Place 30 – Day 3: Patong – Cats & Coffee

We weren’t sure what to do today as we woke up to it quite heavily raining outside. We went to the shop to purchase some goods last night, like some croissants for breakfast, so that was breakfast. 

We then went out in the pouring rain to a cat hotel, purely because it was something to do. We were expecting to have to pay, but we didn’t! We thought we would spend a little bit of time there with the cats, but, even though neither of us are really cat people, one of the cats was incredibly cute and wouldn’t leave us alone, so we spent a long time there! 

We left here and it was, somehow, raining much heavier! By the time we got back to the hotel, we were absolutely drenched and needed to dry off and then shower. Unfortunately, for some reason, housekeeping took our towels and didn’t replace them, so we had to get some and stay soaking for a bit! 

We dried off and then went to find a coffee shop. We got to one really close to our hotel and paid a cheap price for a cappuccino for Curtis and a hot chocolate for Kim.

We then had to get some dinner and Kim is still not feeling great, so we went to find some pizza! We couldn’t find the place after trudging around for a bit so we went to find something else. We came to KFC and ordered way too much chicken, but at least we ate! 

We will be trying to do more in the next few days, but the rain is a bit of an issue around here as most of the attractions are beaches! 

Ah well, at least we aren’t working, eh? 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 30 – Day 2: Patong – Big Breakfast, Laundry & Beach Walk

We slept in a little this morning to make sure we got enough sleep. We needed to do laundry, but breakfast was the first plan! 

We went to the best rated place around us and got some breakfast. Curtis got a full breakfast with OJ & a cappuccino and Kim got egg with 2 hasbrowns and an OJ & cappuccino. 

The weather was warm but not hugely sunny, but we wanted to go to the beach anyway! We gave in our laundry to be done and then went to the beach for a walk. The big was massive and actually pretty populated, considering the weather. We walked up and down it for a while and then made our way back to the hotel. 

We relaxed and then, again, went to the same restaurant as we did for breakfast for some good cheap food. Kim had a Spaghetti Bolognese as she was really craving some western food, having not eaten for a day. Curtis had sweet chilli chicken with rice, which was very flavoursome and exactly what was needed! 

After this, we went to a HUGE supermarket to get some things like breakfast and drinks as eating out for breakfast isn’t as cheap as it could be! 

Today has been a bit of a relaxing day but has been nice to chill after a couple of days which were mostly traveling. 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 30 – Day 1: Patong 🇹🇭 – Breakfast in Bed & A Poorly Wife


Kim woke up not feeling too great this morning. Curtis was up from 06:00 to watch ice hockey and Kim didn’t wake until around 09:00, which was when our breakfast was brought to our room! We had yogurt with fruit & granola, coffee, orange juice and a bread roll. Pretty nice!

We then checked out and went for a bit of a walk and sit down on the beach. It was about 30°C today, so incredibly hot! 

We went back and waited at the hotel for a bit before we got our bags taken to the port and then we jumped on the boat back. Kim slept for most of it and then we arrived back in Phuket! 

We paid for a cheap minibus to drop us at our hotel which is in a pretty good location near Patong Beach. We got to the hotel and then went to get some food. Kim wasn’t that hungry so Curtis just got some 

Kim is going to get some sleep and hopefully be well tomorrow to do some stuff! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 29 – Day 1: Phi Phi Island 🇹🇭 – Ferry, Beach, Sun & Alcohol


We went for breakfast as normal this morning, just a little earlier. We noticed a lot of wasps around, but didn’t take much notice. Towards the end of our breakfast, Kim got surrounded by a lot of them, so we thought that was a good time to leave! 

We finished our packing and headed down to get the taxi to the ferry port. 

Once we got to the port, we saw our boat and had to ‘check in’. For some reason, we had to wait, but we eventually got on. 

The boat was very warm, but pretty spacious. We got to watch Iron Man 2 also, which was a good bonus! The trip was 2 hours long and we got some stunning photos of the islands around! Luckily, it was a lovely hot sunny day, so couldn’t complain about the weather! 

We got to PhiPhi Island at 13:00 and it was very very hot! We got to our hotel and it was a little bit of a disappointment. We were shown 2 rooms and got to pick the one we wanted. One was a big 3 person room and the other was a smaller, 2 person room but with a view, so we picked the room with a view, of course! 

We had showers and headed right for the beach! We found 2 beaches, one wasn’t very busy but the tide was very far out so it was far to the water and it wasn’t very deep and the other was very picturesque but was full of boats and it was where all of the day trips came into. 

We spent a bit of time at the beaches and in the water for a bit and then we got a little hungry so we headed back, showered again and went for dinner. Kim found the top rated place on TripAdvisor and it was well priced so we went there…We were not disappointed. Kim had a green curry and Curtis a Pad Thai..Both of our favourites! Curtis’ pad Thai was spicy and Kim’s curry was delicious. We topped it off with a banana fritter which was both sweet and very filling! 

We spoke to some nice people from Toronto about our travels and there travels. We then got to speak with the owner about our travels and her wonderful restaurant. It was just a great dining experience in general!

We then wanted to go out and we went to the beach as it is meant to be a good atmosphere. The beach was very dramatic, in regards to the crazy loud music and lights, but was a cool experience. 

We left the beach and went to a bar where we bought a strawberry cocktail bucket and played a couple of rounds of beer pong! 

This was a good fun day and we leave the island tomorrow afternoon, so we have the morning to do stuff! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 28 – Day 4: Karon – Surfing, Pool & Mini Golf

We actually had sun today! The weather has been great all day, so we took advantage of that!


We went to the beach and there were a lot of people, surfing and swimming. Kim really wanted to do some surfing, so she rented a surf board and off she went. She had a great hour surfing, with some pretty crazy waves! She was certainly tired after it and had a lot of sand everywhere! 

Surfer Chick

We walked back up the beach and got back to change. We then went down to the pool as the weather was still nice and did a bit of swimming! 

We then went for some dinner as swimming makes us hungry! 

We went to a place just opposite our hotel which did 3 for 2 beers, so 3 it was! Kim had a yellow curry and Curtis had fried rice with pork. Both were pretty good and cheap! 

After dinner, we went and played some dinosaur mini golf! We had a huge amount of fun doing this, and, although it pains Curtis to say it, Kim won…

There was a volcano that spewed fire, too! 

🔥 🔥

After this we went on the hunt for free SIM cards so we could book a GRAB (similar to UBER) for tomorrow, but to no avail! A taxi it is! 

Kim got an ice cream and now we must pack! We leave this awesome resort tomorrow, but we move onto just as awesome things! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 28 – Day 3: Karon – Curtis’ Birthday! 🎂🎉

Happy birthday to Curtis!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 WOOO!

Right, now that is out of the way…

We woke up naturally a bit earlier today and it was actually pretty nice to get up earlier and see the amazing view outside. It wasn’t raining this morning so we got to see the view without rain, which was pleasant! 

We went for breakfast and had quite a lot! Curtis had egg, toast, beans, sausage & ham and Kim had pancakes. We also had fruit & some pastries. A nice large breakfast! 

We relaxed for a bit and waited for the rain (which started again) to go away. Once that subsided, we went to a different beach which was a short walk but the opposite way from yesterday. 

This beach was much nicer and a lot of people were there and swimming, despite the weather. There were some large waves and some surfers were taking advantage of this! We just walked up and down the beach chatting and laughing, mostly at people because we’re lovely! 

On the way back from the beach, we stopped for some cocktails! We saw a place selling some cheap cocktails so took advantage. Kim had something we think was called a ‘Green Hawaian’ and Curtis had a Margarita. Both were tasty and we just people watched as we drank. 

We walked back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. We found a place that was close and had a lot of good reviews, so we went there. 

The food wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. It was a little more expensive compared to what we normally pay and it wasn’t all that good, though, it wasn’t bad! Curtis had fried beef in oyster sauce and Kim had chicken in ginger sauce. Both seemed to be lacking flavour, though we had a great little evening meal out. 

On the way back, Kim got a can of ginger ale for Curtis to have with some rum because we think it will be a good combination and Kim got a rolled ice cream (KitKat) flavour! 

We have a hill going up to our resort, but as we started to walk up it a staff member on a golf cart offered a lift. This felt like a rollercoaster and was quite terrifying, but way quicker! 

We now are going to speak with our families for Curtis’ birthday and then we will just be having a relaxing evening with probably a few drinks. 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 28 – Day 2: Karon – Crazy Waves

We woke at 10:00 to have some breakfast. The breakfast is pretty good here. It’s a buffet but there is sausage (chicken, for some reason), ham, egg, toast and of course, coffee! 

It was raining quite a lot this morning, so we were unsure what the day would have in store for us.

We chilled out for a bit before the rain cleared and we decided to head to the beach! We actually have a nice view when the rain clears a little! 

On the way to the beach, we popped into the pool to have a look and see how it is. Kim took the opportunity to have a little wade.

We took the 10 minute stroll to the beach which actually had quite a lot of people on it. There was huge waves which added a lot of entertainment. We both got a little wet due to the unpredictable waves, which was hilarious! We spent a good amount of time just walking down the beach and getting a bit drenched! 

The weather isn’t meant to be great for the next couple of weeks, so we need to replan a little, but all is well! 

We went to the shop on the way back and picked up a cheap bottle of rum because it was cheap…Why not?

We had to wash all of the sand off when we got back, then we went out for dinner! We went to a place that had good reviews, but it wasn’t excellent. Curtis ordered a ‘Rad Na’ which turned out to be a pepper covered bowl of dishwater and Kim had a very spicy but not too tasty and very dry yellow curry. 

On the way back, we heard a loud noise again, which is apparently frogs! We had to ask. They make a very loud noise after rain and we heard it last night and it was stupidly loud. At least we know what it is now! 

Tomorrow is Curtis’ birthday, but we aren’t sure what the plan is yet. Other than breakfast, of course! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale