Place 6 – Day 31: Rome – Burgers 🍔

We were told about some amazing big burgers for sale in a shop for 3.50€, which couldn’t be resisted! These burgers were so good! With mayo, ketchup, lettuce, cheese  and tomato. So good and cheap too! We went to get these at around 3 after work. This was by the Vatican. 

We went for a bit more of a walk and then went to the shop to buy whisky for the Leafs playoff game tonight, and as a nice Salut to Curtis’ Grandpa’s birthday. 

Ciao, Ken ❤️

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 30: Rome – WiFi 📶 & Tiramasu 🍰

Last night, we headed out for some tiramisu from a shop called ‘tiramisu Zum’.

Today, Curtis was working in the morning and Kim in the evening. Curtis was actually on reception for about 20-30 minutes, before being asked to help sort out the wifi! They wanted the wifi extended throughout the floors, but it turns out they way they want to do it is not how Curtis would do it, so he did it that way instead. 

Curtis was still working on the wifi, but ended up getting complained at for not cleaning too, even though he had to do the wifi.. All confusing! 

Curtis ended up cleaning for about 2 hours and found some tequila in the process! 

At about 7:30 Curtis, Josh and Christian went for a walk around Rome, just pretty much everywhere. 

Afterwards, it was just a case of relaxing with friends and complaining that work is happening again tomorrow! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 29: Rome – Catacombs 

Last night we just relaxed with Alice, Josh & Donny from the US, Paul from the UK, Andras from Canada and Rosa from Argentina! It’s nice to just have some company from different places. 

Today was our day off for the week, so we wanted to go to the catacombs, as it’s shut on Wednesdays which is our normal day off, so we took the opportunity to go! 

It was a 1 hour 14 minute walk to the catacombs and it was a lovely walk! 

It was 27°C today, which took us by surprise and taking jackets wasn’t a good idea! 

The catacombs was only €8 per person and we got a tour in English, which helped to understand what everything was. 

It was a really cool experience, getting to see the burial caves, but the only problem was it was a little rushed. The tour guide was from the Philippines and was very pleasant and funny. 

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos, but we got some of things we saw on the way, such as a pyramid (see below)! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 28: Rome – Night Out & Walks

Last night, we went out with some friends here at the hostel for some drinks and a walk! 

We went for some food at an Italian restaurant (of course!) and we then went to a Scottish pub for some drinks, and ended up playing beer pong! 

We walked to the Spanish Steps, too, as well as the Spanish Steps! 

We had a great night! But we had to get up for work today!! 

We finished work today and went to do laundry, and once that was done we went out for a walk, with the intention of going to a cheaper shop, but it was closed! 

We then found a shop to get some wine (€12 for 3!) and now we’re just chilling out! 

This chatting with other people thing is good fun! Day off tomorrow! Catacombs it is! 


-Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 27: Rome – They’ve Left

Our friends have left!

Most of our friends have left the hostel now, so it’s quite odd that we’re now back to having no-one here.

Last night, whilst Kim was working, Curtis was chilling and chatting with the same suspects, as well as some German girls and a girl from the US.

Randomly, a beautiful rendition of ‘Oh Canada’ broke out, which Curtis joined in on, which was awesome! The only problem was that it was around 00:00, so we all got told off!

Our friends went off to Trevi Fountain at around 2am, so they could see it in the dark, which is meant to be really awesome.

Curtis watched the Leafs get into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which was awesome!

Curtis may be going onto reception this week, which will be good fun! We think we’ll go to the beach, too.


– Mr and Mrs Hale

Place 6 – Day 26: Rome – EPL Playoffs

Curtis felt way better after having a 14 hour sleep last night, and Kim was on the evening shift so she was able to sleep for a bit longer!

It was a standard shift for Curtis today, other than having a room covered in blood because someone cut their head open on a night out!

Curtis was able to find a good amount of change today, which was a result! €1.25!

Curtis purchased the EPL Playoffs stream, so was able to watch the 8-3 win for MK and the 3-2 loss for the Bison.

2 more games tomorrow, the U20s (may not be able to watch because work) and the final between MK and Telford.

Tonight, there is more important leafs to watch, and some relax time with our Canadian and American friends!


– Mr and Mrs Hale

Place 6 – Day 25: Rome – mini-parties!

Today, work was the same times as yesterday, Curtis in the morning and Kim in the evening.

Last night, we spent most of the evening and night having a laugh with a large group of us, from all over the world!

We had Canadians, Americans, British, Australian, Kiwi and at one point, Romanian!

It was nice to, again, be social and just sit around chatting, finding out about others and having a laugh! It’s what traveling is all about!

Curtis stayed up until 5am watching hockey with a guy from Pittsburgh, but Curtis then had to get up at 6:30/7 for work!

As a result, he felt awful today, and had a 4 hour nap after work, and then woke up for about an hour, showered and went to bed! Hopefully, he’ll be better tomorrow, as work was definitely a struggle for him today!

Kim made some lovely pasta for lunch, and had some pesto pasta for dinner, too!

We were given free rolls with Ham and Cheese in today, and found some free cereal and an orange! Win Win!


– Mr and Mrs Hale

Place 6 – Day 24: Rome – Back to Work & Relaxation

Today, Curtis was back on cleaning from 7-15 and Kim is working 15-23 on reception.

We’ve been speaking with a few people that we were speaking with last night, too.

We’ve been speaking with Josh from the US, Pittsburgh, to be specific, and also Paul from the UK!

It’s nice now that the hostel is filling up, so we have people to chat with & chill with, rather than being anti-social.

We are finding it really interesting to see where people have been, where they’re going and what they suggest! We may even be able to stay with Josh in the US when we go!

The hostel has a much nicer atmosphere now and it seems to make us more relaxed, too.

We even had dinner with a few people last night, which was a nice touch!


– Mr and Mrs Hale

Place 6 – Day 23: Rome – Free Stuff is Great

Today was our day off..most of which was spent with sleeping. We slept until around 11:30, and we had breakfast and went for a walk. 

We walked to the Vatican and found some nice stuff to see. 

We had some nice lunch, had a lovely panini type thing, which was lovely. Ham, cheese and tomato! 

This afternoon/evening, we’ve spent our time at the hostel drinking free beers and free wine, relaxing chatting with people from;

Argentina, USA, NZ and the UK. 

It’s been so nice chatting with everyone, finding out about them, places to go and what they’re doing etc. 

All fun and games! Still need to get food, though..


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 6 – Day 22: Rome – Thunder & Lightning 

Work was busy for Curtis… 66 people checked out today! He had to tend to pretty much every room, which was nice as it made time go fast! 

Kim met a Danish couple yesterday and Curtis was introduced to them, but after yesterday’s 12 hour work, I decided I couldn’t be bothered with Danish, which was a shame. 

After work today we went for a walk, and saw some nice random buildings. 

Unfortunately, it started raining, as well as Thunder and lightning.. So nice little thunderstorm! We were wearing trousers, but no jackets! Let’s say it was a little wet! 
We’re now back to the hostel, and we’re going to have some pasta and relax. 

Plus, day off tomorrow! We have a few ideas as to what we’ll do, but first off, sleeping is the plan! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale