Place 41 – Day 1: Adelaide ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ- Civilizationย 


We left around 08:00 this morning to get to Adelaide.

This was an 8 hour drive and one of the parts of the drive was through port augusta.

This was the first place in a long time that seemed to have a decent amount of people in it! It was right around lunch time so we stopped here for a coffee (milkshake for Kim).

 Just before we came into Port Augusta, we saw a beautiful view of the mountains around the area. It has been a while since we had seen anything other than flat ground around us, so it was very beautiful and so we had to snap some photos! We also saw a pink lake or two!

At some point throughout the drive whilst Kim was driving, we saw what looked like a dead kangaroo in the middle of the opposite lane of traffic. There is a lot of dead kangaroos on the roads here, but it was only until we were only about 1 meter from the animal that we noticed it was alive and in fact a cat.. Let’s just say that when you run a cat over, it makes a lot of noise! Kim did her best to get out the way, but there is only so much you can do when you are driving 90-100kph and a cat jumps in front of you!

We think that the cat was an engdangered cat which lives in the outback, but hey… Whatcha gunna do?

We arrived in Adelaide and saw ‘Saliabury’ so that was a little nod to home!

It is very odd to be in a major city again! We got to the hostel and we were meant to be in separate rooms (male/female dorms) but they were kind enough to move us to a mixed dorm together! We got our stuff and then went straight to a shop to buy something for dinner.

We found tuna & a baked potato which we put together with sweetcorn and it was tasty! We also had a nice side salad which topped it off nicely.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to get some things booked because we have decided that we hate ‘going with the flow’… We’re such old people!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 40 – Day 1: Ceduna ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – Southern Australia!ย 


We woke up with the wind and a little but of rain in the Eucla caravan park. We sorted out the car, had breakfast and headed out towards Ceduna. The drive today was even more like the outback you would expect and all the places in between we stopped at were very small and outback looking.
We visited Australia’s biggest windmill in Panong, which was an interesting find. It was part of a windmill museum, too.

We kept driving and driving…We got more and more into the outback and we also crossed the boarder into South Australia, so we have officially moved states!

We eventually arrived in Ceduna which is the biggest town we have been at for a couple of days. We stopped at a few campsites and asked about prices and then we found out about the one we are currently in which was very cheap for us to just park our car up and sleep again.

We went to the shop to buy some food and had to actually ask them what the time was as our phones hadn’t updated but we knew we had gone through to another time zone! All kinds of crazy. 

We are going to try and get something booked for the next few days in a major city, but it isn’t looking promising…maybe it’ll be campsites again!

We’ll probably be doing an 8 or so hour drive tomorrow, but then hopefully stopping for a few days. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 39 – Day 1: Eucla ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ- Middle Of Nowhere


We started the day at around 06:00, showered, had pancakes & eggs for breakfast and packed up the car. 

We got on the road on the way to Eucla. This is a tiny Hamlet of less that 100 people which just has one of everything, though the cheapest fuel around, apparently! It also has no WiFi and is in the middle of the dessert, so we’ll be sleeping in the car! 

We’ve left a really nice farm with a lovely owner that taught us alot! We are sad to leave, but if we don’t leave now, we will never leave! 


We made it!

The drive was actually very easy and beautiful! We were driving through the outback for most of it and it just got hotter and hotter. 

We saw a gold lake and drove on the longest straight road in Australia (90miles)! 

We got to the campsite and realised that the time was 45 minutes ahead of Western Australia which was strange and neither of us have experienced this before. 

The place we stayed, Eucla, was basically a petrol station which also had a motel and caravan park. We paid $25 for a plot, setup the bed and went to the kitchen to make dinner. We just had noodles from a packet which was a good idea because the cooker took ages to boil the water! 

We also had a shower and toilet block, but the showers coated $1 for 5 minutes, so we didn’t bother with that. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 38 – Day 4: Esperance – Eggs, More Mulberries & Ride-On Lawnmower

We had a bit of a sleep in this morning. Kim then made everyone breakfast which was pancakes with maple syrup, hash brown(homemade) and bacon.

We did a collection of eggs which was a little later than normal so there were a lot of eggs so this took a while! 

We then collected some mulberries again to sell as we sold some more in the morning! 

We collected a few boxes of mulberries and then got to egg grading again, as well as helping some customers carry their fruit and veg boxes to their car. 

Kim had to catch 10 chickens too, which was very fun and she was actually pretty good at it! 

We finished work and then looked into our future plans again, to not much avail…

We went to the shop to get some things as we leave tomorrow. Kim managed to break the self checkout machine though which added some time! 

We got back and our host was using the sit on lawnmower and she let us have a go! It was incredibly fast and powerful but a lot of fun!

For dinner we have stuffed chicken and wedges! 

We leave tomorrow, so we are up early to get on the road for a 9 hour drive into the middle of nowhere! 

Please note: we may not be able to upload a blog tomorrow as we will be in the middle of nowhere without WiFi, so don’t panic! If it isn’t up it will be up the day after, though we will hopefully be able to use mobile data to upload.


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 38: Day 3 – Esperance – Fruit & Veg Delivery, Selling Mulberries & Lemons, Driving a Forklift & New Chickens!ย 

We started a little earlier today as today was fruit and veg day! On these days, a delivery of fruit, vegetable & mixed comes to the farm and then are placed in the cooler. 

This delivery was meant to be between 07:30 & 08:00. We were making breakfast and it arrived at 07:10! We scrambled to get ready and unloaded the boxes into the cooler. 

After this, we packed some eggs and collected some also. 

Customers then started to arrive to collect there box orders. Whilst this was starting, we went out to collect some mulberries, lemons and limes to sell in the shop for a bit of cash!

We sold out of mulberries and then collected more and then sold some more, which was awesome! We also sold 12 lemons! 

We promise, it’s mulberry juice!

We did some more egg grading, tidied up and then we were done for the day! It was about 5 hours but it felt like 10 minutes! Shows that we enjoyed it, I guess! 

Kim had some fun with the heavy duty leaf blower whilst cleaning, too! 

We had some lunch which our host made us. This was avocado toast with a poached egg, bacon, salad & feta cheese. It was tasty! 

We did a few odd job things, like getting to use a forklift! We moved some pallets around. 

All of a sudden, the wind picked up and sand & other items were being flung around the place! Trees were loosing branches and it was a little bit of chaos! 

We looked into some places that we need to get booked and then we went out for dinner! 

We went to a pub down the road where we had a nice stone baked pizza! Curtis had a BBQ chicken one and Kim had a Margherita. 

We got back from the pub and waited on the arrival of 808 hens! 

These chickens arrived in cages, which we had to open and lift out the chickens. This took a surprisingly long time, but the chickens seemed happy and liking their new home! 

We never thought we would be lifting 808 chickens from cages into a coup! 

It’s all great fun! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 38 – Day 2: Esperance – Egg Packing, Collecting Eggs & Beaches

We started the day at 07:00, showered, had breakfast and went straight over to the shop where the eggs are sold to get grading and packaged. 

The machine, which was made in the 1940s, sorts the eggs by weight, stamps them and puts them into each weight’s section of the machine. Once this is done, the person on the end will put them into the required egg carton, stamp them with the best before date and put them in the correct crate. This was actually very fun and kept us busy, all whilst learning about eggs! 

We finished the first batch of this and then collected eggs from the chickens again before continuing with grading. 

We had a few customers come in and purchase eggs and one set of people were very interested in the machine and how it works which was nice. 

Our host bought us a wonderful iced coffee which was made with ice cream and was probably the best thing we have had ever..

After this, we were pretty much done with work, other than a bit of egg cleaning and cleaning up the area. 

We needed to the run and complete some errands such as getting fuel, taking back some items to target and buying some more items. We picked up some dinner ingredients from the supermarket and then went on the Great Ocean Drive which is a tourist drive here in Esperance. 

This drive goes around the coast for 30km and the are some beautiful beaches and scenes around here. We stopped a few times, took photos and went to the beaches. We didn’t do the whole journey but what we saw was beautiful! 

We headed back and when we got back we went straight back out to another beach with our host. We took the dogs and a horse, did a walk on the beach before getting the horse out and Kim had a ride! Kim was taught how to do it which was very kind of Sally, our host, and Kim had a great time! 

We took a drive on the beach and see the sunset on there which was amazing!

We got back and Kim made a wonderful dinner of good old Hunter’s chicken. It was lovely especially accompanied by soy & balsamic vinegar broccoli and sweet potato wedges! 

Tomorrow is a busy day! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 38 – Day 1: Esperance๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – 6.5 Hour Drive & An Egg Farm!


We were up and out of our lodge at around 10:30/11:00 this morning with a 6.5 hour drive ahead of us! 

We drove from Walpole to a place called Esperance, where we are now! 

This drive was very easy and was just one straight road, though it did look awesome when driving along them! 

Wonderful view from the car

At one point, we had to take a diversion onto a gravel track road, which added a little excitement to the drive! 

Along the route we stopped at a place for a leg stretch. This place was called ‘Jerramungup’. This was a small town, but according to a sign we saw is part of the biosphere area, which was an interesting fact! There was also a very old tractor next to the sign, too! 

We continued on and made it to our place we are staying in Esperance. We are doing our first ‘Workaway’ (like HelpX). We are working on an egg farm! This is a fairly large farm just owned by one woman with one employee and a few friends helping out. We will be doing egg collecting & sorting, using an old 1940s machine, as well as some other tasks. 

We arrived and were welcomed by the owner who is absolutely lovely! We had a chat for a bit along with a coffee and then went out to collect some eggs and feed the horses. 

The horses were beautiful and we will show you some photos when it isn’t dark! 

There are a lot of chickens and therefore a lot of eggs..put it this way, just yesterday over 2000 eggs were found! These are sold from here in a little shop as well as chickens! 

We then had a few beers and long chats over dinner which was chicken in a wonderful homemade creamy mustard sauce with mushrooms and asparagus. This was accompanied by some salad with feta cheese and roasted beetroot crisps. It was a great dinner and incredible tasty! 

We aren’t too sure how long we are here, but we do have another location we are off to next. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 37 – Day 1: Walpole ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ – Car Sleeping, Margaret River, Augusta & Walpole


As mentioned last night, we set off into the night to drive to Margaret River. This is a small town about 2 hours from Perth which is apparently a big tourist attraction.

We arrived at about 23:00 and we assumed that a camp site would be open…we were wrong!

We were so tired and we drove around the whole town for a while trying to find somewhere to sleep, but to no avail! All hotels and hostels had no reception after 19:00 either!

At around 01:10 we got fed up and ecided just to drive to the next town, Augusta. This was about 30 minutes drive away. We got just into the highway and noticed a layby…This quickly became our camping spot for the night.

We just slept in the front of the car for about 4 hours or so before heading back towards Augusta at 05:30.

In Augusta, it was very pretty and  there were a lot of secluded beaches as well as an old waterwheel and a lighthouse, both of which were stunning! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good enough for the beaches, so we just saw them, took photos and continued on the road to Walhole.

Walhole was a bit down the road from Augusta and was just somewhere we found a place to stay! We had booked a few places through and so had a free night and managed to get the price down to a decent price!

We have been in this lodge for most of the day, other than going to the shop to get some food. We were far too tired to do anything and so have just relaxed and napped.

We don’t really want a repeat of the issues we had with accommodation again, so we have been planning our next locations, booking some places or at least finding some places to stay.

We had some ravioli and garlic bread for dinner, which was delicious!

Let’s hope this all works!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 36 – Day 7: Perth – Camping โ›บ

We had to checkout this morning, so we did so around 10:00. 

We got ready and packed the car and then drove to our friend Hayley’s hostel where we brainstormed what to do. 

Hayley is staying in Perth though we decided we may go for a short camping trip, just for tonight. 

We went for a quick shop around some camping and car shops to pick up our final items and then came back. 

When we got back, we all agreed it was too much effort to go tonight, so we’re going to drive to our next place! 

We cannot get anywhere to sleep tonight for a good price, so camping it is! We just need to drive for the 3 hours and then find somewhere to kip. 

We’ll see how it goes…But we’ll be in a new place tomorrow for sure! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 36 -Day 6: Perth – Pinnacles & Festivalย 

We took the car today and met with Hayley before we took to the road and went to the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are naturally formed rocks within the desert which are all in funky shapes and sizes. 

It took about 2.5 hours to get there, including a bit of a trip in what felt like the outback, which was basically just the desert. 

We got to the Pinnacles and paid our entrance. There were a lot of flies around so we decided to do the driving tour instead. We stopped a few times to take some awesome photos! 

We got back in the car and drove back but we stopped in a cafe as we were very hungry! We got some toasties before we continued our journey back to Perth. 

We noticed a place on the way back which said there was koalas. 

We stopped but instead of koalas there was kangaroos! We stopped and looked at the kangaoos but then looked for koalas (which we didn’t find!). 

We got back eventually and went straight to the beer and wine festival which is right next to our hostel. 

We paid $40 for the night where we got 4 hours of free drinks! This included wine, beer, cider and spirits. These were just tasters but enough to get us drunk!

We finished the night with a McDonald’s for dinner and then slept! 

We technically leave tomorrow but we have no plans so we’ll see what happens! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale