Place 49 & 52 Day 89 & 4: Auckland & Dunedin – Wrapping It Up

Kim’s day;

Today Kim had a late start but decided to do something useful with her morning and hung the new curtains. They look really nice!

Kim headed into work and was on an evening admin and resorting shift meaning that Kim dealt with some back office hotel stuff but also got to assist with the restaurant and bar. This allowed Kim to run food, take drinks orders and get away from the desk every now and again!

At the end of her shift Kim gave a colleague a life home and then popped around Narina’s house to help her get ready for her mini break back home. This mean that Kim sat around chatting with Narina for an hour or so and then shoved everything that was needed into the back of her car late at night! As she walked back to her car she gave Curtis a quick call to see how his day went, it was nice to have a little catch up.

Kim is so excited for Curtis to come home tomorrow!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a McDonald’s breakfast and then got to the client for around 08:45. There wasn’t much planned to do but then when he eventually got there some more people had arrived with their laptops so Curtis had to do these. This took pretty much all day as well as helping with ongoing problems and answering questions.

Curtis left about 16:00 and went to subway for some food before going to the apartment to finish some admin work. He had planned to leave the client much earlier but the whole working day ended up being about 9 hours.

Curtis got his flight changed to 10:00 tomorrow so he will be home before 13:30!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 52 Day 88 & 3: Auckland & Dunedin – Weeknight Party & Another Amazing Drive

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on the early shift. She was at work by 6:30 and was on reception. All of the check outs went well and this gave Kim a lot of time to get admin done.

Kim finished at 2 and headed home to relax before going out to a surprise leaving meal for a colleague.

Kim headed across the North Shore to where dinner would be and waited for Narina to arrive with the lady who is leaving. We had a lovely meal. Kim had a steak and cheesecake and it was delicious.

After the meal they all headed out and met up with some more worn friends.

Kim is currently still out but will be heading home shortly because she is tired!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to the client a little later today and the monitor he was waiting for hadn’t been delivered yet so he helped out a little bit with people who were unsure how to do different things as well as checked if anyone had any issues at all.

After this, Curtis drove up to Oamaru which was about 1.5 hours away. The drive was beautiful with big rolling hills and Curtis’ ears even popped when going up and down the hills!

Curtis got to the client and spent a few hours there getting things done and then left around 15:00.

Curtis drove back to the client in Dunedin and the monitor had arrived so he sat down and setup the desktop he had been planning to setup for the last few days!

He finished this about 17:45 and then drove back to the apartment.

Curtis went to McDonald’s and got a ‘gourmet creations’ burger which was tasty!

Curtis had a bit of admin to do when he got home and then just chilled out.

Curtis is hoping to be finished tomorrow and maybe fly home a little earlier.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 52 Day 87 & 2: Auckland & Dunedin – Asian Fusion

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start but their flatmate had ordered a washing machine so Kim was up earlier than she would usually be on a late morning start. They were due to arrive at 9, but ended up turning up at 9:45.

After they had been and gone Kim made herself a tase breakfast of hash browns, mushrooms and eggs. It was very tasty.

Kim then headed into work and spent the afternoon doing admin.

She was also the restaurant manager until the early evening which meant that Kim had a nice varied evening.

This time Kim did not throw any pizzas on the floor, so it was far more successful than the other day.

Kim sent a few emails making orders and made notes for upcoming bookings.

Kim then headed home and had some dinner and then had a chat with Curtis hale writing the blog.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 07:00 as he thought, for some reason, that it would take 30 minutes to get to the client whereas in fact it would take about 5 minutes!

So, Curtis had a coffee, relaxed and watched some TV. He then went to Subway and got a breakfast from there (bacon, egg and cheese).. It was not good!

Once the time came, Curtis headed off to the client.

Right away, he helped out people he had migrated yesterday and then moved onto another building where he had a laptop ready for a user.

Curtis sorted this laptop for the user and set it up for them, showing them what to do.

Once he did this, he migrated the reception PC which took a while due to it having a lot of files!

Once he did this, it was time to leave and grab some food! Curtis got back to the apartment (after taking a wrong turn!) and relaxed. He had been recommended a place called ‘buddha Stix’ which is near his apartment but it wasn’t open yet so Curtis made a coffee and relaxed.

Curtis eventually walked down and it was only about a 10 minute walk, but there was a lot of heavy wind!

Curtis got there and found out it was a ‘fine dining, Asian fusion’ place.

Curtis had rice paper rolls for starter which had prawn and pork in them along with mint and cucumber.. Delicious! These were dipped in a spicy plum sauce!

For his second course, Curtis had Northern Thai style noodles, which were surprisingly sweet but certainly an incredible mix of flavours!

Curtis left here incredibly full and went back to the apartment. Curtis did very little and especially nothing productive whilst he waited for Kim to finish work so they could talk, which they did!

Curtis plans to go to the site he went to today and possibly another which is about 1.25 hours away, but we shall see.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 52 Day 86 & 1: Auckland & Dunedin 🇳🇿 – Edinburgh Replica

We woke up at 05:20 to get to the airport.

Curtis drove to the airport with Kim in the car and then they swapped seats when Curtis went into the airport.

Kim’s Day;

Once Kim had dropped Curtis off she drove home and hopped back in bed to get another few hours of sleep.

Once she woke up, she felt she deserved a McDonalds as she did get up to take Curtis. Once she grabbed some breakfast she headed home to FaceTime her family as it is Mothers Day at home.

She had a nice long chat with her family and then just relaxed until she started to get ready for work.

Kim started at two so headed in to work and had a quick early afternoon with all the guests checking in by 6pm.

This meant that Kim had a fair few hours to get some admin done.

She smiled upcoming guests to get their time of arrival. Later on in the evening Kim made up new tab cards as the older ones were starting to look a little rough around the edges.

At the end of the shift Kim had a tasty chicken schnitzel and chips.
Once Kim got home she grabbed a drink and their flatmate came out to have a chat.

As it has the weather has been a bit rubbish Kim made them both a hot chocolate and shared some cookies.

It was nice to come in and have someone to chat with.

Kim ended her evening by relaxing, writing the blog and talking to Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

The airport was incredibly busy this morning and Curtis got his bag checked and then went and got a McDonald’s breakfast and coffee.

Once he ate, he went through security and sat at the gate for a while then boarded the plane. On the plane, he got a lot of sleep which was good as it was all go once he landed!

Curtis got to the airport and got his rental car. He got upgraded again and got what must be the longest car in the world, a new Mazda 6.

Curtis drove to his accommodation and checked in, then headed to the client. There were some beautiful views on the drive too!

Curtis was greeted by a dog today!

He got 2 PCs migrated today, but planned to get more done. Unfortunately, there were no power cables with the PCs that were delivered so Curtis had to go and get some which wasted some time, though migrating 2 people is better than none.

Curtis left the client around 17:00 and got back to the apartment where he relaxed for a bit and then took a 20/30 minute walk to find food. Curtis couldn’t decided what he wanted, but eventually decided to settle on a burger from ‘Velvet Burgers’ he got the ‘Cheesy Bro’ and a Corona! It was a pretty nice burger, though not amazing.

On his walk around, he found a Cadbury factory/Cadbury world! Sounds like that is somewhere we have to visit together!

Another interesting Dunedin fact given to us by our flatmate: All the roads are an exact replica of Edinburgh’s roads!

Curtis got back to the apartment around 19:00 and just chilled. He is up fairly early tomorrow to get as much/all of the office done and then he has to go to another office, but that will probably be on Wednesday.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 85: Auckland – Throwing Pizza & Big Roast Dinner!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went in to work super early and was on reception.

It was a pretty normal day of check outs, admin and other reception stuff.
During the lunch rush Kim was asked to take some food out, it was a pizza, nothing exciting or interesting.

At one point during delivering the pizza to the customer Kim turned and accidentally threw / dropped the pizza on the floor and across a pillar.

It landed face down and made an impressive splat sound. Luckily for Kim she did it right in the centre of the bar and restaurant area where all of the customers saw and then all three of her colleague walked past second later. So that was good.
Kim did not run anymore food after that.

Toward the end of her shift Kim showed a family around the hotel and let them see a variety of rooms as they might make a large booking.

During the day Kim suggested a roast to Curtis and their flatmate. Luckily everyone was onboard with idea and this meant Kim was very excited to get home and eat dinner.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis planned to sleep until around 10:00 but slept until around 07:00 when he woke up wide awake.

After an hour of relaxing in bed doing the ever fun past time of scrolling through various social media platforms with no end goal, Curtis got out of bed, showered and grabbed some jam on toast with a ginger beer.

Curtis then relaxed and played games until 13:00 where he watched the Leafs and then Kim got home at around 15:00.

Both of us;

Curtis finished watching the hockey game whilst Kim popped to the shops to get some more items for dinner.

Our flatmate and Kim lovingly prepared dinner and what a feast it was!

We had shoulder of pork (crackling included!) with broccoli, peas, roasted vegetables and a homemade beer and onion gravy.

We had this with some wine and sat and chatted for a few hours before retiring to bed.

We watched some TV then had a chat with Curtis’ family which was lovely to catch up!

We are up early as Curtis is off to Dunedin so another early flight!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 84: Auckland – Productive and fun Saturday

We started the day with a nice big breakfast made by Kim! We had sausages, scrambled egg, hash browns and beans.

We devoured our breakfast and then left to start our day.

We went to Glenfield mall to buy some room related items as well as go to a laundromat as we don’t currently have a washing machine!

We gave the laundromat the laundry and then went to a few shops. We bought some curtains for our room as we wanted darker ones. We got some ‘monster size’ towels too!

We went to another shop and bought a clothes drying rack.

We got back to the car and drove to pickup our laundry. This was ready for us when we got there which was easy!

We drove from here back home and hung out our laundry before trying to fit the curtains. The curtains were too small for the windows so we had to replace them.

Curtis had a pre season game of hockey so we left to go to that. Whilst Curtis got changed, Kim went to exchange the curtains for ones that will fit.

Curtis scored the first goal of the game which was great and really enjoyed playing with his new team! First game of the season next Saturday.

We had friends come and watch the hockey and turn we went for dinner after. We got burritos and chips and the burritos were delicious!

We drove from here to Krispy creme as they have just opened their first ever NZ store and there was a big line! We decided against it and got back in the car.

Our friends had said they knew of a cool place in Auckland fairly close to our house. We followed them there and it was stunning! A view of the city at night right next to the water. We stayed here for a bit and then drove home. We had a drink and chat with our flatmate and then headed off to bed. We are exhausted!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 83: Auckland – Evening Wine

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started in the late morning again to do admin.

Kim went all around the rooms to get an understanding of the hotel during when she got in.

From then on in Kim spent most of her afternoon and evening helping in the restaurant. For lunch Kim had a tasty pasta dish.

Kim’s job in the evening was to keep an eye on the inside of the restaurant and ensure everything was running smoothly. This meant she would polish cutlery, make sure customers are happy and assist staff members if needed.

It was a vibrant and busy Friday night… the best kind!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left at 06:47 and got to the car only to realise that Kim’s car’s lights were on! He ran back to the apartment to get her keys and turn the lights off and then run back to give the keys back. This meant he didn’t leave until around 07:00.

The traffic wasn’t terrible but also wasn’t great and he got to work with 4 minutes to spare!

Curtis had a few cases to get done before going away next week.

Right away, Curtis sorted a problem for someone from yesterday and that was one case done already!

Curtis then had a couple of laptops to configure, package and book a courier for, which is he completed.

At lunch, Curtis bought his boss a coffee as well as one for himself and a toasted wrap (it was basically a burrito).

At about 15:00, Curtis was informed of another couple of laptops that needed to be done before Monday, so he then had to rush to get those done.

It became a race to the end of the day as he also had to reassign cases, resolve some cases, ask questions and setup 3 laptops to be remoted into.

Curtis got what he needed to be done in time to go home which was good, so he then drove home and chilled out.

Curtis made some noodles and played Xbox. He got bored of playing Xbox so played on the laptop for a bit, just to switch it up!

Both of us;

Kim got home about 23:00 and our flatmate got home at around the same time.

We had bought a bottle of cheap sparking wine for when we moved in and so we sat down and we drank that whilst we chatted about everything and anything!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale