtis was through it was just a waiting game…He had about 2 hours to kill!

Curtis bought a coffee and sat and watched the planes as well as replying to some work emails.

Curtis eventually got to board and was on the first plane to Christchurch!

On board, Curtis got a complimentary cookie and coffee!

Curtis landed in Christchurch and made his way to the next gate, as there wasn’t a huge amount of time.

Curtis sat in departures again and waited for the next plane. Curtis boarded the plane and it was a plane with propellers! It was tinybut not full by any means. There was a trainee cabin manager too, who was doing well!

Curtis landed in Hokitika and the airport was basically a house!

Curtis got his bag (which just appear on a cart outside?!) and made his way back inside to pickup is rental car.

Curtis was meant to get a small hatchback but instead was given an upgrade and got a Ford Ecosport!

Curtis drove from Hokitika to Greymouth which was an easy drive, then he checked in.

Curtis’ apartment is huge but the wifi is pretty iffy so that’s a bad thing!

Curtis video chatted with Kim, which had to be done in the car park due to the poor wifi!

Once that was done, Curtis tried to get the wifi sorted, which he did a little, and then he went out to find some food. There was basically nothing open, so Curtis went to the supermarket and got a drink and a ready meal and some croissants for breakfast.

Curtis did manage to make a few detours and get photos of some cool stuff!

Curtis got back and had his dinner, which was ok, and texted Kim. The wifi was working better but not great so Curtis did some Ironing with the worst iron and Ironing board ever!

Tomorrow, Curtis is at the client who is just a 5 minute drive away. We’ll, he will be there providing the cyclone doesn’t get him!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 63: Auckland – Last Day Before Business Trip!

We both woke up at 09:30 and then had some breakfast. Kim had work at 11:00 so she had to get ready, whilst Curtis only got ready to take Kim to work.

Curtis then dropped Kim off at work. There was traffic due to a lot of tourists and a house & cart!

Kim’s Day;

Kim was on reception when she got in today. This meant she was in the way but trying hard! As this was her first proper normal restaurant shift Kim was still getting to grips with the menu and struggled a bit. Hopefully she was of some use!

She cleared tables, took orders and ran drinks.

At 14:00, Kim sat down at reception but still had her head in restaurant mode, it took a solid 10 minutes to transfer over and remember what this part of he job was about.

Kim spent her evening checking people in to their rooms and helping the guests with queries that they had.

She printed off many boarding passes for people heading home and added a few new bookings on to the system.

It was a good evening and Kim was pretty happy with how it went.

Curtis’ Day;

When Kim left, Curtis got his and Kim’s shirts ironed. Curtis only ironed his a little as they’ll need to be done again anyway.

Once Curtis finished with this, he packed for his trip tomorrow!

After he had done all of this, it was almost time for the Leafs’ game!

Curtis set the game up on the TV and watched that until 16:00. Curtis also checked in for the flights he has tomorrow.

Curtis made himself some dinner around 17:30. For dinner, he made a Mish Mash dinner of 2 chicken burgers (with BBQ sauce, of course!), pepper, tomatoes and buttered mushrooms.

Curtis at his food and then just played Xbox until he had to pick up Kim from work at around 22:15.

Both of us;

We got home and Kim had a shower and then it was straight to bed!

Curtis is working from home until around 11:00 which is when he will get an UBER to the airport.

Kim is planning to go in a little early so will be waking up at 05:00!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 62: Auckland – 1st Birthday Party

We woke up around 09:30 and chilled in bed for a bit. It was nice to get a lay in!

We got ready and then went out for breakfast. We went to Corelli’s, which we have been to for drinks before but not food.

Kim got an iced mocha and Curtis got a rather large cappuccino!

We eventually got our food. Kim had buttermilk hotcakes which were much more like a regular cake and were very stodgy!

Curtis had eggs Benedict with salmon, but it was meant to be smoked salmon which was a little disappointing.

After breakfast we came home before going back out again. We went to where we previously lived to attend the 1st birthday party of one of their children!

We had a good time chatting with all the people there and seeing the family again, it was really good to see them and catch up!

We left the party around 16:30 and drove home.

We got home and had no plans, so we just watched TV and played games.

We went out to the shop and bought some food for today and tomorrow.

We got back and chilled out some more and then our host said that they wanted to watch Cars 2, so we went up to watch that! We had leftover BBQ food from our hosts which was a really nice thing for them to do for us!

We watched the whole film then came to bed and watched some Peaky Blinders, as well as a whisky, of course!

Tomorrow, Kim is working 11:00-22:00, so that is a long day! Curtis will be packing his things for his trip on Monday!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 61: Auckland – Jumanji

Kim’s Day;

Today was a day off for Kim! This means her day was pretty uneventful!
For the morning Kim lazed about and did nothing in a hurry.

In the afternoon Kim piped the chicken in a marinade and then headed out to the shop to grab a few more things did dinner.

She decided that she would do the Chinese lemon chicken again because it was so tasty last time, so we needed oil, spring onions and rice.

When she got back she started preparing the dinner by grating the carrots and chopping up the veggies.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and attempted to finish off the laptop he had to sort out and this took another few hours. Once completing, he then had to sort out some admin for next week’s site visits, but there were some issues with that so that took longer than expected!

Curtis then walked down to the client with all the laptops (6 of them!) and completed the setup there and helped with some issues.

Curtis left an hour early as he didn’t have lunch. Unfortunately, a bus broke down on the only road into our town so Curtis was in traffic and didn’t get home until the time he would have anyway!

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Kim was making our lovely lemon chicken dinner, which turned out perfectly!

We ate, washed up and then drove to Avondale to pick up something from Curtis’ boss. We decided that whilst we were there, we might as well make an evening of it!

We met up with our new friends and went to the cinema! We planned to watch Black Panther but it was all sold out, so we watched Jumanji instead and that was a solid choice! A very funny and well made film.

We left the cinema and popped to the supermarket and then we stood in the car park and had a chat and then we drove home.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 60: Auckland – Into The Semis & Managing a Restaurant Shift!

Kim’s Day;

It was a late start for Kim today so she took it nice and easy in the morning.

It was Kim’s first evening managing a restaurant shift. This meant Kim had to shadow two smaller functions that we had, and organise the bar and restaurant.

During Kim’s shift she also assisted with a check in when the receptionist was preoccupied, this gave a pleasant sit down rest from the bar for 10 minutes!

After the shift Kim sat down and had some mushroom risotto with some of the staff. She could only manage about 1/3 because it was so rich and tasty! Too tasty and appetising to even grab a photo of it.

Kim boxed up the rest and took it home as a late night snack for Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and still had the laptops to do from yesterday, but also had a lot of work for the site visits next week, so that took up Curtis’ whole day!

He had issues with 2 of the laptops which didn’t help and then wasn’t able to deliver them to the client as expected.

He did manage to get information from the places he will be visiting next week which helped, but he was looking to get guidance on what is happening next week as well as setup some accounts before hand, but didn’t have time to get around to it!

Tomorrow, Curtis will have to really knuckle down and get stuff sorted to be ready for travel on Monday!

Curtis then came home and had some instant noodles for dinner then played Xbox before leaving to the ice Rink. Curtis’ team had to win to get into the semi finals, and win they did!

They actually managed to win 8-2 and that put them top of the playoff wildcard table!

Curtis was all over the ice in this game and had a lot of shots, but unfortunately no goals.

Curtis is unable to play next week as he is away, but hopefully the team can get the wins to put us in the final!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 59: Auckland – CRM training & Double Shift

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up and out early.
She helped set up the outside of the restaurant and then set up the reception desk for the day.

Kim dealt with most of the check outs today which is good. It means that soon she should be allowed to be in reception by herself.

Kim organised for a plumber to come and fix a few things across two rooms.
Kim then set the reception up for the afternoon, did a check out and headed home.

On the way home Kim made a quick stop to grab a multi bag of Maltesers as a Valentine’s Day gift for all the staff.

Kim got home, freshened up and then made some noodles to eat.

She also put together a little baguette sandwich for a lady at work who was working a full shift.

Kim then got changed and graded back into work!
When she got in she milled about and observed the set up and organisation of Valentine’s Day.

Kim then set up a welcome poster and checked in a few guests.

She was then assigned to be the person who met and greeted all of the couples dining with us. Kim would also be responsible for giving out the bubbly and setting each couple up on the system.

Throughout the night Kim took a few orders, ran food and helped behind the bar.

It was a good fun and tiring shift.
At the end of the shift Kim sat down with a coworker and had a nice chat over the free staff pizza.

It was a long, interesting and fun day!

Curtis’ Day;

Yet again, the traffic was bad this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining.

Curtis got to work and put on a pot of coffee!

Curtis had a lot of work to do, so he began on that, as well as some laptop setups.

At 11:30, Curtis went to a client to pick up a couple of laptops, which turned out being about 1 hour 45minutes of work as he helped out some people there with their issues.

Curtis got back to the office about 14:00/14:30 and had lunch, so he only had about an hour left of work.

After lunch, Curtis sat with a colleague and learned a bit about creating CRM forms, which was interesting and more to do, but something different!

Curtis finished off the day and drove home. He got home and Kim was out.

Curtis just played Xbox whilst Kim was out at work. Curtis also had leftover meatballs for dinner.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 58: Auckland – Girl’s Night

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off so had a lovely long lie in.

She then spent her day relaxing by watching TV and playing fortnite. It was nice to just relax.

In the afternoon Kim prepared a few little snacks for a girly night in she was going to in the evening.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had more traffic again this morning, with it taking about 40-45 minutes, which is much longer than usual!

Curtis got to work and cracked right on with some laptop builds he had to do.

Curtis was very busy during the day, which is good. He went to get fuel at lunch (as well as milk for the office) and then got back to work.

After lunch, Curtis got an uber down to a client and spent about an hour there to complete setup for some of their laptops and took back some other laptops to the office.

Once he got back to the office, there was a little bit of time left in the day and he got a few phone calls to deal with.

Curtis drove home in pretty good time.

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Kim made sausages & potatoes with peas for everyone here. It was delicious. Really good sausages.

Once dinner was done, Kim had to leave as she had an evening out with work colleagues! Curtis just played Xbox whilst Kim was out.

Kim’s Evening;

When Kim left after dinner she popped to the shop to grab a few last minute things and headed to pick up her friend.

They then drove to the other friends house where they played board games, ate food and had a good old chat.

As it’s a work night Kim planned to be heading back at 10. They did actually end up leaving the house at 12! Time does fly when you’re having fun and eating food!


– Mr & Mrs Hale