Place 14 & 15 – Day 4: København & Malmö – Food Truck Festival, Old Town & Beach Walk

We planned, as we said yesterday, to go to the food truck festival today. We managed to find it and, although it was awesome looking, there was nothing free so we didn’t stay long. It did smell great though! 

We then decided that, as we hadn’t already, we should go to the Old Town and see what that is like. This was a beautiful area with old buildings and some nice open spaces. There was clearly a football match on today, as there was a lot of the opposing team to Malmö, IFK, fans chanting around the place. It was a cool thing to see actually. Big drums and loud shouting! All good fun. 

We then headed back to the beach and just had a stroll along it! Although we’re pretty sure that the temperature isn’t much different from yesterday, it certainly felt warmer! There was a lot more people than yesterday, which made it more difficult to navigate! Kim saw a lot of dogs, which was good for her! 

– Adjö! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 3: København & Malmö –  Beach Walk & Taco Friday

We continued our walk from yesterday but today we walked directly to the beach and walked on from there! Today was a bit nicer with 22 being the highest temperature! 

We made sure we stopped at a shop first to buy a drink, but also bought some Skittles… They were just 10SEK! We bought these from a shop with a funny name.. Well, we thought it was funny! 

We walked down the beach, on the rocks and then sat down for a little bit before continuing on. 

Kim dipped her feet in the water and realised it was a terrible idea.. It was very seaweed filled..

We just had a pretty relaxed day and both laughed at the fact Kim couldn’t drink our drink without throwing on herself! 

We got back to the apartment and made dinner. In Scandinavia, for some reason, they had a tradition on Friday to eat Tacos! We took part in this today, kind of, with eating home made burritos! Very nice! All washed down with a Rekorderlig! 

Tomorrow, there is a street food truck festival which we are hopefully going to pop to, purely because we’re hoping there is free tasters! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 2: København & Malmö -Parks


Due to sheer laziness, we didn’t do anything until around 3pm today! 
We sat in the conservatory and had a coffee before heading out to the shop. 

We went to the shop and got some breakfast, just some chocolate croissants. We did stumble apon a funny chocolate bar though! 

Once we got food, took it back and headed to a park here in Malmö. We went there briefly last night, but we went again today and it was awesome! There was a windmill, huge open spaces, nice park trails, rivers, lakes and an old fort! 

We then walked towards the ‘Turning Torso’, which is a residential building and the biggest building in Scandinavia! 

We sat on the rocks, walked along the water and just had a fun, relaxed and silly time! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 1: København 🇩🇰 & Malmö 🇸🇪 – Denmark, no! Sweden..

Hej! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇸🇪🇸🇪

Switching the format up, eh! 

Last night, we went to the Spy museum in Berlin. This was 2 floors of spy memorabilia and information about spying during WW1 & WW2. This was pretty cool and killed some time. We then popped to get a currywurst and made our way on the metro to the bus stop where we got a Mcdonalds and boarded the bus! 

We got the bus to Copenhagen from Berlin which took about 9 hours. We had a lovely drunk guy behind us on the bus the whole way there, which seems to happen all the time! He was burping, leaning on our seats and he smelled… 

We got to a boat at 5am. We hadnt realised that we were going on a boat, so it was a pleasant surprise! We were on there for 45 minutes and then back onto the bus for about 2 hours. 

When we arrived in Copenhagen, we had to make our way to Malmö as it’s cheaper to stay there then in Copenhagen! 

We got a train ticket for about £20 (£10 each) and then got on the train. It turns out, the train was not the right one! We ended up having a 30 minute detour and getting back to Copenhagen to the get the right train. 

We arrived in Malmö, very tired, and headed to our apartment. We got there, showered and freshened up a bit and then went to find breakfast. 

We went to a ‘crepery’ and got something which we don’t know what it is but it had bacon and egg so it was tasty (though VERY expensive!). 

We wondered around the shopping Centre for a bit and saw some fish from Finding Nemo! Kim also tried on some snazzy glasses! 

We then came back to the apartment and fell asleep for a couple of hours as we haven’t had much sleep in the last couple of days. Once we woke and mustered up the energy, we walked to the supermarket to buy food for the week, which was also not cheap! 

The plan is to visit Copenhagen once or twice, which will be awesome. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 13 – Day 4: Berlin – Currywurst, Spy Museum & Travel

We walked this morning down to town and then back to the apartment again, just to kill some time. 

We got back to the apartment and finished packing, and grabbed our bags! 

Then, we’re off to the spy museum and to eat a currywurst! 

We’ll then be making our way to the bus station to jump on our 8 hour bus to our next location, which leaves at 23:20!

Auf wiedersehen! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 13 – Day 3: Berlin – Brandenburg Tor, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie & Nosebleed

We visited Checkpoint Charlie today and read all of the information surrounding it, which also included information about the division of West Germany (UK, US & French sectors). 

Before we arrived at Checkpoint Charlie, we popped to look at the Brandenburg tor and then the Reichstag building, which we could have gone in but had to go to another building and register with ID, but Kim had none. There wasn’t really anything to see inside anyway! 

Then, we walked towards Checkpoint Charlie, but stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts first for a light snack. The owner there was very rude to customers and staff and it took ages to get our drinks. It was an interesting experience for sure! 

We popped to the Berlin Mall and Kim went down a slide that was in there. Curtis then decided to get a nosebleed and had to go into a paid WC without paying to get tissue… The attendants didn’t like that, but it was an emergency!!! 

We arrived at Checkpoint Charlie and were going to meet Josh to say goodbye as we won’t see him until we’re in the US, but he got lost so didn’t come and see us. 

We walked around Checkpoint Charlie and read all of the information surrounding it as described in the first paragraph. This was very interesting and informative! 

We then made are way home and purchased a frozen pizza for dinner as it is very healthy…

We had a nice long conversation with our host about Germany, politics, German pasts and his family as well as house prices and wages… All kinds of topics! 

We finished the night with a vodka and orange each and then we sat and watched some TV before heading to bed! 

We leave Berlin tomorrow night, but still have some things to see during the day! 

Auf Wiedersehen! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 13 – Day 2: Berlin – Berlin Wall

Today, we woke up and had breakfast with our host and Josh, which was lovely! We had toasted buns with spreads etc as well as cereal, coffee and juices! 

Then, we headed to the Berlin Wall, which was about a 1 hour 30 minute walk away. 

We got there and then we walked the whole length of the memorial there and read all of the plaques. 

We walked to Checkpoint Charlie but got hungry so turned back and took the 2 hour walk back so we could make food and we’ll go to Checkpoint Charlie tomorrow as well as the Brandenburg Gate and other things! 

We’re having ground meat with pasta for dinner and then some chocolate yogurt!

Auf Wiedersehen! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 13 – Day 1: Berlin 🇩🇪 – Travel Day

Hallo! 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

Today, we traveled from Prague via bus at 12:00 to arrive at 17:15 in Berlin! 

We stopped at McDonald’s for some breakfast, followed by a stroll to the bus station and a 2 hour sitdown. 

We got in our bus and were pleasantly surprised! We had leather seats, lots of leg room and entertainment systems including music, films and TV shows! Just like a plane! We also got free hot drinks. It was by far the most comfortable bus we’ve been on.

We took the train (S-Bahn) from the bus station to the apartment which took about 20 minutes. We then walked and bumped into Josh, which was fortunate! We then made our way to the apartment. 

Our host is lovely and we’ve had some conversations! We got everything sorted and then popped to the supermarket for our food for the next few days. Nothing interesting! 

We came back and had some soup with bread and grilled cheeses and some fizzy drink that tasted like washing up liquid! 

When we finished eating, we had some more conversations with our host about his work as a teacher as well as what to do around the area. 

Tonight, we plan to just relax and not do much as we’re pretty tired! Doing things commences tomorrow morning! 

Auf Weidersehen! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 12 – Day 4: Prague – Nothing 

Today has been an admin day really. 

We woke up a bit later and just sat around eating breakfast and completing some admin online. 

We then went for a walk at around 2pm just down to the centre and back really. Didn’t look at anything specific, it was just nice to get out. 

It was super hot again today! 

We got back and had some home made wraps and watched TV, then went back our for a short evening stroll but got bored and came back! 

We completed our vote by proxy forms and sent those off! (important to vote everyone)!

Then, we packed as we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 12 – Day 3: Prague – Castle & Garden 

We left a little later today and walked to the Prague Castle! 

We walk up a hill and arrived at a park near the castle, after an hour walk. We relaxed on a bench at the park for a little then continued and found the Royal Garden. This was free, so we went in. It was lovely! Lots of flowers, some fountains and a cool building. 

We then walked on and found the castle which engulfs a Gothic cathedral, which is one of the most incredible things we’ve seen since traveling! 

Once we were done here, we walked back towards the hostel and stopped for some lunch. 

We arrived back at the hostel and now we’re off for a swim to relax and cool off! 

Later, we’re going for a drink with some friends and then just taking a stroll back! 

1.5 days left of Prague, then we move on! 

Photos aren’t uploading! Please check Facebook photos (photos link) for all photos of today! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale