Place 49 – Day 80: Auckland – It Burns!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went to pay off the rest of the car and collect the second key. She drove to the very bottom of Auckland to get this done.

When Kim got back she had a brilliant chat with her family and showed them the new apartment and car!
She then had a tasty tuna mayo sarnie. Kim then got ready for work and headed in.

Once at work Kim helped got started on the check ins and other reception duties.

Through the afternoon Kim was managing the bar and restaurant too, until Narina, a restaurant manager Kim works with, came in in the early evening.

It was nice for Kim to have the best of getting stuff done at the desk and helping clearing glasses and serving at the bar.

During the evening a group who came in yesterday came back for a couple of drinks and asked to take some photos with Kim. They were such a lovely group she couldn’t say no!
All in all it was an interesting and fast paced night!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left at 06:45 and it still took a bit of time to get to work, arriving at 07:20.

Curtis got to work and finished off some project admin and then pretty much the rest of the day was filled with configuration of laptops for next week’s visit.

Curtis went out at about 11:00 to get a snack and some lunch. For a snack he got a bacon and cheese sausage roll and for lunch he got a bacon and egg sandwich.. The sandwich was horrible!

Curtis left work at 16:35 and the traffic on the way home was awful.

Curtis drove to a supermarket to get something for dinner.

Deciding to get something better than a frozen meal, Curtis got 2 garlic and herb chicken schnitzel!

Curtis got home and started cooking. We currently have no trays, so Curtis had to put the chicken in the oven in a pan.

He cooked rice (but it was horrible!) and then went to take out the chicken from the oven, remembering a cloth as it will be incredibly hot!

Once it was out, Curtis went to pick it up again, but without anything around his hand! As this burned and hurt a lot, Curtis decided to pass the pan to the other hand.. Which is a good plan. He now has 2 burned thumbs and a slightly burned hand!

Curtis ate his chicken and rice.. Thing.. And then just played Xbox after doing the washing up..he was just waiting for Kim to come home!

Both of us;

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 79: Auckland – Handy Man Curtis & Kim Bought A Car!

We both woke up at 06:10 to get ready for work. Kim was buying a car so she went to work with Curtis and met the seller there.

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went to buy her car!!
Kim grabbed a lift to the city centre with Curtis.

She met the two guys outside Curtis work and took the car for a test drive.

One of the guys needed a lift to the train station so Kim said that could give them a lift. She didn’t realise it it was about 15/20 minutes away from her home and work. Plus the post office didn’t open until 9!
In the end Kim ended up driving to near work and using the post office near there. One of the guys took the spare key so Kim has to go pick up the other key tomorrow. The great thing is that Kim owns a car and she has wanted a focus for so many years!

Kim then headed into work where she had a morning of admin to do before her reception shift started at 2. She had a little 30 minute break just before too!

Kim then spent the evening checking people in, helping in the restaurant and getting more admin done before driving home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went into work and didn’t have many cases to do but did have a lot of admin to do for another client visit next week. Curtis then took a few calls and emails and ended up using a lot more time than he wanted working on cases rather than projects.

At lunch, Curtis went to get fuel and at the same time for a cheese and bacon sausage roll thing which was big and tasty!

After lunch, Curtis got some of the project work done and then left work at 16:30. It would have only taken Curtis 15/20 minutes to get home, if he drove the right way! It was only a 7 minute detour though.

When Curtis got home, he had some noodles and setup the Xbox on the floor and played that for a bit. When our flatmate got home, she had some new furniture, such as some standing shelves, which Curtis then built and they weren’t wonky or a danger!

Curtis then played Xbox again for a bit until Kim got home!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had a bit of a chat with our flatmate and then headed to bed. We watched a little bit if TV and then got ready to go to bed!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 78: Auckland – Moving… AGAIN!

We woke up at 09:45 and got right up, showered and had breakfast.

Once we were done we got everything packed up fairly quickly and headed to our new place with our first load of items.

We dropped everything off and it was Curtis’ first time seeing the apartment and he was certainly happy with it!

We drove back to get the second set of items but then went to get a coffee because we needed a coffee break!

We then took our things to our apartment and just chilled for a bit. Kim unpacked some items whilst Curtis was watching hockey.

Kim then drove to Kmart and got some pillows to go with our blow up bed ensemble!

Curtis blowing up the bed!
Curtis looking ravishing in our blowup bed!

Kim got home and we were very hungry so we went to look for some food and eventually went to Pizza Hut.

We then sat and watched TV until our flatmate can home and Curtis met her for the first time and we sat and chatted for about 30 minutes.

We then had a celebration whiskey just before bed!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 77: Auckland – A Busy Saturday

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on a double shift!
So she got up, ready and was in work and setting up for breakfast by 6:30.

Kim mainly dealt with hotel breakfasts and then the set up for lunch time. At the end of the lunch rush Kim headed home for a few hours, before her next shift.

On the way back into work Kim stopped to grab a small bag of treat size choccies for everyone. A few people were working long shifts today and she thought it would be nice to have a little pick me up.

The hotel had a lot of bookings for tonight so Kim anticipated for it to be very busy. What Kim didn’t know was that there were many events in Auckland and a lot of people were out and about doing that.
It was still a good shift and Kim was able to get home a little early. This was really nice as Kim doesn’t feel like she has seen Curtis much these last few weeks. Plus Kim and Curtis move tomorrow so it was nice to relax before all of that!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had an alarm set for 09:00 and woke up about 1 minute before that alarm!

Curtis had a shower and then got some breakfast. Curtis had a relaxing morning and then put some washing on.

Once that washing was done, he put on another load and hung out the previous lot. He did 3 washes in total for the day!

As well as washing, Curtis also printed our contract for the apartment and did a lot of ironing!

For dinner, Curtis had some leftovers from Kim’s work which was a chicken and chickpea.. Thing.. It was actually delicious and had chilli in it so there was a nice spice throughout!

Curtis went to pick Kim up at 21:45 from work.

Both of us;

When we got home, we had an ale which we had leftover from when we planned to make a beer gravy. It was actually very nice!

We watched a bit of TV and Kim’s colleague popped over to take some freezer and fridge items for us as our new place doesn’t have a Fridge until Tuesday!

We move in tomorrow.. Another busy day!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 51 – Day 76 & 5: Auckland & Invercargill – Curtis is Home Again!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on a much later than usual shift, she was due to start at 4.

Kim spent most of the morning sorting and organising stuff for the upcoming weeks. She was also car hunting and has found one she thinks she likes. She is hoping to pick it up on Monday!

Kim then headed into work a little earlier to get a bit of admin done and help set up for a function tomorrow.

Kim ended up getting in too early, got what she needed to get done finished and then she clocked out and headed to a shop for 45 minutes before her actual shift started!

Kim worked on the bar for the evening which kept things fast paced and interesting. As it was a Friday night it was pretty busy!

At he end of her shift Kim ran home and quickly changed before heading to the airport to pick up Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up early, around 07:00, to get breakfast and start the day.

Once breakfast was done, Richard called the couriers and they said that the package that Curtis and Richard were waiting for had been delivered and was outside the office, so they went to see if that was the case. There was a package, but it was a laptop and not two PCs which they assumed would have been in the same package! After calling the depot they were able to pick it up as it wasn’t going to be delivered until Monday otherwise.

Once it was picked up, they headed back to the office to get started.

Most of the day was spent there sorting out 2 machines and providing some training whilst being followed by Whisky the cat!

Curtis and Richard left the office and went to the main Op shop in town to setup a PC there and train the user.

Curtis setup another machine there whilst doing this but it took a long time to complete so it was left on to remote onto next week.

Time ran out so Curtis had to get to the airport. When he got there he got a lamb and mint pie as well as a cappuccino.

The flight was delayed and therefore Curtis missed his flight but was connected onto a flight 30 minutes later.

This flight was painless and he got back into Auckland at 21:50 where Kim was waiting for him!

Both of us;

We drove home and stopped at McDonald’s on the way to grab some food.

We got back and watched some TV and sorted out a few things for moving in this weekend!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 51 – Day 74 & 4: Auckland & Invercargill – Steak & Beer (Again!) & Housekeeping

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on the late shift so spent the morning asleep again! she then spent the late morning and early afternoon looking for a car. The new place that Kim and Curtis are moving to is much better for Curtis, it more than halves his commute to work, but now gives Kim a commute to work! It takes 20 minutes to drive but over an hour on public transport so its probably most convent to get a car.

Kim then headed into work. Once she arrived she gave housekeeping a hand with a few rooms. As Kim is not very trained in housekeeping she started by stripping all the beds and emptying the rubbish. Kim then went round and cleaned the glass surfaces, put the towels and toiletries in the bathrooms. After this, Kim ran around with the hoover.

Once the rooms were completed Kim headed down and hopped on the bar, this is where she spent most of her evening. Kim was then talking to a couple of the customers and they were mentioning how they would like to possibly do a function in the ballroom. This was very exciting for Kim as it would be her first function enquiry that she would deal with. Kim gave them some menu options and a little run down of the pricing. They seemed very interested, so one they left Kim followed up the conversation with an email containing what they had discussed. Kim also did a little paperwork for it too.

The rest of the shift Kim was taking orders and serving guests, it was a good and busy shift.

At the end of her shift, Kim sat down with another manager and had a chat while she ate her chicken nugget dinner. A brilliant meal after a shift.

When Kim got home she FaceTimed Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was awake earlier than really needed but he got up at 07:15 and started with work.

Once Richard was awake, they went down for breakfast. Once done with breakfast, Curtis basically worked on the helped all day. The machines didn’t arrive so he was unable to go and sort these out at the office.

Once work was done with, Curtis and Richard went out for some dinner. They went to a pub called ‘The Kiln’ which had a steak night on!

They each got the steak night deal for $15 and it was delicious!

Curtis then got a lemon tart for dessert!

They came back to the hotel and Curtis just chilled out. Tomorrow could be a rush as Curtis flies at 18:15 but the machines haven’t arrived yet so he has to get those done before 16:00!

Rush, rush, rush.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 51 – Day 73 & 3: Auckland & Invercargill – A New Place To Live!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on reception by herself again in the morning so she got herself up and into work bright and early.

She got in and set up for breakfast and then went around and opened up the bar area. Kim then helped arrange the outside furniture too. Once the restaurant had been set up Kim sat herself down and got all the paperwork together for the check outs. Throughout the morning all of the guests checked out and Kim monitored all of the emails.

During her 15 minute breakfast break Kim called home to wish her dad a happy birthday! It as kind of weird because here we are very much well into the day after his birthday but it was still nice for Kim to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday. It is weird doing the second round of virtual happy birthdays!

Kim spent the early afternoon organising the upcoming bookings and responding to emails. She then did a quick check round of all the rooms and did a couple of check-ins too. A pretty successful day!

Kim headed home to relax for a while in the afternoon. At around 5pm, Kim agreed to pick up a work friend on her last day of work and drop her off in another town, it was on the way to where she was heading and it was nice to have one final catch up!

Kim dropped her friend off and then headed over to a possible flatmate situation. This apartment was exactly what Kim and Curtis had discussed as their perfect apartment, one other person in the perfect location. When Kim arrived she got on well with the owner of the flat straight away, they ended up talking for about an hour about where they had been and how they had both ended up in a very newly rented out flat. At the end of the meeting Kim got handed the keys to the apartment so that they can move in with her on Sunday! Hopefully this is actually the last time that Kim and Curtis move while in Auckland. Kim is pretty certain of it, she has a good feeling!!

Kim then drove home, on cloud nine, and stopped at a shop on the way to by a celebratory chocolate bar. When she got back, she then treated herself to pizza and ginger beer for dinner and spent the evening watching YouTube videos and calling Curtis. A pretty successful day today!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 07:00, had a shower and then he and Richard went for breakfast in the hotel.

Once breakfast was done, they both did some work at the hotel and then Richard went off to a client whilst Curtis stayed at the hotel.

Curtis got a bit of work done whilst at the hotel, but it was fairly boring so he made sure that at around 14:00 he went out and got some fresh air and some lunch. He got a cappuccino and a chicken wrap with salad.

Curtis headed back to work and got a bit more done and helped out some other colleagues with work.

Once Richard arrived back Curtis went with him for a long walk just to get more fresh air.

They got back and Curtis spoke with Kim about our awesome apartment news!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale