Place 27 – Day 8: Bangkok – Thai Cooking Class

We had to ensure we were up and out today and no relaxing! We had to be at a SkyTrain station (about 10 stops from where we are staying) by 13:00. Once we got to the station, we ended up having about an hour to kill, so we grabbed a cappuccino from a nearby coffee shop. 


We went back to the meeting point for our Thai cooking class and met our lovely guide who was very kind and we chose what we wanted to cook. We got 5 choices each! 

We then walked around a fruit & vegetable market where we were taught about all of the different vegetables and what they are used for within Thai cooking. 

We were taken down the road to the kitchen! This was a fairly rustic kitchen but it did the job! 

We were setup with all of our required items and we set about following the instructions on what to prepare in what order and how. It was really easy! We got to use a pestle and mortar to crush items into a curry paste, the old fashioned way! Once we prepared everything, we took our things over to the cooking area and cooked it all! 

Curtis ready to use the pestle & mortar
Curtis’ dishes
Kim’s dishes

All of our food was absolutely tasty and we had a 5 course meal, which absolutely stuffed us. We managed to eat most of it though. 

Us in our sexy pinnies!

We finished here and received the recipes from the dishes we made and then we headed back, very full! On the plus side, we didn’t need dinner as we finished around 16:30. 

We took the very busy skytrain back and have been relaxing ever since, other than going out to get an ice cream and we have done a little planning for the rest of the time we have here. 

We had a great day! What great fun it was and some delicious food was made! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 7: Bangkok – Rain, Flipflops, Thunderstorms & More Rain

Our plans for the day were well and truly ruined by the weather. We woke up to a thunderstorm, which was very loud and also very wet! Due to this, we decided that finding some flipflops and finding a bikini for Kim was what we would do for the day. We started making our way to the shopping centre when the rain got even heavier, so to get out of the rain we decided to try root beer…it’s safe to say we are still unsure as it tastes like medicine! 

Root Beer in a frozen glass!

We braved the weather after this and got to the shopping centre. We walked around for a while trying to find what we needed, and Curtis was eventually able to find a pair of flipflops and Kim was able to find a bikini. 

We eventually got a bit peckish, so we walked to 7-Eleven and Kim got a sandwich and Curtis some instant noodles. 

We then decided we really fancied a lasagna, so we hunted for some! We found an Italian restaurant which was inside a hotel and it was excellent! The lasagna was amazing and we had the chef come and check on us which was lovely! It was a little more expensive than we would have liked, but it was exactly what we wanted! 

We also got some free bread and olive oil! 


We then went to the nearby shopping centre to see if we could find some flipflops for Kim and, luckily enough, there were some there so that task is done!

We promise, we are back to Thai food tomorrow as well as a fun day! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 6: Bangkok – Window Shopping & Western Food

For some reason last night, Curtis was sick, so today’s plans changed. He felt fine when waking up, but as a precaution we though we would have a bit of a relaxed day. 

We walked to a shopping mall which is just down the road to look for some items we need. We spent an hour or two here and then got some lunch at a café! We had an egg, cheese & bacon bagel & a chicken sandwich. 

We finished this and then found another shopping centre which was about 1 hour away. We walked to this shopping centre, slowly, and had a look around. Unfortunately, neither place had anything we were looking for, so we left there and came back to the hostel to relax for a bit. 

We then went out for some dinner and decided that today we wanted a full western food day, so we went to KFC for some food! 

On the way back, Kim slipped a little and her flip flop broke, so now it is a hunt for flip flops before we do anything tomorrow! 

Other than this, we haven’t done too much today, but we have some fun plans for the next couple of days! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 5: Bangkok – Lumpini Park & Free Mojito Class

We wanted to do something restful again but were up for going out so we found a park fairly nearby (only about a 30 minute walk). This park was really big and had a big lake surrounded by trees, a cool bridge & it was just nice and relaxing. The coolest thing though was the giant monitor lizards! We had read a review saying there were a lot and there were! They’re quite large too, and apparently venomous! We spent a lot of the time on the hunt for these lizards and almost accidentally stood on some as they’re so well camouflaged…We think it’s good we didn’t stand on them…that could have made the blog a lot different! 

Random woman waving a sword around…

We left the park as we had a free mojito class at the hostel to go to! 

We arrived and no-one was there, but eventually people turned up, including the English couple which we had been speaking with yesterday. We made the mojitos which apparently you add Coca-Cola to, which is odd, but Curtis didn’t have it in his and it was amazing! Curtis made a lot, too, so he got a large glass and a bigger straw, so certainly felt superior.

Whilst we drank our mojitos we spoke with the English couple (Emily & Toby) about their traveling experiences and we shared ours. It was nice to sit down (for what turned out to be a few hours!) and just chat! 

We decided that it was time for some food, so we found another different place and went there. This place was just 15 minutes by foot, but little did we know that a lot of that walk was on a train track! We spoke as we walked along it saying what it would be like if a train came…well…sure enough, we hear some sort of alarm and all traffic is stopped and we have to sprint away from the tracks to not get run over! Luckily, the train was going very slow and had stopped so we weren’t really in danger. The train track has houses on it, too, which is awesome! 

For dinner Kim had a other green curry but with a Thai omelette and rice. Curtis had spicy basil chicken. Both were delicious and cheap! Kim had Coke to drink and Curtis had a lime soda! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 4: Bangkok – Thai Massage 

We wanted to have a spa day today and just relax. We looked up some places but they were all quite far and a little expensive. We remembered there was a place we had seen just a few doors down from our hostel, so we walked the short walk there and went for our Thai massage. 

Kim really enjoyed the massage but Curtis found it just incredibly painful…That being said, it was nice to do something different for the day and not walk! 

We wanted to grab a drink in a café but, being Sunday, not much was open so we went to 7-Eleven and got some lunch. We got a Carbonara pot noodle type thing, some crisps ( They were 30B for 1 or 40B for 2 so 2 it was!) We got chilli and lime & BBQ flavours. We got a little bit of chocolate too and we were set. All for about £2! 

We sat and had some lunch whilst relaxing in beanbags and watching some TV. We then sat for a few hours looking into some tours we can do in Bangkok, which turns out there isn’t much! Luckily, we have a few ideas what we do for the next week or so. 

We left the hostel and went to a local food court in a mall which is meant to have good cheap food. We found there was a lot of Japanese food, so we found the Thai section and paid just £3.26 for 2 meals. Kim got chicken with yellow rice and Curtis got a Thai green curry. Neither were amazing but it was food! 

We finished up our food and went back to the food festival which is opposite our hostel. Kim got a coconut filled with coconut ice cream & mango pieces. 

We stopped in 7-Eleven again and got a beer because it was cheap and we fancied it. We then went to the chill area and there was an English couple which we sat and spoke with for about an hour which was nice! 

We think we may have a relaxed day tomorrow and maybe look into booking something things maybe just sleeping! Who knows…that’s the beauty of traveling!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 3: Bangkok – Jim Thompson House, Relaxed Drink & Food Festival Market

We walked to Jim Thompson house which is just down the road from us. 

This is a set of 6 old houses from the 4th – 6th century which were moved to this location and joined together so that an American, Jim Thompson, could live in them. This man made Thai silk popular around the world after starting his own Thai silk business when he moved to Thailand. He mysteriously disappeared and no-one knows what happened to him! 

These houses were really cool and the garden area around it was beautiful. We had a tour guide which spoke great English and seemed to love her job. The whole area was very pretty and was right next to a canal which boats are now used as taxi boats, which is cool to see when walking past! 

We really fancied a nice cold drink so we walked back towards the hostel and then found a café en route. This café was lovely and we got 2 drinks at a pretty good price. Curtis got a lime soda and Kim got a white chocolate oreo shake. Both were delicious and it was nice to relax away from the heat for a bit. 

White chocolate oreo shake
Lime Soda

We left here and then went to find some clothes that Kim was looking to buy, but unfortunately there were none so we went back to the hostel and looked up somewhere to get some food, but we couldn’t find anything we liked so we decided to go back to where we ate yesterday as it was just so amazing! We walked the 45 minutes and we were so excited! We opted for 1 beer to share today as it was a little heavy yesterday! Kim got a Chicken Tom Yam (believe this is the right name!) Which is like a less spicy curry with more vegetables in it. Curtis had Stir fried pork with basil & chilli. Both were great and we have amazing service again! 

Stir fried pork with basil & chilli
Tom Yam & omelette

We walked back slowly towards the hostel and stopped across the road at an ice cream shop to get some dessert. Just outside the shop is a food festival market area. There was a lot of wonderful looking and smelling food as well as a few other types of shops but mostly food and drink. There is fresh orange & watermelon juice too! We will definitely need to explore some more! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 27 – Day 2: Bangkok – Dog Café, tasty Thai food & Another helpful stranger

We woke up for breakfast this morning not knowing what to expect. It was a very odd setup. There was coffee & milk as would be expected but we were asked which room we were in then we were given 4 slices of toast each & 2 boiled eggs. We asked if we could get fried egg instead and were told that these are just for guests in private rooms, which we thought was very odd! We were given fried eggs anyway, as well as some watermelon! 

We finished breakfast then decided we needed to go and do something, so we looked up some things to do. We didn’t want to do something too taxing, so we found a dog Café to go to and set off. This was a 2 hour walk and we thought we could do it, but it turns out that in 35° weather it’s a really bad idea! We got about half way and decided to take the SkyTrain instead, which was way faster and pretty cheap. We got off at the wrong station before asking someone and getting to the right station just after that so all was well. 

We walked for a little and then arrived at the dog café. The café had a few dogs but there was a range. Our favourites were the huskies & the malamute! We had a good few hours just sitting, relaxing and stroking the dogs. We got a drink, too. Curtis got some sort of soda drink and Kim got a double chocolate chip frappe. 


Once we eventually got hungry and had to leave, we walked to the tube to take it to where we would have dinner. It was just a few stops and we were pretty much right there. This place had great reviews so we thought we would try and we weren’t disappointed! 

From the moment we sat down we had excellent service. We got a beer each, which turned out to be at least a litre! 

Kim had the green chicken curry which was pretty spicy and Curtis had a chicken pad Thai which was amazing. We’re certain we will go back there, maybe even more than just one time! 

Half of Curtis’ Pad Thai…It was so tasty he couldn’t wait!
Thai Green Curry 🍛

We then needed to walk home and as we started walking a Thai man stopped us and tried explaining something to us for a while but as he was speaking Thai we had no clue what he was saying! We went back to the restaurant with him and the owner translated for us which helped! The man was saying that that walkway is temporarily closed, so luckily we managed to get told that before walking there! He was very nice and gave us highfives then we walked a bit of a longer way to get back. 

It started raining on the way back, but luckily close enough to the hostel so we didn’t get too wet. 

We got back and brought laundry in from outside that we had hung up this morning and we’re incredibly tired again so a relaxing night it is! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 27 – Day 1: Bangkok 🇹🇭 – Early Wake, Mega Muffin & Thailand! 


We had to wake up at 04:30 this morning to get our things ready and walk to the tube station. We had to go to a further away station then we thought, but made it there with plenty of time!

We got on our train and only realised we had to change when everyone else got off the train and onto the one on the opposite platform! Luckily, we noticed in time and got onto the train to the airport. 

We got to the airport and did the usual check in etc. It was odd as our baggage drop counter was in its own area away from all others, though it was much quieter and we breezed through. 

We were very hungry once we did all of this, so naturally we got the normal airport breakfast of a McMuffin. We were all ready for a sausage & egg muffin when Curtis spotted the ‘Mega Muffin’. For a small amount more, it was possible to get 2 sausage patties, 1 piece of bacon, 1 egg & 1 slice of cheese in a muffin! This was heaven. As you would expect, Curtis got a coffee too and we were ready to head off! 

Oddly, we had to queue for security as it was closed until a certain time, which we found odd! Once we did get in, though, it was very fast and we were through in no time. 

We saw a sign for a relaxation area which was free so we had to check it out! There were relaxation pods with charging points, so we bought drinks for the flight then sat here until about 15 minutes before boarding where we were able to board first! 

We had gambled and booked the window & aisle seat in hopes we would get noone in between us and get a full row. The gamble paid off! We had a whole row for the 6 hour flight and it was great. We played a lot of UNO and got some well needed sleep in. We had a hot meal too, which was pretty much just chicken & rice. 

We landed and did the usual and had to find out how to get to the hotel. We found out that there was a cheap airport shuttle bus which took us right to the train station we needed, so we sat on that for a while and then got the train to right next to our hostel. 

We couldn’t seem to find the hostel as it was tucked away, so we went to McDonald’s to ask. The staff weren’t sure but a wonderful woman was kind enough to help us and call the hostel to find the location. We were able to find it thanks to this woman and so we got there, had a shower and went out for food. We just went to the closest place as we were tired and very hungry and the place turned out to be Subway! We went and got a drink from the shop too and we were set! 

We then spent the evening sat on beanbags in the chill area watching TV and eating Subway…But we did nip out quickly!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 26 – Day 8: Tokyo – Sushi, Pet Shops, A Park, Some live J-Pop & A Disappointment

We went to Shibuya today, home of the massive crossing & a few other cool things. The streets themselves were awesome and the crossing was massive and busy! 

We went to a sushi bar with automated conveyors! We had a screen at our part of the bar and ordered what we want and it came to us on the conveyor. It was fun and actually really cheap too! Curtis had grilled salmon Nigiri Sushi followed by Broiled Salmon & Black Pepper nigiri sushi. Both were enjoyable! Kim ordered some fries but then risked it and went with some sushi rolls of tuna & sweetcorn. 

We went to a big department store to look for a travel charger, but ended up in the toy section and having a laugh. It was even more of a laugh when we came to the adult section, because we are children!! We bought UNO here too, because we are still addicted. 

We went to a park after this and it just started raining once we got there. It was just a small amount of rain so nothing drastic. We then heard, from another park of the park, some loud singing. We went to investigate and there was some sort of free J-Pop concert happening. There were guys watching who seemed very, very passionate and were jumping, screaming, singing along and for some odd reason, shouting at a fake dinosaur head…it was crazy but a great experience! 

It started raining very heavy so we walked back into town and to the place we planned to have food. 

Once we got to the food place, we were really excited! This place was called Alcatraz ER and it was an Alcatraz themed restaurant where all the food and drinks look like horrible things and the staff can drag you from the cell and pretend to experiment on you! This sounded amazing, but, it was not…We ended up leaving as there was no ambiance. Noone was in character, it didn’t seem that they were playing to the ‘script’ that it says they will and there was loud music blasting. 

After a while of searching, we got fed up trying to find anywhere for food, so we went to a place we had previously seen in another location and weren’t keen on, but were so hungry that it seemed worth it. We each got a bowl of meat with rice. Curtis got beef and Kim got pork. They didn’t look appetizing, but they were OK, very cheap and did the job! 

After, Kim went to get a strawberry, chocolate & banana crepe.

We went to H&M & Forever21 to have a look around for Kim and Curtis was bored so decided to dress Kim up in some lovely headgear! 

We got the tube back and bought a bottle of sale at our hostel to try and it is tasty! It  I had a whisky texture but a wine  taste. Very interesting! We packed this morning so we don’t have anything to do other than shower. We leave nice and early tomorrow for a train ride then a flight! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 26 – Day 7: Toyko – Soufflé Pancakes, Great Coffee & Forest Café

We had a few ideas what to do today, but upon looking them up they were closed! We decided to walk to the Tokyo Skytree (tower) and see the cost to go up it as it also includes many things inside (known as the ‘skytree village’). This was incredibly expensive and not really that interesting, so we went to a coffee shop which had Soufflé pancakes which Kim had heard about and wanted to try. We had to queue to get in as it was so busy! Once we got in, we ordered one of the soufflé pancakes with chocolate syrup & chocolate ice cream as well as an orange juice for Kim and a charcoal roasted coffee for Curtis. The code was amazing (though not cheap) and the Soufflé pancakes was pretty good, too. 

We finished up here, had a little walk around and found an Owl/Animal cafe. This mostly had owls, but also had otters, a meerkat, snakes, lizards, ghekos, chinchillas and birds. This was pretty small and uncomfortable to walk around but the animals were cool! We got to stroke a meerkat, owls & shake hands with otters! 

We went to 7-Eleven on the way back to grab a pot noodle each. Kim had curry again and Curtis’ is an unknown flavour, though tasty! 

We had tiramasu for dessert, too!

We’ve booked some future accomodation and now just relaxing! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale