Place 49 – Day 341: Auckland – Accidental Lay In

Curtis’ Day;

For some reason this morning, both of us missed the alarm for Curtis to wake up for work!

Due to this, Curtis woke up at thr time he usually gets to work. This effectively decided that Curtis would be working from home.

He has hoped that today wouldn’t be as manic as yesterday and it seemed, at least early in the day, that it may be a bit more relaxed.

Shortly after he realised that, though, it became busy again, with a flood of requests coming in for Curtis to sort out.

These requests spiraled and before curtis knew it, it was the end of the day and he hadn’t really got much done.

Both of us;

Kim went to a shop to look for some clothes after work, but it wasn’t so she went to the supermarket and came home.

After Kim arrived home, neither of us could be bothered to do anything so we just sat and did nothing!

After this, we decided to make some dinner. We had some chicken meatball type things…not sure what they were but they were tasty! We had these with asparagus and roasted vegetables.

We relaxed and chatted with Nicola a bit too and then headed to bed to watch some TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 340: Auckland – Urgent Action Required!

Curtis’ Day;

The day was busy right from the get-go!

Curtis was asked to do 7 seperate things urgently before 12:00. He was asked around 08:30-09:00 so only had a few hours to complete these tasks…he also wasn’t entirely sure how to do them!

After finally getting these done, Curtis then had to remote onto a machine to give access to a server but that didn’t work, so Curtis planned to have lunch.

Unfortunately, Curtis had to do something else which took two hours to complete so Curtis had no time for lunch!

Curtis left the office at 15:20 and drove home…today was a difficult day for the brain.

Both of us;

Kim went to the shop and got some essentials whilst Curtis did the ironing and washing up.

We had the last of the risotto with some salad and we watched TV whilst we ate.

After, we had some ice cream and watched more TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 339: Auckland – Hail & Thunder!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work at his ideal time and wanted to get started on something he had planned but the PC he wanted to work on was turned off, so he had to wait a few hours to do what he wanted.

He was able to get on with one of the few cases he had to do and was able to at least make a start on a few others.

In the mid morning, there was a very large downpour of hail! All of the street was white, as if snow had fallen, but only until the insane amount of rain came, along with the thunder!

Most of the afternoon was taken up with one case, in which Curtis didn’t really get much further.

Curtis did get a mini ‘project’ organised though, which was fun.

For the end of the afternoon, Curtis learned something new which he needs to get done, hopefully, tomorrow!

The drive home was back to being incredibly busy, but it seems there was possibly a crash somewhere, which may explain it.

Both of us;

The pair of us were hungry when we arrived home, so dinner was the priority. We had leftover risotto and watched some TV.

Once our 1 hour TV show finished, Kim went out to see Tabitha at the usual gathering place of ‘The Chocolate House’.

Once Kim got home, we watched NCIS:LA and then had another early night!

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 338: Auckland – Delicous Risotto

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left late to get to work but arrived on time, luckily.

Curtis was incredibly tired from the weekend but he quickly got over it and got right to work.

For the morning, Curtis had some work to finish from Friday afternoon as well as some admin to do and then a new case that came in.

Curtis’ work laptop started playing up as well, which didn’t help much!

In the afternoon, Curtis had a remote session and resolved an issue for someone and then had some more development work to loom at which took the rest of the afternoon.

Curtis had little traffic on the way home, which was a nice change in comparison to the last few work days!

Both of us;

We both got home at fairly similar times and the Kim realised she didn’t have everything she needed for dinner so she popped out to grab that.

Once Kim got back, she slaved over the stove to produce a wonderful chicken & mushroom risotto!

With our risotto, we had a really tasty side salad and Nicola even had some food with us, too!

We got some extra accommodation booked for 2 months time and then made the lunches and had a conversation with Nicola.

We finished the evening watched The Last Leg and had an early night (for us!).

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 337: Auckland – Friday Jams Live!

We didn’t do all too much until this afternoon. We had a simple breakfast, did some laundry and then go ready for the day.

At 14:00, we left the house to go to Western Springs Stadium!

We drove to Curtis’ work, parked there and then walked 30-40 minutes to the stadium as there was no nearby parking.

We got to the stadium and got right into the cue! We had premium seats (the 2nd best!) So our cue wasn’t very long.

We milled around for a while in the park before the stadium opened (later than planned!).

We were then into Friday Jams Live! This is a mini festival (6 hours) of throwback R&B music from;

  • Kings
  • Che-Fu
  • Ginuwine
  • Estelle
  • Next
  • Taio Cruz
  • Eve
  • Naughty By Nature
  • Fatman Scoop
  • Salt n’ Pepa

And finally, Usher & Lil Jon!

What an awesome time we had! This was 6 hours without a break from music and when there wasn’t an artist on stage, there was a DJ keeping up the awesome music!






Salt n’ Pepa

Usher and Lil Jon at the end were fantastic and kept it going for a while, too, with a big mix of songs.

We left very happy and quite hungry! We walked back to the car and drove back home, making a stop at McDonald’s on the way.

We had a really great time, though our legs, feet and backs hurt after standing in one spot for so long…luckily we had an amazing spot to watch from. We’re very tired and confused why it was on a Sunday night, but it was still awesome!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 336: Auckland – Long Bay

Kim woke up at 09:00 and made coffee and breakfast. Curtis woke up at 10:00 and then we had our breakfast.

We finished breakfast and got showered before we went out to Long Bay which took us just around 20 minutes to get to. The weather was good before we left, but it was not as great when we left but was still very warm.

We got to Long Bay and finally found a parking spot. It turns out that Long Bay is also a campsite as we had to go through that to get to the parking.

There were people all around on the grass areas just chillimg and/or BBQing!

We walked down to the beach and just kept walking! We walked left to start with, including past the rocks at the end of the beach. We walked for as far as we could before turning around and heading the other way.

We got to the other side but there was nothing there and the weather was starting to get bad, so we made our way back to the car.

We got back home and went back out right away to get the shopping for the week.

We got back from that and Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim went out with Tabitha. They sat and had a chat at Tabitha’s house for a while and it was great to catch up!

Once Kim got back home, she made a tremendous dinner! We had Moroccan lamb with a couscous filled capsicum and a side salad. Along with this, we also had homemade tzatziki!

After dinner, we had some strawberries and watched some TV.

Tomorrow will be so much fun!

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 335: Auckland – Double Curry!

Curtis’ Day;

For the first time in a while, the traffic on the way to work was fairly quiet for Curtis, so he got to work at 16:10.

Curtis’ morning was busy but it started to dwindle just after lunch.

A colleague gave Curtis some work to do for the rest of the afternoon. this work was to change how some parts of a webpage look.

Curtis left work at 16:10 but the traffic on the way home was insane!

When curtis eventually got home, he sat and watched the Leafs game.

Kim’s Evening;

After work, Kim went right to the pub with some colleagues for a drink.

Both of us;

When Kim got home, Curtis was still watching hockey so she chilled out until then end of the game when we then watched some TV and then decided eating dinner was a good idea.

Kim got free curry for lunch today and brought some home for dinner, so Kim had 2 curries today!

After dinner we were pretty full so we just sat and watched some TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 334: Auckland – Back To Being Busy

Curtis’ Day;

Most of the day was pretty busy for curtis today, which was a change compared to the last 2 days.

A lot of phone calls and emails came in from 08:00-12:00 so Curtis was kept very busy and that didn’t change much after lunch as 11 cases from one client came in and Curtis had to work on those.

The traffic on the way home was abysmal and Curtis got back about 15 minutes later than normal.

Both of us;

Kim got home and we went for a walk. The sun was crazily hot!

When we got back, we had breakfast for dinner again as we had some sausages left.

We watched the apprentice and then had a mini ‘the goldbergs’ marathon!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 333: Auckland – Evening Hockey

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and was only able to have half a coffee due to having to visit a client. He had to take a laptop there, set it up and test it with Skype.

The traffic on the way was fine, so he got there at a decent time.

Curtis was greeted by Luna, a German Shepherd! Curtis got to work, changing over the laptop and testing Skype.

Curtis successfully sorted this laptop out and then left back to the office. This is where the traffic became crazy. There was a lot of traffic as it was the main time everyone travels to work.

Curtis got back to the office and had a few things to do to help out a colleague.

Curtis was able to resolve the issue he helped with, which was positive!

After lunch it was quiet, so Curtis helped his colleagues where he could.

Curtis drove home and not long after getting back, the leafs game started, so Curtis was able to watch that for the evening.

Both of us;

Kim went for a walk when she got home as the weather was warm and then when she got back she made breakfast for dinner…for dinner.

We watched some TV, booked some concert tickets (exciting!) And did some research for our trip.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 332: Auckland – It’s Gettin’ Warm!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and the day started really slow.

Curtis even got some training done as there wasn’t much to do.

An external vendor replied with a fix for the major incident they were having yesterday, which was good!

Curtis helped with a few things in the afternoon, but overall it was a bit of a slow day.

Both of us;

Kim stopped at the shop on the way home but forgot some items so Curtis had to pop back out and get that.

For dinner, Kim made a delicious but huge steak sandwich with mustard mayo, cheese, onions, kumara fries and salad.

We spent the evening catching up on the TV show Young Sheldon.

It was warm today and there was a lot of sun… the weather is getting hot!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale