Place 72 – Day 178: Vancouver, BC – Anniversary Dinner!

Kim’s Evening Last Night

Kim went to the naughty but nice sex expo for the evening! Before that she and her friend went out for Korean food and a nice catch up!

After dinner they headed over to the Tantra Pole Dance booth at the expo to drop off their bags before getting ready and exploring the convention. It was amazing!

There were so many booths that had so many items to sale and to look at!

They headed back to the booth after their walk around and did a few demos on a stage pole at the booth and helped with sales!

The booth was right at the main stage so everyone was able to watch all the performances including Canada best male strippers, an amazing dance crew and the competition for pole studios in Vancouver.

At the end of her first shift Kim helped on stage by cleaning the pole and making sure it was on spinny or non spinny for a pole competition. It went well for the first person, but the second persons music didn’t work so Kim tried to help out and then when the 3rd clean happened Kim realised she didn’t have the allen key to unlock the pole! It was terrible!

Eventually the owner managed to get it all sorted and fixed and Kim can only assume that she put it down while helping with the music and just couldnt find it again! It wasn’t the end of the world, but Kim did feel terrible!

The other half if her shift Kim helped on pole, sales and hoop! It was so much fun. She managed to do a couple of mini hoop routines, which was great fun!

At the end Kim then walked back to work to pick up some stuff and then took the train home.

Anniversary Dinner

On Tuesday, we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! We decided that a Saturday was a better day to celebrate then the Tuesday!

We woke up pretty late today, had some breakfast and then Curtis watched hockey and Kim went out to Winners to see if they had any tops…They did not.

We went out for dinner to a place called Brix & Mortar, just a 20 minute walk from us.

We got there and the staff were terrific, providing excellent service right from the start.

We let them know it was our anniversary and they gave us a free glass of prosecco!

We shared some focaccia bread and then for main Kim had tagliatelle with mushrooms and Curtis had a AAA beef tenderloin with a German potato hash with bacon and a delicious sauce.

Our food was great but we still had some room for dessert.

The server was so lovely and she got us a free dessert to go along with our desserts we ordered.

Kim got a chocolate and praline dessert which was very creamy and chocolatey and Curtis got s coffee cheesecake which was exactly as you would expect…coffee flavoured!

We got a free lemon Panna Cotta which was really nice as a palette cleanser at the end of our meal.

We finished our bottle of wine and walked home, a little merry, but we had a great time and some terrific food.

Brix & Mortar

Our Rating:- 10/10

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 177: Vancouver, BC – Helping At An Expo!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quiet day, though was busy enough throughout.

He got some new tickets and some responses on some of his ongoing tickets.

Curtis did some project work (which was really just drafting an email and figuring out some questions to ask) and then got back to tickets.

In the afternoon, Curtis spent pretty much the whole time fighting with something and didn’t really get anywhere good with it, so he’s left it until Monday.

Curtis walked home to watch hockey.


Kim went out to an expo after having dinner with some others that were going!

The expo was pole dancing related, and a few other things, but Kim was helping with setups and sorting out poles and things like that.

Kim was sure to take some time to look around and enjoy herself! It was a huge event, taking over the entire convention centre!

Kim’s still there right now, so this is as much information as we can give, so tune in tomorrow if you want to hear all about it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 176: Vancouver, BC – Kim Needs Glasses!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up and into the office early to get the boardroom and conference room setup for a whole company meeting. Curtis just had to check that everything worked, do some testing and get a few other things setup.

The meeting went on for 1.5 hours and then Curtis had another meeting right after and then after that he had yet another meeting!

After all his meetings, Curtis got some tickets done and then had some lunch.

After lunch, there was just a couple of hours left of the day so he used them wisely and got a few more things completed.

Curtis left the office and walked home.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim worked on one of the new offices floor plan and spent some time moving people around to sort a room booking for someone.

At lunch Kim went to the opticians and had an eye test done. It went well but Kim will need reading glasses so soon she will be on the hunt for a pair of glasses! She also received a referral to go to the doctors in regards to the migraine she had back in September. Kim also had her eyes dilated for the exam and that was a wild ride!

As Kim couldn’t see all that much when she got back to the office she had some lunch and then cut up some fruit, carefully.

Kim spent some of the afternoon rebooking the meeting room from the morning as the booking is for March and not February.

The rest of the afternoon Kim worked on making a report for the catering requested since she started. This meant Kim went back through emails and messages and logged a the requests.


The evening was pretty eventless for Curtis. He just played some games and watched some videos.

The class Kim went to was good fun, she was only able to get one of the two moves but it was a great challenge!

Kim had an hours break before the open pole session so she relaxed in the reception area.

It’s often hit or miss with open pole and Kim, sometimes she manages a few good things and other times it is a total wipe out! Tonight’s training was brilliant.

She trained in a move from months ago and was even able to incorporate it into a combo. She was also able to practise moves she wants to use in her routine, which was brilliant!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 175: Vancouver, BC – Power Outage & ThinkTank Decommissioning

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and there was an issue with the Regina office’s power, meaning a lot of things were not working!

Curtis and his colleague, as well as 2 others from the office, went over to Gastown to visit the think-tank which the company is getting rid of.

There, they removed all of the IT equipment, TVs etc, and packed it all up.

This only took about 2 hours, which was a little quicker than expected, but they managed to get back in time for a debrief on the issues that had happened that morning.

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting regarding a software application to see what can be done from his team to assist.

After this, Curtis just got some tickets completed and then headed home.

Kim’s Day

This morning Kim took some time to look into courses to see what is available for her to take.

She then had a project meeting and they talked about where they got up to. It’s all going smoothly and is on the right track. After the meeting Kim added links and made changes here and there before redoing one of the floor plans and starting a plan to redo another, before starting a new floor plan for a different office.

During the work on the project Kim and her colleague had an impromptu meeting to go over the project, a few social things and a plan for the next few months. It was a really god catch up.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on setting up things for a few social events that are coming up. She drew up some costs and looked into where everything would be bought from for each office.


Kim went out to do her energy exchange and then went to the drug store on the way home. Curtis watched the leafs game during this time.

Once Kim got back, we had some dinner and watched some TV.

Curtis has to be up early tomorrow as there is a meeting happening at 09:00 so he wants to be there before to ensure everything works as expected.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 174: Vancouver, BC – Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was pretty busy with tickets all morning and each of them was a little different so time flew by! He setup a tablet at reception to be used as the sign in sheet instead of the paper being used before.

After lunch, Curtis tried to get some training done, and got about 30 minutes in before people asked for things to be done!

Curtis finished the day ordering some things which he got approved to buy and then went to meet Kim to walk home.

Kim’s Day

Kim collected up and organised some hoodies to send out and then went into two back t back meetings! The first meeting was a very productive 1-1 with a colleague and then a group meeting to go over the plans going forward for large scale meetings.

After the meetings Kim set up the package of hoodies to be sent out with another item to go. She worked out the price of shipping to include the hoodies in the shipment but it came to an additional $500 so Kim decided against sending the large shipment and just sent the one smaller item.

For lunch Kim popped over to the supermarket and had a nice little sit down.

For the afternoon Kim looked at a few different catering options and drew up a menu that she thinks she will order.

Kim also coordinated with a couple of youth centres in regards to a potential donation of things, and she found one that would like all the items.

As a result Kim has opened the floor to people in the company to bring in things for donation to go to the Youth Centre. She popped out an email and set up a table in the kitchen to make it easy for people to donate!

Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Kim loved her pole lesson today! It was a great recap session of some of the other lessons and Kim was able to get a move from a couple of weeks ago that she hadn’t managed back then. It was a great success.

Curtis had a hockey game and Kim had the car, so Curtis got a lift with 2 teammates. He met them at the train station car park just up the road.

Curtis had just 5-10 minutes to get changed but made it in time!

Curtis had a great game, getting 2 goals, being on for 3 of his team’s goals and winning 7-2! Big game and really enjoyable!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 173: Vancouver, BC – Winners Dinner!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a lot of meetings planned for the day, 5 in total, so that was basically what he did!

There were also a lot of tickets coming in, so that kept Curtis busy in between meetings.

A meeting Curtis was meant to have in the afternoon got cancelled and he was able to welcome someone that traveled in from the Regina office and give them a little tour.

After that, Curtis finished the day with some training.

Kim’s Day

Kim came into work and had an email back from a venue she reached out to. It turns out that the company had way more venues than Kim initially realised so she looked through all the options and responded back for more information.

Kim then took a bit of time to organise other areas of the social planning. This came at a great time as it appears that all of Kim’s saved information had been corrupted so she had to start again with all of her notes on upcoming events.
Kim also scheduled a delivery pickup and cancelled some catering that no one made any choices on.

Kim then went on a donut date with a wonderful lady. They went and picked up a coffee and then came back to the office to have lunch together. It was so much fun and they talked about a load of different things.
When she got back to her desk Kim spent some time looking at catering options for breakfast for a meeting next week.

After this Kim had a catch up with someone in regards to their desk set up and then Kim had a catch up with someone in marketing to talk about sending some swag out. She then spent the rest of her afternoon saving invoices.

Winners Dinner!

Curtis had a quick dinner with all of his team from the Hackathon as one of them was in from the Regina office!

They went to a place called Pourhouse which was actually pretty quiet when they arrived.

Curtis had a burger and fries and a cheap beer (it was Happy Hour) and everyone just chatted, got to know eachother a bit more and just had a laugh together.

Curtis walked home and got home to Kim cleaning.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 172: Vancouver, BC – Optometrist, Bakery & Sandwiches!


We were up a decent time so we could get ready to head into the city.

Curtis had an optometry appointment, so we had to get down there for 12:50.

We had muffins with egg and cheese for breakfast and then got ready!

We got there and were a little early so Kim booked an appointment for herself and Curtis checked in and then we had a look around at some glasses frames.

Curtis went in for his appointment and it was actually pretty quick.

Curtis got his pupils dilated. It was horrible…! Firstly, it stung a lot, and then Curtis couldn’t see anything close up and it was pretty strange.

Curtis has to get some slightly stronger glasses and contact lenses. He went with a different brand for the lenses after giving them a try.

Curtis then, with Kim, tried a few different frames and finally found a pair! They’re a little different style to what he usually wears, but he really likes them.


After this, we went to a bakery called Breka.

Kim had a chocolate mouse cake thing and Curtis and a lemon crumble slice which was tasty!

Curtis had a cappuccino which was ‘eh’ and Kim had a salted caramel mocha which she liked.

We walked to Urban Fare from here to get a few things for dinner tonight and for lunch for the week.


We stopped in at Costco on the walk home to get some chicken and cheese, as well as a couple of other things.

We walked back home and relaxed for a second, before Kim had to go up to the shop to get some things, too.


We each had a great sandwich for dinner! Kim had a two cheese sandwich with brie and cheddar and Curtis had a steak sandwich!

Each sandwich had mushrooms, onions, cheese an balsamic vinaigrette.

We ate these and has some wine and then watched some TV for the rest of the night, whilst also getting ready for work tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale