Place 49 – Day 350: Auckland – Advent Calendars & Windy Movie Day!

We woke up at 10:00 and had some cereal in bed, along with a coffee.

The plan for today was to do absolutely nothing, which we pretty much did.

We spent the morning watching some TV and then got ready and went out to Glenfield Mall around 13:15.

We had to get the weekly shop, as well as our first coffee from Little Things in a while!

Whilst shopping, we got an advent calendar each, too, after looking for a while.

We got home after shopping and watched a film whilst we ate the leftover bao from Kim’s dinner yesterday.

After that film, we chilled out for a bit and then we ate our dinner of mac and cheese with garlic bread, which was unhealthy but delicous!

The weather was very windy today, so that’s one of the reasons we did nothing…but we did watch a movie and watch TV, which was nice for a weekend.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 349: Auckland – Friday Night Frolicking

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis came into the office and had about 8 emails from the same person, which was feedback from the work he did yesterday. Most of the feedback was good, too!

Curtis rectified the issues he was told about and then did some other work, which he has been unable to get done as he has been working on the same thing all week!

The day was fairly quiet, though Curtis did have some network issues to fix for a client.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim got home and waited for Danielle to arrive. Once Danielle was there, Kim and Danielle went to Albany to do some shopping and then to Takapuna for some food.

Kim and Danielle went to Tok Tok for food, which is the Asian restaurant that we went to previously.

Kim’s dinner was forgotten about and she had to ask for it, which is a shame, but once she got it, it was delicious! Kim had a Vietnamese coffee before she left, too!

Kim drove her and Danielle back to our place where they sat and chatted for a while.

Kim drove Danielle home, drove herself back home and then it was bedtime!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 348: Auckland – Scrubbin’

Curtis’ Day;

For the first time in over a week, Curtis was not in a rush to get anything done in the morning. That being said, Curtis did get some things sorted in the morning, so that was a success!

Curtis had a client ask if he could do a screen share to show some things he wouldlike changed within there system, so Curtis did that which lasted for an hour and a half.

After that, Curtis had fuel and then had lunch.

Post lunch, Curtis spent the rest of the afternoon working on the stuff he had found out from the client and made very good progress!

Curtis took a different route home to see if it was quicker and it was!

Both of us;

Kim went for a walk when she got home and then once she got back we had some dinner.

We had breaded chicken wraps with kumara chips.

Whilst making dinner, we managed to accidentally put the packet of wraps on the previously used, and still hot, stove top! This proceeded to melt the plastic onto the stove top and we then had the fun job of figuring out how to get the melted plastic off.

Curtis scrubbed it for a while with some stove top cleaner and eventually got 99% of it off…and now we have a very clean stove!

We watched The Apprentice and then headed to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 347: Auckland – A Peaceful Lake & Many Dogs

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was very busy again today, hitting 11:00 incredibly fast! Curtis had to do some work fairly quickly in the morning, so he focused on that until around 09:30. This was fairly complicated and something Curtis was unsure about, so ut took quite a while.

After this, Curtis had a few things planned but got a phone call from a client and had to fix something for them urgently.

After lunch, Curtis had a Skype meeting with a client to determine what they are looking for regarding development.

Curtis spent the afternoon doing some development and then it was already home time!

The journey home took 45 minutes and there was a lot of traffic due toa a few accidents south of the city.

Both of us;

Once we were both home, we had the same dinner as yesterday and also made our lunch for tomorrow.

After an hour or so watching TV, we got bored and headed out for a late evening walk around 20:15.

During the walk, Kim got to see many a dog and they were all happy to see her!

The Onepoto Domain is right next to our house and there is a great peaceful lake in the centre, which looks even better at night!

We got back home and watched Trevor Noah’s latest standup show and then headed to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 346: Auckland – Fighting Against Computers

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work with the expectation he would be heading out to a client in the afternoon.

Curtis had to fight against a computer for most of the day. It just wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do!

After lunch, Curtis was told he no longer needed to go to the client, nor did he need to go tomorrow, so he was able to take on some more work to do in the office, most of it is development.

Both of us;

When we were both home, we made some rice for our leftover pork from yesterday.

We the just watched some TV in the evening, most notably The Last Leg.

Another chilled evening, because why not.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 345: Auckland – Hobs Are Hot!

Curtis’ Day;

There was little to no traffic this morning, meaning Curtis got to work at a good time.

Curtis had some development work to complete this morning, which he did do so fairly quickly.

There were quite a few phone calls this morning, so Curtis had to amswer those as well.

Curtis had two remote sessions planned, one of which was to investigate why a laptop kept crashing and the other was to talk a client through logging into a server as Curtis was unable to access remotely.

The first session, regarding the laptop, didn’t really wield any results but the second was successful!

After an hour conversation, Curtis was able to access the server and was able to do what was needed.

Curtis worked with a colleague to figure something out, which took a while.

Curtis’ drove home was uneventful and not busy at all. Curtis went to the supermakret on the way home to get some items.

Both of us;

Kim got home but then realised that neither of us got anything we actually needed for dinner, so Kim had to go back out again to get them.

When she got back, she made Thai pork with multiple vegetables including honey roasted carrots!

Whilst making dinner, Kim managed to touch the hob and burn herself, which hurt all evening!

After dinner, we did the usual. Just watching some TV, notably NCIS:LA.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 344: Auckland – The First Proper Sunday in Weeks

We eventually woke up at 09:45, had some breakfast and chilled out.

We had a plan to meet some friends for lunch in a pub garden but the weather was terrible again so we postponed it until next week.

Due to this, our day was free!

At 13:00, Curtis sat and watched the Leafs game. As Curtis started to watch, Kim braved the weather and went to look in the English food shop to see if there were any pigs in blankets…There were not.

Kim stopped off to get some instant noodles each for lunch as well as to look for some cocktail sausages…Again, there were none.

Once Kim arrived home, we did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day…Exactly how a Sunday should be!

For dinner, we were going to have the remaining breaded chicken meatballs, but they just wouldn’t cook correctly so we gave up and had a beef brisket we had bought.

The beef brisket was delicious, but very peppery! We had this with kumara fries and asparagus.

After dinner it was time to watch some TV. We started with The Apprentice and then watched half of Blue Planet 2, but then wanted a change of mood so watched The Russell Howard Hour to finish the weekend.

Not many weeks remaining of work now!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 343: Auckland – Thanksgiving Party

We woke up naturally around 09:30, which is the perfect time. We ate some cereal in bed and watched some videos whilst doing so (and Curtis had a coffee, of course).

Once we woke up and showered, we spoke with Kim’s family regarding our trip and just to catch up.

After this, Curtis watched the Leafs game and Kim went out to do the shopping.

We chilled out for a while and then had to get ourselves ready to go out.

We were invited to one of Kim’s work colleague (and friend) ‘s place for a thanksgiving meal, with a few of their other friends.

We arrived and had champagne to start with, so it was definitely a good start!

We listened to music and chatted as people arrived. Shortly after, we played ‘Head’s Up’ which Curtis was not good at! We played that until dinner was ready.

We had chicken, potato salad, cauliflower cheese, multiple salads, buns & coleslaw!

After we ate, we had some dessert of pumpkin pie as well as pecan pie. Both homemade and both delicious!

We then chatted for a bit more and then afterwards we played a game which was basically like Cards Against Humanity but with movie quotes…it was actually better than Cards Against Humanity, too.

We left around 23:00…it was a successful and fun night!

We got home at 23:15 and got into bed…Turns out we were tired!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 342: Auckland – Bohemian Rhapsody

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis became a bit of a developer today! He created something he was unaware how to do for a client. It didn’t take very long, yet it works perfectly and he needed little guidance for it, too.

Along with doing this, Curtis went through to get his cases cleared up and completed throughout the day. Along with this, of course, new cases came in also, which Curtis promptly sorted.

It was a day where it was busy but also very productive. Unfortunately, everything that came in was ‘urgent’ so there was some more rushing to get things done.

Luckily, the day went quickly because of this.

After work, Curtis drove home in the terrible traffic and it took him 40 minutes!

Both of us;

Kim went out to the pub briefly to say goodbye to a leaving work colleague and then when she came home we drove to New Lynn where we were having dinner and a movie with Danielle and Josh.

We went to a vietnamese restaurant and it was…ok…

The meat was really good but the accompanying items were just average.

After the meal, we went up to the cinema to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

What a film!

Curtis said it was the best film he’d watched in a long time!

It was 23:05 by the time we got out of the cinema, so we drove home and got into bed…Luckily it’s Saturday tomorrow!

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 341: Auckland – Accidental Lay In

Curtis’ Day;

For some reason this morning, both of us missed the alarm for Curtis to wake up for work!

Due to this, Curtis woke up at thr time he usually gets to work. This effectively decided that Curtis would be working from home.

He has hoped that today wouldn’t be as manic as yesterday and it seemed, at least early in the day, that it may be a bit more relaxed.

Shortly after he realised that, though, it became busy again, with a flood of requests coming in for Curtis to sort out.

These requests spiraled and before curtis knew it, it was the end of the day and he hadn’t really got much done.

Both of us;

Kim went to a shop to look for some clothes after work, but it wasn’t so she went to the supermarket and came home.

After Kim arrived home, neither of us could be bothered to do anything so we just sat and did nothing!

After this, we decided to make some dinner. We had some chicken meatball type things…not sure what they were but they were tasty! We had these with asparagus and roasted vegetables.

We relaxed and chatted with Nicola a bit too and then headed to bed to watch some TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale