Place 49 – Day 206: Auckland – The Car Is Fixed!

Curtis’ Day;

Kim dropped Curtis home and went to work whilst Curtis shared working for the day.

Today was much busier and Curtis got a few phone calls in the morning as well as emails from people in Christchurch at the client he was just at down there asking questions.

Part way through the morning, Curtis’ colleague arrived with his AA card and called them for Curtis’ car.

AA arrived and the issue was a slightly weak battery which didn’t allow petrol to get into the engine fully so it wouldn’t start! Once the battery was swapped out, it worked like a charm!

Curtis was pretty much flat out until lunch which was when he played some games and ate noodles!

The afternoon was a little less busy but there was still enough for Curtis to be kept busy and then it his 16:30!

Curtis played games until Kim got home from work and the shop.

Both of us;

Kim got home and Curtis put on a wash whilst Kim made dinner.

We mad steak fajitas)(which were delicious) and we watched half an episode of Humans before we finished eating.

Once we ate, Kim watched a few episodes of Live Island and Curtis played games.

After Kim showered later this evening, Curtis hung the laundry out and we watched a couple of episodes of The Bridge (obviously!) and has a hot toddy!

Curtis is heading back into the office for the next three days… So that’s an earlier start!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 205: Auckland – Work From Home & Deep Tissue Foot Massage!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to work from home today as his car still doesn’t work.

We slept at the house sitting house last night, so Kim needed to drive Curtis back to our place in the morning.

Once Curtis got there, he got showered and ready to work.

The day started slow but picked up for Curtis who was able to work and be comfortable at the same time!

Curtis tried to get his car sorted, but unfortunately as it’s a company vehicle it’s a little more difficult, so nothing happened with it today. This means he’ll be working from home tomorrow, too!

Both of us;

Once Kim finished work, she picked Curtis up from home and we drove back to the house sitting place.

Once we got back, Kim’s friend Tabitha stopped by and Kim went with her to get a deep tissue foot massage!

Once they got back, they took the dog out for a walk.

After the walk, Tabitha left and we ate dinner. We had leftover meat from yesterday with potato croquettes. We watched the rest of Greg Davies’ company show which was hilarious!

We then went to bed to watch The Bridge and Humans, which both had excellent episodes.

This is the last night at this house sitting house so we are up early tomorrow to the house sorted and ensure we have everything before heading to work.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 204: Auckland – Incredibles 2

We woke up at 10:30 again, and eventually got out of bed.

We had breakfast and watched some LadBaby and then got ready for the day.

Curtis called his boss to find out what to do about his car and needs to sort that out tomorrow!

Kim had a light out on her car so we went to get a new one. We drove to Wairau Park to a Supercheap Auto shop.

When we got there we struggled to find the lightbulbs, but asked a man instead. As we were unsure of the bulb we needed, the man came to have a look at the bulb and it turned out that all the bulbs were working!

We were near a UK shop which stocks UK food and drink. We went there for a look around and saw many home comforts! Kim bought a packet of pickled onion Space Invaders.

We left here and went home to do some ironing.

We finished ironing and packed for the next day or two.

We got back to the housesitting apartment and gave the dog a walk. We found a waterside area which was nice to walk around!

We got the dog back and decided to go to the cinema. We got our tickets and then got a spot of lunch from the supermarket. We got a cheese and tomato twist each and a Fanta. We then walked back to the cinema and got there just in time for our film. We watched the Incredibles 2 and it was actually a solid film! We did look a little odd though as most of the other people there were children but it was worth it!

We left here and walked back. Once we got back it was perfect time for dinner!

We wanted Spaghetti Bolognese but we bought the wrong pasta so we had Fettuccine Bolognese instead. We watched a Greg Davies stand up whilst eating and followed up our dinner with the remainder of the carrot cake we bought yesterday.

Once we ate, we decided to watch TV in bed, so we watched two episodes of The Bridge and then went to sleep!

Curtis is working from home tomorrow due to the lack of car and needing to get it fixed, so Kim will be dropping him off to our usual place in the morning.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 203: Auckland – A Broken Car

We woke up at 09:45 but chilled in bed for as long as possible, only getting up after 11:00!

We showered and went out for some breakfast.

We found a French Cafe called ‘so french’ and it was delightful! Most people that worked there were French and the food was great! Kim had a banana split crepe and Curtis had a Croque Madame. We decided we then wanted a coffee, so we each got a cappuccino.

We ate breakfast and had a really fun morning.

We got back to the house after a short walk and then took the dog out for a quick walk.

Once we walked the dog, we went back to our usual apartment and put on a wash. Curtis also got his hockey kit ready.

We went to leave for Curtis’ hockey game, but his car wouldn’t start! Due to this, we had to take Kim’s car to hockey.

Curtis now needs to figure out what to do with the car as it’s a company car so he is unsure who to contact! He is in the process of finding this out…

Curtis played his hockey game and it wasn’t his, or the team’s, best.. They played the last place team in the league and lost 2-1.

Once we got back to our apartment, Curtis showered and then we went to the shop to get something for dinner. We decided on lasagne!

We got back to the house sitting house and ate our lasagne with wine and watched some comedy shows on Netflix.

We eventually headed to watch ‘The Bridge’ in bed and then sleep!

Kim tucked the dig in so she was nice and comfy!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 54 – Day 202 & 10: Auckland & Christchurch – Croissants, Burgers & Plane Whiskey

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left the hotel early to get to the client to get the remaining user done before he had to go to the airport.

Curtis got the remaining users done, but there were a few issues so it took a while! He then built a spare laptop and had to fight with the printers to change their settings for the new system!

Once that was done, Curtis’ boss took him to the airport and Curtis was off back to Auckland!

Before going through security, Curtis got a ham and cheese croissant. He went through security and then ate his snack!

After this, he got a coffee (which wasn’t tasty) and then he waited for the boarding call.

Once on the plane, Curtis was deciding what to get with his $10 voucher. Once he was asked, he decided upon a Canadian Club whiskey with soda water which was delightful!

After landing, Curtis got an uber back home. The driver decided to take the long route so it took an hour!

Both of us;

When Kim got home, we packed up for a couple of days and then drove out to the house sitting house.

We saw the dog and Curtis met her for the first time. We then took her our for a walk. People loved her!

Once we got back from the walk, we started getting a little hungry so we went for a walk to find food. Luckily, we’re right next to the town!

We found a place called ‘Burgers Burgers’ which Kim has been recommended a lot.

The staff were lovely and the burgers were just ‘ok’. They were a little too big and just fell apart, which made it frustrating! That being said they were delicious.

Curtis’ ‘kiwi classic’ burger and our potato skins!

Kim’s ‘MC Fly’ chicken burger!

We also got potato skins with truffle oil and homemade aioli, which were excellent.

Once we got back to the apartment, we just chilled out and spent time together, and with the dog, of course!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 54 – Day 201 & 9: Auckland & Christchurch – A Cold

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up with a sort throat and blocked nose… A cold! That’s what happens when it’s freezing in Christchurch!

Curtis and his boss needed to get the PC imaged in the morning as there were some problems with it overnight so had to do that then head to the client.

Once they got to the client (it was 2° so it was cold!) they got started right away. Curtis setup a laptop at someone’s desk and then spent a while trying to fix a problem but ended up just re-building it as it was just not playing ball!

In the afternoon, Curtis and his boss had a couple of things to do, but a lot of it was waiting for 3rd parties and for people to leave the office.

They were able to get the 3rd party to do their thing but then they were unable to do anything because it was too late.

They brought back a PC to the hotel to get that one sorted.

Once back at the hotel, Curtis got hungry so he had smokey BBQ beans on toast which hit the spot!

Curtis then worked for a few hours and then just chilled out. He had to pack tonight as he heads back to Auckland tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 & 54 – Day 200 & 8: Auckland & Christchurch – Evening Pooch Walk

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis and his boss left at 07:50 and got to the client at 08:00.

Curtis already had one machine done and two almost done by 10:00! That’s good timing!

Curtis spent a couple of hours time helping with some issues as well as getting on with migrating users.

With one team to go, Curtis and his boss decided it was easier to add all 8 profiles into one machine, rather than each of them, and then ‘image’ (a fancy word for copy) it to all the other machines. There is also a fancy machine they they need to get another company to do, so they’re waiting for that to happen tomorrow, too.

It got to 17:15 and Curtis and his boss left. Curtis was very hungry as he had no food all day, mostly because he forgot to take any!

For dinner, Curtis and his boss had two pastas… A pesto & gnocchi pasta and a Carbonara. Both were delicious and Curtis was very hungry!

After this, Curtis and his boss had work to do at the hotel! There was the imaging to do and there was some files to move around.

Once this was done, Curtis headed to bed and chatted with Kim.

Kim’s Evening;

This evening Kim popped home because she forgot to bring enough clothes for the week. So she dropped off her laundry and grabbed some other stuff too.

On the way home Kim picked Tabitha up and then they went and took the pooch out for a nice evening stroll.
They then spent the evening vegging in front to the TV all relaxed and stuff. It was really lovely.

When Tabitha headed home Kim got lunch ready for the next day.

Just before heading to sleep Kim had a nice chat with Curtis.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale