Place 1 – Day 5: Lanzarote – Carnival!

Last night it was pasta again for dinner, but how lovely it was, thanks to Kim’s handy work! 

Carnival!! We had the carnival today, and what good fun that was! There was people dressed up everywhere, there was 2 stages with acts singing (normally in Spanish), groups of people dressed in different costumes parading around, banging drums and singing. It was incredible. Way better than an English carnival! 

We were given some free food, not sure what it was, but it was like a pancake. We visited the ‘€1 tapas’ tents and understood nothing and could barely get to them, so ended up having just a pork bun! 

We had a few beach walks and also sat with a beer on the beach and drank those, until we walked to Lidl (Again!) for some dinner, which is cooking now! 

Today has been a bit more outgoing, been out for around 5/6 hours, now looking forward to having some dinner and relaxing! Tomorrow is a relaxing Sunday and then Monday we are off to Playa Blanca for some job searching! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 1 –  Day 4: Lanzarote – Seaside Stroll & Pizza! 

Dinner last night was a bit of a cheat, we had a lovely pizza! 

Today though, we went out a little later but had a lovely stroll along the Seaside, in the nice warm sun, whilst we licked our ice creams! 

Once we had the long walk, walking through small villages of what seemed to be expensive houses, we had a walk back on the beach and then to a local SPAR to purchase some extras for our dinner. 

Tonight, it’s pasta again! 

Relaxation is the key today, and then tomorrow is Carnival day! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 1 – Day 3: Lanzarote – A parrot?! 

Last night, Kim made a lovely dinner, consisting of Pasta, pasta sauce, cheese and ham. Actually pretty good! 

Today, we are both feeling a little better,  so we wanted to take a chilled stroll around the place, see what we can find! 

We walked and found what seems to be the main street in Arrecife, on which we stopped for a drink, where we saw some men removing stones from around a tree, and Kim continued her trend of being a magnet for getting drinks spilled on her, as she got a glass of Fanta spilled on her! 

We found an awesome fort, which we took a look around and walked around on the volcanic Ash around the fort! 

After this, we walked a little more, and found the location if a carnival that will be taking place in 2 days, looks like it will be fun, so we’re going to pop down to that! 

Next, we stopped at a shop to purchase some water (by the way, beer is cheaper!!), and then made the walk back to the house, and on our way back, we spotted a parrot on a man’s shoulder… A parrot.. How random, though awesome! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 1 –  Day 2: Lanzarote

After yesterday’s post, we accidentally fell asleep! 

Once we awoke, we continued with our plan to purchase food. About 25 mins away is a Lidl, so that’s where we headed. We got pretty wet from the rain!  Right next to the Lidl, we were surprised to find an IKEA! Meatballs it was for dinner! 

At this point of the day, we’ve only been up for a couple of hours, after a long, but restless, night’s sleep. 

The plan for today was a nice long sleep, and just relaxing. Neither of us feel too great, so we have treated ourselves to some sugary treats and are feeling better. Plan for the rest of the day? Relax. 

Place 1 –  Day 1: Lanzarote – Arrival 

We are in Lanzarote, all safe! 

Eventually found our way to our accommodation, after 2 busses, some waiting and a drink break! 

Accommodation is nothing special, but there is a bed, so that helps! 

We’re off to have a look around, and hopefully find some (cheap) food. 

Check back again (hopefully) tomorrow! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

We’re married! 

After just a year and 2 months of planning, we are now married! As of 11/2/17, we are officially Mr & Mrs Hale. 

In just 8 short days we’ll be off traveling the world. 

Keep an eye out for this blog, for some awesome updates from our awesome adventure! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


Well, flight is booked. 21st February we’re outta here! 

More than excited now…Just got to get everything sorted and we’ll be off to Lanzarote for place number 1!