Place 16 – Day 6: Bergen – Lugging Lumber

Today we had planned to clean and setup for the AirBnB guests that are arriving tomorrow. 

Kim was doing laundry and Curtis was cleaning the kitchen. As we were doing this, our host said that we were needed to lug some lumber from its storage place to hear the treehouse so that our host and his friend are able to continue with the construction. 

We moved these panels of wood and then we continued with the inside cleaning. Curtis cleaned the kitchen more in depth and Kim setup the room for the AirBnB guests. 

Once we were done, we had a meeting with our host to discuss what needs to be done and when it will be done.

We need to do a shop tomorrow as well as fix the bicycles, so we’ll be having another productive day tomorrow! 

Kim made a wonderful omelette for lunch and we’re having ‘breakfast-for-dinner’!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 16 – Day 5: Bergen – Short Work Day & Walk

We woke up pretty late today and Kim wasn’t feeling great so we decided to have a short work day. We only had an hour to work today so we decided that we would clean the room that the AirBnB guests were in last night and complete the daily cleaning and that was our hour done. 

When the guests arrived last night, our host said we can all go in his boat. We all went down to the boat but unfortunately it didn’t work so we were unable to go in it. 

We went back to the house with the guests and sat outside and drank Whiskey that they had brought. It was nice to just relax!

After the hour work today, we walked down the road for about an hour, just walking and looking at the beautiful views, even though the weather isn’t great today! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 16 – Day 4: Bergen – Slopes ‘n’ Bones 

We started the day doing the ‘daily cleaning’ this consists of washing up, cleaning up the kitchen and emptying each bin. We are heavily recycling here, so Iron, Aluminium, Paper/cardboard, plastic and organic are all seperated and put into their own location outside. The laundry was also hung out.

Once this was done, we put on some rather fetching outfits (Wellington boots included!) And we headed outside to dig out a slope for the hot tub to be drained down, rather than just dumping the water in the same place every time. 

Once we started, we soon realised that there was a lot of roots and also, for some reason, some plywood! Once we started to get rid of that, it was evident that there were also some bones in the soil! We weren’t sure at first if it was just a few, but it certainly became obvious that we had stumbled apon a grave! Luckily, it seemed to be a dog or some sort of animal at least, as you can see from the bones below! 

We finished this and then Curtis sorted out recycling that had been incorrectly sorted.

Then, we sat down to some lovely chicken and rice! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 16 – Day 3: Bergen – Indoor Work

Today we finished putting together our schedule for the 3 weeks we are here. We decided that today, as there is 100% rain today. It’s literally rained all day…

We had some laundry to hang up and some plants to water. We had another meeting with our host to continue planning what needs to be done. 

We did a deep clean of the kitchen and the fridge which took an hour or so.

We had some lunch, a nice sandwich made by Kim, and then we had o move rooms as there are some paying guests coming to stay, so we moved rooms and then cleaned and setup the bedroom for the guests.

Now, Kim’s making a nice cottage pie for dinner!
Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 16 – Day 2: Bergen – Recycling, Job Hunting & IKEA

Our day began with a chat with our host regarding what needs to be done in the house as well as in the garden. We’re looking forward to getting stuck into our jobs!

After our discussion, we went with our host to a Recycling plant in which we recycled copious amounts of glass and plastic. 

Once we finished with our recycling, our host needed to go into Bergen centre so we stayed there for a few hours. We went out to a restaurant named ‘Jacob Aall’ which we come to every time we come to Bergen, although it’s not exactly on the cheap side! Kim had the ‘Jacob Aall Burger’ and Curtis had the chicken taglietelle. Kim’s burger was lovely and curtis’ taglietelle was nice, other than the last piece of chicken which didn’t seem too cooked! 

We went to a few hostels to speak about getting a job for about 1 month’s time. We went to 2 that were fairly in the centre and one that turned out to be up most of mount Ulriken!! We accidentally joined the route for a running race up the mountain, so that was interesting! 

We the spoke with our friend Espen who was moving house and wanted to go to IKEA to pick up some things. We wanted to go with him, so he came and picked us up and we headed out to IKEA. We had some fun there and then went to catch a bus home. Unfortunately, there were no busses soon, so, Espen being a great friend, drove us home! 

We will be drawing up a work plan and starting tomorrow! Wish us luck! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 16 – Day 1: Bergen 🇳🇴 – Cycling, Beautiful Views & Shopping

Hei! 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

We’re now in Bergen, Norway! 

We arrived to our house around 1:30am last night and decided that sleep was the plan! Espen & Marcus were kind enough to collect us from the airport and take us to Tofterøy, which was a huge help!

We settled in and slept far later then planned..until about 12pm, but we clearly needed it!

We had planned to do some hiking or something of the sort today, but as we woke up late we just needed to do some shopping really!
Our host provided us with bikes as the shop is on the next island! It was only actually about 1 mile or so away, but because of the route we had to do, it took much longer. The bridge we crossed was incredibly windy and fairly scary seen as neither of us have ridden a bike in a very long time! That being said, the views were beautiful. This is such a beautiful area. We bought a cabbage instead of lettuce, so that’s cool…

We also have a beautiful view from our kitchen!

In case you’re not aware, we’re staying here for 3 weeks and we’re going to be working at this house just building things or doing what ever is needed in return for accommodation & food.

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 14 & 15 – Day 7: København & Malmö – Castle & Carlsberg Brewery

We left the apartment early today and put our bags in the luggage storage at the train station to explore Copenhagen! We took the 45 minute train and arrived just after 8am, leaving us plenty of time to explore! 

Luckily, the weather wasn’t too bad as we wandered around Copenhagen! We went to the little mermaid statue, but it was being cleaning so it kind of ruined the view, but was cool! 

We then walked around the castle nearby as well as the Rosenborg castle grounds! 

We made our way to the Carlsberg Brewery for a tour! We did the self guided tour, but paid for beer tasting and also lunch! 

We were taken into the cellar which has a war room used by the Danish military in WW2, which was awesome! Then, we tasted SOME Jacobson beers, which are made in the factory, but only for Denmark! Once we tasted these, we walked around the museum and finally we’re now sat down to lunch, which is a lovely burger! 

We’re eating lunch inside the brewery and we can see the alcohol being bottled, which is awesome! 

Once we are finished, we’ll be walking around the old town and then we’re heading to the airport and off to our next location! 

Sorry if this blog is incorrectly typed… Curtis has had a few beers! 

Photos are on Facebook! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 6: København & Malmö – Seaside Walk

We were able to do as we planned today and do our Seaside walk! We walked past where we had previously, just to see what was there. There wasn’t much, to be honest but it was a lovely peaceful walk! 

It has cooled down to around 15/16 degrees today, so it was jeans and jumpers today! 

After our walk, we walked around the old town again for a little and then popped to the Central Station to buy our tickets for tomorrow, going to Denmark! 

After being in Denmark tomorrow, we are flying from Copenhagen airport to our next location at 10pm!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 5: København & Malmö – Folkets Park

Our plans had to change today as we weren’t able to do the seaside walk we planned as there was rain! We came back and got into better clothing for rain and then to a walk to Folkets Park, which is basically a larger version of a Town Park in England. They also hold concerts here though. We walked through there which was cool to see and there were a lot of people having fun, which is nice to see! 

Before this, we went to the bus station to find out the price to get to Denmark, which wasn’t favorable..

This evening is just a relaxing one, because we can… It’s Sunday! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

Place 14 & 15 – Day 4: København & Malmö – Food Truck Festival, Old Town & Beach Walk

We planned, as we said yesterday, to go to the food truck festival today. We managed to find it and, although it was awesome looking, there was nothing free so we didn’t stay long. It did smell great though! 

We then decided that, as we hadn’t already, we should go to the Old Town and see what that is like. This was a beautiful area with old buildings and some nice open spaces. There was clearly a football match on today, as there was a lot of the opposing team to Malmö, IFK, fans chanting around the place. It was a cool thing to see actually. Big drums and loud shouting! All good fun. 

We then headed back to the beach and just had a stroll along it! Although we’re pretty sure that the temperature isn’t much different from yesterday, it certainly felt warmer! There was a lot more people than yesterday, which made it more difficult to navigate! Kim saw a lot of dogs, which was good for her! 

– Adjö! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale