Place 6 – Day 42: Rome – Packing 

Today was another relax day. We didn’t wake up until 12 ish, and then we just relaxed, watched some TV and then went out to try and find a park to walk around. 

Our attempts at finding the park were poor, as we were unable to locate it. Instead of the park, we found some nice expensive houses, and that was it! 

We went to the supermarket on our way back and bought a rotisserie chicken, salad, bread and crisps and made some nice chicken sandwiches for dinner! There was no McDonald’s breakfast today, so we could spend a little more! 

Tonight consists of packing as we’re moving to another place in Rome for the last 3 nights, before we catch a bus for our next location! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 –  Day 41: Rome – Booking Again & Chicken

We were planning to head into the centre today, but Josh had stuff to do, so we decided to stay in and book some more things. 

We managed to book some things, but some people declined our requests which was frustrating! 

We booked a flight & some accommodation, so lots of different things done! Productive day! 

We went out for dinner, just some greasy chicken, that’s what we fancied! 

Tomorrow’s plan is about the same plan.. We’re enjoying sleeping a lot, waking up late and just booking more! Booking is making us exciting! 

Sorry that the blog won’t be too interesting for the next few days, but once we move to the next location, it’ll be awesome! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 40: Rome – Nothing & Naughty Food

The plan for today was nothing. 

We woke up at some time after 12, which was much needed, we think! 

We had no plans, so looked into some more of the places we needed to book, before heading out to find something for dinner. 

We walked to a further away shop, but beforehand Kim decided that the park was somewhere she wanted to visit! 

We got some hotdogs and hotdog buns and, because we have nowhere to cook, we had cold hotdogs! Very tasty! 

We stayed inside just watching some TV and then headed out to the shop for some ice cream. We found some Tiramasu ice cream for a good price, so got that! 

Along with this, we got some drinks. Kim got a bottle of lemon Pepsi, Curtis got some Guinness because it’s on deal and… It’s Guinness! 

Why not have some cheat days, eh?!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 39: Rome – Fancy New Place & Meal Out

We moved to our new ‘bungalow’ today, which is much better! It’s warmer, has its own bathroom, nice big warm shower, nicer beds and is just all round better! 

We decided to go out for a nice lunch and dinner. 

With dinner,  burger was dry and bland and the wrap was bland too! We managed to get a refund, though, which was good. Food looked good, though! 

The plan for tomorrow is to go into town and meet with Josh! We’ve been booking a lot of the Europe trip for the last two days too. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 38: Rome – Upgrade 

Last night was Cold.

We noticed that the ‘house tent’ is not closed at the bottom, therefore the cold sneaks in and last night it was absolutely freezing! 

Because of this, we were able to wrangle a nice discounted upgrade to a bungalow, which means it’s all enclosed, a bathroom and hopefully it’s warmer! 

We will be moving into that tomorrow. 

We are here until 25th, so we are trying to find somewhere in Rome Centre to stay for the last few nights so we can make our way to Tiburtina bus station for our bus out of Rome! 

We did more laundry today, so that’s up drying. 

Curtis fell over a piece of concrete and managed to graze his hand, which he hasn’t done since he was a child.. 

Within our free Easter eggs, we got some free things, the best being a Toy Story keyring! Curtis was elated with this! 

Breakfast was from McDonald’s (McCafe) as we had no spoons for breakfast, which we now have, but it was good breakfast! 

We’ve seen a few reptiles, too! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 37: Rome – Plot Twist! 

Today started as normal, Curtis was working in the morning and Kim in the evening. 

Due to an interesting morning, we decided to leave our jobs and the hostel and go elsewhere. 

The only problem with this is that we had nowhere booked, so had to leave the hostel and, along with Christian and Josh who helped us with our bags, we found a cafe for some wifi. That being said, the woman that worked there hated us for just ordering water! 

Once we obtained wifi, we found the cheapest place to stay, which turned out to be a ‘glamping’ site! 

We are staying in a 3 bed (we have to share with another person, though they aren’t here yet!). The 3 bed is a tent/gazebo! 

It’s a little cosy inside, but this was the cheapest thing available!

There is a pool, though not available for a couple of days, uunfortunately. 

Everything you ever need is here, and it’s slightly out of the centre of Rome! 

We’ve only booked 6 nights, but they have said there is space for the last couple of nights, even though online this was not available. Once we’ve stayed here, we need to make the trip back to Rome to catch our bus for the next place! 

Can’t wait to leave Rome, though. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 36: Rome – Day off…Oh.

Today was another day off, which felt much needed, even though it wasn’t long ago since we had one!

That being said…Kim was asked to work in the evening on the bar from 4-11, but, on the plus side, we get 1 extra day off (the day before we leave!) and also 30€!

We booked a lot of things today, probably our next 4/5/6 places, which is very exciting! We’re looking forward to not working for a bit, going to cheaper places, and seeing some awesome sights!

We booked a tour that we’ve wanted to go on for a long while, so that’s an exciting thing to wait for.

We have just about 1 week to go until we leave Rome and move to the next place! After 36 days in one place, and after working for that amount of time for 48 hours a week, we are very ready to move on and relax!

Our next location will be warm, by the water and is got to by boat, which will be fun and a new type of transport!

We were gong to go somewhere cool today, but as Kim was working and we woke up after 12, we didn’t have time to go. That being said, it was good to use the time to book things and ensure everything for the next month or so is sorted!

Back to the normal work day tomorrow, but there isn’t many of those left!


– Mr and Mrs Hale


Place 6 – Day 35: Rome – Big Groups & McDonald’s 

We were both working in the morning, so that meant waking up early! 

Curtis had the fun of finding out about a group that had arrived at the hostel, and therefore had to quickly make up 4 rooms as soon as possible, which was too much effort in such a short space of time! 

Kim went for a walk with a girl from Austria, Anna-Lisa, up to Villa Borghese, which took around 2 hours. 

After, we went to McDonald’s for a milkshake, but ended up buying food, too! So that’s dinner sorted. 

Tonight, we have free wine to drink, thanks to Paul, and we have Josh coming over so we’re all just going to relax, Curtis will watch hockey and then it’s a day off tomorrow, which we have some plans for, so stay tuned here for the pictures tomorrow! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 34: Rome – Easter Eggs, The Pope & Napping

We given free Easter eggs which look bigger than we think they actually are, but free stuff! 

Kim was able to work on the bar today, which she was very happy with. This also helps us because she gets tips! £5 in tips today! 

Our friends, Josh & Christian, went to the Vatican last night to camp for the Sunday Mass today, so they got there at 2:50am and slept there overnight! They were within touching distance, as you can see from the photo below! 

Curtis was awake until 5am watching hockey and then woke up for work around 6:45am, but surprisingly felt fine! 

That being said, we both fancied a nap after work, so we went for showers and then led down, next thing we knew, we slept for a few hours! This actually made us feel a little worse..

Now, we need to find something to eat and then go to bed, I guess! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 6 – Day 33: Rome – Relaxation

Today, Curtis was feeling better, was able to eat food without feeling sick and, more importantly, was able to drink coffee!! 

Curtis was cleaning bathrooms again, which was good as the day goes quicker. 

Tonight, Kim is working and Curtis will be relaxing after being unwell yesterday, so a nice bit of unwinding. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale